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-In the beginning, Rebecca created seven angels to help her.

The great demon of conflict, Amoract—after giving a revelation to Rose and the Yatan believers to subdue Drasion, she noticed that Rose was quite likeable.

She promised to make Rose a demon if this mission was successfully completed and also brought a part of her consciousness along for the journey.

Then she told a number of stories.

-Judar, Dominion, Zeratul, Eruas, Hexetia, Jillen...the gods that exist right now are the result of Rebecca and the seven archangels putting their heads together.

‘Why did Rebecca make the other gods when she has the masterpiece called the angels

-in order to maintain her divinity, I think she felt the necessity of presenting humans with existences that would fulfill their aspirations.Angels are just a necessary tool for Rebecca and they are far from the idea that humans want.

Rebecca is for love and the future, Judar is for wisdom and health, Zeratul for strength, Dominion for victory, Hexetia for technology, and Jillen for peace.

Many of the gods promised to listen to human wishes in and in return, they have received prayers.However, it is impossible for them to fully satisfy human desires.

The gods overflowing from the earth are the proof.There are the indigenous gods created out of human aspirations.Human wishes are too varied and there are countless gods born in response to their wishes.If Rebecca insisted on being one god without creating other gods, her divinity would be much weaker than it is now.

The prayers to the heavenly gods eventually led to prayers of admiration for Rebecca, while the prayers to the gods of the earth have nothing to do with Rebecca.

‘I see...

Rose was listening to Amoracts story with interest, only to be overwhelmed with doubts.

She didnt know why the topic of the birth of the archangels and gods suddenly appeared.

How much longer did they walk By the time Rose and the Yatan followers finally arrived at the battlefield, Amoracts consciousness, that had been briefly sleeping, awakened and opened her mouth, -Drasion was one of Rebeccas angels.


That hideous demon, the 11th great demon was actually an angel

-The noblest angel, until she condemned the gods of committing the seven sins, being tainted by the emotions and desires of human prayer.

‘Did she become corrupted into a demon for blaming the gods

-Rebecca shouldve been very afraid when she heard of the rebellion of the seven malignant saints.She mightve thought that if a powerful tool she made for herself stood on the side of the seven malignant saints, all the gods in Heaven would be subjugated and her position weakened.Drasions real name is Sariel.An angel who protected the souls of humans seduced by the path of sin...



Sariel—the noblest angel, who was in charge of monitoring and governing humans from making mistakes.

The sin Sariel made was turning the eyes of monitoring toward the gods.

She was thrown out of Heaven and fell to hell.

She existed as a demon now so it was natural for Amoract to be on the lookout when it wasnt known when she would transform again.


Rose was listening to the story only to close her eyes.

It was because she felt the red sky suddenly being engulfed in white light.

The brilliant light disturbed her vision.

-The brighter the light, the darker the shadow.The heavenly gods are trying to do something dirty again.

Amoracts sigh was heard.



The Yatan followers screamed along with Rose.

[You have suffered catastrophic damage!]

A terrible pain like burning flesh and bones struck Rose.

[Your contract with Amoract has delayed your death.]


A skill that allowed her to survive even if she took fatal damage—Rose survived thanks to theUndead Transformation skill she gained from her contract with Amoract, and looked at the battlefield with a trembling gaze.

The tens of thousands of bird monsters screaming around Drasion, who was as huge as a mountain, were destroyed without a trace.

Rose was the only one who existed on the deathly quiet battlefield.

No, she thought it was like that.

Rose felt movement and was startled.

The moment she raised her eyes, she saw two angels surrounded by a light so bright that she couldnt stare straight at it.

Rose realized that these two angels had destroyed everything on the battlefield.

They were the ones radiating a powerful energy.


Raguel and Umiel—Rose was trembling as the brilliant names of the angels entered her view while Amoracts sigh was heard.

-These guys...they recognized Sariel as an angel for a moment and formed the Trinity.

The heavenly world, in other words, the angels and gods of Asgard, must be three in order to achieve complete harmony and exert absolute power.

Just as the great demons cant easily come up to earth, the angels and gods cant descend here.

If three or more angels or gods come down to the earth, the earth wont be able to bear their divinity and will fall into chaos.

This was why Amoract thought Drasion should be defeated as soon as possible.

Amoract had predicted the situation.

A situation where two angels descended and formed a Trinity with Drasion, destroying Drasion with this power.

It was a shame for Amoract.

-Too bad.It is only when the reality of Drasion is known to humans that the true nature of the gods will spread and the prestige of Heaven will fall.Drasion must be destroyed by human hands.Everyone in the world shouldve witnessed the white soul.

It was a great shame that there were only two witnesses for this moment—Amoract and Rose, who already knew all the facts.

It happened when Amoract was clicking her tongue...

In the middle of the battlefield where everything was destroyed and turned into ashes, a human face appeared.

It was an old man with a hunched back.

The eyes of the angels in the sky and Rose widened.

It was because once the old man took out a piece of cloth and unfolded it, hundreds or thousands of people appeared to fill the scene.

All of them witnessed the transparent skin and golden hair that were revealed through the cracks occurring on the dying skin of Drasion.

Additionally, there were the white wings.

“I...” Drasion tried to say something only to stop when red blood spilled from his mouth and nose.

“I am actually...”

“Shut up!”

The angels in the sky had distorted expressions like crumpled pieces of paper.

They looked more like demons than angels.

Grid blocked the way of those urgently descending with their spears pointed at Drasion.

“Open Potential.


[Pagmas Sword Dance, Dragon, has temporarily evolved into Grids Sword Dance.]

“You dare to block the path of an angel!”

The angels were angry and simultaneously swung their spears.

They were angels that boasted enough divine power to annihilate tens of thousands of humans if they formed the Trinity.

One angel could easily kill a single human being using just personal strength.

However, Grid was acknowledged by Chiyou, the only god who had reached a higher level than the gods above the angels.

He was a human being who would never lose when compared with angels.

“Dragon Revolve Pinnacle.”

Grid rose like an ascending dragon and deflected the angels spears with his sword.

His sharp blade stabbed at the angels chests.

Then as Grid reached the top of the bewildered angels heads, he rotated and his sword fell toward their shoulders.

Next, the Grid above them fell toward them.

“Drop Dragon Pinnacle Kill Wave.”



The eyes of the angels shone with a white light as they were bitten by the dragons teeth, pierced and stabbed, and eventually crashed to the ground.



The angels didnt die.

They just couldnt move for a while due to the major wound and Grid didnt miss this gap.

He stared straight at Drasion with sad sympathy in his eyes, just like when he faced the demon who was alone in the Abyss.

Then he asked, “Who are you”

“I...” There was no longer the blood-red eyes of a demon.

Sariels large eyes that were shining gold like the other angels felt warm and tears gathered.


Archangel Sariel...”

In the end, tears fell from Sariels eyes.

After losing her memories and being exiled to hell for the sin of questioning the gods, she remembered all the sins she committed during her time as Drasion.

“I failed to reveal the sins of the gods, I couldnt help the seven good people, and I hurt humans...

please punish me as a human being.”

A panorama unfolded in front of everyone on the battlefield, including Grid.

It started with the image of Sariel as an angel who guided humans on the right while smiling happily, to Zeratul pushing the crying Sariel to hell, the other gods standing by him.

This was all engraved in the minds of the humans.

Raguel and Umiel finally got up and examined the faces of Grid and the other humans.

Their cold eyes terrified everyone.

Grid also shrank back.

“You have also become sinners.”

“We will destroy your souls.”

Raguel and Umiel declared before their spears started to turn white again.

Everyones eyes naturally turned to the Great Robber of the Red Night.

He gasped for breath and shook his head as he sat down.

“How much do you want to abuse the elderly It is impossible to do it twice.”

“You should avoid it.” In the end, Braham stepped forward.

He broke the ice that trapped the Overgeared members who were freed from the curse and quickly recovered his magic power.

Now he stood facing the two angels alone.

[The blacksmith god Hexetia is supporting you.]

At the same time, an unexpected notification window appeared in front of Grid.

There was a deafening noise from the sky and a sword fell at Grids feet.

Grid recognized the identity of the sword immediately.

It was an unforgettable weapon.

[Hexetias Short Sword]

[Rating: Myth

Durability: Infinite Attack Power: 6,500~11,300

* Attack speed will increase by 80%

* Physical and magic damage will increase by 200%.

* Attack power of all attributes increased by 200%.

A short sword made by God Hexetia, a blacksmith who was motivated to develop further.

Conditions of Use: Transcendent

Weight: 1,100]

[The heavenly gods are outraged by Hexetias actions!]

[Martial god Zeratul has locked Hexetia in an eternal prison!]


It was impossible for Grid to not know the sacrifice Hexetia had made.

The angels rushed at him, cursing while urgently reaching out for the sword.

“Human! Dont touch that sword!” The angels spears that were originally gathering a white light to cover the battlefield only shot at Grid.

[You have suffered catastrophic damage.]


Grids vision blurred.

The strength of the angels, who formed the Trinity using Sariel, was at a level that Grid couldnt handle at all.

He was on the brink of death.

[Hexetias Short Sword has been equipped.]


The short sword that Grid barely grabbed stretched out and pierced Raguels heart.


Who wouldve imagined there would come a moment when he would scream as he died Raguel doubted it at the moment of death.

Umiels face turned white and he hurriedly spread open his wings to flee into the sky.

‘What type of development...

Killing an angel—Grid, who reached an improbable end to the situation while trying to raid a great demon, grabbed his head that was full of complicated thoughts and sat down.

Huge rewards kept popping up in his vision, but he hoped this moment was a dream.

However, Hexetias Short Sword in his hand was telling him that it wasnt a dream, but reality.

[1] Something I wanted to note.

Ive previously usedhim for Drasion because no gender words were used when referring to him but Biplonz was male.

In this chapter, female gender words are used for Sariel, but only when talking about Sariel.

Since Sariel is a past life and it is possible that her current life has a male form, Ive kept it as male for Drasion and only used female pronouns when specifically talking about Sariel.

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