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The world had many questions about Yura.

She was one of the few legendary class players and the only player active in hell, so it was natural to be full of questions toward her.

Right now, Yura was silent regarding all questions.

She who had got closer to the public by doing many interviews with the media in the past was currently exhausted.

“You have been proud of your unchanging beauty for many years.

Can I ask you about your secret in maintaining it”

There were trivial questions.

“The retirement time of your grandfather, Lee Jinmyung, has become a political hot topic.

Rumor has it that Chairman Lee Jinmyung has selected you as his successor.

Once Chairman Lee Jinmyung retires, will you end your career as a player to start a second life as a business person”

Sensitive questions about her family.

“You are often seen dating Youngwoo-ssi.

It is known that the relationship between the two of you is recognized by both families.

Can we expect news of your marriage”

There were only questions about her private life in the interview so it was unpleasant from Yuras position.

After joining the Overgeared Guild, she really didnt want to do these interviews.

“It seems the questions related to Satisfy are over so I will finish the interview.”

Yura endured the urge to frown and rose from her seat with a smile.

Behind her was the Overgeared God Temple where the construction was in full swing.

This was why she accepted this interview when she had been refusing media interviews for some time.

It was to indirectly promote the Overgeared God Church.


So the Overgeared God Church gives a buff that prevents the items durability from dropping”

The reporter thought it was unfortunate to end the interview like this and changed the topic to continue the conversation.

It was a rewarding result for Yura.

“Yes, it is a buff that can be gained by just changing religions.

There is no need to become a priest or paladin of the Overgeared God Church.

If you pray to a statue of the Overgeared God, then the buff is maintained for eight hours.”

“That is quite an advantage.

There is a possibility that repairing the item yourself using the repair kit will decrease the maximum durability of the item, so everyone is reluctant to do so unless necessary.

Repair kits are a consumable and theyre expensive.”


This is why most players cant stay in a hunting ground for long.

If you join the Overgeared God Church, youll be able to hunt in one place for at least eight hours.

It is a big benefit in the long run because you can concentrate on leveling up while saving money.”

“Still, it is true that it feels shabby compared to the buff effects of other religions.

The Rebecca Church greatly increases hunting efficiency by giving nine buffs to help combat while the Yatan Church increases the amount of experience gained.”

“The reason for the relative difference is that the level of the Overgeared God Church is still low.

The higher the number of followers, the higher the level of the church and the greater the buff effect.

Im guessing that most of the effects will be related to items.”

Huroi, who was passing by, naturally interrupted, “Thats right.

Buffs that will increase the rating of a particular item for a while, buffs that allow you to equip items from other others, or buffs that will increase your item acquisition rate...

improving hunting efficiency is just the basics.

Buffs that will be conducive to economic growth will continue to be added to the Overgeared God Church in the future.

For now, you just need to join the Overgeared God Church and increase the level, so you can enjoy the benefits that will be added in the future.”

“...Are you certain”

“Am I certain It isnt enough to impolitely inquire about another persons private life.

Your parents will be very sad to see you blindly doubt a well-meaning person.”


Did he hear incorrectly Not only did Huroi break into another persons interview, he casually mentioned the interviewers parents.

It seemed far from reality.

The suspicion that he couldnt do this unless he was a madman dominated the interviewers head and made him deny reality.

It happened as an awkward silence flowed...

[Overgeared King Grid is writing the 11th epic.]


[He made a high status, aloof, and noble race, who insisted on being alone since she was perfect, become his servant.]

[The other gods are jealous because he has accomplished a feat that no other god has ever accomplished.

Those who serve him are thrilled and offering prayers.]



[Overgeared King Grid has completed the 11th page of the epic!]

[The prelude to a new myth is filling the hearts of the Overgeared God Church believers with splendor.]

[The reputation of the Overgeared God Church will soar into the sky for a while!]

[The faith of curious people are shaken.]

[Some of those whose faith is shaken have joined the Overgeared God Church.]

“...A noble race that insists on being alone”

A feat that no god had ever achieved What the hell was going on The presence of Huroi had already disappeared from the head of the interviewer, who couldnt understand it.

Yura told him, who was trying to interpret the content of the epic, and to the readers who would read the article he wrote, “A dragon has been appointed as the new messenger of the Overgeared God.”

“Huh A dragon That dragon”

“With this trend, the growth rate of the Overgeared God Churchs level will be unmatched.

If you want to get more benefits, then I suggest you join the Overgeared God Church soon.”

“Ah, yes...

The reporter was writing down Yuras words with a soulless expression when he suddenly realized something.

His notebook was filled with more information about the Overgeared God Church than Yura.




As Yura was being interviewed at the southern temple, Jishuka was being interviewed at the eastern temple.

She was extremely dramatic, unlike Yura.

She simply held a press conference, convening several media reporters at the same time to blatantly promote the Overgeared God Church to them.

She even took a photo in front of the stone statue of Grid and sent it to SNS in real time.

By the side of the Overgeared God ♥

#First player god #GOD Grid #Overgeared God Church #Grid Jishuka #Overgeared King #Buff is received upon joining the Overgeared God Church


The reporters expressions shook.

They had many things they were curious about, so they believed in Jishukas words and came running to ask...

‘She only promoted the Overgeared God Church during the interview.

‘Look at her sending a heart in the midst of this situation.

The reporters didnt blink at all at the criticism that they were trash reporters.

In particular, Satisfys reporters had concrete mentalities because many of them were from the love section.

They were people who were accustomed to the taste of others.

However, Jishukas shamelessness was hard for even them to take.

Every time they asked a question she didnt want, she would become mute and not a single provocative article could be obtained.

‘I shouldve asked Yura to the end.

The reporters had never felt such great helplessness despite having over 10 years of experience...

It was just when they were sighing...

[Overgeared King Grid is writing the 11th epic.]

The heavens blessed them.

The reporters eyes lit up at getting the right article and they started to record the contents of the epic.

‘He succeeded in persuading Nefelina!

A bright smile appeared on Jishukas face when she saw the epic and understood the situation.

“Are you crazy”

...Then it disappeared.

Jishuka flinched and was alarmed when she heard the cold voice.

She found an old man staring at her with scornful eyes.

“Arent your words too much”

Did she have to be told she was crazy by an unknown person just because she hung onto a statue and took photos with it She was uncomfortable and angry at being treated like a madman just because she rubbed her cheek against the statue and kissed it.

Jishuka grumbled but was unable to curse due to the other persons age.

Then the old man repeated to Jishuka, “You are crazy, but hes crazier.”

At this point, Jishuka was also agitated.

“No, what is crazy...! Old man, do you know me!”

“Not you, but the king you serve.

Did he break his head with a hammer while making a sword Why trust a dragon and make it a messenger”


It seemed he was talking about Grid, not her.

Jishuka was angry after realizing it and her eyes widened again.

She thought about her man being scolded and felt bad, like she was the one being scolded.

She pointed at the old man.

“No, you, who the hell are you talking about so casually”

Jishuka raised her voice only to be startled.

The old mans robe fluttered, and before she knew it, the old man had disappeared.


It wasnt magic.



The ultimate footwork that symbolized a transcendent—she recently became used to it because of Grid, but it was originally a technique that wasnt easy to see.

It was a skill that ordinary players might not be able to see until the game ended.

Yet the old man who showed up used Shunpo...

Jishuka recalled the criticism of the old man toward Grid and got a chill down her back.

Then she left the reporters behind and started running.

-Intruder!Make the safety of the queen and prince a top priority and protect the smithy district!

Jishukas warning convened the Overgeared members to Reinhardt.

At the same time, Nefelinas bedroom...

Swallow swallow.

Did she have a black hole in her stomach Grid started blankly at the little girl who ate a whole cooked pig in one bite and chewed on the bones.

Suddenly, there was an old man in a robe staring at him.

“You were hiding a hatchling.

I came to congratulate you after hearing the news that you have built divinity, only to feel betrayed.” The old man threw off his robe and revealed his identity.

It was none other than Sword Saint Biban.

“There are 27 vertebral bones in a hatchlings neck, just like an adult.

Ill give you an early death.”

Grid finally noticed his mistake.

He shouldve hidden Nefelinas identity from the tower members, but this failed due to the epic.

“Wait! This kid is my colleague!” Grid shouted at Biban who drew his sword, but it didnt work.

“You mustve been told many times about the dangers of dragons.

She might be cooperating with humans because she is still weak, but she will reveal her true colors the moment she becomes an adult.

I have to get rid of her while she is a hatchling so there is no future trouble.”

The Matchless Heart Technique was activated and brilliant sword energy appeared around Bibans body.

Nefelina gulped and shouted with wide open eyes, “Y-You are pointing a sword at me! Impertinent!”


Biban was going to release a crescent moon attack when powerful magic fell from the ceiling and collided with Bibans sword.


Biban admired the heavy impact and expanded his senses to capture the magicians position.

Then he turned around and raised his sword.

White feathers glimmered in his vision.

There was an explosive sound and Biban was pushed back several steps.

Biban was surprised by the continuous shock and soothed his shaking arm muscles.

He raised his eyes and witnessed two beautiful people.

There was a blond handsome man with white wings spread out and a silver-haired handsome man with a staff on his shoulder standing side by side and staring at him.


And Braham

“You arent a good match against me.”

Biban laughed and adjusted the posture of his sword.

Just then, someones hand struck Bibans back hard.

Biban looked back due to the tingling pain and saw Jessica.

“Didnt I tell you not to act rashly”

“N-No, a hatchling...”

“There are dragons that can be controlled like the gourmet dragon, so why not a hatchling In particular, she is the insane dragons daughter.

Hayate told me that he would rather protect the child.”

“Hayate knows about the hatchling”

“He noticed since the first time he met Grid.”

“Then why didnt he say anything to me”

“Wasnt he worried that you would just hear the beginning and rush out of the tower”


Was he such an untrustworthy person Biban was depressed and closed his mouth.

Jessica sighed when she saw it.

Then she nodded at Grid.

“As you know, the gourmet cycle has already begun.

However, we came late because we were trying to figure out Raiders route.

I apologize for it.”

“I visited Raiders lair six days ago and was very alarmed when I found nothing.”

“I noticed that he left the lair even before the cycle began.

Raiders is currently in the Murray Kingdom.

The detailed location is here...”

Jessica handed a map to Grid.

Grid checked the location on the map and naturally went to look for Sticks.

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