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The decisive difference between named NPCs and named monsters was their health.

Assuming they had the same level, the health of a named monster was 100 to 1,000 times higher than the health of a named NPC.

This didnt mean that named monsters were stronger.

It was easy to understand considering the legends of the past generations were NPCs.

Named NPCs polished theirtechnique and they were skilled in defense, evasion, and counter-attacking through the application of technique.

They fully realized that their health was limited and they were careful in battle.

On the other hand, named monsters were extremely reluctant to waste time on passive actions.

Named monsters focused on attacking and crushing the target instead of consuming their strength on defense, evasion, and counter-attacks.

They believed in their innate physical ability (health) and fought more aggressively.

This was a difference in combat style.

It wasnt easy to tell which was superior between named NPCs and named monsters.

Both were tough opponents for players, but Grid was the exception.

He possessed a powerful attack and was more comfortable dealing with named monsters than named NPCs.

It was easier to hit named monsters compared to named NPCs where it was easy to miss.

“”Kuaaaack!!”” Saleos was struck by hundreds of players and took a rare defensive stance.

However, there were too many attacks against him.

Saleos power that exploded only blew away dozens of players, and Saleos thick arms only blocked a few attacks.

After consuming most of his health fighting Kraugel and then Grid, he instinctively said goodbye to his physical body.

“”This isnt...

the end.

Cough, cough!””

For a great demon, death wasnt the end.

Their souls reincarnated forever and their bodies were just temporary dwelling places.

He would be resurrected soon after he lost his body.


“”The day I reappear before you...

I will be more and more complete.””

The reappearance of a great demon meant growth.

Why had they died During the time they searched for a new body, they analyzed the reasons for their failure and grew.

“Gulp.” The players inserting weapons into Saleos body gulped.

Saleos dying eyes didnt lose their spirit and this forced the players to become nervous.

They were even more afraid because they knew his threats werent a bluff.

A symbol started to be engraved on the forearms of all players.

The players were surprised by the stinging pain and looked at their forearms to see two blood red eyes carved like a tattoo.

It was Saleos sign.

It was a curse in return for killing one of the top 20 great demons.

On the day that Saleos was resurrected, all the players here would be tracked by Saleos.

They were going to die terribly.

The players were terrified after reading the information of the mark and unknowingly stepped back.

“The great demons really talk a lot.”

There was a pure white unicorn that was beyond beauty.

If the name wasnt Overgeared Corn, Grid on its back wouldve been praised by everyone as he descended from the sky.

He pointed his sword at Saleos who was staring at him.

“You will die here.

You cant appear before our eyes twice.”


Kuhahahat! The person who became the Hero King doesnt know much about the great demons...””

Saleos was laughing like it was absurd when his expression stiffened.

His eyes, full of killing intent and hope, changed to despair, and his expression distorted in a vicious manner.

It was due to the light falling from the sky.

It was an artificial light full of magic power.

It was a remnant of Mass Teleport.

“”Is this real...””

Goosebumps occurred on Saleos skin stained with blood.

He knew the identity of a person who emerged from the light of Mass Teleport.

It was impossible not to know.

How could he not recognize that dirty filth that was a curse and a disaster


It was a power different from Rebeccas divinity.

The miracle of humanity that cut off the reincarnation of the great demons and threatened the agreement between Yatan and Rebecca was the most hated and feared object of the great demons.

“”Hell Summoning!””

Hell was divided into 33 zones and eachhell was different, just as the human countries were different.

Some great demons were proud of their hell, while some were ashamed.

Saleos belonged to the latter.

The 19th hell he ruled was extremely shabby.

It was a space filled with only beauty and there wasnt a single stream of hellfire flowing through it.

This was the result of Baals mockery since Saleos didnt have the qualifications of a ruler.

He had to expose his humble territory to humans...

Saleos shivered with disgust but he still showed his shame.

This showed how menacing the Saintess was to him.

He had no intention of welcoming eternal rest.

Lightning struck and darkness filled the world.

All the players at the scene—except for Grid and Kraugel—were eroded by various debuffs, and they collapsed helplessly to the ground.

It happened when the hell moon adorned the blackened sky...

“Hell Regulation.” A new beam of light appeared and destroyed Saleos humble hell.

It was Yura, who came after defeating Sitris hand with the Rebecca Church.

“”These humans!””

Saleos struggled as he was driven to the edge of the cliff but it was meaningless.

He was already dying.

Grids sword pierced Saleos chest.

Great Demon Saleos had nowhere to escape and died miserably in front of countless humans.

His dark soul stained with malice and anger was destroyed by Saintess Ruby.

[The raid of the 19th Great Demon,Eccentric Duke Saleos, has succeeded!]

[The soul of the 19th Great Demon,Eccentric Duke Saleos, has been destroyed and wont be able to reincarnate!]

[The position of 19th hell monarch has temporarily become vacant.]

[Apart from Grid, all players who participated in the Saleos raid will be given theFollowers of the Lantern title.]

[All players who participated in the Saleos raid will receive different compensation based on their performance!]

[Grid has obtained the raids 1st place prize.]

[Kraugel has obtained the raids 2nd place prize.]

[Kirinus has obtained the raids 3rd place prize.] (Yes, the raws really say Kirinus even though he was never mentioned in the raid at all)

[Yura has obtained the raids 4th place prize.]

[Knight has obtained the raids 5th place prize.]

[★ Saintess Ruby has obtained extraordinary rewards in exchange for annihilating the soul of the great demon!★]

[Other personnel will be given equal compensation.]


The screams of the players pierced the sky.

Saleos mark on their forearms disappeared.

“God Grid!”

“God Kraugel!”

“Hahahat! The best! You are the best!”

Someone started it, and soon they all rushed to Grid and Kraugel.

Grid and Kraugel were surrounded by cheering people, and they smiled and bumped fists.

[The seventh page of the epic has been completed.]

[Your status has risen to the next level with the completion of the epic.]

[Resistance to skill damage has slightly increased.]

[Resistance to weapon damage has slightly increased.]

[The chances of triggering a skill based on probability has slightly increased.

However, it doesnt affect skills attached to items.]

[The titleLantern of Humanity has been created.[

[Your Deity stat has increased by 1.]

[Lantern of Humanity]

[* Stamina 500

* Special effects will occur when youre on the same battlefield as the Followers of the Lantern.

It is affected by the number of people following the lantern.

You are the one who brought unity to humans with your outstanding strength and courage.

You are the hope of millions and should never disappear easily.]

‘It is amazing.

Grid had signed a contract with Orc Lord Teruchan and had a stamina stat coefficient 1.8 times higher than the average.

Each point in stamina increased his health stat by 54 and his defense by 2.1.

The title of Lantern of Humanity was special, especially for Grid, who had his health increased by 35% by Duke of Virtue.

It wasnt an exaggeration to say this title was worth dozens of levels.

Moreover, the rise in his transcendance status also increased his skill damage resistance, weapon damage resistance, and the chances of activating a probability skill.

The effect of his transcendent status this time could be felt in many ways by Grid.

In particular, the skill damage and weapon damage resistance were a few things that reduced fixed damage so Grids fear of Beleth was reduced slightly.

‘Now it should come out to be around 55,000...

However, this was still too high.

It still wasnt enough to raid Beleth.

‘I have to build up as much transcendence as possible before we meet again someday.

Grid recalled his hurried escape from Beleth and shuddered before shaking off his imagination.

‘I still need a lot of time.

The epics were a really great power.

Since his transcendence built up every time an epic was achieved, Grids most urgent task was to gain the perfect transcendence.

There had to be an end even for the transcendent realm.

The existence of an absolute above transcendence was the proof.

Just as leveling up didnt lead to the acquisition of a new skill, there were sometimes stagnant areas in transcendence.

Nevertheless, Grid judged that the end could be seen in the next few years.

“Oppa!” Ruby rushed to Grid who was locked in his thoughts.

She had been very worried for Grid who had to deal with the 13th great demon by himself and she was relieved to see her brother was safe.

Her eyes were unknowingly red.

“You mustve been worried.” Grid stroked his sisters head with a smile and turned his eyes in Kraugels direction.

His transcendent senses were classifying Kraugel as a strong person of this era.

Kraugels level must be around 350, so Grid thought he was truly great.

‘Sooner or later, he will be a strong person who transcends the era.

Grid had goosebumps when he arrived at the scene and witnessed Saleos status.

Would it have been possible for him to push the 19th great demon to this state if he was the same level as Kraugel It wouldve not been possible.

“Youve suffered.”

“...You as well.”

Grid greeted Kraugel with a smile and he responded in a similar manner.

This was it.

Grids blacksmithing skill was needed to fully enjoy the effect of Poetry that Praises the Sword but even so, Kraugel didnt make a request of Grid.

He wasnt a member of the Overgeared Guild.

He couldnt be indebted to his friend and rival every time, and in the first place, he didnt have such an idea.

He would be grateful his entire life just for the White Tiger Sword.

“Then Im going.

I wish you luck.” Kraugel exchanged brief greetings and turned to leave, only to be caught by Grid.

“Shouldnt we talk about what weve been doing”

“Ive been listening to your news.”

“...Is your mother healthy”

“Fortunately, she is.”

Ah, it was time for a meal.

He needed to log out quickly before she headed to the kitchen.

Kraugel was in a hurry only to abruptly stop.

It was because he remembered something he needed to tell Grid.

“It would be better to be careful of Agnus.

The creator of that ring has fallen into Agnus hands.”


Kraugel was pointing to the Ring of Absurdity on Grids finger.

It was confusing information for Grid, who knew that the creator of the ring had died hundreds of years ago.

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