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Who dared to predict that the time would come when a player fought alone against a great demon Humanity had been in danger of destruction from just the 32nd great demon.

They never imagined that such a day would come.

However, at this moment...


Grids flaming sword pierced Botis heart.

『 The empires dukes and army helped, but it was only a small help.

Grid was already on the verge of winning before reinforcements arrived.

『 In fact, Grid alone...! A player defeated a great demon alone! 』


Joy, thrill, and hope—with Botis death, the shouts of people filled with all types of emotions filled the capital where the clear sky had been restored after the poison was removed.

Grids appearance as he wiped the blood off his face and gasped roughly was reminiscent of a ferocious beast, but in peoples eyes, he was a hero and idol.

“Grid, can we get an interview The part that is currently a hot topic on the Internet is the reason why the great demon was stunned.

Please say something about this...”

“Brother Grid! Can I get your signature!”

A terrifying crowd swarmed.

The players who somehow managed to get Grid visible on their screens were busy taking screenshots, while little boys and girls were shouting to get signatures.

Grid ignored the questions of the reporters who were eagerly holding microphones and smiled kindly at the children.

“Whats your ID

“Please write my name, not my ID! Name! I am Daniel!”

“My name is Ann!”



Grid stroked the heads of the excited children.

Then he took the papers from them and started to sign.

“I will be a blacksmith like Brother Grid!”

“I want to do the sword dances! I will be Grids Successor!”


Grids pen, which had been moving skillfully, paused for a moment.

Grids Successor—a future he never imagined unfolded in Grids mind and shook his heart.


Grid soon put down the pen.

Overgeared King Grid wrote to Daniel: Be a great blacksmith like Khan.

Overgeared King Grid wrote to Ann: Become a better person than me.

“Eh I cant read your writing!”


“What did you write”

These days, children dont distinguish between reality and Satisfy.

Both worlds were given equal value.

It wouldve been better if they met Grid in real life and received a signature, but they didnt feel regret.

Grid responded to the childrens excited questions.

“Become a respected person.”


[Botis Guandao]

[Rating: Legendary (Set)

Durability: 1,500/1,500 Attack Power: 2,280

* 50% increase in cutting rate.

* Doubles the effect of the poison attribute.

* The higher the wearers attack speed, the more damage that will ensue.

★ Weapon attack power is increased when using two swords.

One of the two guandaos favored by the 17th Great Demon, Botis.

A stronger power will be exerted when two guandaos are used at the same time.

Weight: 4,590

User Restriction: Level 430 or higher.]

‘It is good because the performance and the conditions are simple.

There were only two equipment items dropped by Botis.

They were two guandaos.

The single performance was great, but it seemed to show the true power of a final weapon if it was held in the hands of a person familiar with wielding two swords.

‘The problem is that there is no one around me who can handle this properly...

Wielding two weapons at the same time wasnt an easy task.

The brain was bound to make errors when moving both arms at the same time.

In particular, the higher the level of the enemy, the more clearly the limit of two swords was revealed in battles that required high difficulty calculations and movements.

It was the reason why Grid only dual wielded in the early days before quitting.

‘How do you get the dual wielding skill

It was a unique passive skill that corrected behavior while eliminating penalties (reduced weapon damage) that ensued when using two swords.

If any of the Overgeared members received this skill, then it would be better to hand over these weapons.

‘I will keep it well until then...


Grid was suddenly reminded of the National Competition.

There was one person who used the two sword style very well in the last National Competition.

It was the person who inspired Grid to create the pair of swords called the Sword Ghost.

It was Kraugel.

‘He is a genius among geniuses and can perfectly use two swords without the mastery skill...

Now that he became the Sword Saint, wasnt it possible that he got the dual wielding skill Now, if there was a mastery skill unique to the Sword Saint then it would probably encompass dual wielding.


Lets pass it onto Kraugel.

Only Kraugel could bring out the true power of these weapons.

It would be a shame to give it to someone other than Kraugel.

Besides, Kraugel was a very rich man.

Grid could sell them at an expensive price.

He finished deciding how to dispose of the items and whistled with a sense of lightness.

He didnt have any concerns about future problems after handing them over to Kraugel.

Grid and Kraugel were friends before they were competitors.

“I just wanted to relieve my mothers resentment! I just wanted to see her again! I cursed this vain peace....!”

During the time when Grid was fighting Botis, Prince Benoit was arrested by the knights and was in a carriage being taken to the Abyss.

For more than 10 years, he had lived longing for his mother and was filled with the desire to get revenge for his mother.

His face was full of wrinkles compared to his oldest brother Roland who was seven years older.

His hair was also white, so he looked like a middle-aged man.

‘It is futile.

Grid sympathized with Prince Benoit.

His father and brothers were indifferent to the death of his mother (from Benoits point of view) and he burned with the desire for revenge against Marie.

He planned to use the demons power to let his mother appear and expose Maries crime.

However, Maries crimes had already been exposed and the empire had changed too much.

No one ever wondered about the secret behind Empress Arias death.

Apart from Benoit, the people of the empire were looking to the future, not the past.

Benoits feelings, his desires, and all the years he invested were reduced to nothing.

Grid stared sadly at the hatred and despair in Prince Benoits eyes as he headed for the Abyss wrapped in chains.

“Thank you for protecting my people.”

Then Empress Basara arrived at the scene.

On behalf of the imperial people, she bowed and thanked Grid.

The people were greatly shocked by the appearance of Basara bowing since they regarded the emperor as heaven, but Basara didnt care.

She just wanted people to gradually adapt to the appearance of the new ruler.

In the midst of the noise, Basara approached Grid and whispered quietly, “We dont intend to execute Prince Benoit, so dont worry.”

It seemed she misunderstood when she saw Grid watching Benoit sadly.

In fact, Grid thought it was natural for Benoit to be executed.

Basaras public sentiment would just worsen if she spared the great sinner who tried to harm his home and his people.

“Is it due to the last will of the former emperor”

Former emperor Juander had left a will behind—he hoped that the princes would be taken care of as much as possible.

He was solely the reason why his children were lacking or twisted, thus he asked for them to be temporarily watched because their innate nature wasnt bad.

It was a last will left to Grid, but there were many witnesses at the time.

Thus, the news was delivered to Basaras ears.

Perhaps Juanders will clouded Basaras judgment.

Basara seemed to read Grids heart and strongly denied it.


The will of the former emperor cant be used as an excuse to forgive those who tried to harm the people.

The reason I want to keep Benoit alive is his knowledge of demons.”

It was worth using.

Thanks to this good cause, she was relieved that she didnt have to hurt her nephew.

Grid obviously knew Basaras personality and nodded with a smile.

Then his face suddenly stiffened.

‘By the way, what means did the knights use to defeat Benoit

Of course, the knights of the empire were very skilled.

In particular, the reputation of the Red Knights was known throughout the continent.

However, the strength of the knights who arrested Prince Benoit werent very high.

Based on Grids insight, they were only Red Knights in the 20s.

Was it possible for Red Knights with a ranking in the 20s to defeat Benoit, who knew how to handle the red energy that was the lineage of the Saharan imperial family It was absolutely impossible.

Even if there were variables with Benoit, they wouldnt be able to cross the wall of innate lineage and talent.

Saharans lineage was too special.

‘Was he deliberately captured


‘Dont tell me

Grids heart sank.

Benoit was an expert in demons and there was the mysterious demon Biplonz in the Abyss.

Was it a coincidence that the two of them would meet in a short time In the first place, Benoits obsession was beyond imagination.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have given up his position and wandered the continent for more than a decade.

Would such a person easily give up on his life Did he hasten his own cause by committing the crime of releasing a great demon in the heart of his homeland

‘At first, I thought he was desperate, but...


The reason for committing a crime of high treason that would cause him to be locked up in the Abyss wouldnt be so simple.

The fact that Biplonz was in the Abyss was also a matter of concern.

“It was an unexpected accident.

Since it is like this, we will look at restaurants tomorrow.

First, go back to the imperial palace to relieve fatigue...”

“Excuse me a moment.”


Basaras cheeks turned a subtle red as she gazed at Grids back as he left in a hurry.

She once again fell for Grids kindness and consideration for her who would be busy due to the sudden incident.


The Red Knights hurriedly escorted the carriage of the sinner.

The identity of the sinner was an imperial prince, so they didnt want to draw too much attention from the people.

“Wait!” Grid shouted when he saw the carriage carrying Benoit arrive at the entrance of the Abyss in the distance.

However, his voice didnt reach because he was too far away.

In the end, Grid drew his sword, entered the Transcend state, and used Shunpo.

In an instant, he stood at the entrance of the Abyss and Prince Benoits voice pierced his ears.

“As expected of the most famous person of this time, you are quick to notice.”


Grids eyes widened.

A darkness deep enough to suck up the light—Prince Benoit threw himself off the cliff with an immeasurable depth, or into the bottomless pit.

There was no time for the Red Knights leading Benoit up the stairs to stop him.


The panicked Grid rushed to catch Benoit.

However, a curtain of magic power unfolded like a shield and wrapped around the entrance of the Abyss, blocking Grid.

Grid crashed into the curtain and bounced back immediately.

He swung his sword to remove the curtain, but Benoit was already heading deep into the darkness.

“I curse the former emperor and the current empress for using excuses to not declare Maries sins!”

Benoits scream constantly echoed as he soon disappeared.

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