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[The duration of immortality is over.]

[You have suffered 30,900 damage!]

[You have died.]

“It is different from what I heard from Grid.”

Just like all the former Tzedakah Guilds members, Jishuka had heard the story of Grids class change—he suffered all sorts of hardships before reaching the North End Cave and getting his hands on Pagmas Rare Book...

Grids story about obtaining the first legendary class stimulated the imagination of the Tzedakah Guilds members.

Grid had to repeat the story multiple times to the colleagues who always wanted to hear it.

“Grid entered the immortal state shortly after the class change.”

Jishuka was different.

She became immortal from the beginning.

This allowed her to withstand Agnus strike and fight back.

The result was a defeat.

Agnus was terribly strong—it wasnt enough that he single-handedly pushed the army of the Cho Kingdom to the verge of collapse, he didnt fall down even when hit by Fly Up!

‘To be honest, he is several times stronger than me.

I wouldnt have enjoyed this luck if the timing of my surprise attack had been a little bit off.

It was effective because she aimed at the timing when Agnus had consumed all his death knights and was reviving the army of the dead.

She apologized to the people and soldiers of the Cho Kingdom, but it was worth the wait.

‘My ability wasnt enough to help you from the start.

Im sorry.

She wouldve been killed if she joined the front lines from the beginning.

She couldnt have survived the intense bombardment of the death knights and lich.

There wouldnt have been a situation where she met Lantier.

‘Such a monster is a player like us...

Jishuka was one of the most powerful players out of two billion players.

Her overall combat power was within the top 10.

Such a Jishuka felt a wall against Lantier, who was just one of Agnus summons.

If Agnus hadnt used his magic without caring about the target, Jishuka wouldve likely been defeated by Lantier.

Additionally, Agnus had Lich Mumud and a few more death knights.

An unidentified magician boy had also joined in.

It was Jishukas judgment that Agnus alone could take on dozens of high rankers.

‘He is almost at Grids level...

Of course, she was certain about one thing—Agnus was weaker than Grid.

His undead army couldnt beat Grids army of items.

She just wondered if this structure could be maintained after two or three years...

Agnus potential was too high.

At the moment, Agnus didnt show many of his class traits.

The evidence was the small number of skills he used compared to Grid.

‘Well, it doesnt matter how strong he is.

She was by Grids side.

TheBow Saint Jishuka would protect Grid.

...Jishuka was filled with this burning desire despite being level 1.

She enjoyed immortality from the beginning, unlike Grid, but her level was reset just like Grid.

However, there were clear differences from Grid.

She heard that Grid had experienced a constant loss of levels right after changing class.

[Hidden Quest ★Proof of Birth ★is in progress.]

Jishuka had a chance to restore her level.

Proof of Birth was a six stage quest and every time one stage was cleared, dozens of lost levels would be restored.

She would recover at least 350 levels if she completed all six stages.

Was it the benefit of becoming a legend using her own power, unlike Grid who inherited the skills of others Come to think of it, Kraugels level recovery was also relatively slow.

‘Did they take action because the average level of players has increased

The top rankers were aiming for level 400.

In this situation, restarting the game at level 1 actually meant quitting the game.

Meanwhile, the rankers had an average level of 200 when Grid changed classes and reset his level, and were aiming at the mid-300s when Kraugels level was reset.

This meant that even if the level was reset to the initial stage, there was enough room to catch up.

On the other hand, the experience required in the late 300s was different.

In particular, it became hell starting from level 380, especially for Jishuka whose level had been above 380.

It was too harsh for her to start at level 1 again.

‘Maybe the timing of Grid and Kraugels class change was faster than the S.A Group predicted...

They were truly great people.

They deserved to be her goal.

She was going to stand shoulder to shoulder with them.

Jishuka smiled pleasantly and activated Clairvoyance.

It was the evolution of the Hawk Eyes skill.

Jishukas vision became like a satellite and captured all of Kars with one glance.

All the topography and conditions of Kars were conveyed to Jishuka.

It will take some time to get used to it.

The new form of vision instilled some tension even for Jishuka.

She gulped and watched the palace that was three kilometers ahead.

She could see Agnus dying figure as he was surrounded by the soldiers of the Cho Kingdom.

It seemed to be just before the end of the undead transformation period.

Jishuka didnt miss this opportunity.

She drew back the string of the Red Phoenix Bow.

The lock-on system was activated.

The system kept aiming even if her aim was disturbed during the process.

Isnt this crazy

The time it took to aim at the target was dramatically reduced.

Additionally, the speed at which the arrow was fired was faster.

The Bow Saints arrow was faster than a bullet and as precise as a missile.


[You have dealt 135 damage to the target.]

“...Ah, no.”

A legendary class wasnt an all-rounder.

Jishukas attack power at level 1 barely dealt any damage to Agnus who had just passed the mid-300s.

Still, Jishukas mood wasnt bad.

Agnus was pierced by the spears of the surviving soldiers and turned to gray ash.

She was happy because she paid back the death she just suffered.

At the same time, she felt anxious.

‘I think he will come back again because of his personality.

Agnus wouldnt have attacked the royal palace for no reason.

He also never missed a prey.

He would surely come back.

‘Even so, wont Agnus need at least 10 days to gather thousands of troops again

He wouldnt be able to trust in his death knights alone unless he wanted to be killed.

‘Until then, I will try to restore as many levels as possible and gain the Breaking Evil Arrows.

A smile spread across Jishukas face.

For her, who dreamed of becoming the supreme one since the beginning of the game, a conflict with other competitors was enjoyable.

It was a chance to smash the opponent.


“Im done.

How about it Do you like it”


i like it very much.

I want it to be a family heirloom.”

“Come back anything if you have something to ask.

Im always thankful to you.”

“Im also always grateful...”

Damian embraced the new shield and armor Grid made for him.

He usually wouldve been happy enough to fly, but he now left the smithy with a depressed look.

The burden in his heart was too great to rejoice.

He lost to a sword...

Dammit, dammit, dammit.

Unlike Damian, who couldnt withstand the sense of shame, Grids expression was very bright.

‘It is beyond my imagination.

The strength of the Fire Dragon Sword was amazing.

The strength of the sword who acted alone while using False Dragon Words and Breath was more powerful than the average ranker.

Due to the structure of the Fire Dragon Sword, players who werent Grid couldnt fight the Fire Dragon Sword and win.

The first reason was the infinite durability.

Players had limited health and stamina while the sword had no such limits.

It didnt get tired, wouldnt break, and continued to push the opponent, making them tired.

The lack of additional stats that meant its attack power was lacking was made up with the fixed damage of the breath and the effect of False Dragon Words when it came to binding the target was excellent.

However, the greatest strength of the Fire Dragon Sword was that it only allowed Grid to be its owner.

Damian judged that there was no chance of winning a long battle against the Fire Dragon Sword.

He sought to suppress the Fire Dragon Sword and succeeded in grabbing its handle...

\'In return, he was roasted.

It meant that targets who fought the Fire Dragon Sword had no means to defeat the Fire Dragon Sword.

It was possible to make a draw by binding it or running away with magic, but it was impossible to defeat it.

First, there was Talsha and now the Fire Dragon Sword...

Grid felt like he had won thousands of troops.

He even felt confident that he could achieve a tie if he fought the 13th Great Demon Beleth again.

‘By the way...

Grid checked the time and frowned.

It had been two days since the world message about the birth of the Bow Saint and Jishuka hadnt returned.

He had asked when she would show the power of the Bow Saint and only received the brief answersooner or later in return.

Honestly, Grid was sad.

He thought she would run to him for congratulations the moment she became a legend...

‘It will be very hard to start over from level 1.

Putting aside her crush, Jishuka was a friend, a colleague, and one of the greatest powers of the Overgeared Kingdom.

Grid was willing to level her up for a few months, yet the proud Jishuka was planning on restoring her level by herself.

‘Tsk, I want to give you some support.

She gave him a lot of help when he was in trouble but was struggling alone when she needed help.

Grid sighed as he returned to the palace.

He planned to go to the East Continent to replenish his white phosphorus wood.

“Gasp, gasp...



The shadow that protected the Overgeared Kingdom—God of Death, Faker, who had never been disheveled, abruptly showed up with an injured appearance and fell beside Grid.

“Faker! Hey! What\'s going on

The startled Grid supported Faker.

He was dying.

A poison so powerful that it couldnt be detoxified was spreading through Fakers body.


“Wait! Dont speak! Ill call Ruby straight away...”

“The emperor...”


“The emperor...”

Faker couldnt speak to the end and his hands fell to the cold marble floor.

Grid hugged Faker and screamed, “Fakeeeeer!”

Faker turned to ash.

Then two seconds later...

“The emperor is alive,” the resurrected Faker spoke as he approached Grid.

Grid coughed with embarrassment and stood up from his spot.

“What did you say Isnt Empress Basara originally alive. [1]

“Im talking about Juander.

Eclipse has him.

I have a bad feeling.”


[1] The korean always uses the wordemperor for Basara and I used empress because I found it strange, when she is female.

Thats why Grid gets mixed up that Faker is talking about Basara

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