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The people of the Overgeared Kingdom hadnt witnessed the process of Grid becoming a god, but they didnt criticize Grid.

The peoples faith in Grid was more solid than the faith they poured toward Goddess Rebecca.

They didnt fully trust the propaganda trying to expose the reality of the gods, but they tried to understand and respect Grids choice in demolishing the statues and temples of Rebecca.

The reality of the angel (Sariel) who only existed in the myths empowered their efforts.

The response from the players was much more positive.

Players had long been seeing the possibility of myth rated items and classes.

They werent puzzled or suspicious when they heard that Grid became a god.

There was no envy and no jealousy.

If someone was to get the title of the first myth then it would surely be Grid.

Yes, the world hadnt changed.

Even Irene tried to accept the sudden change of being calledwife of a god.

‘However, things are actually changing.

Grid frowned when he received news of the visit from the Judar envoys.

It wasnt the churchs own judgment.

They came due to a revelation and this raised great alarm in Grid.

‘The gods are paying attention.

He thought that the gods werent interested in the birth of the Overgeared God.

It was because Grid hadnt seen any reaction from the gods since the disasters occurred in the Overgeared Kingdom on the day Grid became a god.

The gods were silent and didnt cause a greater disaster as if daring him tostop the new punishment. Even Rebecca, who often deliveredwords to Grid when big episodes happened, was quiet.

In particular, the blessings of the gods were still showing an effect.

Based on Raiders reaction to the feeble power of ahuman body, Grid hoped that perhaps the gods had decided to overlook it.

Yet the visit of the Judar Churchs envoys was enough to shatter Grids expectations.

-So what did the envoys say

Lee Jeongs training tools that sealed the eyes and hands didnt completely restrict Grid.

At the fifth ridge of the Chaos Mountains...

The blindfolded Grid was sitting and sewing while the God Hands and Fire Dragon Sword were hunting monsters with Noe, Randy, the Overgeared Skeletons, and Elfin Stone.

They were able to hunt the monsters in the early or mid 400s without Grid having to come forward.

Of course, the speed was significantly slower compared to Grid hunting directly, but the efficiency didnt significantly reduce due to the experience buff given by Lee Jeongs training tools.

Additionally, the level of his pets increased.

-They said they will accept you as a god, but you have to serve Goddess Rebecca like before.


-I havent met them in person yet.They envoys were caught by the farmers in the fields while doing religious activities, so they havent arrived at the castle yet.Sir Jude went to meet them just now.

-Caught by farmers

Toban, an official of the Overgeared Kingdom, was the number one paladin of the Judar Church just a while ago.

Therefore, Grid understood the power of the Judar Church.

If the paladins were high ranking enough to be included in the mission, then they were inevitably great talents.

As the believers of Judar claimed, they might not be at the level of the worlds strongest, but they werent inferior to the dukes of the empire.

Yet they were caught by farmers

Lauel explained to the baffled Grid.

-The Judar paladins are strongest when enough wide area buffs overlap, but there are only five envoys.They didnt have enough skills and furthermore, it was the time when the farmers from Reidan were working.


Grid understood the situation.

Farmers from Reidan—they were farmers who had worked under Piaro for over a year.

They had been trained while experiencing all types of harsh labor.

Assuming that the average level of the farmers was 300, the ones from Reidan were close to level 400, and their handling of farming equipment was comparable to knights.

Additionally, there were a lot of them due to their origin asordinary people. Grid asserted that they were one of the best armed groups in the entire West Continent.

-The envoys of the Judar Church were unlucky.

-Yes...What should I do with themJust soothe them and send them back


To what extent could he hunt while wearing Lee Jeongs training tools set Grid fully tested it and had decided to visit the Tower of Wisdom.

It was to report to Hayate that he successfully completed the gourmet cycle, as well as to deliver Nevartans Necklace to the 3rd Seat, Radwolf.

Still, there was no hurry.

He could visit the Tower of Wisdom at any time.

He just didnt want to change his schedule to meet the Judar envoys.

It would be unpleasant to sit face to face and talk to them.

There was just one thing weighing on his mind—Hexetia.

Grid wanted to hear about him indirectly.

-No, I will come back now.

Grid returned to Frontier using the return scroll and then used the warp gate.

It was the essence of magic engineering that connected Reinhardt and Frontier.

It was the work of Great Sage Sticks.

The warp gates which had started to be installed throughout the kingdom were expected to grow the economy by dozens of times and dramatically expand the radius of the Overgeared Guilds activities.


“What if I dont follow the will of God Judar”

At Reinhardt...

The envoys of the Judar Church had a soulless look on their faces.

It seemed the shock caused by the farmers was great.


Of course, God will be disappointed.”

The representative was blank for a moment before belatedly coming to his senses and answering.

It was an unsatisfactory answer from Grids position.

“What happens if he is disappointed”

“Judar is the god of wisdom and health.

If you incur the wrath of God Judar, then a plague will occur in the Overgeared Kingdom.”

“My sister is the Saintess.”


“Havent you heard The plague from a while ago has already been handled by my sister.”

“...Even if the Saintess stops the plague, the people who have already fallen ill will lose their intelligence and the development of the Overgeared Kingdom will be hindered.

That poor man is the living witness.”

The representative of the envoys pointed to Jude.

They had been escorted by Jude and in this period of time, they seemed to figure out that Jude was an idiot.

“He was originally like this.”


“There is also Great Sage Sticks in the Overgeared Kingdom.

The people who fall ill and lose their intelligence can be re-educated and brought back to normal.”


The representative shut his mouth.

He got the chills at the perfect defense of the Overgeared King, who blocked everything to the point where it was meaningless when he tried to preach about the fear of God Judar.

At first glance, the Overgeared King felt omnipotent.

It wasnt in vain that he had become a god.

The representative worried about it for a while before finally bringing out his last resort.

“...God Judar said it.”


“He said that if the Overgeared God refuses his will, then he will take back the blessing.”

It was a threat after all

Grid smiled in a murderous manner as he checked the blessing of God Judar dwelling in Greed.

A 15% increase in defense—it was a passive that was always maintained.

It was a huge buff effect that was especially helpful for Grid, who had high defense.

Rebeccas Blessing increased the speed of health recovery by 300%, while Dominions Blessing increased attack power by 15%.

If he lost all these buffs, then Grids combat power would be significantly reduced compared to now.

“Is the will of Goddess Rebecca and God Dominion the same”

“The three gods are one, so of course.”

“I received the blessings of the gods because I punished the corrupted Pope Drevigo in the past.

Isnt it shameful to take away the reward for legitimate work”

“Please refrain from speaking such disgraceful things.

Moreover, fighting for the gods is the obligation of humans.

Calling it work is too much.”

“Why is it the obligation of humans to fight for the gods”

“Isnt it a natural duty for humans to repay the gods for their benevolence and care”

It was too much to belittle the thoughts of the delegation leader as a fanatic.

He wasnt particularly extreme.

Most humans probably had this thought.

It was the wrong idea.

Gods werent as beautiful as humans thought.

It was possible for Yatan to destroy the world every cycle due to Rebeccas cooperation.

It was unknown why they kept destroying the world, but Grid wanted to deny the claim that humans existed due to the benevolence of the gods.

However, what was the meaning in arguing with someone who didnt know the truth Grid calmed his frustration and got to the main point.

“I want to ask you one thing.

If I follow the will of God Judar...

will the treatment of God Hexetia improve”

Just then—


The eyes of the representative rolled and turned white.

Then a huge presence descended before Grids eyes.

The representative slowly rose with a white glow.

The name above his head was changed toJudar.

-Grid,young god born from human desires.Even if you give everything you have to Asgard, Hexetias treatment wont change.Hexetia is in prison and shall be forgotten and destroyed.

Hexetia was the one who showed the private matters of the gods.

If Hexetia hadnt helped Grid, then all humans on the battlefield of truth wouldve died in the hands of the angels.

The Overgeared God wouldnt have been born and the private matters of the gods wouldve been hidden forever.

For the gods, Hexetia was the traitor who weakened the faith in them.

They couldnt possibly forgive him.

Grid confirmed Asgards meaning and nodded.

“Your blessings...

there is no need for them anymore.”

This was the end.

God Judar left behind the human body he borrowed and returned to Heaven.

[You have lost the blessing of God Judar.]

[You have lost the blessing of God Dominion.]


Why wasnt the goddess blessing removed Grid was surprised by the result but he wasnt pleased at all.

He had no intention of indulging a gods whim.


Grid abandoned the gods and visited Braham.

A person who built up divinity like Grid—Grid was reliant on him, who might soon become the god of magic.

“Lets make a new mineral.”

This was something he had planned for a while.

Just as Pagma and Braham worked together to create a new mineral, Grid wanted to create a new mineral with Braham.

“Im going to smelt Greed and the divine stone into a single mineral so please forge it with Meteor.”

“...Do you have no conscience”

Magic forging—it was the most primitive and effective way to apply magic to minerals.

The method wasnt complicated.

He could forge the mineral with magic, not a hammer.

However, the number of times was a problem.

“Do you want me to use Meteor 10,000 times”

“You cant...”

“I can do it.

It will just take 27 years and 145 days.

Can you wait”


He hadnt thought about the cooldown time.

Grids heart that was excited about the idea of combining Meteor with items cooled down.

“Is it possible to combine Greed with divine stone” Braham asked Grid, who had closed his mouth in embarrassment.

“Yes,” Grids expression was full of conviction as he answered.

The 3rd Seat, Radwolf—the survivor of the ancient giant tribe and the one who was praised as a wise warrior.

The fusion of Greed and divine stone wouldnt be a dream if he could get help from the individual who gave birth to the magic machines.

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