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A knights face armor represented integrity, while the goat horns symbolized the devil.

The helmet in the lava waterfall was in the shape of a bird with goat horns attached to the knights helmet.

‘It has a terrible stench.

Grid was curious about the creator.

As Grid observed the helmet, the helmet was also aware of the situation.

-That\'s right.Are you Pagma\'s DescendantDo you want to ask me to liberate the empress soul

“Thats right.”

Sure enough, it wasnt wrong.

It was a helmet, so it had a good mind.

The strangely convinced Grid made a bold demand, “Liberate the soul of the empress.” The God Hands hovering around Grid slowly flew toward the lava waterfall.

The name of the helmet wasTalimas Shame.

-Kukuk, it wasnt a comedy or a drama, but a tragedy.It has been split up.Sure enough, you truly are Pagma\'s Descendant.

“Split up”

-Im talking about the empress soul.

The red light from Talima\'s Shames swept over the four God Hands followed by Grids equipment in turn.

Each item that received the attention of Talima\'s Shame had something in common.

It was an item made out of Greed, which contained pavranium.


Grid understood.

Originally, the soul of the empress inhabited the mineral called pavranium.

However, pavranium was split apart several times and repeatedly reborn in a new form.

Could the empress soul be safe during the process It wasnt possible.

Even Braham had suffered from the aftermath of his souls damage.

‘The empress soul wouldnt have been complete from the beginning.

By the time Grid started collecting pavranium, the pavranium had already been torn apart into dozens of pieces.

The empress soul had been broken the first time she met Grid.

It was the moment when it was revealed why communication with the soul of the empress (pavranium) wasnt smooth.

“...What is the current state of the empress soul”

-She is just a rag.

What elseShe is an idiot with only her instincts left.


Guilt struck Grid.

However, Grid hadnt known about the empress soul.

He hadnt intended to harm her.

Grid tried to shake off his guilt and continued asking questions.

“Is there any way to heal the soul”

-She will ascend if you liberate her soul.

Is there any need to heal it


-A soul that has lost its body will be recovered to heaven or hell.It is the same for us, who use the battle gears as our body.

“What if the soul refuses to ascent”

-Hahat, voluntarily refusing to ascend is only possible for monsters.

He was glad.

In any case, the empress soul would rise to heaven as long as she freed the soul.

The relieved Grid prompted Talima\'s Shame.

“Then free her.”

-Do you seriously mean itWont your battle gears be reduced to ordinary scrap iron the moment the empress soul is free

This didnt mean that the items functionality would deteriorate.

It would become an ordinary item that was unable to make judgments or act for itself.

Grid was naturally aware of it.

“I will just inject a new ego.”

In any case, he would learn how to make an ego the moment he safely completed the quest.

From then on, a separate ego would be infused into the items made with Greed.

The weapons would have a more aggressive ego while armor would have a more cautious ego.

It wouldnt be any worse than it was now.

-A new egoKukuk, have you found a new toy to replace the empress soul

“It isnt like that.

Im different from Pagma.”

He had no intention of confining someones soul to objects...

It was why Grid was reluctant to use the Granting an Ego skill and kept away from it.

Talima\'s Shame stared at the determined will in his eyes.

He shook the chains that bound him.

-Hahahat!Pagma\'s Descendant is denying him!How interesting!Well, it isnt a bad choice.Only someone second rate would force souls into battle gears.

The conversation was good.

The nervous Grid sighed with relief once Talima\'s Shame showed a cooperative attitude.

Then his expression soon stiffened.

-By the way.Why should I help you

The chains binding Talima\'s Shame were longer than expected.

They seemed to be 50 meters long as the helmet flew through the lava waterfall toward Grid on the cliff.

However, it couldnt get further than that.

Talima\'s Shame stopped just before the tip of Grids nose and whispered grimly.

-Didnt you leave one door open when you came here

The chains that had been stretched to their full extent contracted.

Talima\'s Shame was pulled back to the lava waterfall and shouted.

-I will control your body and escape this place!Kukuk!Kuhahahat!

Grid had forgotten—all the battle gears trapped in Pandemonium were called evil existences and he couldnt trust them.

It was impossible to control them apart from oppressing them with force.


Grid was flustered by the change in the attitude of Talimas Shame and looked back in a startled manner.

There was a loud roar and he could see as many as 2,000 battle gears passing through the corridor toward him.

They were the items from the 10th room.

Various weapons, armor, and accessories rushed toward Grid.


Nothing was ever easy.

Grid frowned and brought the God Hands to his side.

Then he summoned Noe, Randy, and the Overgeared Skeletons.

“Focus on the weapons.”



Clack clack!Clack clack clack!

All the opponents were ego items.

They used their skills and magic even without a wearer.

It was the same as the God Hands using weapons and shooting Magic Missiles.


Grids body gradually developed wounds due to the bombardment of battle gears.

However, the situation wasnt too bad.

It was thanks to the outstanding performance of the armor with the weapon breaker characteristic.

Most of the weapons that attacked Grid failed to deal great damage to him.

They were broken in reverse, fell into the lava, and melted.

Randys performance was also great.

Randys level had risen significantly in the Chaos Mountains and now had 50% of Grids stats.

His attack power exceeded high rankers and he quickly damaged the durability of the weapons.

Talima\'s Shame watched the situation and shouted.

-I am the dwarfs wish!The pinnacle of all battle gear!I command the soulless puppets to retreat!


Grid and Randy were amazed.

The equipment they were wearing were being removed.

‘Is it a wide range disarming skill

Grid went beyond dismay and felt admiration at the power of Talima\'s Shame.

Armor, footwear, gloves, boots, cloaks, and all sorts of accessories were forcing themselves on Grids body.

The purpose of the ego items was simple.

It was to move Grids body according to their will.

In other words, it was to dominate him.

Just then, the chains binding Talima\'s Shame started breaking.

It was the result of the ego swords cutting off the chains.

-Kukuk!Kuhahahat!I will finally escape from this tiring prison!

Talima\'s Shame shame accelerated after getting away from the lava.

It flew toward the head of Grid, who was struggling for control of his body.

Talima\'s Shame was placed over Grids head.

The giant horns reminiscent of a goat emitted a red glow.

-Now your body and mind are mine...

After hundreds of years of waiting, it finally got a human body.

Talima\'s Shame laughed happily only to suddenly stop.

It couldnt laugh any longer.

-W-What is this

It felt like its body wasnt its body.

Talima\'s Shame was puzzled by the sensation it felt for the first time in its life and struggled.

However, it was useless.

It couldnt move.

The other ego items on Grids body were already the same.

Notification windows were being updated in Grids field of view.

[The class effect of Pagmas Descendant has allowed you to equip the Armor of Destruction.]

[The class effect of Pagmas Descendant has allowed you to equip the Gaiters of Disillusionment.]

[The class effect of Pagmas Descendant has allowed you to equip the Quattro Gloves.]

[The class effect of Pagmas Descendant has allowed you to equip the Concave Ring.]

[The class effect of Pagmas Descendant has allowed you to equip...]

[The class effect of Pagmas Descendant...]


[The class effect of Pagmas Descendant has allowed you to equip the Talima\'s Shame.]

“...What are you doing”

-T-This is crazy!

The dwarves were arrogant.

They believed their works were the best.

There were no doubts and their desire to prove it was very strong.

Making the best work—tt wasnt an exaggeration to say that this was the aspiration of all dwarves, and it was the same for the dwarf royal family.

‘Works should be created by one person. They broke the dwarves unwritten rule and passed down their works.

At first, it was a sword—two generations devoted their lives and a masterpiece was born.

Next was the shield—three generations devoted their lives and a masterpiece was born.

After that was the helmet—five generations devoted their lives to create the worlds greatest masterpiece and a monster was born.

It was the result of too many peoples ideas and greed.

The result of the work completed by five generations was ugly.

The royal family regarded it as a shame and sealed it in Pandemonium.

At this moment, the seal was released.

It was based on Grids class characteristic to be able to wear all items unconditionally.

-Take it off!Take me off now!!

It was being dominated by a human when it was supposed to dominate them Talima\'s Shame struggled but it was useless.

“Liberate the soul of the empress.”

-Y-You!Do you think Ill listen to you

“It is useless.”

Talima\'s Shame was now on Grids head.

It was meaningless no matter how much Talima\'s Shame refused.

Grid used the unique skill attached to Talimas Shame.

“Soul Control.”

The power to control the soul—the skill created by the dwarf rulers desires pulled out the soul pieces of the empress from the God Hands and Greed.

Fragments of light appeared and started to merge together.

Grid showed a bitter smile as it soon took the shape of a cute dwarf girl who told him, “Im grateful.”

It was time to say goodbye.


‘It should be over by now.

It was before Trauka built a lair near Talima.

The dwarves believed that Pandemonium was the most dangerous place in the world.

The heat of the lava, the temptations of the egos, and the existence of the monsters called Talima\'s Shame.

Those who entered Pandemonium would just be killed unless they were part of the dwarf royal family who had the ability to suppress egos.

King Charles believed that Grid wouldve died in Pandemonium after two hours of silence.

“Ill move to the seal array.”

The seal—it was a space that temporarily bound the bodies and souls of the dead in Pandemonium.

King Charles and the dwarves moved to a place that resembled the players resurrection point.

They were waiting for Grids body to appear.

Pelots expression darkened and Antrino shook his head.

No one doubted Grids death.

However, it was a bit strange.



One hour, two hours, three hours...

even after half a day, Grids body didnt show up.

As night fell, the flustered King Charles had an incredulous look on his face.

“Did the seal fail to take effect

Or was he still alive No, it was impossible.

‘Then is the seal broken

This couldnt be the case.

The seal was the essence of magic engineering.


The dwarves were falling into turmoil when a noise was heard from the entrance of Pandemonium.

It was a loud sound that made them feel like a great mountain had collapsed.

It was the sound of the entrance to Pandemonium being opened.


He came back alive Did he really liberate the soul of the empress

‘What tricks did he use

How could he persuade the monsters of Pandemonium

The dazed King Charles forgot his dignity and ran to Pandemonium.

Then he witnessed something along with the people who followed him.

It was Grid with a monster on his head.



It is heavy.”

Pelot and Antrino ran to Grid who collapsed with no strength in his legs.

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