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“I heard that even the gods cant control dragons...

will Nefelina accept the position of messenger”

A messenger of the gods was literally a messenger.

Meanwhile, dragons were the most capable and proudest creatures in the world.

The chances of Nefelina becoming Grids messenger was very low.

In fact, no god had ever made a dragon their own.

Jishuka was skeptical, but Grid thought differently.

‘Nefelina is different from a normal dragon.

Nefelinas purpose was revenge.

Countless strong enemies were on the childs path in the future.

Unlike other dragons, who believed they were perfect and were satisfied with their innate powers, Nefelina was destined to crave power beyond what she was born with.

[You can appoint a total of seven messengers.]

[A messenger of the god inherits the power that symbolizes the god.

One additional characteristic will also open depending on the individuals personality.]

[Overgeared God Churchs Messenger]

[You can wear items made by the Overgeared God without any restrictions.

Greatly increases the power of the items equipped.]

“Nefelina will consider being my messenger positively.

Even if she refuses, I will continue to persuade her.”

The power inherited by the messengers of the Overgeared God was items.

It created a fantastic chemistry with Grid, a blacksmith.

As long as Grid made excellent items, the messengers who used them would become more and more powerful.

It would definitely be an attractive offer for Nefelina.

“Then five messengers are set if it is Sariel, Braham, Piaro, Mercedes, and Nefelina.”

Now there were two spots remaining.

At this point, Jishuka was anxious.

There were four legends among the Overgeared Guild members.

In addition to Jishuka, there were Faker, Yura, and Euphemina.

Jishuka wondered if she could beat them to secure one of the remaining two spots.

To be honest, they were all very talented people.

In particular, Yuras growth was overwhelming.

The bullets she fired had pierced Drasions thick skin and dealt critical injuries.

This was obviously different from Jishukas own arrows.

Of course, she would narrow the gap as she leveled up, but it would take a long time.

‘Additionally, Eupheminas potential is the highest in the worldview, and Faker cant be underestimated. Jishuka was worried.

Grid drew a line when he saw her attitude and realized she was aiming for the messengers position.

“Jishuka, Im sorry but I dont mean to appoint a player as a messenger.”

Grid was likely to face the gods in the future and had a duty to strengthen the power of his allies to the maximum.

Only then could he protect the nation, his people, his colleagues, and his family.

To be honest, it was inefficient to appoint a player to the position of messenger when there were only seven spots.

No matter how strong the Overgeared members, they still werent enough to go beyond named NPCs.

“It is a matter of efficiency.

In that sense, I am wondering if it is even right to appoint Mercedes as a messenger.

So please understand, even if you feel bad.”

“How can I feel bad It would be shameless if I feel bad about this.”

Jishukas face turned red.

She was ashamed for coveting the position of messenger when she didnt have the skills to do so.

Of course, she wanted to be a messenger because she wanted to get closer to Grid and be helpful to him.

She didnt want to be a messenger for her own gain.

In the first place, she didnt know what the benefits of being a messenger were.

It was pure favor without any greed.

Grid also knew this and it was why he was sorry.

Nevertheless, he didnt want to hand over the position of messenger to the Overgeared members who hadnt fully grown yet.

Jishuka spoke to Grid who was looking embarrassed, “Ill become stronger so you dont have to make that expression.

I will become a messenger with my skills.”

She smiled confidently.

Jishukas strong declaration made Grids heart lighter.

“Thank you.

Im looking forward to it.”

The Overgeared members had grown sufficiently.

Named NPCs like Archangel Sariel, the dragon Nefelina, and Braham were just too outstanding.

Grid believed in the Overgeared members.

He thought that one day, they would grow explosively like himself and surpassed the named NPCs.

Of course it would happen.

They had the best talent and integrity among 2 billion players.

‘I need to mass produce this in order to move that time forward.

Lee Jeongs training tools—his short experience wearing them for a while showed that the difficulty of using it was too high.

Movement itself became difficult, so it felt like the overall combat power was decreased by more than 10 times.

However, Grid planned to become familiar with this set of training tools in the future.

His goal was to use them directly to identify the advantages and disadvantages of the training tools.

Then he would make some improvements to create a new version of the training tools set.

‘Then I will hand it out to the kids.

Lee Jeongs training tools were a great harvest.

The idea of promoting faster growth by using items was close to the essence of being overgeared.

‘If I become used to making the training tools, I might be able to give the option of increasing experience value to the training weapons provided to soldiers.

First of all, it was urgent to understand the principles.

Grid was motivated and first checked the information of Archangel Sariel.

It was a natural process to grasp the information of new colleagues.

[Name: Sariel

Age: Unknown Gender: Neutral

Race: Archangel

★ Immune to long range attacks.

All buff skills will be 50% more effective.

Class: Overgeared God Churchs Messenger

★ You can wear items made by the Overgeared God without any restrictions.

The power of the items equipped is greatly increased.

Title: The First Seven Creations

* Immune to all abnormal statuses.

* Immortal—Immediately resurrects upon death (this effect is currently sealed duet o the influence of another title, Fallen Angel)

Title: Watcher

* Blocks the targets dark magic and skills.

* When attacking a target who has recently committed a murder, there is a high probability of activatingCondemnation,

Title: Fallen Angel

* There is a certain probability of canceling the activation when using divine magic or skills.

* Vulnerable to divine attacks.

* All stats will drop by 50% when entering Asgard.

* Cant synchronize with the spare bodies stored in Asgard.

* All stats will increase by 20% when entering hell.

However, there is a high probability of going through demonization and going on a rampage.

Level: 550

Strength: 4,278 Stamina: 4,139

Agility: 4,278 Intelligence: 4,139

Insight: 6,050 Charm: 20,511]

It was the opposite of Braham, whose intelligence stat was overwhelmingly high while his other stats were at a regretful level.

It was like a knight.

The balance of stats was excellent enough to be called an upgraded version of Mercedes.

‘The stats are beautiful.

The list of possessed skills was even greater.

She had all types of mastery skills with the lowest proficiency.

Not only did she know all magic except for dark magic, she possessed thePrayer skill which allowed her to become invincible for a certain period of time, and theWicked Eye skill which revealed the sins of the target.

The best one was the Condemnation skill which was a skill given by the effect of the Watcher title.

It had a high probability of killing the target instantly and there was no cooldown time.

‘It is fraudulent even if it is a conditional activation skill.

If she used the Condemnation skill as Great Demon Drasion, wouldnt they have all been wiped out immediately He wondered if her power was sealed off when she was Drasion.

No, he shouldnt call Sariel aher.

Grid looked at Sariels beautiful face—a small and thin face, thick red lips, big and deep eyes, long and rich eyelashes.

‘No matter how I look, she is a woman.

Grids gaze was fixed on Sariels chest.

Sariel was wearing only a transparent and thin cloth, so it wouldnt be strange for her to feel ashamed at his blatant gaze.

However, angels had no feelings.

Sariel was a fallen archangel and was full of emotions, but it was lacking compared to humans.

Instead of feeling ashamed, Sariel opened her mouth and spoke softly, “If you find it uncomfortable, should I make my chest flat”

She was implying that she would turn her body into a male body.

Grid was about to shake his head when Jishuka and Yura shouted at the same time.

“Yes! Change it!”

“Yes! Change it!”



[You have escaped from the weak human flesh.]

[Thick dark energy and demonic energy is filling up your new flesh and soul.]

[Your race has changed to a demon.]

[Your stats are changed and new stats are added.]

[New magic and skills have been opened.]

[You are qualified to become a monarch of hell.]

Amoract gave Rose a revelation to help humans defeat Drasion in the hopes that the nature of the gods would be made public and her wish came true.

Rose might not have done anything, but she completed the revelation and ushered in the evolution Amoract had dreamed about.

She was a player, but she had reached the level of transcending a player.

Originally, it was a moment to be enjoyed.

However, Rose wasnt satisfied at all, and therefore, she didnt feel joy.

Grid had become a god.

What was a demon compared to that

Rose was engulfed in jealousy and anxiety as she urged Amoract, “Shouldnt you kill him right now He isnt an angel or a half-god, he is a god, a god! A human being has become a god! There will be huge aftereffects!”

For Rose, Grid was a natural enemy.

It wasnt an exaggeration to say that her lifespan decreased every time Grid became stronger.

Now he had even become a god.

She couldnt help feeling frightened and that it was absurd.

Then Amoract calmed her down.

-The number of human gods is overflowing.It is common to deify humans.If they see a person who is very strong, they will praise this person as invincible.

If they see a person who is extremely wise, they will respect that person for knowing everything.It is an error and there is no need to be concerned about it.

No matter how strong, humans couldnt be invincible.

Even a person who had gained a lot of knowledge in their lifetime still had things they dont know.

-A typical example is Muller.Mullers narratives that have been immortalized for hundreds of years are already no longer stories about a human.The legendary Muller is invincible, doesnt know defeat, and is excellent in every way.He possesses wisdom that wont fall for any treacherous schemes, and goodness that wont fall to any temptation.

It literally meant being portrayed as an omnipotent and perfect existence.

-Humans have always done this.They exaggerate the abilities of Muller and other great people, glorifying their achievements and deifying them.The child called Grid is a human god born this way.He is a fake god who wont reach the level of a true god.You dont have to be so vigilant.Even if all humans praise Grid as a god, Grid cant become a real god.He might have the status of a god, but his body itself isn\'t that of a god.

It couldnt be helped since he was born a human.

If a god was born just out of human beliefs and desires then all human beings who existed so far wouldnt have disappeared and wouldve become gods.

The same was true for the yangbans in the East Continent.

-You, who has separated from the human race, will stand above the human race.

Amoract prophesied and opened the door to hell.

From now on, this would be Roses new stage.

‘I am going to surpass Grid

Duguen, duguen.

Roses heart thumped.

She was deceived by Amoract and crossed the gates of hell with a smile full of joy.

Amoracts nickname was the great demon of conflict.

There was no goodwill from her.

She just encouraged constant fighting.

-Although none of the human gods have ever had messengers...

The fragment of Amoracts consciousness that remained alone in the place where Rose disappeared muttered these words to herself before disappearing.

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