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Grids half-god killer achievement became a fuse.

Many players were stimulated by his epic that declared he would become a god.

They believed they could rise further and poured more time, enthusiasm, and money into Satisfy.

The average players growth rate reached an all-time high.

A virtuous cycle had begun.

As the activities of players in each region grew, the grievances of local residents were quickly resolved.

Local residents were able to focus on business and the prices of essential consumables were stable.

In particular, the prices of the buff potions became cheaper.

They maintained their full doping status and didnt suffer while hunting.

The players hunting efficiency increased, making it easier for all types of items to be released on the market.

Players gained equipment easier and cheaper than ever before and advanced to the top hunting grounds.

Some of the areas that were invaded by flooding monsters were settled.

As the chaotic regions decreased, the scope of the Yatan Churchs activities was reduced.

The emergence of the Yatan Church decreased and the players of the Rebecca Church had more time to relax.

Their range of activities became freer and much larger, causing thehealer drought pattern of Satisfy to completely change.

It was now common to see healers in various parties.

Parties with healers started to do boss raids and enter hunting grounds that they had never dared enter, maximizing the players overall growth.

This was all due to one player.

It was the influence of the supreme one, Grid, who changed the world.

The S.A Group was aware of all these changes through various statistics and was astonished.

It was hard to believe that an average player who started playing under the same conditions of others could make such a huge difference.

Grid was unaware of the changes.


Grids long tour schedule had begun.

Starting from the former Gauss Kingdom to the north that was ruled by Duke Steim, Grid planned to inspect the entire territory of the Overgeared Kingdom.

The purpose was to examine his actual land so instant movement magic such as teleportation was sealed.

He walked with his own two feet and gained a small sense of what was going on in each area.

He smiled as he interacted with people while doing the kings quest.

“Somehow, the atmosphere is very good.”

Certainly, it had changed.

It wasnt just the large cities.

In fact, even the people in the small villages with little security were satisfied with their lives.

Only a few years ago, the people of the small villages had a strong fear of bandits or monsters, but this was no longer the case.

“The players in this village seem to be very active.

According to the report of the Shadow Guild, the bandits in the vicinity have been wiped out.”

“Wiped out The bandit bases are attacked every time they are respawned”



Bandit fighting quests usually occurred in small villages.

It was because it was difficult for bandits to live near a city with many troops.

This was where the essential problem of bandit fighting quests appeared.

The inhabitants of small villages were poor.

The quest rewards they promised to the players were lousy.

This meant that players were less motivated to participate.

Most players refused the bandit quests unless they found it hard to earn money or had a sense of justice.

Even if they received the quest, they only accomplished the clear condition of the quest and then it was over.

It was safe to assume that few players would attack the bandit bases.


“Here too”


“Here as well”


Grid heard that all the entire small villages were liberated from the bandits.

The bandit bases in all areas were subjugated.

At this point, Grid questioned it.

Once or twice couldve been dismissed as a coincidence but it was unreasonable to encounter the same situation in every village.

He asked Jishuka, who came with him.

“Did Lauel hire a separate subjugation team”

“Wouldnt it be hard for Lauel to care about such a remote area”

“Then is it something the local lord did Who is the lord of this area”


“...I dont think he can manage this type of meticulous policing.”


We cant afford to do so in the first place.

This is a limit to the number of troops that can be operated.

It is just the result of the activities of ordinary players.”


This wasnt convincing.

Was it necessary for ordinary players to be so active in destroying the bandits Grid was very grateful for the sake of his kingdom but...

Upon hearing Jishukas words, Grid thought about it and went directly to the village chief.

“Chief, is there any job for me to do For example, fighting the bandits.”

Grid was currently wearing the skin mask.

He would trouble the people if he showed his identity in the rural area for an inspection.

This was his own consideration for them.

“Um, lets see.

It has been relatively peaceful recently thanks to the adventurers subjugating the bases of the bandits.”

It was the same even in this village It was difficult to check the quest contents.

It happened when Grid was filled with regret...

“Village chief! Woodcutter Dex saw new bandits gathering in the back mountain!”


Suddenly, the chiefs attitude changed.

“I think it would be a great help to the village if you can wipe out the bandits.”

[Fight the Bandits]

[Difficulty: D

Fight the bandits threatening the adventurers and villagers.

Quest Clear Conditions: Kill 50 bandits (Currently 0/50)

Quest Clear Reward: 10 gold.]


It was as he expected.

The quest rewards were very low compared to the amount of effort needed to be put in.

It was a quest that had no merit for a lot of players.

“Wow, the rewards have tripled compared to the past.

It was around three gold coins in our time, right”

“It is proof that the lives of the people have improved overall.”

The hard part of the quest was searching for the bandits.

Bandits were those who chose to only steal from the weak so they usually hid in secret.

It took quite a bit of time and work to find them.

‘Then why are players so eager to wipe out the bandits

Grid had received the quest so it was faster to confirm it directly.

Grid exchanged glances with Jishuka and looked at the mountain outside the village.


Jishuka was amazed.

It was because Grid, who was right next to her, disappeared, leaving only the wind behind.

-Hey!Why use ShunpoI wanted to stick with you so I followed.

It is too much for you to throw me away!

-S-Sorry,it is a habit.Ill be back soon so just wait.

“...He was a magician” the wide-mouthed village chief asked carefully.

He lived in the countryside so he had never seen teleportation magic.

He saw Grid disappearing quietly without any lights and misunderstood it as a type of spell.

Under the hat she was wearing, Jishuka scratched her cheek.

“He is also a magician.”



Grid arrived at his destination with the help of Shunpo and was startled.

On a small mountain...

Hundreds of people were running around a place where players were less likely to visit due to the low probability of monsters appearing.

“Here! The bandits are here!”


Were they halfway to level 200 The faces of the players running around with fancy equipment were full of enthusiasm.

On the way to the top of the mountain, they hunted tigers and bears before attacking the bandits that appeared.

The bandits were far outnumbered and quickly turned to grey ash.

The players hurriedly grabbed the small amount of money and miscellaneous items dropped by the bandits before rushing down the mountain.

Then they climbed back to the top of the mountain again and hunted the wild animals they encountered on the way.

If a monster was found by chance, they would rush over with wide eyes so it wasnt stolen by others.

Then once they reached the top of the mountain, they hunted the respawned bandits again.

“Is this a true story”

There was a lack of mobs.

Grid finally grasped the situation and clicked his tongue.


“Why are you hunting here when there arent many mobs”

“The hunting grounds are full and there are no available hunting grounds.

Bandits are humanoid monsters and give a lot of experience, so we are hunting here instead.”

“What Does this make sense”

The Overgeared Kingdom had absorbed the Gauss Kingdom and now the territory was quite large.

From low level to high level hunting grounds, there were various types of hunting grounds all over the kingdom.

Yet the hunting grounds were full It was ridiculous unless most players were at the hunting grounds.


A chill went down Jishukas spine.

She realized that the villages were as quiet as a dead rat.

Only the residents were active on the streets.

It was hard to see players anywhere she looked around.

Only the players running to and from the general store to buy potions were noticeable.

‘Dont tell me

Jishuka gulped.

Grid had also noticed the identity of the strangeness.

“All the players are out hunting.”

Production class users normally didnt flow into the countryside.

They preferred the cities with active markets.

Thus, she noticed it too late.

She never carefully considered why there were fewer people in every village and just took it for granted.

It was a judgment that didnt take into account the habits of combat class players who went anywhere there was a hunting ground.

Yes, no matter how rural the village, it was normal to be crowded with a certain number of players.

The world had changed.

“There seems to be a level up boom.”

People were eager to hunt, even in villages.

It was just like the rankers.

Such an era had come.

After that...


Grid traveled through the south and west of the Gauss Kingdom and once again realized the change in the times.

No matter where he went, players were crowding the hunting grounds.

The ratio of players who played the game leisurely with the mentality ofa game is fun had dramatically decreased.

It felt like the players were full of passion.


Grids heart thumped.

The great demons, yangbans, gods, dragons, etc.

They were potential enemies that threatened humanity.

Grid had felt that players could never be their opponents.

Now his heavy shoulders became lighter.

“Im glad I will have more rivals.”

There would come a day when players needed to cooperate with each other.

Todays change would be a great strength at that time.

Grids smiling mouth was overflowing with joy.

The high ranker Jishuka recognized other players as competitors and she couldnt understand the attitude of the supreme one.

Just then, the castle gates came down and the moat was covered.

Hundreds of knights rushed over the bridge that connected the castle and the snowy field.

They surrounded Grid and Jishuka, pulled out their swords and saluted them.

“Welcome to the Great Overgeared King Grid!”

“You have suffered coming all this way, Your Majesty.”

Duke Steim walked out from among the knights.

He had been defending the Overgeared Kingdom from the invasion of barbarians and monsters in the north.

Now he was old and haggard.

Grids heart became heavier once he realized this person didnt have much time left to live.

However, he smiled and held Duke Steims hands.

“Youve become stronger in the meantime.”

Duke Steim was Irenes father and Grids oldest guardian.

Grid was still polite to him.

Then the smiling Duke Steim whispered in a voice that could only be heard by Grid, “Please go back straight away tonight.

This place is dangerous.”


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