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There were three ways to make ego items.

First, utilize the Granting an Ego skill.

This was the method that only Pagma and Grid could use.

It gave the target item the desired soul so it was very quick and easy to get the result they wanted.

However, Grid sealed this skill due to ethical issues.

There was also a very big disadvantage that there was a limited number of uses.

Second, impart emotions to an item using specific actions.

It was an extreme method such as insulting an item being crafted, etcetera, in order to stimulate the item, and infuse negative emotions.

The success rate wasnt high.

Currently, the few ego items distributed among players were mostly ego items made in this way.

They had a low value compared to their high price.

The typical characteristics of an ego item was the ability to independently move, think, and communicate.

An ego item created in this way had a very limited thinking ability due to the emotions they held.

It was easy to see based on Thorn of Deep Grievance.

Thorn of Deep Grievance wanted to harm its creator.

However, that was it.

They couldnt move independently.

In fact, it was difficult to place them in the category of ego items.

[Production of the God Hand has been completed.]

Grid was convinced once he saw the finished product.

The third and final method to make an ego item—the Ego Item Making skill.

Only this dwarf skill was the ultimate way to make true ego items.

[God Hand]

[Rating: Legendary (Growth)

Durability: Infinite

An artifact created out ofGreed by Grid, who is becoming a myth.

Since it is modeled after Grids own hands, all items can be worn and used without restrictions.

It can also act as a blacksmith.

Hexetia, the god of blacksmiths, is amazed by the phenomenal performance and covets it.

* 40% of the owners pure strength and dexterity are applied.

* Can reproduce the owners unique skills.

However, the power of the skills are limited to 25%, and the owners mana is consumed when using the skill.

On the other hand, skills belonging to equipped items can be fully displayed without consuming resources.

Buff skills used will affect the owner.

* Has the Advanced Blacksmiths Craftsmanship skill.

* Has mastered Advanced Weapons Mastery and Shield Mastery.


Etc, etc.]

There were only a few numerical differences according to the rating and the detailed view of the new God Hand wasnt much different from the old ones.

However, there were clear differences in the areas related to the ego.

The existing God Hands only had the extremely basic characteristics ofjudging and moving on their own.

[★ An ego item.

The ego is impressed by the appearance of the owner who gave birth to it without giving up until the last moment.

It has pledged absolute loyalty to you.

The ego wants to be like you.

The more trials you face, the more it will unleash its power.

* Movement speed will increase significantly as the owners health decreases.

* In order to protect its master from danger, it will enter a state of valor and will temporarily increase its strength.

* Increases the effect of the buff skills used by its master by 20%.]


Self-reliant motor, thinking, and communication skills.

Grid trembled as he looked at the God Hand, which received multiple effects based on its rapport with its master.

Grid was thrilled.

It was normal to be thrilled at the birth of the ultimate ego item which all players regarded as a fantasy.

Clap.Clap clap clap.

Grid was awakened from his thoughts when he heard someone clapping.

He turned his head and saw the smiling Antrino.


Very good! What is more worthy of joy than a soul of integrity dwelling in your work It is truly the best.

You are the model of all blacksmiths, and the pride of Talima.”

This was the best work of the blacksmith acknowledged by God Hexetia.

The reason he was able to create this work was Talimas teachings.

Grids achievements would be Talimas pride.


It was as expected.

Talimas blacksmiths were as delighted as Grid.

Thousands of dwarves cheered and whistled.

This made Grids smile brighten.

Grid sensed that the relationship between Talima and the Overgeared Kingdom could be deeper than expected.

Of course, this was on the premise that Trauka wasnt present.




Cradle—it was the large-scale research facility in Talima that produced and managed the artificial elementals and golems.

Grid came here after hearing there was an experimental site testing the movement ability of the elementals and golems.

Now he repeatedly let out sighs of admiration.

A pair of shining eyes was staring at the projected God Hand.

The movement of the God Hand was agile as it moved freely inside the complex experimental field, breaking through obstacles, and avoiding traps.

The speed of observation and situational judgment was fast so the movement ability was more radiant.

It accurately grasped the strengths and weaknesses, and most of the tricks that required a high level of intelligence were discovered.

Instead of losing speed by diverting from the rain of blades and falling into a mud pit, it relied on its solid durability and moved through the rain of blades, using the shortest route to get to the object in crisis.

It took only 5 minutes and 47 seconds to rescue the object.

“Both the cognitive and motor skills were super high.” Velvet, the leader of Cradle, evaluated it.

“It would be a genius in human terms.

Any command will be performed perfectly.

Even without a command, it will judge and act accordingly.”

There was no need to listen to this.

Grid was already aware that the level of the new God Hand was far beyond the existing God Hands.

‘This was the right answer.

There was no reason to cling to the empress soul.

The old God Hand fought with the masters safety as the highest priority and was reliable when it came to defensive ability, However, its overall judgment was somewhat disappointing.

In particular, the stronger the enemy, the less it could use its own judgment to threaten the opponent.

Therefore, in many cases, Grid needed to convey detailed commands in real time, and this overloaded Grids thinking ability.

It was the reason why the performance of the God Hands got worse as the battle became more intense, and the reason why Grid couldnt increase the number of God Hands.

Now things had changed.

The God Hands with the highest level of intelligence produced the best result, even if Grid didnt give orders.

In the future, Grid would continue to produce new God Hands.

By the end, he planned to use dozens or maybe hundreds of God Hands with the highest quality ego.

Of course, it was a goal that wouldnt be achieved for years.

The ego wasnt easily made and the quality of the ego could be low.

‘Im sure there will be many times when I swear.

Even so, he wouldnt give up.

The material that made up the God Hands, Greed, was infinite.

Additionally, Grid was a man with the tenacity to overcome any trial.

The combination of Grid and Greed was the strongest.

Grid was confident that he would achieve his goals.

‘...Instead, I will have to postpone the construction of the flying fortress.

It was a large project and there was no guarantee it would work from the beginning.

It was hard to feel sorry based on the time frame.

“It is the elemental king” Antrino, who guided Grid to Cradle, asked Velvet as he watched the performance with his arms folded, and Velvet nodded.


“It is truly amazing...”

Grid interjected.

“An elemental king”

“It isnt a real elemental king.

It is referring to the four best artificial elementals.

It is different from the embarrassments and Talima\'s Shame sealed in Pandemonium.

These four artificial elementals became prominent in various fields and became the guardians of Talima.

The hand you made is equivalent to them.”

“Can I meet them” Grid wondered.

Grid unknowingly used honorifics when talking to Antrino.

All of the dwarves in Talima, including Velvet, treated Antrino with respect.

This showed he was very old.

Antrinos attitude was also favorable.

“The elemental kings are no longer in Talima.”

“Huh Why

The artificial elementals were so great that they were nicknamed elemental kings...

Grid was flustered and Antrino smiled bitterly.

“They were given to the fire dragon as tribute.

Right now, they should be busy cleaning the dragons lair.”


Why was Talima safe from Trauka This was the moment when the reason was revealed.

Grid trembled and asked a question that he had been wondering about for a long time, “Then why did Trauka build a nest here”

The dwarves werent crazy.

It wasnt necessary to found a city near Traukas lair.

It meant the dwarves originally occupied the volcano and Trauka was the uninvited one.

Antrino shrugged.

“Fire Dragon Traukas original nest was destroyed in the fight against the insane dragon.

Trauka used this chance to move to this place which contains the hottest lava flow in the world.

As youve just heard, we have no choice but to live in servility.”

Velvet sighed.

“The hottest lava...

it used to be like that.”

Grid wondered, “It isnt like that now”

“Yes, Trauka absorbs all the fire from the mountains and the heat of the lava weakened.

Due to this, the castles flames were reduced, and this caused various problems.”

‘The castles flames Ah.

He had heard about it from Ke ong.

There was a main furnace in Talima that melted any minerals and used them as energy, but it wasnt working properly.

“How about using this”

Grid pulled out some firewood from his inventory and handed it to Velvet.

It was white wood—the white phosphorus wood.

What was the use of firewood when the heat of the lava itself had lowered Velvet was puzzled and closely scrutinized the white phosphorus wood.

“T-This is only in the east... Where did you get this precious wood”

“I got it from the East Continent.”

“Hah! The outside world has changed a lot.

It is a time when intercontinental exchange across the Red Sea was possible.

This is probably our hearts desire...”

Velvet was expressing his admiration, but Antrino poured cold water on him.

“How can that be Grid mustve traveled to the East Continent separately.”

“Yes, thats right.”

“Huhu, I heard that the yangbans are very strong, but they were robbed by you.

It seems that theyre not your opponents.”

“There are many yangbans much stronger than me.

Additionally, the white phosphorus wood is very common...”

Grid started a long story.

He told the story of how he learned of the white phosphorus wood through the Red Phoenix Bow, and how he made an axe to cut it.

“...This is why Ive saved quite a lot of white phosphorus wood.”

Grid tried to end the story.

However, Antrino and Velvet had been listening with intrigue and asked for more details.

“What happened to the Red Phoenix Bow production game”

“I won.”

“Ohh, as expected of the blacksmith acknowledged by God Hexetia!”

“What about after you made the Red Phoenix Bow Did the yangbans treat it as genuine”

“Maybe not”

“How can that be Wasnt it judged as a victory or defeat by the yangbans”

“There were no yangbans present.

Besides, I remember being involved with a wicked daoist after that...”

“Wicked daoist Who was he”

The dwarves were rumored to be very diligent.

He was told that they only worked without any leisure.

Now Antrino and Velvet were spreading out a mat to listen to Grids story.

Grid asked them, “...Dont the two of you have to work”

“Arent I working now It is my job to guide and escort you around Talima.”

“Im in charge of managing Cradle, so my job is to be here in Cradle.”


Was it like this The strangely convinced Grid started to tell the long story again.

He slowly talked about what happened in the East Continent.

Then he toured all the facilities of Cradle and learned about the artificial elementals and golems.

He signed an agreement to obtain artificial elementals on a periodical basis in exchange for providing the white phosphorus wood to Talima, and then he decided to go to the Elliter mine under Antrinos guidance.

At this point, Velvet brought up interesting words while sending Grid away.

“By the way, the ego rating for Talima\'s Shame isnt measurable.”

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