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A sword that exerted great power on a single target—this was the type of second sword that Grid had dreamed of.

He hoped that its position wouldnt overlap with the Enlightenment Sword.

This meant the position of the Fire Dragon Sword was ambiguous.

The Fire Dragon Sword was suitable for slaughtering many enemies, just like the Enlightenment Sword.

Therefore, Grid was a bit disappointed.

‘It wouldve been nice to make it a greatsword.

The fire stone was too small.

Mixing more Greed would solve the problem, but if Greeds nature became too strong, he might weaken the inherent characteristics of thebreath the fire stone launched.

Therefore, he didnt attempt it randomly.

‘Well, it cant be helped.

In the first place, it was a sword that could shoot a Breath.

It was no wonder that it was strong against a large group.

This didnt mean it was a disappointing weapon against a single target.

The effect of inflicting 80,000 fixed damage was too fraudulent.

‘It is more accurate to rate it as a powerful sword for both a single target and a large group.

It was an insurmountable wall just based on the attack power alone.

It was higher than the Enlightenment Sword that was enhanced to 4.

Every time he defeated a dragon type opponent, the attack power was permanently increased by one.

As time passed, it would become more powerful than the Enlightenment Sword.

This didnt mean that the value of the Enlightenment Sword was low.

The Enlightenment Sword had unique characteristics that increased the attack power of various attributes and it could continue to be used in the future.

Grid got rid of his regrets and pulled out the ancient enhancement scroll.

It was the ultimate item that enhanced the target item from 1 to 3.

Grid was about to use it on the Fire Dragon Sword only to stop.

‘Should I hunt the draconians and increase the attack power first before applying it

Or is it okay to enhance it in advance

‘Does the order matter

The value of enhancement in Satisfy was very high.

Each weapon enhancement increased the weapons inherent attack power by 5%.

Once it reached 6, the attack power increase would rise to 7%.

Thus, he had to be careful.

‘It is normal when it comes to common sense that the order doesnt matter...

However, he couldnt trust the S.A Group who liked to mess with players.

‘...Im anxious so Im going to postpone the enhancement and will hunt the dragon type opponents.

Grid was deep in thought when he heard a jade-like voice.

-A strong presence is coming.

The one who spoke was the Fire Dragon Sword.

Unlike the God Hands voice that was reminiscent of a middle-aged man, the Fire Dragon Swords voice was like a beautiful woman.

The God Hand escaped from the inventory and floated around him along with the Fire Dragon Sword as he discovered a person.

Pope Damian was running in the distance.



At this moment, Grid realized the true value of thebest-rated ego.

The God Hand and Fire Dragon Sword had the ability to identity and guard against targets above a certain level of power.

The reason why the artificial elemental kings shivered in front of Braham was revealed.

‘They recognize the strong.

I wont be killed by a surprise attack in the future.

Of course, it was unlikely that the senses of the best quality ego would be superior to a transcendents senses.

If Damian had hidden and approached Grid, then Grid wouldve noticed Damians approach before the God Hand and the Fire Dragon Sword.

However, Grids nerves werent always in a state of tension.

He could lose vigilance and reveal a gap.

Now he could be assured that the God Hands and Fire Dragon Sword would fill in this gap.

“Gasp gasp, item...! You were going to make me an item...”


Damians urgent cry reminded Grid of something he had forgotten.

He had said he would make an item for Damian using the rewards Damian got in the National Competition.

I forgot about it after leaving for Talima.

Lets make it today.

However, before that—

“You came at a good time.

Please help me test the power of this weapon.”


Damians survival ability was so high that he earned the nickname \'Zombie Demon King in the National Competition.

It was amazing because it was reminiscent of a cockroach.

Grid had been amazed when he saw the video.

“Be hit a few times.”

There was no one better than Damian to test the power of the weapon.

Damian stared blankly at Grid for a moment before starting to use buff skills on himself.

He declared, “I am different from before.

Now I cant fall down easily.”

The Goddess Agent, Damian—in some ways, his potential to connect directly with Rebecca, goddess of light, transcended a legend.

“Your evil eye that gets rid of buffs wont work on me anymore.”

Damian prayed to the goddess every day and received a divine message in exchange for the prayer.

The number of divine messages received was very small.

He received around two a year, but the value of the divine message was too high to feel regretful.

“The goddess said...”

A golden light that symbolized Rebecca wrapped around Damian.

One layer, two layers, three layers...

Damian spoke reverently in the midst of the light that was bright enough to blind someone, “In the future, no trial will harm your protection.”

It was resistance to buff removals.

This was Damians new talent.

Now Damian wasnt afraid of Grids Castration Eye.

Increased defense, increased magic resistance and attribute resistance, increased health, increased health recovery, a percentage damage reduction, increased probability of damage being invalidated, etc.

Damian wore all his buffs and faced Grid head on.

He seemed to be provoking the black eyes that he met.

However, Grid had no intention of using the Castration Eye from the beginning.

He only used one skill.

-Quick Movements.

It was the 20% speed boosting buff attached to the Ideal Dagger being held by the God Hand.

Shunpo didnt activate.

Still, Grid was fast and Damian was immediately in range.

‘The probability of triggering a Breath is 5%.

It was low.

Even so, he had broken through the limitations of a player by building up transcendence and he had Alex\'s Quick Gloves.

Quick Movements was also activated so the number of attacks per second was around 10 times.

He was fast enough to break the wall of probability.

Damian exclaimed, “Dont look down on me!”

What was this normal attack Damians face stiffened and he shouted while blocking Grids strikes with a shield.

He didnt care about the waves of flames that poured out every time the sword was stabbed.

The flames were hot, but it was trivial to Damian whose resistance to all attributes was over 100%.

There was just one problem.

[Fire resistance is reduced by 20%.]

[Fire resistance is reduced by 20%.]

[Fire resistance is reduced by 20...]

The problem was that his fire resistance decreased every time Grids sword touched his body.

Just then, Grids sword let out a clear resonant sound as it gradually turned red.


Damian was filled with an ominous feeling while flames burst from the tip of Grids sword.

The flames were reminiscent of a scene from mythology.

It was different in scale and heat from the flames that had been fired so far.


A chill went down Damians spine as a scene from the National Competition a few years ago was being reproduced in front of him—it was the breath of the giant dragon that appeared while Grid and Kraugel were confronting each other.

The absolute power that gave all players a sense of helplessness.

Grid had made it his own.

Damians vision shook violently due to the powerful shock.

Despite the illusion that the earth and sky were turning off, Damian didnt give up on his shield.

However, the results were terrible.

[You have suffered too much damage.]

[Your defense has completely failed and you have received 27,500 damage.]

Following the absurd notification window, there was a warning window telling him that his legendary rated shield had lost a third of its durability.

This wasnt the end.

Grids attack that Damian failed to defend against was technically his stab.

The aftermath of the Breath fired from Grids sword came later.

[You have suffered 15,300 damage!]


His fire resistance had dropped to 40% so he was nervous, but it was surprisingly bearable.

The power of the Breath reproduced by a player was weak compared to a real dragons Breath.

It happened the moment the relieved Damian raised his shield and took out a potion to drink...

He saw that Grids constantly swinging sword was dyed red.

‘There is no delay

Damian was unable to handle the power of the repeated stabs and was pushed back along with his shield.

[Replacing physical damage with fire attribute magic damage.]

Grid made no mistakes unlike the first attack.

He correctly converted the nature of the attack when the breath was triggered, The aftermath was great.

[The target has received 45,900 damage.]


The Breaths power rose sharply.

It was a threat to even Damian, who boasted the top three defense.

However, Grids reaction wasnt satisfied.

“I cant test it properly like this.”

The shield was annoying.

The moment Grid thought so, a miracle happened.

He took out a goat-horned helmet, equipped it, and then stared at Damian.

Then the shield fell from Damians hand.

It was the power of King\'s Negation to suppress egoless battle gear.

Damians shield was forcibly disarmed by Talsha.

The Fire Dragon Sword, which had become transparent after shooting a breath, turned red again as it was recharged.

“Get hit like this.” A resolute voice that was full of coercion.

Pope Damian wielded more influence than some kings, but even he couldnt disobey Grid.

He was hit by the Fire Dragons Breath after losing his shield and suffered 80,000 fixed damage and 60,000 explosive fire damage.

Damian was unable to bear it and fell in an大 shape.

He lost in a spar without a chance to fight back.

It took less than two minutes.


No, it was 80,000 fixed damage when most players had less than 80,000 health It was too fraudulent.


give me protection that is immunity to fixed damage...”

It happened as Damian was praying in a dazed state...

[A legendary archer has been born!]

[The Bow Saints arrow will surely hit the target and lead it to ruin.]

Amazing world messages popped up.

Both Damian and Grid, who had been feeling guilty toward Damian, blinked with shock.

“T-This is Jishuka, right”


it seems like it.”

It was a Bow Saint, not Povias Descendant.

Jishukas feat of pioneering her own path deserved respect.

“Im motivated!”

Damian had just been feeling frustrated, but now he felt a new passion.


Grid was happy when he saw Damians appearance.

He felt proud.

Damian stared blankly at Grid talking to himself and murmured, “A dull person.”

Then Grid told him, “...Lets start the next test.”

The Fire Dragon Sword floated in the air.

An ego sword that moved on its own—Grid wondered how far the Fire Dragon Sword could pressure Damian by itself.

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