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It would take 27 years and 145 days to use 10,000 Meteors.

This meant that Meteors cooldown time was 24 hours.

Among all the magics that existed, it was the greatest magic with the largest range.

It was rather strange that the cooldown time was so short.

‘Even if I try to support Braham by gathering items that reduce cooldown time as much as possible...

Cooldown time reduction items were very rare.

So far, among all the items created by Grid, the only item that had the effect of reducing cooldown time was the Red Phoenix Bow, but that effect was only applied to fire type skills.

Most cooldown reductions came from titles or skills, not items.

Even if he used all means and methods to get items with cooldown time reduction, Braham had another task of selecting wearable items.

‘In any case, lets say I am lucky enough to get items that reduce cooldown time that fit Braham.

Assuming that the cooldown time of Meteor was reduced by 20%, it would take around 22 years to use 10,000 Meteors.

If reduced by 30%, it would take 20 years.

Reducing the time further...

it was really hard.

20 years—could he wait that long It would be very hard to be patient.

There was also no guarantee that Braham could use Meteor once a day as some accidents might occur in the middle.

‘...Wont I go crazy waiting

Grid was seriously worrying about this when Braham emptied the teacups.

He leaned back deeply in his chair and watched Grid with annoyed eyes.

“The Echo grandmother can only use Meteor once every two days.”

Echo grandmother—it seemed to refer to Jessica, the legendary great magician of the previous generation.

“There is no one in the world who can restore the magic circuits damaged during the release of magic as quickly as me.

Every magician in the world should aim to reach my level, which is the ultimate level.

You are having very useless concerns right now.”


Grid was silent.

He couldnt understand Brahams words.

In the end...

-...What does this mean

Grid delivered Brahams lines to Lauel intact and demanded interpretation.

The answer came immediately.

-It seems that Braham is already enjoying the maximum cooldown reduction effect.


Indeed, this was normal.

Braham was the strongest magician in history.

Using magic faster and more often than anyone else was a basic skill for him.

The reason Braham could use Meteor once a day was because he was already enjoying the maximum cooldown reduction effect.

It was impossible to reduce the cooldown beyond this.

“Additionally, Meteor isnt a suitable magic to attach to battle gear.” Brahams words continued as Grid was figuring out the situation.

“Meteor is magic using the simple and ignorant principle of drawing down and throwing the stars from the universe.”

Braham was the only one in the world who would describe the great magic only a few people in history had used as simple and ignorant.

“It is magic that destroys the area it is thrown at and youre going to use it You...

are you a great demon”


A chill went down Grids spine as he imagined himself using a weapon that was forged with Meteor.

Every time he fought in the future, he would devastate the surroundings and eventually be calledThe one who makes Yatan cry.

“Then what magic other than Meteor would be the strongest, most efficient, cool, and great”

Did it need to becool

Of course.

Grid was a king and god.

He should be elegant.

He had to use cool skills and magic.

Braham seemed to agree.


Unlike Meteor, which was a physical process to bring down the stars of the universe, Disintegrate was creating a spear of light using magic power.

It manifested immediately and pierced the target with a great power.

The only drawback was that only one target could be designated to be hit, but some degree of wide area effect could be expected with thepenetration effect.

“It is powerful and elegant magic.”


Grid swallowed his saliva.

He thought about how a spear of light would fall from the sky every time he swung his sword and his heart was already beating quickly.

Then he became nervous and asked, “It wont take 27 years, right”

“It will take 10 years at a maximum and 7 years at the minimum.

Disintegrates formula means there are times when it doesnt deteriorate even when the magic is activated.”

It could be interpreted asthere is a probability that it can be used several times in succession.

7-10 years was something that Grid could endure.

Wasnt it normal to wait when legendary great magic was being added to minerals If Braham had rated Meteor as the best, then he wouldve waited 27 years.

“10 years...

Ill wait.”

“Good choice.

As you wait, Ill give you another magic you can use.

So come to me as soon as you make a new mineral.”

Grids eyes widened.

He overlooked it due to common sense that only one magic could be given to a mineral.

However, Greed multiplied.

After making a mineral, he could split it up and secure multiple magic minerals.

One could be granted Disintegrate, while the other could be given magic that Grid could use right away.

The restriction that it would take 27 years to attach Meteor to a mineral was virtually no problem.

Meteor was just an unsuitable magic to be attached to an item.

“Braham, how many magic can you use”

“There are nine that maintain the form of magic.

The remaining 116 magic follow my will and have abandoned the form and attributes.”

For Braham, magic was like breathing.

Theway of magic that he created and embodied—in other words, the magic used in the conventional method, were all nine great magics.

It was great, but Grid wasnt curious about Brahams greatness.

He already knew that Braham was great so this was nothing special.

Grid asked directly, “So you mean there are 125 magics that can be given to minerals or nine”


“So if I prepare 125 minerals, can you attach 125 magics”

“Shouldnt it be in moderation”


As expected, asking him to use magic 1.25 millions times was too much, no matter how high the affinity.

‘It is like being stuck in a room for years or decades at worst and forced to do labor....

Grid belatedly had a guilty conscience.

Then Braham said something unexpected.

“It is impossible to use magic without any consumption just because it is attached to battle gear.

It depends on the magic, but most of the magic works by using mana as the resource.”

If resources werent consumed when magic or skills were attached to an item, then the dream of everyone in the world would be tocover their body with artifacts. Players would be able to use the power of the magic battle gear to use infinite magic and skills.

“Additionally, some magics can only be activated naturally under certain conditions regardless of the wearers will.

It is harmful to covet different types of magic battle gear.

Do you understand”

“Yes, I understand.”

Grids heart was moved.

If there were no such problems, Braham wouldve used magic 1.25 million times for Grid.

“In any case...

I will give you magic with as few side effects as possible to make the minerals.”

Braham used a ring made of magic to suddenly tie back his hair.

He was busy because he had to study magic, so it was an order to get out.

“I will definitely make a great mineral.”

Braham had lamented that he couldnt control pavranium in his first encounter with Grid.

Looking back on it, it was natural.

It was because pavranium was a work made by Pagma and Braham.

Yet Pagma distrusted Braham just because he was a vampire and monopolized control of pavranium.

‘I will be different from Pagma.

The new mineral they made would be shared with Braham.

He would make Braham overgeared like him.

Grid bowed and was about to leave the room.

Just then, the ground tilted by such a little amount that it couldnt be measured with a ruler.

An ordinary person, no, even those with very advanced senses, wouldnt be able to notice the fine shaking that spread throughout the entire body from the tips of the feet, yet Grid noticed it.

Braham seemed to notice it too.

“Perception is twisted.”

The coordinates of all the places were misaligned.

If the warp gate was triggered, then someone might have an accident.

They would fall into an unknown place.

Braham was the Overgeared minister of magic and could stop the warp gates working using his authority, but he was still.

It was because he knew it was a phenomenon that would soon stop.

It was as he expected.

[Your powerful sword of the Sword Saint has separated the world!!!]

[The earth god Garion has exerted his power.

All things split in half are restored like it was a lie.]

These world messages appeared.

In the aftermath of the world being split in half, perception was put back in place and the coordinates restored.


[Sword SaintKraugel has killed a half-god.]

The news that would make the world boil over arrived.

Kraugel, the second person to kill a half-god after Grid, killed a half-god again.

‘Did Kraugel decided to be completely hostile to the yangbans

Kraugel was Grids friend before he was a rival.

He was one of the few people that Grid admired.

He didnt doubt that Kraugel would grow to his level or even surpass him.

He thought that it would be quite annoying for the yangbans who were hostile to Kraugel.

‘It is good.

Thanks to Kraugel, I dont have to worry about the Hwan Kingdom for awhile.

Was there another ally who was as strong and reliable as Kraugel Grids heart became much lighter.


Grid immediately visited the Tower of Wisdom.

There was no need to delay.

He planned to deliver Nevartans Necklace to Radwolf and increase affinity to get the moon night iron and Radwolfs help in creating a new mineral.

“What is it”

Radwolf cocked his head.

He seemed baffled by Grids abrupt visit.

It seemed he completely forgot that he asked Grid to retrieve Nevartans Necklace.

No, he probably didnt expect anything in the first place.

“I brought the necklace.”

“Necklace What necklace”

“Nevartans Necklace”

“Eh... Really Did the Great Robber of the Red Night agree to a deal Really”


Based on this reaction, why did he give the quest... Grid wanted to ask, but he held back.

The presence of the giant magic machines lined up in Radwolfs workshop made Grid polite.

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