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There was a very specific parameter for the growth type class, Death God—the soul gauge.

Since becoming a Death God, Knight was able to quantify and read the targets soul.

‘This is the soul of the supreme one.

Grids soul gauge, visible only to Knights eyes, was a huge 68.

It meant it would take 34 minutes to place a mark on Grids soul to lead him to death.

It was huge considering that the average persons soul gauge barely surpassed 10.

It meant that it was virtually impossible to fight against Grid and win, from the perspective of a Death God, who had weak battle endurance.

The weight of this soul was truly extraordinary.

‘I think that Grids roots in this world are truly deep.

It was because the soul grew larger with numerous achievements and developing ones presence.

It was completely different from Saleos, who had an infinite soul gauge because he was born with a soul that was eternally reincarnated.

‘To me, he is an opponent I will never be able to fight in my life.

Well, he didnt want to fight Grid in the first place.

Knight recalled what happened when he was hired by Merchant King Kir and quickly left.

Grid and his colleagues were smiling and responding to the cheering crowd.

For them, he was only an uninvited guest.

He wasnt entitled to share their joy.

-Good work.


The sudden whisper surprised Knight and he stopped.

He looked back and saw Grid.

This time, in a manner that everyone could hear, Grid spoke to Knight, who was doubting his ears, “Youve worked hard, Knight.”

Knight himself seemed unaware of it but his reputation was very high.

There were few players who didnt know Knight after he defeated Alexander in a PvP competition in Russia a few years ago.

The intelligence organization of the Overgeared Kingdom had also been paying attention to him.

His repeated class quests were to give people approaching the end of their lives peace without any pain.

At one time, he was employed as Kirs guard.

He performed some activities inconsistent with the purpose of the Death God class but in the end, it was in an effort to make a living.

The Overgeared Kingdom decided it was better to maintain a favorable relationship with Knight rather than antagonizing him.

He was a dangerous opponent to be hostile to.

Additionally, the Overgeared Kingdom had many NPCs and tended to rely on the Death Gods characteristic of giving apainless rest.

Grid and Lauel still vividly remember Khan dying in pain.


“Arent you very reliable I hope we can be allies the next time we meet.”

This was why Grid had an eye on Knight.

Regardless of Grids intentions, it was a helpful act for Knight.

As a previous employee of Kir, Knight had been anxious about becoming hostile to the Overgeared Kingdom.

This made Knight feel relieved.

Knight bowed his head slightly.

“It is an honor.”

There was no further conversation.

Knight had originally dreamed of being a knight but he witnessed the process of people being destroyed by his curse.

Thus, in the end, he gave up on his dream and accepted the path of a Death God.

Knight kept a distance from other people unless he hated them.

He had to be alone all the time.

Grid quietly watched Knights lonely back leaving before shifting his gaze.

He looked around at the reporters flocking like bees and called Huroi over.

“How is your family If you want to be a parent that your children arent ashamed of, you shouldnt ask questions that arent courteous.”

Huroi greeted the reporters politely () before starting the interview as Grid and the Overgeared Kingdoms spokesman.

Some of the reporters had ugly expressions on their faces, but Huroi didnt care.


Unlike what the world thought, it was a relatively bland battle.

The invasion of five great demons was repelled in just two hours.

Who wouldve imagined it Even Grid hadnt expected it.

He mightve lost 41.2% of his experience along the way, but experience could be recovered at any time.

The fact that the Overgeared Kingdom had no casualties gave Grid great comfort.

“It is all due to Her Majesty the Emperor.”

Haspachi Canal—Grid approached Basara and bowed deeply.

It was a greeting of heartfelt respect.

It was all thanks to Basaras thorough preparations that humanity was able to fight easily against the invasion of the great demons.

She wasnt merely an idealist, but a truly competent empress.

Her level far exceeded everyones expectations.

“The world wouldve been shaking at this moment if Your Majesty the Empress hadnt come forward to act.”

“Im ashamed.

It is your merit, the Overgeared King, not me.

If it wasnt for you, all my plans wouldnt have been successful.” Basara gripped Grids large hands tightly with her small hands.

She was blushing while shaking.


Our Saharan Empire is grateful for your existence.

The existence of Your Majesty itself is a blessing to humanity.

I hope you will continue to stand on the side of humanity in the future.”

Just looking at the procession of pilgrims to Grids statue in the Behen Archipelago, Grids reputation had already surpassed the average person.

Now he was reborn as the lantern of humanity through this event and Grids reputation had reached a divine level.

People perceived him as almost agod. Of course, there were many people like Basara who thought of him as the opposite sex.

“There are many things I want to talk to you about.

Why dont we go to the barracks and talk It will be just the two of us and it will be comfortable.”


I would like that, but Your Majesty the Empress, you have to go back to the empire and take care of your people.” Grid carefully removed Basaras burdensome hands and glanced around.

Jishuka had a blatantly dissatisfied expression while Yura was staring at a distant mountain with clenched fists.

Mercedes also had a colder expression than normal.

Basaras subtle courtship was burdensome for Grid, who had neither time nor opportunity to form an alliance with Basara.

A relationship and marriage with the empress...

It would surely have a tremendous effect but Grid had no intention of selling his mind and body.

Yura, Jishuka, and Mercedes already occupied his heart and Grid was even struggling to establish a relationship with them.

‘Still, Im happy.

He was grateful and happy to have someone like him.

The world had been full of resentment during his days of hate, but now the world was infinitely beautiful.

Therefore, he wanted to protect it.

Grid was once again filled with determination and told his party, “Lets go home.”



Grid, the 10 meritorious retainers, and his knights approached Sticks.

‘Where is this, who am I

In the past few hours, Sticks had used Mass Teleport close to 10 times all over the Arc Kingdom and was close to exhaustion.

He was dazed with exhaustion and he declared with a sigh, “Were departing.”

Grids group disappeared from their spot.

The scene was still full of troops from the empire and allied kingdoms, but people somehow felt it was empty.

Grids presence was that great.


Your Highness, who used to be my lantern, has been reborn as the lantern for thousands of people.

The world is pathetic and ridiculous for only knowing Your Majestys true value now but what can I do This is the limit of ordinary beings.” Lauel greeted Grids party with one hand covering his face.

He was smiling but his eyes were subdued.

Grid was worried that there were some difficulties he couldnt mention.

He wondered, “Have your hemorrhoids relapsed”

“...I have hair loss but Ive never had hemorrhoids.”

“Hemorrhoids are one of the most common diseases that modern people suffer from.

It is normal if you work under extreme stress every day.

It isnt something to be ashamed of.”

Grid had seen the business card of a colorectal surgeon in Lauels wallet a few days ago and Lauel couldnt deny it anymore.

He was aware of Rubys gaze and blushed.

The smiling Jishuka poked Grids side.

“He is doing this because of jealousy.”


“My king now belongs to everyone else~ something like this”


Everyone looked back at the voice.

Pope Damian was standing there.

Damian smiled broadly and greeted everyone, “It has been a long time since weve gathered together like this.

It is nice to see all of you!”

“Damian, why are you here”

Damian was virtually a part of the Overgeared Guild, but he was also the pope, the leader of the Rebecca Church.

It was shortly after a great battle was over and the place he should be at was the popes office, not the Overgeared Kingdom.

His job was to care for the church members.

Damian saw Grids somewhat reproachful look and explained with a bitter expression, “There were too many injured people.”

Damians gaze was focused on the medical clinic in the castle.

There were numerous signs of life.

Most of them were members of the Rebecca Church.


Not everyone was in a good state.

The enlightened Grid glanced at Ruby and she rushed to the room like she had been waiting.

Grid comforted Damian, “Youve suffered...”

How hurt had he been by the sight of the dying church members Grid was worried about Damians mentality.

It was obvious that Damian was suffering from a great sense of guilt.

Fortunately, Damians heart was in a stable state.

“It was small compared to the burden on Grid.

I am used to it.”

Damian smiled brightly and said goodbye to Grids party.

“Then Ill be going back to my church members.”

The moment the battle was over, Damian had led the church members to visit Reinhardt.

It was because Reinhardt had a well-equipped medical facility, Saintess Ruby, and the largest Rebecca Temple.

They could focus on treating the injured members.

Damian hurried to leave but Grid grabbed him and asked, “What level of rewards did you receive”

“It is the second place reward.”

Yura was the one who got the first place rewards.

Damian answered honestly and Grid reached out a hand.

“Give me your rewards.”


They were shocking words.

To be honest, Damian felt like he had met a robber.

Even so, he didnt ask questions or refuse.

He just took out the rewards and handed them to Grid.

He owed so much to Grid that he felt he needed to repay Grid.

The rewards that Damian obtained were Sitris Nails and the Demon Gods Cells.

“Apart from that, I gained a title and a rune power, but they are attached to me...” Damian explained and Grid told him, “Okay, go and look after the church members.

If you need anything, then tell me immediately.”

He continued, “Then before going back to the Vatican, stop by the smithy.

I will make an item for you using this.”


Damian was thrilled.

He was genuinely thankful for Grids kindness by trying to help him every time.

He had to understand how much his presence and the Rebecca Church had helped the Overgeared Guild.

The friendship between Grid and Damian, as well as the exchange between the Overgeared Guild and the Rebecca Church, would continue.

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