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‘This is crazy...

Breaking the smithy while making an item It was a Bollywood-grade production effect.

At this point, he doubted the mental state of the S.A Groups development team.

‘Isnt this blacksmithing too scary

Grid was anxious when the furnace exploded.

‘It is a real problem starting from the dragon scales.

The Fire Stone Filled with the Breath of the Fire Dragon was an external by-product of the dragons breath.

It was a type of secretion.

Meanwhile, the dragon scales that Grid had obtained from the Tower of Wisdom were part of the dragons body.

It was obvious that the scales were worth more than the fire stone and the difficulty of smelting would be much higher.

It was easy to see just from other games.Usually, armor made of dragon scales appeared as the final item in a game.

It wouldnt be much different for Satisfy.

...I will smelt the dragon scales deep in the mountains later.

He was worried that one city might be blown away when he smelted the scales.

He had learned how to make ego items.

He planned to smelt the scales directly after smelting the stone but his idea changed.

It wasnt time yet.

A bit more confidence in his skills was needed.

It was necessary to grow to the level of Blacksmiths Skill Comparable to a God without using Open Potential.

In other words, he needed to raise the level of the blacksmithing skill he had mastered.


Several thoughts passed through Grids mind as he used the Mysterious Cloth to block the explosion.

Grid made a gamble.

[Open Potential has been disabled.]

[Blacksmith\'s Skill Comparable to a God Lv.

1 will return to Genuine - (Fighting against the Gods) Legendary Blacksmith\'s Craftsmanship Skill (Mastered).]

After smelting the fire stone, Grid forcibly suppressed his potential.

He wanted to improve the experience of his blacksmithing skill that was blocked by the wall in order to cross the wall.

This was a great opportunity.

The Fire Stone Filled with the Breath of the Fire Dragon was a myth-rated material.

He also somehow overcame the arduous smelting process.

In many ways, even if his potential was suppressed, the new sword was likely to be completed with a myth rating.

‘It is time to fight with my original technique.

This was a chance to go beyond the wall of the Genuine - (Fighting against the Gods) Legendary Blacksmiths Craftsmanship Skill.

Grid judged and this was why he finished the work with his true skills.


Finally, the molten fire stone was turned into a sword.

He mixed in Greed to increase the strength and even made a handle.

It was a removable handle.

He would inevitably have to rely on the Pulling Device if the sword didnt have an ego.

The result—

[The Fire Dragon Sword has been completed.]

[Producing a myth rated item has permanently increased all stats by 20 and reputation throughout the continent has increased by 1,000.]

It was more than he expected.

[A total of 12 myth rated items have been produced so a hidden piece has been created.]

[The effect of the hidden piece has exceeded the limits of the player.]

[The Genuine - (Fighting against the Gods) Legendary Blacksmiths Craftsmanship Skill (Mastered) has evolved to Blacksmiths Skill Comparable to a God.]


Tremor.Grid shuddered as he made the 12th myth rated item and finally jumped over the wall.

-Human who made me surrender when I didnt give in to the fire dragon, even if you are far away, you are my only master.

The beautiful voice that Grid wouldnt be tired of listening to for 24 hours a day made Grids heart even more excited.

“Let\'s get along well in the future.

Grid swung the Fire Dragon Sword and the Breath it shot greeted the red sky.

The Fire Dragon Sword responded by once again coloring the transparent sword red.

“Sigh.”Grid calmed his breathing and brought up the details of the Fire Dragon Sword.

[Fire Dragon Sword]

[Rating: Myth

Durability: Infinite

Attack Power: 4,830

* Releases flames (large) unconditionally during a normal attack.

* Reduces the fire resistance of the target from a minimum of 20% to a maximum of 100%.

★Physical damage can be converted to fire attribute magic damage.

★The damage of any skills classified as the fire attribute will be doubled.

★There is a 5% chance of launching theFire Dragons Breath when attacking normally.

★Shares all the content and additional effects of the epics that have permeated Greed.

★The skillFalse Dragon Words is created.

A blacksmith comparable to the blacksmithing god, Hexetia—it is a masterpiece of the blacksmith, Grid, who Hexetia isnt jealous of.

He smelted the fire stone that didnt even succumb to Fire Dragon Trauka and strengthened the blade with Greed.

Weight: 2,750

Conditions of Use: Grid

★The owner of this item is permanent.

It will only hover around the player Grid and can only be used by Grid.

It is indestructible.

It cant be lost.

It is non-transferable.]

[Fire Dragons Breath]

[Reproduces the fire dragons Breath.

Deals 80,000 fixed damage to the target and an additional 500% explosion fire damage to all beings within 10 meters of the target.

Skill Resources Consumed: None

Cooldown Time: None]

[False Dragon Words]

[The voice of the ego reproduces the dragons words.

There is a high probability of binding the target.

Bound targets cant move and use of movement-related magic and skills are sealed.

Skill Resources Consumed: None

Skill Cooldown Time: 3 minutes.]

[★ An ego item.

The ego is in awe of the master who made it surrender after it endured the breath of the fire dragon for many years.

It has pledged absolute loyalty to you.

To the ego, you are a greater being than the dragon.

* Activates anOne Time Absolute Defense when encountering a dragon race.

Cooldown Time: 24 hours.

* Attack power against the dragon race is increased by 20%.

* Every time you kill a dragon type opponent, the attack power of the Fire Dragon Sword will increase by one.

(Permanently applied)]


The silent Grid got goosebumps.

The power of the Fire Dragon Sword that exceeded expectations gave him the chills.

It was 80,000 fixed damage.

From the point of view of Grid, who had long wanted a weapon that exerted a strong power on a single target, the Fire Dragons Breath was truly a welcome force.

The unfortunate thing was that the Fire Dragons Breath only worked with normal attacks.

Additionally, unlike the Enlightenment Sword, it specialized in only one attribute...

‘It is also a strength that it specializes in one attribute.

A target with low fire resistance would experience a tremendous sense of helplessness in front of the Fire Dragon Sword.

Even absolute beings.

It happened when Grid was looking at the information of the Fire Dragon Sword...

[Your work has been seen by the heavenly gods.]

[It feels that it wont be long before the heavenly gods will see aDragon Weapon.]

[Hexetia, the god of blacksmiths, is blowing a fanfare with the angels.]

[War God Zeratul, who dreams of cutting a dragons neck, is feeling greedy.]

[Rebecca, goddess of light, is silent with a subtle expression on her face.]


A series of notification windows that were bad from Grids point of view popped up.

In fact, Grid didnt want to be associated with the gods.

He was particularly wary of the aggressive Zeratul and the unknown Rebecca.

Did he read Grids heart

[Hexetia, the god of blacksmiths, has set off firecrackers with the sparks from his nipples.

The colorful firecrackers that fill the heavens have made the other gods feel resentment.]


The eyes of the gods on Grid were diverted.

Thanks to this, the breathless Grid made a sheath for the Fire Dragon Sword and hung it from his waist.

He looked around at the blacksmiths and people on the streets and walked somewhere.

The blacksmiths and ordinary people unknowingly followed Grid and the procession grew.

Grids destination was Hexetias Temple.

Grid knelt in front of the statue of Hexetia, pulled out some steel and prayed.

“God of blacksmiths, I have made a sword due to your divine favor.”

Divinity was built up through human faith.

The prayers of more people would strengthen the power of the god.

The steel that Grid placed in front of the statue burned.

God Hexetia accepted the offering.

On this day, faith in God Hexetia increased rapidly due to Grids prayer.

The people of the Overgeared Kingdom all admired Grid so it was natural for them to believe in the god he served.

God Hexetias power and influence became stronger and the growth of God Hexetia was the power keeping Grid safe.


On the first night...

“Around 1,000....”

Jishuka watched the dead crawling all over the city and attacking people.

She didnt go out and help the people because she didnt want to expose herself to Agnus.

The next night...

“It looks hard.”

Just like the first day, Jishuka chose to wait and see.

Unlike the previous day, casualties appeared in the exhausted army of the Cho Kingdom, but they endured.

The third night...

“Guest! Guest! Please be careful!”

Jishuka intercepted the undead who invaded the inn, but she wasnt involved in the external situation.

The fourth night...

“There are no more reinforcements”

Jishuka felt anxious because the number of undead had doubled compared to the first night and the troops of Kars were gradually decreasing.

Even so, she didnt go out.

The fifth night...

“Retreat to the second floor.

Block the stairs.”


“You dont have to fight too much.

In any case, they will disappear once the sky becomes bright.”


My store...

My money...”

Jishuka noticed that the number of undead attacking the inn had increased rapidly.

She felt that Agnus was keeping an eye on this place.

Thus, she hid herself without playing an active part.

The sixth night...

“The family in the back has packed up and ran away as soon as morning came.

Should I leave as well”

The young waiter shuddered.

Many of Kars people could no longer endure it and started to leave the city.

The soldiers fought valiantly every night, but their fatigue built up and they seemed to be at their limit.

However, Jishuka didnt step out.

She just smiled and patted the back of the waiter.

“From today, sleep in this room with your mother.

I will protect you.”

Exactly one week later...

The cries of the dead echoing through the streets at night were unusually grim.

Jishuka stared at the street while leaning on the terrace and her eyes shone like the sun.

“He is finally out.”

Step, step, step.

A green-haired man walked through the streets of a ruined city.

Jishuka finally saw the back of the man with thousands of undead behind him and pulled the bowstring.

“Fly Up!”

The flames that had been swallowed up by the darkness of the night were resurrected.

Thousands of undead were turned to gray ash and Agnus furious gaze focused on Jishuka.

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