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It was possible for Grid to overlap the crown and the helmet.

This meant he could wear one more piece of equipment than anyone else.

It was being overgeared.

In fact, it was possible due to the First King title effect.

‘Um, it is neat.

Grid checked his appearance in the mirror once more and smiled happily.

A helmet with goat horns—the appearance reminiscent of a devil disappeared, and only a silver crown adorned his head.

“Lets depart.”

Sticks sent a signal and Piaro and Grid stood in the magic circle.

Grid nodded and the three of them disappeared without a trace.


The East Continents beginner area, Pangea...

The third time Grid visited this place, it was controlled by the army.

Now it was back to being an ordinary city.

Many of the abandoned houses that lost their owners were filled with new residents.

The ruined roads were repaired and carriages were going back and forth.

“This is the place that was ruled by Han Seokbong.”

Piaro showed interest.

He observed with interest rather than hating the unfamiliar culture found everywhere.

“What does the grain taste like”


In the end, they stopped in front of the rice fields.

Grid saw the rice fields that were shabby compared to Reinhardts and smiled bitterly.

This was originally a city.

A great city.”

There had been tens of thousands of residents and four smithies.

Those people were now living as people of the Overgeared Kingdom and were being revitalized.

Outsiders lined up in order to buy the tools made by craftsmen and were cheated by Yang Feis mouth to eat Idans food.

‘However, these days, Idans food is edible.

Idan had grown beyond a chief who could only make poisonous food.

He was notorious for being a poison master and poisoned the soldiers of the Overgeared Kingdom, unexpectedly helping the Overgeared Kingdom.

The Overgeared soldiers continued to eat Idans dishes and became resistant to poison.

This allowed them to work easily in polluted spaces.

It had been a hot topic when the soldiers of the Overgeared Kingdom destroyed theSerpent Temple that was called hell on earth because it poisoned countless players.

...At that time, Elizabeth had been stunned when a large quantity of snake skin was supplied to her workshop.

Piaro murmured, “There seems to be a very small number of troops stationed here.

Im worried about security falling if it is only to this level.”

“It is enough.

The people of the Cho Kingdom are protected by the red phoenix.

If an outsider makes trouble here, then they will be smashed before the soldiers even come forward.”

Grids interpretation was reasonable, but it was wrong.

Pangea was a place that foreigners from the West Continent must pass through.

It was a very important base for the Cho Kingdom.

The fact that there were fewer troops stationed here showed there was a serious issue.

In fact, the reason why Pangeas troops decreased was because they were recruited as reinforcements for the capital.

However, the Cho King lied about the reason for recruiting the troops so that the people wouldnt feel anxious.

They only told the people that support troops were needed for a certain celebration.

Due to this, the people of Pangea were unaware of the change to the capital.

They had no worries on their faces and were only filled with enthusiasm for rebuilding the city.

Therefore, Grid had no doubts about the situation.


their physical strength is enormous.” Piaro found it easy to understand.

In the eyes of the legendary farmer, Pangeas farmers had excellent physical strength.

They werent inferior at all compared to the soldiers of the Overgeared Kingdom, who were some of the strongest on the West Continent.

“There is the white phosphorus forest.” Grid managed to move Piaro away from the fields.“I want this tree to be grown in the Overgeared Kingdom.

Is it possible”

Currently, Piaros focus was on the golden walnut.

However, for Grid, the urgency for white phosphorus wood was higher than the golden walnuts.

He needed to visit the East Continent whenever he needed white phosphorus wood...

honestly, it was a nuisance.

Additionally, Grid hadnt figured out where to grow the golden walnuts.

It was right to focus on the white phosphorus tree first.


The outside was as white as snow.

Piaro was fascinated by the beauty of the white phosphorus tree and took a closer look.

“It is as white and beautiful as my wifes heart.”


“What is this firmness It is like seeing my wife.”


“There is a really hot flame.

It reminds me of my wife when she witnesses injustices.”

“...Do it in moderation.” Grid recently heard that Beniyaru was pregnant.

Grid was happy about it, but wasnt Piaro showing his affection too much

Piaro, whose love for his wife went beyond the extreme, woke up belatedly and coughed.

“Hum hum, Im sorry.”

“It is good to have an excellent relationship, but you need to adjust it to some extent.

How can the commander of the army be like this”


Piaro distinctly remembered it—it was Grid hugging and kissing Irene regardless of whether the soldiers saw it or not.

It wasnt just one or twice when his ears scabbed over because Grid praised Irene for three hours straight.

In fact, the most recent occurence was just two days ago.

However, how could he say it It was impossible to complain about his king.

“Your words are right...

I have to be careful in the future.

It seemed he was too excited.

The aware Piaro crouched down and examined the soil of the forest.

“The sand particles are very thick.”


Up to now, Grid had only looked at the trees, not the forest.

His purpose was to gain the white phosphorus wood so his perspective was limited.

“Coarse sand soil,” Piaro spoke while touching the soil and Grids eyes widened.

Coarse sand soil.It was a term Grid came across when he was working at a construction site.

Coarse sand soil was the soil used on the military training ground.

It came from a foreign word and it was right to call it coarse sand after it was purified.

“This is sand formed from granite weathering.

It absorbs less water than normal soil.

However, this sand isnt only on the surface.

It has reached down to the point where the roots of the white phosphorus trees are located.”


Grid didnt respond and Piaro explained, “It means it is better not to have excessive moisture when growing the white phosphorus trees.”

“Ah, that\'s right.

It is natural to think this way.”

The white phosphorus trees seemed cold at first because they were white like snow.

However, the reality was that it was very hot.

The heat caused a huge explosion the moment they were cut.

“The reason the surface is white is because salt is mixed in with the sea breeze...”

Grid shook his head.

“That isnt the case.

This tree grows even in areas where there is no sea.”

“I see...”

Piaro started to think about it.

At some point, he forgot to speak as he thoroughly examined the white phosphorus trees and the surrounding environment.

Grid was reassured when he saw Piaro looking for answers on his own.

He had faith that Piaro could grow this tree on the West Continent.

It was as he expected...

A long time passed before Piaro opened his mouth again with a very bright expression, “I think I have a vague idea.

There are a few saplings so lets take them with us.”

“Wait!” Grid shouted as he saw Piaro pulling out the shovel and hand plow, but Piaros actions were too swift.

Grid didnt have a chance to stop him as Piaro dug at the soil around the young white phosphorus tree and extracted the roots.

There was no explosion.The white phosphorus tree, which no one could collect apart from Grid, was brought out intact by Piaro.


“Whats wrong”


a legendary farmer is really great...”

The feelings of emptiness and sadness that he felt when Piaro became a farmer had now changed.

Grid even thought it was fortunate that Piaro was a farmer, not a Sword Saint.

Strength wasnt the only thing that mattered in this world.

At this point, it seemed good if Lord had a farmer companion.

“Will you raise your child who will be born soon as a farmer”

Piaros children would surely be gifted with great talent.

Grid hoped that Piaros children would stand by Lords side.

If it was a son, then as a friend, and if it was a daughter, then as a spouse.

Piaro smiled and shook his head at Grids serious question.

No, I will let my child make their own choices.”

Piaro was born as the child of one of the empires most famous swordsmen and he naturally walked the path of the sword, dreaming of becoming the Sword Saint.

Yet in the end, he became a farmer.

Additionally, he had no regrets about this choice.

Piaro had realized it through his own life.

Parents shouldnt force dreams onto their children.

“I see...”

Grid felt the same way.

He also carved out his own path.

In fact, he didnt force Lord to follow his path.

He had only one desire.

“If you give birth to a daughter, then let her marry Lord.”

Grid wanted Piaros daughter to be Lords companion.

He would feel relieved if Piaros daughter was with Lord.

Surprisingly, Piaro refused.

“That will be difficult.”


It was an unexpected reaction.

Grid thought Piaro would be happy so he was flustered when it was a refusal.

Piaro was the most loyal among the loyalists.

He had never disobeyed Grid even when he was ordered to protect Juander.

Yet he refused this marriage

Piaro scratched his head and explained to the stiff Grid, “I wont be able to live up to my name if I let my daughter marry a playboy who already has hundreds of lovers.”


He forgot for a moment that other people valued their children just as much as he did.

Grid was silent without refuting anything.

Then Piaro gave him hope.

“I will give birth to a son.

I will give birth to a son and raise him as the princes loyal friend.”


Uh, yes.”

Yes, Grid hoped Piaro would give birth to a son by all means.

Grid smiled brightly at the thought, only to suddenly become uneasy.

He thought about how things had developed so far and found there was a 199.9% chance that Piaros child was likely to be a daughter.

‘...Well, there is no law saying they cant be friends just because they have different genders.

Lets leave this until later to think about.

Grid shook his head and focused on the firewood.

In the meantime, Piaro collected all the white phosphorus saplings and wrapped the roots with cloth.

There were over 50 saplings.

The next day...

“Lets go find the golden walnuts plantation.”

Grid and Piaro achieved their first goal and left Pangea.

The two of them traveled for a long time while recalling their past.

Over 10 years ago, the two of them had traveled together when Grid just became the lord of Reidan.

It was a memory for Grid and a nightmare for Piaro.

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