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Eclipse—the strongest and worst assassination group that existed for over a thousand years.

They were currently servingLantier Faker and were steadily adapting to the new group called the Overgeared Shadows.

Life without harming innocent people, for example, kidnapping young boys and girls, brought peace to their hearts.

They might have received brainwashing training to accept any evil behavior and killing as long as it was an order from their superiors, but their human heart still remained in their subconscious.

To be honest, they liked life in the Overgeared Kingdom.

As they started to learn their forgotten feelings and morality, they gradually realized the value of life and felt they had finally become human beings.

They didnt have any doubts or anxieties about their new life, except for the fact that their organization name was the Overgeared Shadows.

However, today they were full of doubts.


An important mission—the assassins gathered urgently at Lantiers command and were shaken by the mission assigned by the Overgeared King himself.

The contents of this mission were so confusing that they revealed their agitation despite being emotionally stunted.

Look for hidden restaurants across the country It seemed much more difficult than the task of finding and killing a public target without leaving any small clues behind.

“Can I dare ask one question”

A talented person with the nickname Advent of Silence—he was number 166 and the third shadow position during the Eclipse era.

Once he raised his hand, Faker gave him the right to speak.

He asked, “A restaurant selling delicious food.

Is the dictionary meaning correct”

“Thats right.”

“What is delicious food Isnt food just a tool to fill our stomachs”

They were beings who were abducted before they were mature and raised as Eclipse assassins.

Appetite, libido, material desires, etc.—taste was a luxury for them who had all their desires castrated.

Therefore, they didnt understand the concept of taste properly.


Faker looked at the assassins showing curious expressions and ordered a subordinate to bring over delicacies.

“I think it would be quicker for you to try it and feel it yourself.”

Faker gestured and the assassins started to eat.

They soon put down their knives and forks.

It was because they couldnt feel any taste.

The moment they felt a bit of satiety, they started rejecting the food.

Certain educations they received over the years made them act this way.


Choosing restaurants definitely wasnt an easy task.

The concept of taste was something that not even objective evaluations could be blindly trusted.

Several times, Faker had been left disappointed after visiting famous restaurants mentioned on social media.

This made him familiar with the minimum conditions for evaluating restaurants and he was going to explain this to his subordinates.

However, the Eclipse assassins had lost their taste buds.

How much time had passed Faker thought silently for a while before ordering his aide, “Tell Idan to prepare lunch.”


After a moment...


The moment they took a bite of Idans food, the Eclipse assassins realized the importance of taste.

They finally regained their taste buds and Faker gave them an order, “From now on, find delicious restaurants all over the continent and report to me.”


Hundreds of assassins disappeared into the darkness and scattered across the continent.


“It seems like a rash judgment.”

Sticks became serious when Grid returned from the Tower of Wisdom and said he would meet the gourmet dragon.

A dragon was a creature that couldnt be understood by human ideas.

In particular, there were great differences in the values of the dragons who had existed and reigned since the beginning.

First of all, they didnt understand the importance of life.

They made it their first priority to fulfill their own desires.

They didnt know the concept of consideration itself, so they didnt really think about the situation around them.

If something unpleasant happened, then they would lose their temper and destroy everything in sight.

It was like a four year old child with the most powerful force in the world.

Sticks evaluated a dragon in this way.

“As you know, I met the gourmet dragon and was cursed.”

This was what Grid heard in the past during the trials of the Behen Archipelago.

Most of the dragons had heavy asses and didnt move directly when they went out to play.

Instead, they created an avatar using magic.

The gourmet dragon whom Sticks met was also an avatar.

“The world tree...

it was because the elves tried to protect it since the world tree is no different from a mother to us.

The results were disastrous.

My heart was cursed and I couldnt protect my mother.

The gourmet dragon ripped out half of her roots and put them in his mouth.

As the elves and I watched, he devoured my mother.”


“He is a vicious guy.

It wont end well if you meet such a guy.”

Grid clearly understood Sticks concerns.

To be honest, he was afraid to meet a dragon, but he wanted to believe in Hayate.

Hayate had said it clearly—Raiders was a dragon that was easy to handle, and there would be no accidents as long as its appetite was satisfied.

‘I just need to find the restaurants well.

He planned to take action.

In particular, if Grid visited the Saharan Empire and other kingdoms directly for cooperation then the empress and the kings would definitely do their best.

Grids prediction was correct.

“There are many famous restaurants in Titan.

Nobles often visit them so the atmosphere and demeanor arent inferior.

Would you like to visit with me in person”

Empress Basara actively cooperated.

The leader of Satisfys only empire and the most powerful nation wanted to help Grid.

The empress would personally visit the restaurants The large and small officials of the empire were startled.

“Your Majesty, I will bring the chefs to the imperial palace right now.

Please protect your jade body.”

People who tried to stop Basara moved frantically and Spear Saint Rachel sighed.

‘The people who manage the affairs of the empire have no eyes.

The empress would be angry.

Rachel thought so, but Basara was still smiling.

Her usual smile calmed the officials.

“Evaluating a restaurant isnt just about evaluating the taste of the food.

It is also about observing the overall atmosphere and the attitude of the employees.

It is right for me to personally visit with King Grid.”

“The empress jade body is the heart of the empire.

The empress must not leave the imperial palace to ensure that the empire is peaceful...”

“I will go directly.”

“...Yes, Your Majesty.”

Basara never lost her smile.

However, through her strong attitude, the officials intuitively noticed that her mood was a bit displeased.

Basara left behind the officials who could no longer protest and spoke to Grid, “Ill finish the preparations as soon as possible.

Can you wait a moment”

“I can wait all night.

Take it slowly.”

Grid respected Basara as empress.

He might be ahead of her in terms of armed force, but he knew he wasnt her opponent in terms of power and wealth.

No, it was natural for Grid to respect her as a reliable helper and a friend.

However, Basara misunderstood.

I can wait all night...

She blushed slightly at the romantic words and left the great hall of the emperors palace with a shy smile.

Unlike the servants who rushed after her, Spear Saint Rachel and Beast King Morse remained beside Grid.

“It has been a long time.

I am grateful that Your Majesty personally came here to visit.”

Duke Rachel was a descendant of Saharans founder and originally served only the ruler of the empire.

She was a figure who thought that everyone was under her feet except for the ruler.

However, she was humble in front of Grid and it wasnt just because he was an allied king.

She witnessed Grids power and charisma when slaughtering the great demons in the canyon and she came to respect Grid.

It was the same for Beast King Morse.

They both had the experience of being helped by Grid.

“Not long ago, Duke Grenhal was inspired after visiting the Overgeared Kingdom.

It was regrettable that I couldnt go due to an incident in my territory.”

Morse who tried to speak politely was a bit strange to Grid.

Morse was a beast-like man with the nickname of Beast King and didnt know etiquette very well.

Still, Grid found it cute that he was trying not to make mistakes.

“Isnt it possible for us to meet and chat at any time I am happy with one meeting.

I dont think it is necessary to feel regret.”

Grids kind remark and gentle smile thrilled Rachel and Morse.

A friend—they were glad that Grid had reaffirmed what they were thinking.

It happened as the atmosphere became warm...

“It is a mess.” Someones annoyed voice rang out in the great hall.

Rachel and Morse frowned as they realized the owner of the voice.

However, as a loyal subject of the empire, they didnt dare ignore it.

They turned their heads and bowed.

“You are here, Prince Dulandal.”

“Bah.” Prince Dulandal sent a disgruntled look to Rachel and Morse before walking up to Grid.

The smell of alcohol wafted from him, but Grid knew that Dulandal wasnt drunk at all.

The smell of alcohol and the bottle in his hand were just tools for his act.

“It is worthy of a king without any genealogy.

You dont understand etiquette at all.

Dont you know that no one can stay in the great hall when the empress has left If you came to eat breadcrumbs, then you should wait quietly outside.

How dare you stay in the great hall and make it stink”

“Your Highness! Please refrain from speaking like that!”

Rachel and Morse shouted, but it was to no avail.

This time, Dulandal criticized Rachel and Morse, “You have forgotten the grace of the empire.

Ive recognized it since the throne was appointed.

It is shameful if you really dont know.

Do you enjoy playing house with the king of a small nation You dare to raise your voice to the person you should be serving in earnest You are pathetic.”

You are making too many mistakes by leaning on your drunkenness.

I look forward to you coming to me tomorrow with regret and apologizing.”

Rachel spat out and guided Grid like she no longer wanted to be here.

“Lets go.

You will only be offended if you remain here.”

Just then...

“You dare show your back to me!” Prince Dulandal shouted from where he had been playing drunk.

The anger he revealed wasnt acting, but his true heart.

“You...! You dare to leave when I, a member of the imperial family, didnt allow it Rachel! You are really crazy!”

It was a terrible sense of authority.

Prince Dulandal finally crossed the line against a duke of the empire who could establish her own independent kingdom if she was determined.

The moment Rachel found the events of the day humiliating, the empire would turn Rachel and her hundreds of thousands of soldiers into enemies.

This was Dulandals wish.

She was a card he wouldnt be able to obtain anyway.

It was better if she left the empire completely.

It was impossible for Rachel not to know what was going on.

She stopped and bowed her head politely to Dulandal.

“Ive committed a crime.

Then goodbye, Your Highness.”

If someone tried a taunt and it was useless, then they would just become angrier at the person they were taunting.

Rachel remained calm so Dulandal turned his target to Grid.

“Overgeared King! Shouldnt you bow your head to me and greet me!”


Rachel and Morse had been trying to ignore Dulandals obvious provocation.

Now they heard these words and looked at Grid in a flustered manner.

They were able to endure Dulandals provocation because he was an imperial prince and they had to protect the imperial family.

Meanwhile, Grids position was completely different.

If Grid was unable to bear it and hurt Dulandal, then Dulandals faction wouldnt remain still.

The empire would be divided into two factions and the nobles belonging to Dulandals faction would definitely be hostile to the Overgeared Kingdom.

Furthermore, the relationship between the empire and the Overgeared Kingdom would start to crack.

“Be patient...”

Before Rachel could finish her words, Grid drew his sword without looking back at Dulandal and showed the majesty of a king.

The sword dance Restraint was triggered.


Dulandal had been making a lot of noise to provoke Grid, but now he became mute.

He was overwhelmed by Grid and couldnt help sweating.

This was the end.

Duke Dulandal stood still like a stone statue without doing anything until Grid and the dukes left the great hall.

From the perspective of Grid, who had met gods and was now preparing to meet a dragon, a child like Dulandal was a trivial being not even worth looking at.

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