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News spread through Reinhardt that Grid was touring restaurants with a guest.

How great was the guest that the king would personally guide him People were curious about the identity of the guest, but there was no way to find out.

Most of the so-called officials seemed unaware of the guests identity.

“What Hes gone”

News of the guests visit also flowed to Idans ear.

Idan naturally prepared some dishes.

It was the duty of the palace chef—not the official title, but Idan himself thought so—to serve the kings guest.

“I prepared as many dishes as possible.


However, the guest left.

It was absurd news for Idan.

“Hasnt he been looking at restaurants all day Isnt he a guest who came to experience the unique food culture of the Overgeared Kingdom”

“That seems to be the case.”

“Then why did he leave without eating my dishes”

“...Maybe something suddenly happened and he was busy.”

Idans kitchen was called atraining center among the people.

Soldiers and knights visited Idans kitchen to carry out the order ofraising their poison resistance. No one came to eat, but Idan didnt know reality.

He once turned away from the publics appetite due to his strong artistic temperament, but hadnt he compromised with the world these days Idan started actively using the magic powder called salt and believed his cooking was enough to capture everyones taste buds.


Too bad.” This wouldve been an opportunity to let the guest know how great the cuisine of the Overgeared Kingdom was.

Idan shook his head and grabbed the soldier who was withdrawing from the kitchen.

“In any case, thank you for the news.

I have nothing to give you in return, but I prepared a lot of food so enjoy it.”

“Huh I have no training today...

I have to do guard duty...”

“What does training have to do with this It is lunchtime so eat before going.”

“I will be disciplined if I leave my station...”

“Huhu, look at this guy.

Are my dishes so delicious that you dont know how much time passes when eating them If youre really worried then Ill remind you of the time.

Rest assured and eat.”


Idans kitchen was larger than any other kitchen in the castle.

It was used as a training center for poison resistance training so it was efficient for it to be large.

This point seemed to ignite Idans illusion.

Perhaps Idan believed his cooking was acknowledged, which was why he was assigned the large kitchen...

The soldier clicked his tongue at this thought before frowning and grabbing his stomach.

“Aaack, my stomach suddenly...


Im going to skip lunch today and head to the bathroom.”

“All of a sudden”

The soldier left before Idan could suspect anything.

Facing the table full of dishes, Idan was forced to pack them into lunch boxes.

He suddenly came up with a good idea.

‘I heard there are refugees in the nearby mountains.

Mediah, Belto, Gauss, Rotemon...

As many as five kingdoms had perished in the last 10 years.

The wars caused by humans and the invasions of the great demons created countless refugees.

Most kingdoms were preventing the influx of refugees due to financial and security reasons, but the Overgeared Kingdom welcomed them.

It was an expression of confidence that they could handle any enemies mixed in with the refugees and the finances were being filled over and over by the raid teams of the Overgeared Kingdom.

The most important thing for the new kingdom was to increase the population.


“We\'ve finally arrived.”

How many rivers and mountains did they cross to avoid the surveillance They also experienced all types of dangers as they broke through forbidden areas.

The Judar paladins, who disguised as refugees to enter the Overgeared Kingdom, finally arrived in the capital of the Overgeared Kingdom, Reinhardt.

“It was purely due to Sir Yame that we could arrive here safely.”

The paladins praised Yame.

Yame—he was the player who rose to be the first paladin of the Judar Church after Toban betrayed the god and changed religions.

He was 5th in the paladin rankings and felt reluctant about the current situation.

‘It is crazy no matter how I look at it...

On the day when the Overgeared God Church was born and the statues of Goddess Rebecca were removed from the Overgeared Kingdom, a revelation descended on the Judar Church.

It was a revelation to severely reprimand Grid, who betrayed the goddess and confused the people the moment he gained the status of a god.

Fortunately, there was no order to harm Grid.

God Judar still wanted to give Grid a chance, whether it was due to the memory of blessing Grid in the past or the achievements Grid built up so far.

It was God Judars will to recognize Grid as a new god, but he had to submit to Asgard.

‘However, will Grid listen...

It was permitted to build temples for the Overgeared God in the Overgeared Kingdom but the temples of the three gods (Rebecca, Judar, and Dominion) had to be built next to them.

Next, statues of the three gods, that had to be twice the size of the Overgeared God, were to be erected next to the statues of the Overgeared God.

Yame confirmed the will of God Judar specified in the revelation and covered his face.

As the number one paladin of a church, he had a vague understanding of the concept of a god in Satisfy.

He knew that Grid might still be weak, but he was a special being among the gods since he was born out of peoples desires.

It would be a betrayal of the peoples desires if Grid accepted the demands of God Judar and obeyed the existing gods.

Even now, it was difficult to increase the number of believers.

If this happened, then the future path of the Overgeared God Church was blocked.

Would Grid accept the will of God Judar when he obviously knew this

‘He will reject it unconditionally.

In the first place, the envoys of the Judar Church were refused entry to the kingdom and they had to disguise themselves as refugees.

It was frustrating to him that the paladins thought everything would be fine as long as they met Grid.

The vice-captain patted Yames shoulder in support as he sighed.

Don\'t worry.

Reidans foolish lord refused to let us enter the kingdom due to his excessive loyalty to the Overgeared King, but the king is a good and wise man.

Right now, his eyes are blinded because he is intoxicated by becoming a god.

Once he meets us and realizes God Judars will, he will be filled with spirit and make the right choices again.”


He hoped so but...

Ah, he didnt know.

Would he die if he told Grid these crazy words For now, it was important to carry out the revelation.

Even Pope Damian lost his position after refusing to carry out a revelation.

Yame tried to control his unpleasant thoughts and nodded.

“You look miserable.

You mustve had a hard time coming here after losing your kingdom.”

Just then, an NPC called Idan arrived through the bushes.

It was an NPC who felt ordinary just based on his voice alone.

He pulled out lunch boxes from his bag.

“I am a chef.

You dont need to be so cautious.”

‘Im not cautious.

Being the first knight of the Judar Church didnt mean being the strongest in the Judar Church.

Just as the Rebecca Church had the Templar, the Judar Church had several sub-organizations and hidden strong people.

The paladins accompanying Yame now were those hidden strong people.

They had detailed stats and out of the ordinary titles, skills, magic, item enhancement, or alchemy.

For example, they had wide area buffs that could increase skill damage resistance, increase weapon damage, or mana and elemental rapport.

Once these buffs were stacked together, their strength became hard for a player to reach.

There were even buffs that were triggered after certain conditions were met.

It reminded him of Grid or Damian during the Demon Kings Subjugation.

It meant they were some of the strongest people in the worldview.

Of course, this was the kingdom that had Grid, Piaro, Mercedes, and Braham...

it was also the middle of the Overgeared Kingdom that had Lantier Faker and Bow Saint Jishuka.

No one would be able to stand up to them, but anyway...

“Haha, Im not vigilant.

Thank you for the food.”

Im happy to meet such a person of distinction.

The Overgeared Kingdom is said to be rich and it seems that abundance has made people benevolent.

I pray that your charity will call upon Gods grace.”

Yames group who had been reading Idans movements since he reached the mountainside werent wary at all.

They were the elite of the Judar Church so they could easily detect if the other person had hostility toward them.

“You are a god-serving man.

Im from the east so I dont know much about the gods of the west.

Still, can you believe in the Overgeared God If you serve many gods and pray to them, you will be blessed more and more.

Haha, then Im going.”

Serving other gods didnt go against the doctrines of the Judar Church.

The birth of the Judar Church itself was to support Rebecca along with the Dominion Church.

The Judar Church was much more open compared to other religions since it served not only God Judar, but also Goddess Rebecca and God Dominion.

This was why they were trying to deal flexibly with this situation.


By the way...”

After Idan left, the paladins who sat down to eat lunch suddenly felt something strange.

Not only did they cross the border disguised as refugees, but they also picked remote areas to avoid the surveillance of the guards.

it would be normal if no one knew they arrived here today.

Then how did an ordinary person know they were here to bring them packed lunch boxes

“Dont tell me the Overgeared Kingdom discovered us”

“Then we shouldve met the Overgeared Kingdoms army by now.

It is purely a coincidence.”


Come, eat first before going to see the Overgeared King.”

After a while, the poisoned paladins had to work hard to purify the poison.

It was a scene that caused goosebumps.

“...We were discovered.”

We\'ve been caught in the hands of the Overgeared Kingdom since the beginning.”

“Having a civilian send poison...

it is evil.”

“W-What do we do We are already under surveillance.

Is it possible to enter Reinhardt”

As I said earlier, the Overgeared King is a good and wise man.

The one who warned us by spying on us and sending us poison are his people, not the Overgeared King.

Now that this has happened, a frontal breakthrough is the only answer.”

The paladins made up their minds and took off their shabby clothes and wore their formal robes.

The robes were more practical than glamorous and showed how active the Judar Church was.

They were also known as battle priests.

Unlike the Rebecca Church, the paladins and priests of the Judar Church and Dominion Church, who didnt use heals, were truly excellent at fighting.

“If Reinhardt really blocks us from entering, then I allow you to wield your maces in the name of God Judar.”


The paladins answered in a mighty manner and descended the mountain.

They moved toward the gate of Reinhardt which was visibly close by.

We are envoys from the Judar Church!”

“In the name of God Judar, we will give the Overgeared God a chance! The Overgeared God must swear allegiance to Goddess Rebecca and God Judar, and submit to Asgard to prove he isnt a heretic.”

The more faithful a paladin, the more familiar they were with religious activities.

The Judar paladins noticed there were many farmers in the vast fields on the road to the city gates.

They shouted about God Judar and Asgard for the farmers to hear.

It was intended to indirectly preach the greatness of the Judar Church.



After a while, Yame woke up and found that he was on his knees in a field with the other paladins.

The legendary farmer Piaro never appeared.


there were only a lot of farmers.

“No, why are the farmers so strong...!”

“If the farmers of this kingdom start a rebellion then the king will change in a day!”

“What are you saying...”

The farmers stared at the uninvited visitors who were speaking nonsense from beginning to end.

“A noble”

Just then, a blond nobleman appeared.

Looking at the lofty gait and luxurious sword hanging from his waist, he seemed to be the heir of a famous family.

‘Is it a high ranking noble of the Overgeared Kingdom

The paladins gulped.

They wondered how wary the Overgeared Kingdom was to send a high ranking noble from the beginning.

“What should we do with them, Bland”


I have to dig for potatoes...

just hand them over to the guards.”



He was also a farmer It was said that the Overgeared Kingdom was rich, but it was to the extent that a farmer could dress like a noble

It happened as the paladins were thinking hard...

“These people.

Authorization.” A huge man appeared.

He carried a black and blue greatsword in the form of a shark on his back and had dozens of scars on his face alone.

A tremendous power could be felt from him.

He was like a famous general.

‘Now it is the real deal.

‘I didnt expect a general to come out directly.

‘How wary of us are they

“What should we do, Guard Captain”


The nervously gulping paladins stopped thinking.

Yame had been in a dazed state since the beginning.

In fact, he had vaguely predicted the current situation from the time he received the revelation.


it is right to convert to the Overgeared God Church, no matter how I think about it.

Yame grasped the general situation and was convinced.

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