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[TheBlood Kings Blood has permeated the production item...]

‘Blood Kings Blood

The Blood King was just of the Grids many aspects.

It was also only a small proportion.

Yet the system stated that Grids blood was the blood of the Blood King.

This meant that, at least when it comes to blood, the status of the Blood King would take precedence.

It was like Pagmas Descendant took precedence when he was holding a hammer, the Duke of Wisdom class was highlighted when attacking with magic or the Magic Swordsman of the Epics when swinging a sword

The blood-soaked Black Tortoise Thorn was dyed red.

It still looked black in the darkness but it was red in the light.

It was the moment when the iron bar, which felt heavy and cold, transformed into a beautiful handicraft.

‘It doesnt suit me.

The artistry was too high.

The size itself was small, making it a suitable weapon for slim men—like Braham and Kraugel—and women.

Grid didnt like it but he decided not to worry too much about it since it wasnt his favorite weapon type anyway.


Grids eyes widened when he brought up the details of the finished item.

[Vicious Black Tortoise Thorn with the Blood of the Blood King]

[Rating: Legendary (Growth)

Set Item (Black Tortoise Set)

Durability (Iron Bar): 890/890 Attack Power (Iron Bar): 560

* 70% bonus poison attribute damage.

* 70% bonus water attribute damage.

* There is a normal chance of poisoning the target when attacking.

* When defending, there is a normal probability of activatingSpray. Items that encounter Spray will have the chance of becomingcorroded.

* When attacking or defending, there is a normal probability of disarming the targets items.

* When attacking or defending, there is a very rare chance of completely destroying the targets items.

★ When hitting acorroded item, there is a very high probability of completely destroying the targets items.

Durability (Thorn): 120/120 Attack Power (Thorn): 1,160

* When attacking, there is a low probability of ignoring 50% of the targets defense.

* When attacking, there is a very low probability of completely ignoring the targets defense.

★ When attacking a disarmed enemy, the skillKill with a Ferocious Pierce will occur.

The target hit by Kill with a Ferocious Pierce will receive fixed damage equal to 60% of their current health.

At this time, it will cause theexcessive bleeding condition that ignores the targets resistance.

A weapon born from the fingertips of the blacksmith Grid, who has temporarily become comparable to a god.

The materials are Greed with all its properties erased, the enhanced Black Tortoises Breath, and the blood of the Blood King.

The shape of the iron bar is designed to be simple for anyone to use and the harmonious sense of color is very beautiful.

The thorn hidden in the iron bar seems to represent the teeth of the black tortoise stretching out like an awl.

* The skillCrouch Down will be created.

* The passive skillIncarnation of Poison will be created.

★ Black Tortoise Set Effect

Once three set items are equipped, attack speed is increased by 10% and the probability of inflicting abnormal statuses will increase by 15%.]

It was a surprisingly good item when looking at it.

The destruction characteristics, skills, and set effects all showed Grids intention behind making the item.

He was forced to delete the properties of Greed because it was for Ladens use.

This resulted in the loss of all special effects such as the infinite durability option but nonetheless, this Black Tortoise Thorn exerted great power.

However, there was another reason why Grid was surprised.

[!! It has feelings due to the influence of the blood of the Blood King.

It is very snobbish and violent so it will try to step on the owners head.]

[* There is a low probability of losing control of the weapon.

At this time, it is determined that the weapon cant be used.

Additional options are generated by the blood of the Blood King.]

The effects were indeed suitable for the modifier ofvicious.

[* The skillBlood Kings Lineage has been created.

Blood magic can be used when activated.

The power of any blood magic used is increased by 1.5 times.

★Creates one blood magic slot.

Equip blood magic to the slot and attach it to the item.]

...It was worth the risk.

Of course, curses that depended on probability were very dangerous.

It wasnt comparable to Bunheliers curse attached to White Fang but in the worst case situation, it might force the user into a desperate situation.

It wouldnt be surprising if the Black Tortoise Thorn was treated as a ** item.

Nevertheless, it was very attractive to Grid.

There was a slot where magic could be equipped.

This one fact made the value of the Black Tortoise Thorn soar.

‘It is a pity that it is limited to blood magic...

There were essentially two ways to enchant a production item—first, use the Water Clan Kings Tears as a material; or second, make items using the Magic Battle Gear Production Method.

Both methods had clear drawbacks.

The Water Clan Kings Tears were limited in quantity and the higher the rating of the magic to be attached, the more likely it was to fail.

Then there was the Magic Battle Gear Production Method.

There was no limit to the quantity but Grid had to work for a long time and the magic that could be stored was in proportion to Grids magic ability.

In fact, it was impossible to attach high level magic.

On the contrary, there seemed to be no restrictions to theslot created by Blood Kings Lineage.

It seemed that any blood magic could be attached to the slot.

Additionally, there was a tremendous synergy with the Blood Kings Lineage skill—a 1.5 times increase in the power of blood magic.

‘No, dont get too excited.

There is a chance of failure.

The most important thing about Satisfy was that it wasnt kind.

It wasnt just one or twice that he had been delighted to see what was written on the surface only to be disappointed.

‘Calm down.

Grid breathed deeply as he noted the shortcomings of the Black Tortoise Thorn.

What if Laden was cursed while fighting the half-draconians and the weapon stopped working It would be the worst.

Grid calmed his excited mind and regained his composure.

Even so, it wasnt useless.

‘Laden also uses a shield so it wont be a big crisis if he suddenly cant use his weapon.

No matter how he tried to think negatively, Grids excited mood didnt easily subside.

The results were excellent.

“Your Majesty”

A thin iron rod that was less than one meter long.

Duke Steim stared at Grid who smiled like the sun, became gloomy, and then started smiling again.

Then Duke Steim couldnt help it and finally stepped out.

Grid finally awakened after hearing the call and controlled his mind.

‘First, I need to figure out precisely the effects of the slot.

Grid didnt have blood magic at the moment but it wasnt a problem.

The reason

“Summon Knight, Noll.”

Grid had a companion who was well versed in blood magic.

“Chew chew.”

A young boy with silver hair.

He was a vampire who had lived for over 200 years, unlike his young appearance.

He was also an elite among the elites, a direct descendant of Shizo Beriache.

He was now the lord of a vampire city in the Overgeared Kingdom and responded to Grids call with potatoes in his mouth.

“My Lord, Your Majesty!”

Laden had been fighting against a fictitious enemy on his own, only to be frightened by Nolls sudden appearance.

Then he moved to protect Duke Steim.

He knew that Grid had accepted the vampires as subordinates but he couldnt be calm after seeing the vampire covered with the smell of blood.

“Did you eat a human”

Laden was disgusted when he saw the blood flowing from Nolls mouth.

Nolls appreciation of the call was short-lived when he saw the number one man in the north who showed him blatant hostility.

“Who is that little boy”

Thats right.

Ladens talent might be excellent and the possibilities for development were endless but he was nothing more than a dog in front of the direct descendant vampire.

Grid wiped at the mouth of Noll who dared to show hostility.

“He is my father-in-laws aide.

I hope you get along well in the future.”

“Father-in-law... Yes, I understand.

I will get along with him for you.”


A chill went down Ladens spine as he watched the situation.

Laden owned sensitive senses that allowed him to detect Shadow King Kasim.

Now he was peeking at the reality of Noll.

Unlike this small and beautiful appearance, this was a monster with an unbeatable magic power.

The sight of a predator who could devour Laden at any time obediently following Grid reminded Laden of Grids power.

‘The half-draconians...

they are nothing.

Grid was an entirely different dimension of existence that turned the half-draconians into something ridiculous.

Laden was someone who struggled fighting a half-draconian.

Now a completely unprecedented world was in front of him.

It was a world he wanted to reach.

Laden once again closed his eyes.

Then he took a deep breath and imagined the virtual half-draconian.

The half-draconian that was terrifying just a moment ago now felt really cute.


Noll watched Laden waving his sword in the air and poked Grids side.

Then he raised a finger and twirled it around his head.

He was asking if this person was crazy.

Grid shook his head and then handed the Black Tortoise Thorn to Noll.

It was as expected.

“It is possible because the Blood King made the weapon himself.”

Noll recognized the value of the Black Tortoise Thorn at once.

He touched the black iron bar with a slender finger and asked Grid, “What type of blood magic should I attach to it”

“Can you attach high-ranking blood magic”

“Of course, the blood of Your Majesty flows through it and it can easily accept any type of blood magic.”

“Is the acceptance due to the blood donation or the pressure of a direct descendant”

“The blood donation is an exception because our blood magic is designed to respond to my magic power.

The pressure of a direct descendant isnt magic but rather due to the natural presence of the lineage.”

“Is it possible to delete the blood magic that once belongs to the item and imprint new blood magic”

“It isnt possible because it is a perfectly engraved concept.”

‘This is the disadvantage compared to the Water Clan Kings Tears...

Grid thought about it for a moment.

However, he was a person with no blood magic.

It was meaningless for him to think about it alone.

He quickly gave Noll information on the half-draconians and the current situation.

Noll nodded.

“You want the type of magic that is best to fight against the half-draconians tomorrow.

Originally, I wouldve recommended a magic that infiltrates the skin directly through the scales but that isnt necessary with this weapon...”

Noll tapped the Black Tortoise Thorn and smiled like a mischievous child.

“Based on the level of that child, I think he will shed some blood tomorrow.

Then we can use this.”

Nolls magic power started to permeate the Black Tortoises Thorn.

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