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Nevartans Necklace—the 3rd Seat, Radwolf, said it was a necklace made from Nevartans broken claws.

It was a terrifying cursed item that beguiled the wearer and drove them to madness.

Radwolf had answered Grids question about why he made such a necklace like this, “It is a type of loot.

If you were me, would you throw away the dragons claws that you earned”

Yes, Nevartans Necklace was nothing more than simple loot.

It wasnt an object to be coveted.

Radwolf, the person who made the necklace, and the Great Robber of the Red Night, the one who stole the necklace, were obsessed with the meaning of the necklace, not its performance.

It was the same for Grid.

Grid wanted Nevartans Necklace due to the quest, not because he coveted the necklace itself.

[Nevartans Necklace]


Recover Nevartans Necklace that was stolen by the Great Robber of the Red Night.

Quest Clear Condition: Deliver Nevartans Necklace to the 3rd Seat, Radwolf.

Quest Clear Reward: The Moon Night Iron.

Affinity with Radwolf will increase.]

The moon night iron was a mineral that blocked thestatus of the target.

The exact degree to which it was affected was known only by experimenting, but theoretically, it was possible to turn a noble existence into a criminal.

It meant it would be fatal to absolute beings such as great demons, transcendents, gods, and dragons.

One of the minerals that Grid coveted was the moon night iron.

Radwolf was also the maker of the magic machines.

If affinity was developed with him, then Grid might receive a magic machine as a gift, or receive great help in making a magic machine.

‘This is better.

Grid hadnt expected a development where he was on the same side as the great robber.

In fact, he hadnt known when he would meet the great robber.

It was hard to tell when he would retrieve Nevartans Necklace.

However, the opportunity came.

Hexetias Short Sword—thanks to the great robbers absurd demand to receive the product made by the blacksmith god, Grid could also make a corresponding demand.

‘Thinking about it calmly, the short sword isnt something I should have.

The Enlightenment Sword and the Fire Dragon Sword were the strongest weapons in the world.

How much more powerful was Hexetias Short Sword compared to these two swords Morpheus was obsessed with balance and wouldnt just silently watch.

It was easy to understand when thinking about Kraugels White Fang.

Just like how White Fang, made of Bunheliers fang, had the curse Bunheliers Gaze, Hexetias sword was likely to attract the attention and pursuit of the angels and gods.

Wasnt it the strongest sword that killed even an archangel with a single blow No god would be generous enough to watch silently when such a threatening object was held in the hands of a human.

“I never dreamed that you would ask for Nevartans Necklace...

I see...

you are the current Pioneer,” the Great Robber of the Red Night muttered as he stared into Grids eyes.

The eyes of the great robber, who had hundreds of years of experience, were deep.

In fact, he was just a mad old man suffering from terrible kleptomania, but once he suppressed his desires, he looked like a sage.

You might not have noticed, but this short sword is a very dangerous thing.

Change your mind.

Right now, Im not asking you for the short sword as a gift.

I\'m trying to take the time bomb that is the sword off your hands.

I am taking the risk to respect and support my junior, who is surpassing transcendence and accumulating divinity.

You want Nevartans Necklace Nevartans Necklace is a dangerous item similar to that short sword.

It isnt worth taking in exchange for the sword.”

The dangers of having Hexetias Short Sword...

the Great Robber of the Red Night also noticed it.

However, it was sophistry that he was taking it to protect Grid.

The great robber had no interest in protecting Grid.

He just wanted the short sword, while he didnt want to give Nevartans Necklace.

Grid recalled theSteal the Country skill, where the great robbers desire was clearly revealed, and wasnt fooled.

“Senior, you are the one who said you would give a gift in return for receiving the short sword.

You have a reputation for being the Great Robber of the Red Night.

You arent trying to go back on your words, right”


It didnt work even when speaking in such an eloquent way Then there was no need to waste his energy—the Great Robber of the Red Night quickly made this judgement and placed his hand into his shabby jacket.

He found a row of necklaces and pulled one out.

It was a necklace with jewels that were too large and beautiful to be made with a claw fragment.

[You have resisted.]

“Ah.” Grid stared at the necklace with fascination for a moment only to wake up in surprise.

He realized that the necklace which looked beautiful just a while ago was emitting energy.

‘It is truly great.

Nevartans Necklace bewitched those who viewed it.

Even the Great Robber of the Red Night couldnt wake up for a few minutes when he first saw this necklace at the Tower of Wisdom.

His magic power was disturbed and he was discovered by the towers detection magic.

For the first time, he almost couldnt escape and was nearly caught.

Yet Grid woke up from the bewitchment in an instant.

The Great Robber of the Red Night had to admit it.

‘I shouldnt laugh at him just because of what he is called as a god.

Grids reputation had already spread.

Everyone knew what battles he had been fighting and the achievements he had accomplished.

The great robber naturally thought it was great, but he hadnt known it would be this much.

Fighting the great demon, defeating the followers of the Martial God and the archangel...

Usually, rumors were exaggerated, but the Grid he saw today was much better than the rumors.

Besides, he fought for the dignity of all humans, not his own reputation.

This was why he was respected and became a god.

‘He is a great man a person like me cant understand.

Jingle.The great robber chuckled and handed over Nevartans Necklace to Grid.

“Take this.”

Grid also handed Hexetias sword to the great robber.

The great robber knew it was better to receive the sword, but he couldnt hide his regret.

“Im not good at making promises, but I will keep the promises already made.

So dont worry too much.

If you need this sword then I will lend it to you without any conditions.

“Senior, I am worried that this sword will put you in danger.”

Grid met the Great Robber of the Red Night for the first time today.

Originally it was normal to have no special feelings.

Yet as it happened, Grid felt a strong liking for the Great Robber of the Red Night.

He saved many lives with his Steal the Country skill so it was natural to feel liking.

One of the strongest humans—from Grids perspective where he wanted to unite humanity with one heart and one will someday, he hoped that the Great Robber of the Red Night wouldnt be killed.

The great robber laughed.

“Ive been stealing from others all my life.

I am confident that I am better than anyone else when it comes to running and hiding.”

Even the gods couldnt punish him.

The Great Robber of the Red Night said so and turned his back to Grid.

He waved his hand when Grid wondered if he wanted the other two gifts.

“There is no need.

Thanks to this short sword, I can aim for treasures you have never seen before.

Thus, there is nothing I want for you.”


The Great Robber of the Red Night left.

Grid watched his back disappearing from view and then turned his gaze to the side.

Archangel Sariel was quietly lowering her head.

She asked if she was qualified to serve Grid, and was still waiting for an answer.

Her white wings were lowered without any energy.

The angel halo was also inclined precariously, like it was going to fall to the ground.

She felt depressed when she hadnt heard Grids answer.

Grid confessed, “I dont have the strength to protect you.”

Sariel replied, “No god can perfectly protect someone.

However, you are the only one who admits it.”

“...You will have a hard time if you stay with me.”

“It is hard, but it is much harder to be alone.”

“I am more lacking than the heavenly gods.”

“The same is true for me.

Still, if we recognize each others shortcomings, then we can correct them.”

No further conversation was necessary.

Grid always wanted more companions and the noble angel Sariel deserved to be his teammate.


if you don\'t mind, then lets be together.”

Grid reached out to Sariel.

Sariel had tears in her eyes as she grabbed his hand in a thrilled manner.

Then the halo that had been floating above her head turned completely gold.

[Archangel Sariel has become the messenger of the Overgeared God.]

The short but intense world message marked the end of this war.

Grid had no time to be immersed in the aftermath.

He urgently had to identify and utilize the new systems that were activated after he became a god.

He also had to calm down the former Rebecca Church members who were arguing about whether to name the new religion the Overgeared God Church or the Grid Church.

Additionally, seven people could be appointed as messengers, so he had to think about who to appoint.

In order to start the church in earnest, a pope had to be appointed first.

“First of all, the pope is Damian.”


Damian was disqualified as the Goddess\' Agent.

He was freed from all responsibilities and could enjoy freedom with Isabel-chan...

Damians excited expression suddenly stiffened.

Of course, it was only for a moment.

He felt joy that Grid needed him and soon started to lead the faithful enthusiastically.

[The Overgeared God Church has been born.]

[Currently, there are a total of 42,255 members in the Overgeared God Church.]

[Every time the number of followers increases by a certain amount or every time the prayers of the followers meets a certain amount, you will get a new power.]

The same notification windows appeared in Grid and Damians vision.

The two men, who now had a relationship between a god and the pope, shared a common fate.The number 42,255 was in line with the number of NPCs who survived this battle.

At the same time, at the headquarters of the S.A Group...

“...He even made a religion.”

The executives who watched the Drasion raid from beginning to end were mesmerized.

It was predicted that players who constantly accumulated achievements and gained strength would become half-gods and eventually acquire the qualifications of a god.

However, they never foresaw that a player would become an object of faith due to the wishes of NPCs (humanity).

Chairman Lim Cheolho smiled from among the executives.

‘Perhaps it was since he became the Lantern of Humanity...

The Lantern of Humanity—Grid saved countless people and earned this title.

It was one of the ultimate hidden titles they expected no player to get because their own sacrifice was needed as a stepping stone.

Perhaps Grid proved his qualification to be an object of faith from the time he earned the title.


Chairman Lim Cheolho grasped the situation of the religions.

The birth of a new religion.

As a result, the power of the Rebecca Church was greatly weakened and the power of the Yatan Church rebounded.

The balance was restored.

Ironically, Morpheus purpose was achieved thanks to the birth of the Overgeared God Church.

“It will become more intense in the future.”

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