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『 The world has been tumultuous for two days right It is because the number one player, Grid, has earned the worlds first myth rated class.

In a situation where legendary classes are said to be invincible because they resist abnormal conditions and have five seconds of immortality, how powerful will a myth rated class be Lets wait and see.

『 As the name suggests, it is literally a god.

A god.

It is clear that he will be able to show more than imagined.

Basically, the stats awakening effect will increase, attack power and survivability are strengthened, and all attacks are applicable to a wide area.

He should specialize in overwhelming the majority by himself.

『 Is it possible to think because to Grid in the Demon Kings Subjugation Certainly...

The power that Grid showed at that time was like a god...

『 I think we shouldnt just focus on combat power, but on his blacksmithing ability as well.

As long as he is a myth rated blacksmith, I think he should be able to easily produce myth rated items in the future.

『 Easily produce myth rated items...

Im getting the chills just imagining it.

If that happens, wont it be safe to say that the three forces of the Overgeared Guild, the Overgeared Kingdom, and the Overgeared God Church will have nuclear weapons 』

『 What is the situation of the Overgeared God Church Arent there new classes called Overgeared God Churchs paladins and priests I think players who regrettably cant join the Overgeared Guild will be aiming to join the Overgeared God Church...

『 Contrary to your belief, there are currently very few players joining the Overgeared God Church.

In Satisfy, the position of the church is proportional to the number of believers.

The believers here are NPCS.

Perhaps it is due to the Rebecca Church or because faith doesnt change easily, but there are surprisingly few NPCs entering the Overgeared God Church.

The future is uncertain, so players have no choice but to hesitate.

『 Arent players counted as believers 』

『 They arent counted until the number of believers is one million.

A church enjoys benefits when the number of believers increases by 100,000 or 500,000.

If the number of players is counted at the beginning then it is possible for players to work together to develop a particular religion.

『 It is a system to prevent certain individuals or groups from using their power and financial resources to strength and control the religion system 』

『 Yes, thats right.

『 I understand the purpose, but...

is there no reason for players to join the Overgeared God Church, even if they cant be recognized as a believer 』

『 Thats not it.

The number doesnt count, but they can enjoy all the benefits of a believer.

『 Well, in any case, the role of the pope is important for the growth of the Overgeared God Church.

『 Yes.

Additionally, the performance of the new Overgeared God Churchs paladins and priests will be important.

If there are merits in the class, then the number of people who want to join the church will increase...

No matter what channel one turned to, it was just stories about the Overgeared God and the Overgeared God Church.

『 Love is also about being overgeared.

Wearing nice clothes and spraying good perfume will appeal to the other sex.

Now, look at my outfit.

Isnt it cool The products I will introduce to you today will complement the shortcomings of your body...

『 Parenting is about being overgeared.

With this walker, your child will be comfortable...

Even the home shopping channels were about overgeared.

『 In short, it is a perfect air purifier.

Home appliances are about being overgeared.

『 The style that adorns the dish.

One overgeared brass bowl will make your table beautiful.

Overgeared CFs.

The term overgeared, which had been used in a negative manner just a few years ago, had now penetrated deep into daily life in a positive sense.

It could be said that Grid had changed the world.

‘Originally, life is about being overgeared.

It was like how students with better writing instruments could focus more on their studies or those with better cars could enjoy a comfortable driving experience.

Being overgeared had always been important.

It was just that people didnt want to honestly admit it.

Shin Youngwoo turned off the TV while thinking this and put on a coat.

‘By the way, I have to get 100,000 believers.

The people of the Overgeared Kingdom were in the millions.

This was true when only NPCs were calculated.

He thought it would be easy to gather the faithful, but peoples faith didnt change easily.

Who would listen if you told a person who only attended church all their life to go to the temple from tomorrow The people of the Overgeared Kingdom revered and were loyal to Grid, but religion was another matter.

‘In the current situation, it is important to reveal the reality of the gods in order to increase the number of believers.

The fastest way is probably to go to the East Continent.

Most humans on the West Continent served Rebecca and faith in her was a conflict with faith in Grid.

On the other hand, the humans in the East Continent served all gods and the gods there had a symbiotic relationship with Grid.

The heart of the red phoenix inside Grid was one of the strongest evidences of a symbiotic relationship.

‘Additionally, those who serve the gods will sometimes stop by the shrines to pray, but they dont have any separate religious activities.

Therefore, it will be less of a burden to enter the Overgeared God Church.

The exhaust sound of his car, Thirteen, driving down the road dedicated to automobiles, pierced Youngwoos frustrated heart.

Of course, Shin Youngwoo complied with the speed rules.

It was a natural duty to comply with the law.

“Ah! I-Im really sorry! I will pay the laundry fee...”

“Forget the damn laundry fee! Do you know how much this costs A part-time worker like you will never be able to afford it even after working for a year...!”

The best way to relieve stress was driving and food.

Youngwoo, who arrived at a Chinese restaurant in Gangnam because he was craving shrimp with fried peppers and peanuts, frowned as soon as he sat down.

It was because a man who coordinated his clothing with a luxury watch was yelling at a restaurant employee.

He noticed that the employee had spilled jasmine tea while placing food on the table.

Shin Youngwoo, whose eyes had improved from playing the game for several years, instantly noticed the slight stain on the mans collar and clicked his tongue.

‘It will be fine if he washes it once.

There was no need to even go to the dry cleaners.

How good were laundry machines and detergents these days

“You are still making a living working part-time because youre so stupid!:

It was just bull**.

It reminded him of the people who looked down on young people carrying bricks when he was doing labor.

It was shameful that they were easily assessing and demeaning other peoples jobs.

He had learned skills while earning money through fair labor, so he was proud of it.

It happened the moment when Shin Youngwoos expression darkened and he was about to get up...

“Shut up and get lost.” Someone suddenly appeared and grabbed the collar of the man making a fuss.

It was a familiar face.

“You are a disgrace of South Korea.”

He was Kang Daehan, the president of the Korean Patriotic Association, who was active under the nicknamePeak Sword. He kicked out the man with a ferocious expression and stood still when he met the eyes of Youngwoo, who was trying to return to his seat.

His expression became blank and he scratched his head.

“No~~ I had a meeting today and the guest said he wanted to eat Chinese food...”

It seemed he was embarrassed because he met someone he knew at a Chinese restaurant, not a Korean restaurant.

Youngwoo pretended not to see it, but the incident spread rapidly through social media and was covered on the 9 oclock news.

In the interview, the image of Kang Daehan repeating the nonsenseI had a meeting was edited into a short meme and became an Internet meme for a while.


“It is an honor.” Mercedes was thrilled.

“As a messenger of the Overgeared God Church, I will be an example to all people.” Piaro had a heroic resolve.

“Bah, do you want me to be your subordinate Well, it seems there are no talents except for me.

Ill take care of it for the time being.” Braham grumbled, but accepted it.

This was the day when three messengers of the Overgeared God Church were born.

‘Now there are four.

Next it was time to convince Nefelina.

If Nefelina was appointed as a messenger, then the Overgeared Kingdom and the Overgeared God Church could always be safe.

If he was away, then the curses of the other gods could be overcome with the power of the messengers alone.

The messengers of the Overgeared God were splendid enough to create this confidence.


He had been stuck in the smithy for two weeks.

It took a week for him to extract the divine stone from Raguels Spear.

After that, he disassembled and reassembled Lee Jeongs training tools to increase his understanding of them.

He also analyzed the use of the angel halo and feather, but unfortunately, it was still difficult to grasp.

He thought he should study more minerals as a medium.


Grid received a call from Lauel that it was time for Nefelina to wake up, so he stopped work in the smithy and stopped by.

A dragon.

Perhaps, no, obviously the greatest creature in the world.

It was hard to even find defects in her appearance, yet this perfect being was crying.

The curled up shoulders and trembling arms evoked feelings of pity.

“W-W-What is it” She shouldve sensed Grid from the beginning, but even so, she couldnt stop crying.

Nefelina nervously wiped away her tears, cheeks bulging as she asked this question.

Grid quietly approached and handed her a handkerchief.


Grid didnt ask if she had a nightmare or if she was okay.

He would lose her trust if he rashly said something he couldnt be responsible for.

Nefelina was handed a handkerchief and blew her nose.

Perhaps it was because she ate a lot, but she had a lot of snot.

Grid received the completely wet handkerchief with a God Hand and immediately got to the point.

“Be my messenger.”

“Huh” Nefelina tilted her small head and narrowed her eyes as she observed Grid.

“What Did you become a baby god”

“A baby god”

“A baby god because you are just born.

It is like how Im a hatchling.”

“Cant I be a real god like youre an adult”

Of course.

In return, you should do many miracles.”

Was it because his status as a god was still in the growth stage Grid didnt want his race itself to be a god, but he honestly wished his class would be myth rated.

‘In the end, it means I have to keep growing.

Grid was smiling at the thought that he still had a long road ahead of him while Nefelina got up and got dressed.

“It seems you are taking me too lightly because Im a hatchling.

A baby god actually wants to make me a servant.”

“Im not asking you to be a servant but a companion.”

“Since when was a gods messenger a companion of the god It is just an underling.”

“That is the dictionary meaning...”

“In any case, it looks like an underling in other peoples eyes.

Up to now, there has never been a god who made a dragon a messenger.

You are greedy.”


“So” Nefelina wore a fluttering dress and picked up the cutlery.

She sat at a large table and held the knife and fork.

It seems she was looking forward to the cows and pigs the soldiers would bring.

“What good is it for me if I become your messenger Tell me first.

Ill think about it after listening to the explanation.”

“...You werent trying to refuse”

“Even if I refused, you wouldve tried to persuade me.

I just dont want to suffer from nightmares anymore.”

Baal and the great demons who drove her father crazy, and the dragons who attacked such a father...

There werent just one or two enemies she wanted to kill.

Therefore, she suffered nightmares every night.

She was afraid.

In particular, she thought it would be hard to beat the fire dragon who existed since the beginning if she kept growing like this.

It was as Grid expected.

Nefelina also needed power.

“Ill make you stronger.”

“Pfft, you Me This doesnt seem right The reason dragons dont become messengers of the gods isnt just because it will hurt our pride.

It was because it has no merit.

Usually, the gods can open the potential of the messengers to make them stronger.

However, dragons can already unlock 100% of their own potential.

If you want to tempt me, then you shouldnt make an absurd promise to make me stronger.

It should be a relatively realistic promise of giving me strong colleagues to rely on.”

“I can do it.”


“I can make you stronger.

There are also strong colleagues you can rely on.”

“Hmm.” Nefelina put down her knife and fork.

Her eyes that were as deep as the sea stared at Grid.

She used Grids aura to determine all the achievements he had accumulated so far and laughed.

“You must be one of the strong colleagues.”


“Fine, I accept the offer to be your messenger as long as you dont send me on annoying errands.

You know, I have to eat and I sleep most of the time, so Im busy.”

A dragon—the greatest race in the world joined hands with Grid.

It was the first time since the birth of the world that a dragon served someone.

It was a young dragon who was just a hatchling.

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