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The body of the 17th great demon was close to 10 meters long.

It was like a deep cave.

The moment you stepped inside it, you wouldnt be able to escape.

The sight of Grid jumping onto him seemed foolish.

-Running in alone Isnt this too unreasonable

-Why doesnt he wait for reinforcements

Proof was the right of the weak and the burden of proof was said to be the duty of the challenger.

However, Grid was already the best and he no longer needed to prove anything.

“Hey! Grid! Wait for the army to arrive! Just wait!”

Both the viewers and players on the field were unhappy with Grids actions.

If Grid was unable to fight, or if he died, then it was obvious that more damage would ensue.

People couldnt figure out why he was in Titan at this time, but in any case, they wanted to rely on Grid.

Therefore, they wanted Grid to put his safety first until reinforcements arrived.

No one wanted to see Grid, all by himself, in a state of danger against a great demon.

It happened when peoples confusion and anxiety were deepening...

Like a dragon, Grid ascended and pierced Botis giant body.

His cold eyes as he climbed onto Botis back were captured by the cameras.

Kill—the famous sword dance, no, it could now be called a sword technique—was used and a hole was pierced in Botis chest.


Grid was trying to link another attack when Botis tail slammed into his side.

Grid seemed unable to avoid it due to the guandaos in the two hands of Botis whose body twisted as the guandaos moved in different trajectories.

『 Danger...

A chill went down the backs of those watching.


Just then, a shield appeared in Grids left hand.

Botis powerful attack that was made in an X-shape was blocked by the shield.

-It is fine after blocking that

People who had used shields were well aware of it—a shield wasnt almighty.

There was a limit to how much damage a shield could absorb.

In particular, poison attribute attacks had the side effect of corroding shields, so its defense wasnt fully applied.

Especially if the attack of the great demon was taken from the front...

it wouldn\'t be unusual if the shield was damaged with one strike.

This was why it was shocking that Grids shield was fine without a single scratch.

Botis long eyes flashed.


I heard rumors that Marchosias died not long ago.

Did you do it”

“Do you want revenge”

“Chwi chwi! What a funny human joke.”

The Petrified Shield—it was the shield dropped by the 29th Great Demon, Marchosias.

It had a high chance of petrifying the target in front of it.

However, it was impossible for a great demon to suffer from abnormal conditions such as petrification.

Botis stared at the Petrified Shield and continued swinging the guandao in both hands.

The guandaos continuous slashes gained acceleration every time his body twisted.

Finally, it became so fast that it couldnt be followed with the naked eye.

Viewers felt like they were fireworks.

It was because they saw sparks every time the guandao and shield collided.

‘I cant continue fighting like this.

Grid finished the exploration and stepped back.

It was because the attack speed of Botis gained acceleration with every linked strike.

It became so fast that his transcendence kept triggering.

The world of transcendence where he became aware of all attacks caused his stamina to decline sharply so it was good to save it as much as possible.

“It is trivial.


You are running away already”

Botus taunted Grid with his tongue that was split in half, but it was useless.

Grid was too familiar with ridicule and accusations toward him.

The only way to provoke him was to touch the people around him.

However, Botis only met Grid for the first time today and he didnt know it.

“God Hands.”

10 black-gold hands rose around Grid.

At the same time, they spread open their fingers and pointed at Botis.

“Magic Missile.”

Dozens of white flashes shot out and drew a cobweb.

Botis avoided the flash with the nearest trajectory and defended by striking at the ensuing flashes with his guandaos.

Even so, he eventually allowed a few attacks.

The nervous Botis showed a blank reaction.

“This type of miscellaneous skill...”

The damage of Magic Missile was proportional to Grids intelligence and was only in the thousands.

It wasnt even a small threat to Botis who had a health value in the two billion.

It wasnt that Grid didnt know this.

From the outset, their purpose was to disperse Botis attention.


Botis was flustered when the human disappeared from his field of view while he was dealing with the Magic Missiles.

Then he reflexively swung the guandao when he felt the humans presence nearby.

Decoy—a magical bird containing Grids magic power was cut by the guandao and scattered as light.

Botis body twisted in the direction he swung the guandao.

In his 180 degree field of view, he managed to capture sight of Grid.

“Chwirik! I knew it!” It was obvious ridicule.

Botis mouth curled up like the tricks of humans were petty and his guandao moved in an arc at the same time.


The trajectory of the guandao seemed like it would cut Grids neck, but it instead curved and cut Botis chest.

Botis eyes were filled with shock and amazement as he pulled out the guandao from his scales.

Just then, something cut at Grids collarbone and chest.


Botis wasnt using double weapons for nothing.

In the first place, he swung a horizontal cut with his left hand and a vertical cut with his right hand.

The one that Grid counterattacked was the visible horizontal cut.

The vertical cut that flew from an angle was unexpected.

From Grids perspective, it was a surprise attack with no time difference.


Grids health gauge dropped sharply and he started to fall down to the ground helplessly.

Botis didnt pursue him.

He remained in the air and opened his mouth.



Black magic power was condensed between his sharp teeth—it was a huge wave of magic power that changed the weather, and the moment it was fired, Grid would turn to gray ash...

The commentators, viewers, and everyone at the scene felt it.

“Drop Dragon...”

Just then, another Grid appeared above Botis head and descended as a dragon.

Botis forehead was flattened from the hit and his eyes twisted from side to side.

His wide open mouth closed tightly and his long tongue was pierced by his own fangs.


Were his vocal organs damaged by the shock Botis body bent like a spring and he let out a strange scream as he plunged to the ground much faster than Grid had fallen before.

The God Hands followed him and pierced him with all types of weapons.

“...Pinnacle Kill Wave.”

Grids sword dance wasnt over yet.

Botis eyes rolled and became white.

He couldnt bear the shock of his body being struck by the wave of slashes and stabs, and lost his mind temporarily.

Skills, titles, class, runes, and items—this perfect combination caused a burst of output that created a new history.

[The target has received 153,277,505 damage.]

[The target who suffered the great damage at once is unable to maintain his mind!]

[You have renewed the highest damage record in one shot!]

[The effectiveness of the title:Death in One Shot has increased! Critical damage will increase by an additional 10%!]

[You are establishing unparalleled damage achievements.

The protection of Martial God Zeratul has slightly increased attack power, defense, and penetration power...]


[Martial God Chiyou has intervened!]

[Zeratuls protection will be removed due to Chiyous intervention!]

[The titleDeath in One Shot! will be changed toOne Who Met the Martial God.]

[The effect ofOne Who Met the Martial God has increased critical hit damage by 200%.

Once the title effect is activated, there is a normal probability of activating theUltimate Martial Art.]

[Ultimate Martial Art]


There is a normal chance of inflicting a stun that cant be resisted or dispelled on the target.

This effect doesnt distinguish between the targets status, race, or rating.

The duration of the stun is a minimum of one second and a maximum of eight seconds.]

[Martial God Zeratul is very resentful!]

[I am the real martial god... Zeratuls empty cry echoed in the sky.]

[The followers of the martial god scattered all over the world have started to cross the Red Sea!]


A stun that couldnt be resisted or lifted—this meant that even if the opponent was a legendary class or named boss with abnormal status resistance, they might become stunned the moment Ultimate Martial Art was launched.

In addition, they couldnt remove the stun using recovery skills such as Cure.

‘It is truly a game...

In the future, Grid would be able to stun beings such as great demons and dragons.

This made him happy yet afraid.

It was because abnormal status causing skills that werent affected by abnormal status resistances would continue to emerge in the future.

It was a situation where Grid himself might be affected.

‘In any case, I will stay quiet since Ive benefited.

Satisfy was a game that didnt reflect the users opinions.

If he protested and appealed about the matter regarding ignoring abnormal status resistance, he would just receive an answer likeThe system arranged it for balance.

Please think positively. In other words, it was meaningless to waste extra mental energy.

Furthermore, Grid was in position to benefit so he didnt want to think too deeply.

“Transcended Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle.”

The highest level stun that made the target powerless—it was enough to be the key to victory.

If he used the stun first, then he could win even if he fought against an opponent with higher specifications than him.

Stars spun around in circles above the great demons head.

No way, he was really stunned

Why couldnt a great demon resist a stun that even a field boss could resist The wide-eyed commentators from various broadcasting companies were expressing their doubts when Grids strike hit Botis.

However, it wasnt enough to grab victory.

Botis health, defense, and recovery ability were so excellent that it seemed Grid would have to fight for a long time.

At least, if the person dealing with Botis was Grid alone...

“This snake head bastard dares to attack this place!”

Morse beast-like sharp claws cut at Botis wounds.

“You wont be able to die comfortably.”

Then Rachels spear pieced one of Botis eyes.

Botis poison that spread across Titan made it difficult for the soldiers and players to move, but it was useless against the dukes.

“Chwirik! Chwiriiik!”

Botis immediately regenerated his pierced eye and took a deep breath.

Suddenly, the poison that spread across Titan started to be absorbed by Botis.

“It is annoying.

Ill stop playing and kill you.


The scales that covered Botis body became entirely blue.

The violent poison and chill quickly rotted the surroundings and corroded all substances.


It wasnt just Rachel.

Morse had his attribute resistance amplified in his beast form, yet even he couldnt bear the poison.

Grid wouldnt have been much different if it wasnt for Khans final work and the black tortoises shell.

He wouldve suffered a lot of poisoning damage facing Botis and wouldve felt the fear of death.

However, Grid had Immune to Ten Thousand Poisons.

Khans prayer for Grids safety was protecting Grid.

“Request to Stand With Me.”

A sharp spear fell from the sky and slammed into Botis scales.


There were more stupid humans who dared to mess with him How ridiculous was this Botis raised his eyes to stare at the sky.

In the sky above him, hundreds or thousands of battle gear were flashing sharply and aiming at him.

‘What type of magic is this

No, it wasnt magic.

This was more like a power.

A human actually had a power... Botis felt an unusual force and reflexively took a defensive stance.

The rain of battle gear fell like a storm, aiming only at Botis.

Botis tried to block them by crossing the guandaos in front of him, but he and his tail continued to be pushed back, little by little.

He was shocked by the land that became deeply sunken, but he didnt struggle.

He immediately used flying magic, but he couldnt fly.

Grids Magic Contemplation destroyed his flying magic.


In the deep hole created by Grid using Earth God, Botis was bombarded with various weapons, magic, and fire.

Botis previous act of recovering his poison allowed the imperial army to finally join the battlefield and they launched a pincer attack.

The viewers were exhilarated.

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