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Edans rebellion was a failure.

He failed to become the emperor, failed to save his mother, and paid the price for treason with his own life.

He dared to aim the sword at the emperor, his father, and was supposed to have been erased from imperial history.

The empire considered it a shame to record the princes rebellion.

However, the empire couldnt erase Edans name.

Rather, Edan would be mentioned heavily in the future history of the empire.

His rebellion had brought about too many changes.

He killed the empire, changing the empire and the world.

Yes, he killed the emperor.

The former emperor Juander was killed by Edan, who carried the sword of the founding emperor Saharan on his back.

Of course, Grid had been evacuated by Juander and didnt directly witness Juanders end.

Nevertheless, the system had clearly stated Juanders death.

The only one left in the blood-stained palace was Edan.

Yet Juander was alive

‘...I thought this might be possible.

It happened when he wanted to defeat Agnus who had been possessed by Baal.

Grid had witnessed the appearance of the grandmaster and thought that Juander might still be alive.

At the time, it was just unfounded speculation.Now in retrospect, there was Armored Cavalryman Chensler by Juanders side.

Armored Cavalryman Chensler had the formula of beingunable to die. Grid couldnt rule out the possibility that the armored cavalryman had protected Juander.

‘Thats right.

it isnt strange if he is alive.

However, it was a shame.

Juanders combat strength when using the red energy was among the highest in the West Continent.

The individual Juander, not the emperor, was rated as one of the most powerful people on the continent.

It was Juander who had such great force.

Wouldnt it be nice for him to have made a dramatic appearance The chance for a great appearance was also available recently.

it was when the five great demons attacked.

It wouldve been great if he appeared when Grid was being defeated by the 13th great demon and recited the line,I will fight to save the world. However, the news of his survival turned out to be like this.

Honestly, it was ridiculous.

Grid couldnt hide his disappointment and asked, “Juander is alive How did you find out”

“I found out during my class quest to track the Lantier of the present day.”

Lantiers technique left scars in the shadows.

The faint traces that could be recognized by those who were well-versed in the technique remained at the entrance of the Abyss.

Grid wondered, “There is a Lantier of this present day”


“You found Eclipses base”

“Thats right.”


Eclipse was once the strongest group of assassins.

They had long been lost in history.

Most people thought that Eclipse no longer existed and Grid completely disregarded Eclipse.

Of course, he knew that Eclipse was being maintained.

However, he treated Eclipse as a deteriorating group due to the fact that Kasim and Doran, the students of the former Lantier, were unable to properly inherit Lantiers techniques.

Yet the new Lantier managed to maintain the skills necessary to secure Juander from the imperial palace

Faker explained to the flustered Grid, “Bains identity is Lantier.”

“......!” These words made Grid understand the situation instantly.

Grid touched his forehead as he recalled Bain, who was always by Juanders side.

“Ive seen Bain fight a few times and he didnt use Lantiers techniques at all.

Was he hiding his identity”

“Yes, even Juander must not have known his identity.”

Bain had intentionally approached Juander and wouldve built up trust over the years.

This way, he could stay by the emperors side as his shadow.

“Why What was he trying to get from the imperial palace”

“Juander himself.”


“In Eclipses base, Juanders red energy is being exploited.”


The red energy was a symbol of Saharans lineage.

It was a power that only the imperial family inherited and in particular, Juanders red energy was very strong.

A power like a tsunami with a sun-like heat.

It bound to matter and dominated over life...

The intense power of Juanders red energy was clearly imprinted on Grids mind.

This historic power was being exploited by Eclipse

“What the hell is going on”

Faker explained, “Bain wasnt in the legitimate line of descent.

He was just the right arm of the former Lantier and didnt officially learn Lantiers techniques.

After the rebellion, he only learned the techniques through the records.

It means that he mastered the techniques on his own, but in the process, he felt the obvious limitations and needed external energy.”

“...He chose red energy as that energy”

“Perhaps it is because Lantiers technique is the power to turn the concept of shadow into matter and control it.”


“It means that the match between Lantiers techniques and red energy, which increases the binding power of matter, is very good.

Bain mustve approached Juander to complete Lantiers techniques.

It was with the intention of taking him away if the opportunity came.”

“Ah...” Good.

All the circumstances had been identified.

Grid nodded with understanding and stepped forward enthusiastically.

“Okay, guide me to Eclipses base.

Lets smash Eclipse together and rescue Juander.”



Grid, who was ready to leave immediately, cocked his head.

Faker simply stared at him without responding.

Then he spoke to the puzzled Grid, “Dont come out.”


“Bain is a problem that I have to solve and my relationship with Eclipse will lead me in a positive direction.

The reason I came to you and informed you of this is to discuss Juanders treatment, not to ask for help.”


In retrospect, Faker had never asked Grid for anything.

He always watched Grids back and quietly resolved his work.

It wasnt just Faker.

It was the same for Jishuka, who just became a Bow Saint, and most of the other 10 meritorious retainers.

Perhaps it was natural.

‘Thats right.

Faker isnt weak enough to ask me for help.

Moreover, he will lose his self-esteem if I help him with his class quest.

On the other hand, he asked for help by summoning his knights whenever it was difficult...

Grid felt embarrassed after realizing it.

Meanwhile, Faker asked him, “Do you want to save Juander”

Juander was an enemy.

Before he was the enemy of Grid and the Overgeared Kingdom, he was the one who made the continents situation worst through race discrimination and violence.

Rather than a personal matter, Juander was the emperor of the Saharan Empire.

It was the emperor before Basara.

However, Grid...

“I want to save him.

Then he will owe me a favor.”

“Kasim and Piaro might feel resentful if they know.”

“No, Juander is a man who repented over his mistakes and withdrew from history of his own free will.

Piaro and Kasim cant resent him when he has already sacrificed his life and apologized.”

“That is wrong.” Someone suddenly interjected in the conversation.

It was Kasim.

His eyes shone in the darkness.

“I still resent him.

I will resent him even if he dies.”


Were his thoughts too shallow Kasim continued to speak to the flustered Grid, “Thats why I want him to survive.

I want him to survive to witness Empress Basara changing the world, realize his sins desperately, and regret them.”


No further words were necessary.

No matter the reason, Fakers hesitation was over once he learned that both Grid and Kasim wanted the emperor to survive.

“Then I will save Juander.”

“Wait!” Grid stopped the leaving Faker.

Faker had already failed once and died.

Was it really okay to go alone Faker read Grids worries and gave a rare smile.

“I just hesitated because I couldnt decide what to do with Juander.

Therefore, I revealed a gap.

There is no need to worry.”

Bain was clearly strong.

Even if Lantiers techniques were sealed, he was considered one of the pillars of the empire.

He had already reached level 400 and his true ability was likely to be close to a legend.

Additionally, he had hundreds of subordinates.

However, Faker had no doubts about his victory.

It was because he had already mastered the techniques of the former Lantier, who produced outstanding characters like Kasim and Doran.

Faker melted into the shadows and disappeared.

Grid felt anxious and Kasim reassured him, “There is no need to worry.

There are only four people in the Overgeared Kingdom who are stronger than Faker.

Bain isnt Fakers opponent.”

Bain would be defeated by Faker and at that time, a new Lantier would be born.

It was Faker, not Bain, who would become Lantier, and he would be one of the strongest Lantiers in history.

Kasim was convinced.

“The second legendary assassin will be Your Majestys shadow.”

The results were proven three days later.

[A new Lantier has been born.]

[A legendary assassin has been born!]

[The dagger walking in the shadows will cause a death without any screams.]

Someone who became Lantier became a legend and that person was Faker, not Bain.

Deep in the night...

“...Youve taken care of me again.”

The gaunt Juander and Chensler sat in front of Grid.

Grid was thrilled when he saw Faker, who guided them here, melt into the shadows.

The second legendary assassin will be Your Majestys shadow...

Kasims conviction became a reality.

“I didnt know you were alive.” Grid was amazed by Fakers ability to be around him without being detected.

Then he rose from the throne and approached Juander.

“Are you going to go back to the empire”

It probably wouldnt be the case.

It was as he expected...

“No, I am already dead.

I wont go back to the empire again.”

“If so, shall we look at where Your Majesty can stay”

“I dont want to owe you anything more.

Juander refused Grids favor.

Discolored hair and a skinny body—Juander completely lost the appearance of the former emperor who commanded the West Continent and he looked out the window with a dazed expression.

“In the future, I plan to explore the continent with Chensler.

I will spend the rest of my life repenting, regretting my mistakes, and watching the world that the new empress will change.”


It was Kasims desire.

It was also for the world.

There was no place for Juander to stand in the changing world.

Grid had many thoughts.

He realized that the being with the greatest power and combat strength in the world could become so shabby.

He vowed not to be like Juander.

“Then you can go.” Grid opened the doors of the great hall and bowed solemnly to Juander.

It wasnt a courtesy to the ruler of the earlier era, but courtesy to the person who helped him.


Juander also responded politely and went out of the great hall.

He looked all around the royal palace.

Could he see the face of an old friend for the last time He was full of expectations.

However, he couldnt find the person and left the palace without expressing any regret.

His back was neither shabby nor lonely.

His new friend, Chensler, was standing by his side.

In the shadows, Faker handed an armor to Grid, who was quietly watching the two men leave.

“This is Chenslers armor.

He wants to give it to you.”

The magic armor that attached the formula of beingunable to die to the wearer.

Grid read the information through Pagmas Eyes, found the secret story, and smiled.

Then he pulled out the Fire Dragon Sword and burned it with the flames the sword created.

The armor of rumors was nothing more than an illusion created by Chenslers loyalty.

As long as Juander was alive, Chenslers formula of beingunable to die would be maintained, even without his armor.

He wasnt even aware of it.

The smiling Grid suggested to Faker, “Do you want to take the bus You have gone back to level 1.”

“Im fine.

My level can be restored with quests.”


X-ing hell.

Grids curses echoed through the royal palace at dawn.

After this day, comments from people having trouble at hunting grounds about being helped by an unknown old man and middle-aged man started to appear on the Internet.

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