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Pagma\'s Descendant, Duke of Wisdom, Duke of Virtue, Duke of Fire, legend, transcendent, and Hero King—every title, state, or position achieved by Grid was a concept that originally existed, and they didnt deviate from the rules of the system.

However, Magic Swordsman of the Epics was different.

This system was born on the basis of Grids achievements and was a concept only for Grid.


[Overgeared King Grid is writing the seventh epic.]

Overgeared King Grid was a concept created by Grid himself.

He called himself the Overgeared King, and the world didnt overlook it.

In the end, the system recognized the concept he created.

Grid was the Overgeared King, Overgeared King Grid.

[The beginning of the narrative starts with the comforting of the frustrated humans.]

“You arent weak, you just dont have enough time.”

[He was also an underdog, so he affirmed it.]

The rain of battle gears that poured toward Eccentric Duke Saleos.

Dozens of battle gears flew toward him with a fierce spirit and Saleos was busy avoiding them.

He kept changing his position and posture while aiming at the man who dared to smash him with battle gears.

However, it wasnt easy.

There were too many of them.

Every time Saleos swung his two fists filled with theunbeatable power and smashed two weapons, dozens more would fall and cut him.

It was only Saleos who received damage.

““Damn.”” It was best to avoid this rain.

There was no need to struggle against the heavy rain of battle gears that would stop after a while.

Saleos hid his body behind a wall that hadnt yet collapsed.

Grid descended along with the rain of battle gears while his sharp gaze chased Saleos.

Then he shouted to all the players who were awaiting their deaths in Lilchard Fortress, “Hold on, struggle!”

[Defeat starts from the moment you give up.]

[He reminded humanity that a crisis was just a hurdle to be overcome.]

[The moment when his gaze collided with a great demon, humanity remembered.]

[They compared their feelings the first time they encountered a great demon, to the feelings of today, when they encountered five great demons.]

The basis of Satisfy was the already established worldview and NPCs.

However, players were the key to moving and changing Satisfy.

Grids epics so far had involved the world and the NPCs.

It wasnt strange that it would now involve players.

“Ah...” The two billion players who had access to Grids epics through the television, Internet, or Satisfy recalled the past.

The unforgettable moments of the great demon raid unfolded in their minds like a panorama.

Now, looking back, they hadnt been able to resist Belial, the weakest great demon at all.

Yet today, they fought against great demons who were far stronger than Belial.

They got a glimpse of it for a moment.

Yes, they had grown.

They might have been frustrated every time, but they endured and became stronger.

Then they would become even stronger in the future.


there is no reason for it.” Knight used his broken scythe as a cane to rise from his spot.

Other players, who had also fallen down and were waiting miserably for their deaths, gritted their teeth and raised their bodies.

Grids epic was encouraging them.

“Transcend.” Grids bombardment of sword energy destroyed the walls of Lilchard Fortress as he descended, revealing the appearance of Saleos, who was hiding behind it.

Saleos had consumed a considerable amount of physical strength in the battle with Kraugel and his face was very tense.

The rain of battle gears that he wanted to block with the city walls once again hit him.

The God Hands mixed in with the rain and attempted to restrain his limbs.

Saleos movements were restricted and the speed at which the wounds were inflicted on his body became faster.

The combination of the thousands of battle gears and the God Hands exerted the greatest power imaginable by humans.

““What is this cowardly power!”” Different species had different limits.

Even Muller, the greatest of humanity, relied solely on the power ofswordsmanship. Then what was this It was the power to pour out thousands of battle gears at the same time like it was a divine power.

“”How can a human...!”” Just then, a sword struck Saleos heart.

However, it was unable to penetrate Saleos solid skin.

It shattered and disappeared.

Then the flying farming tools tore at his skin, scratched the flesh, and dealt him pain.

They even moved again, avoiding Saleos hand, and attacking one more time.

Not all of the thousands of battle gears were a threat, but a few of them definitely threatened Saleos.

It was a force that was clearly superior to Sword Saint Mullers Control Sword.

Pushing him to the defensive without even touching him

Saleos eyes full of confusion and hatred were fixed on the black-haired man in the sky.

The humans scattered around the fortress were chanting his name.



‘Didnt I hear that, at this age, humanity has declined

Povia, Braham, Pagma, Alex, Muller, and Madra—over the past hundreds of years, humanity had produced new legends and each of them had a great power to watch out for.

Yet times had changed and humanity had declined.

Saleos had laughed when he heard that Belial was rampaging alone among the human race.

Now, many years later...

Saleos made contact with the mighty legends called Kraugel and Grid.

Humanity, which had been in decline for hundreds of years, had grown to the point where they could no longer be ignored.

Saleos was able to quickly determine the cause.

“Raise your weapons and fight.”

[He knew his own limitations and cheered for humanity.]

[He responded to the wishes of humanity in the rain of battle gears falling to the earth.]

[His presence encouraged humanity.]

““The Hero King...

I see.

You are Mullers successor...”” A presence who inspired fighting spirit in the humans who were awaiting their demise.

Saleos watched Grid while striking at the rain of battle gears and finally grasped this persons real identity after seeing the purple fighting energy.

Grid maintained his distance until he finally used Shunpo and narrowed the distance to Saleos.

Saleos didnt know the concept of Shunpo that many players now knew about.

““The transcendent status…””

The hero of heroes—the Hero King meant an existence that would become the peak of humanity, or was the peak of humanity, thus it wasnt surprising that Mullers successor had become a transcendent.

““I see.

This irrational power has overcome human limitations.””

Saleos expended his power to block the white, transparent sword that was aimed at him.

Due to this, he couldnt avoid Grids fusion dance and felt a sharp sense of strangeness.

““This swordsmanship...””

Was Mullers swordsmanship this type that was as gentle as dancing No, it was someone elses swordsmanship.


Saleos crushed eight weapons at the same time and was about to attack Grid, only to be shocked.

It was because he felt the energy of a god from the storm of hot flames rising around Grid.

““The red phoenix””

Wasnt the red phoenix defeated and sealed by the gods who were driven to the east Why did its energy appear here in the west It was even from a human!

““Your identity...”” Was it because of the field of sparks The rain of battle gears stopped.

Saleos was finally able to breathe and attempted to talk to Grid.

The 19th great demon was intrigued by this trivial human being.

However, Grid wasnt interested in the 19th ranked great demon.

“XX, I shouldve fought you instead.”


“You are weak compared to Beleth.”

How much had he suffered while fighting the Berserk King He barely lasted 13 minutes against the monster who felt invincible.

The moment the time for the Reverse Summoning Circle was up, he immediately summoned Sticks to return to the Overgeared Kingdom before he was killed again.

Grid remembered it and once again trembled.

Looking back, he thought it wouldve been better to give the empire the role of delaying Beleth.

Grid unfolded his infinite sword energy.

Saleos was suspicious of Grids statement but he still smiled.

““Indeed, you are Mullers successor.””

It was interesting to know that two Sword Saints had been born in one age.

He was already looking forward to the increase in fame he would gain when he defeated both.

Saleos fists were filled with theunbeatable power.

“Flower Revolve.” Grid calmly demonstrated a counterattack.

Sticks had grasped the power of the Eccentric Duke and recommended Grid to join this battlefield.

Grid had no intention of competing against him in a foolish way.

No matter theunconditional strength, it could be blocked using a counterattack skill.

Saleos was hit by the power of his own fists and staggered.

Then Grid used his infinite sword energy to carry out one of his ultimate attacks.

“Transcended Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle.”

Additionally, he followed up with Transcended Link Flower, Linked Kill Flower Pinnacle, and Transcended Link Kill Pinnacle.

Grid overcame his resources constraints and continued to link the strongest sword dances.

Saleos consumed a large amount of energy and quickly turned into rags.

Saleos face was full of confusion.

““Pagma What is this You Why do you have Pagmas Swordsmanship””

Grid ignored the tedious question of whether he was Pagmas successor and used the Storm of the Fire God while trying to maintain his mana.

Then the rain of battle gears, that had stopped in the blue sky, once again attacked Saleos.

After that was 300,000 Army Swordsmanship Stealth Sword.

Grid used Open Potential due to Divinity and made an invisible attack.

The sword that suddenly appeared caused a great deal of damage to Saleos.

At the same time, it exposed Saleos weakness.

Saleos was puzzling over when he had been hit when Grid appeared in his field of view.


Saleos was engulfed in an instinctive terror.

Hero King, transcendent, successor to both Pagma and Muller, and with the power of a god—he noticed that this hybrid felt completely opposite of the pure Kraugel.

“100,000 Army Massacre Sword.”


Truly, this was a terrible hybrid.

He never thought even Madras swordsmanship would come out...

Saleos exposed his weakness and was dealt a serious wound.

“Ah.” Grid was slightly lacking when it came to the power to finish him off.

It was the side effect of using 300,000 Army Swordsmanship Stealth Sword which made it impossible to recover sword energy for three seconds.

He had maintained Storm of a Fire God for a long time because he wanted to release all his sword dances.

This meant he didnt have enough mana.

It wasnt that Grids resources calculation was wrong.

It was something that occurred because Saleos was so strong.

Saleos had lost 40% of his health when Grid arrived at the scene.

Grid had judged that he could finish off Saleos by investing all his skills.

However, Saleos was hit by 100,000 Army Massacre Sword, and his defense rose sharply from the moment his health fell below 10%.

This was why Grid failed to finish him off.

“Can you Become the King of the Dead” Noe was somewhat helpless against great demons.

Grid had to summon the Overgeared Skeletons and Randy.

Then he triggered the light elemental to blind Saleos while climbing onto the back of Overgeared Corn.

He was trying to focus on restoring resources while dragging out the time as much as possible.

However, it was too greedy to want to grab the 19th great demons ankles with just the God Hands and his pets.

Saleos quickly broke through to Grid, grabbed Overgeared Corn, and swung Grid and Overgeared Corn into the sky at the same time.

Then he gathered strength in his body to chase after Grid.

He placed the power of unconditional victory around his entire body and was now like an invincible being.

At least, until he was cut off by Kraugel.



Kraugel had only recovered enough stamina to wield his sword once and used a very insignificant skill compared to Earth Dragons Ascension.

However, it aimed precisely at Saleos and succeeded in hitting him.

The power was too terrible to deal any damage to Saleos but theunconditional victory power he had placed on his body disappeared due to the power of a Sword Saint.

As a result, Saleos kick to Grids chest didnt play a significant role.

Grids counterattack cut Saleos neck.

Saleos was aware of the great consumption of his heath and landed on the ground.

Waiting for him were hundreds of players, including Knight.

If it wasnt for Grid, all of them wouldve died.

Now they used the last of their strength to unfold their ultimate techniques.

It was the moment when all players became one.



[He is the lantern of humanity.]

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