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Chapter 1225

Grid didn’t know the conditions for an epic to occur. He just vaguely thought that he had to make great achievements. However, the truth was different. The epics that Grid had written so far weren’t only focused on achievements but also on relationships. The fifth epic proved this. Therefore...

“I am cursed due to the dragons’ terrible words of contempt and hatred toward me.

So put away your envy.

It is you, not me, who deserves to receive that look.”


In the process of his conversation and building up rapport with the special being called the Dragon Slayer, Grid felt expectant. He thought that a sixth epic would occur soon. Then his prediction came true.


[The beginning of the narrative begins with the confession of a lonely Absolute.]


“I got to know you.” 


[He dared to comfort the one who stood higher than himself.]


“Those lizard bastards who cursed you, I will surely destroy them someday.”

An epic occurred and Grid expressed his feelings truthfully. He spoke candidly about Hayate’s pain and sorrow and his desire to overcome it together. Grid knew it was enough. So far, the epics had responded to his feelings and he believed this time would be the same. However, this time was different.

“Shh.” Hayate blocked Grid’s mouth. His expression hardened for the first time. “Take back what you just said.”


[His declaration that he would #%content%amp;을 *% was blocked by the Absolute.] 



The text was broken. As a result, Grid’s declaration wasn’t imprinted on the epic and disclosed. Grid was panicking about the situation when Hayate explained, “The unqualified gods of the East have ruined your senses.”


“The gods of the East wouldn’t have been a great threat to you.

Isn’t that correct”


Hayate saw it precisely. On the East Continent, the threat to Grid was the yangbans. The real gods who created or taught the yangbans didn’t pose a direct threat to Grid. It was natural. In the first place, the Five Seniors never appeared in front of Grid. Hayate responded to Grid’s silent confirmation, “The gods who now rule the East are the ones who were defeated in the war of the gods.”

In other words—

“They were wounded and lost their authority.

Their influence is very small compared to the impression that people usually have about omnipotent gods.

That’s why you’re still safe.”


“On the other hand, dragons are different from the gods of the East.

They have good ears and no scruples about their actions.

If they hear your epic then they can hurt you at any time.”

The words that Hayate wanted to convey were simple. He was telling Grid to be careful not to become hostile to dragons.


[The Absolute’s anxious warning has covered your epic.]

[The sixth page of the epic remains incomplete.]

[No one will ever be able to see the secret words hidden on the blank page.]



Grid was full of turmoil in many ways and closed his mouth. The epic would end just like this It was the worst development for Grid, who got rewarded for every epic.

‘It is a class about the epics yet an epic was messed up...!’

The Duke of Wisdom and Magic Swordsman of the Epics classes that Grid possessed had few unique effects. Among them, the Magic Swordsman of the Epics increased the total amount of sword energy and mana by 20% as well as ‘writing epics.’ Nevertheless, Grid’s satisfaction was high because of the rewards that came with each epic.

Yes, after all, it was a class about the epics. Now the epic had ended in an incomplete state. It was the concept where the Magic Swordsman of the Epics became stronger by being ‘known’ through the epics.

It also meant that the reward had gone away.


Grid was frowning with frustration when a new notification window emerged in his vision.


[The story that isn’t recorded will be passed down through word of mouth.

However, it should be remembered that people with loose mouths will be hated.]

[The class specific skill of Magic Swordsman of the Epics, ‘Oral Traditions,’ has been activated.]


[Oral Traditions]

[Share the contents of the epics with others.

The number of times it can be shared is once per secret story.

Skill activation condition: Deliver a secret story to one target you have the maximum affinity with.

Skill activation effect: The target’s stats will increase or a new skill or title will awaken.

The stat increase, new skills, and title effects are affected by the content of the secret story.]



He had always expected it. Just like Pagma's Descendant, he believed that the Magic Swordsman of the Epics and Duke of Wisdom classes would someday open up new class specific effects. In particular, Magic Swordsman of the Epics was a growth type legendary class so he had more expectations. These expectations didn’t betray Grid.

Oral Tradition—simply put, this skill that raised an NPC or pet was necessary for Grid who had a high dependence on his colleagues.

‘Hayate is an Absolute yet even he feels his limits.’

No matter how strong he was alone, he needed colleagues to support him.

Colleagues should be strong together...

Grid’s face brightened as he thought for a long time.

He liked the new skill of Magic Swordsman of the Epics.

‘It is a pity that it is only one oral tradition per story but time can solve this problem.

I have to keep writing more secret stories.’

People who had loose mouths would be hated so the number of times it could be used was limited.

This much was compelling. Grid’s smile grew stronger as he analyzed it.

“I was worried you might be upset.

I’m glad.”

Hayate was relieved to see it. Grid replied politely, “Aren’t you giving me advice I’m happy to hear it.”

“Thank you for understanding.

Remember one thing.

Dragons aren’t targets to be fought.

They must be avoided.”

“I will keep that in mind...”

Even the great Tower of Wisdom didn’t say that they would subdue the dragon.

Their main task was to curb the emergence of the dragons.

‘I was too presumptuous.’

He declared that he would smash a dragon in front of a Dragon Slayer... 

The ashamed Grid suddenly became worried.

“One of my colleagues has a hostile relationship with a dragon.”

It was none other than Pon. Before meeting Grid, Pon had become hostile to Fire Dragon Trauka and was suffering from Trauka’s curse.

What type of events had he experienced during training Not long ago, Grid saw the power of curses on the East Continent and felt uneasy. Pon was on Trauka’s hostile list and it was the same for the Overgeared Guild and Overgeared Kingdom that he belonged to.

“Is there a possibility that the dragon might invade the Overgeared Kingdom one day”

“It is safe to say that there is no such possibility.

The dragons are obsessed with their own lairs.

They think it is a loss to leave to hunt a human.

No, they wouldn’t consider it in the first place.”

It was the same as Sticks’ opinion. 

Hayate once again warned Grid, “However, there is a possibility their attitude will change once they learn that a place contains many people they are hostile to.

Then they might leave their lair even if it is troublesome.

That’s why there are dozens of cloaking spells on the Tower of Wisdom.”

“It would be a disaster if the dragon becomes hostile to me as well.”

There was also Braham in the Overgeared Kingdom.

Braham had a history of stealing from Fire Dragon Trauka. If King Grid of the Overgeared Kingdom where Pon and Braham were located became hostile to Trauka then he would firmly stomp on them. Grid’s thoughts were far away while Hayate snapped his fingers. Hayate’s mental world was lifted and the night sky greeted Grid. Hayate checked the moon’s position and lightly pushed Grid.

“It is time to go to sleep.”

“Ah, yes.”

Grid activated the red phoenix’s heart.

He took a deep breath to relax his tension and finally used the new Storm of the Fire God. The biggest advantage of Storm of the Fire God was that it was activated immediately. There was no delay, unlike the days of the Storm Demonic Energy Field.

Huge flames suddenly covered the whole area. The divine flames and flames of willpower swirled quietly but strongly. Originally, this was the end of it but it was different now. There was a silver galaxy present in the world of red flames. It was sword energy. It was also infinite sword energy.


[Storm of the Fire God]

[You have realized the dignity of the newly born fire god.

-Field Effect 1-

[Divine Flames]

Unleash the latent flames in the Red Phoenix’s 9th Heart to form a storm of divine flames.

The storm will control a 200 meters radius area around the caster, increasing the healing effect of all allies (except the undead or demonkin targets), including the caster, by 20%.

It will also reduce the healing effect of all enemies by 50%.

Can’t be resisted.

Once a target with a reduced healing effect attempts to heal, ‘Rage of the Fire God’ will cause 15,000 fixed damage and will potentially reverse the healing effect.

If the race is an undead or demonkin, they will be subject to extreme damage in the storm’s rage. 

-Field Effect 2-

[Fire of Willpower] 

Strengthen the Storm of the Fire God with the formless will of Duke of Fire.

All enemies in the storm’s range will receive the ‘heart’ attribute damage proportional to the willpower and strength stat.

Fire damage that is proportional to the willpower and intelligence stats will be added.

The dual attribute damage will penetrate the defense and resistance of the target.

However, it can’t damage targets with the willpower stat.

The target will suffer a high chance of being burned and will suffer from a fall in willpower.

-Field Effect 3-

[Flood of Flames]

The longer the field is activated, the greater the range of influence.

The maximum is 300 meters.

-Field Effect 4-

Opens when the Red Phoenix’s 9th Heart grows.

-Field Effect 5-

Opens when the willpower stat reaches 2,000 points.

-Field Effect 6-

Opens when the race is changed to a half-god or god.

★ Special Effects ★

[Infinite Sword Energy]

You will get an infinite amount of sword energy when the field is active. 

The moment the field is activated, sword energy will be restored to the maximum and sword energy won’t be consumed for any skills that require it.

Resources consumed when the field is activated: 1,000 mana per second.

The time it takes to summon the field: Immediately.

Skill Cooldown Time: 20 minutes.]



It was full of power. Grid was swept away by the infinite sword energy within the Storm of the Fire God and felt like he was invincible. He was unable to control his excitement as the fighting energy around his body changed. It seemed to be swept away by the infinite sword energy and then went through the process of mixing and integrating. Grid had achieved his purpose.


[The fighting energy of the Hero King is fused with the infinite sword energy.]

[Due to fighting energy, the power of all skills that consume sword energy is increased by 20%.]

[From now on, fighting energy will always remain at 50.

This number will grow as your level rises.]

[Your body has suppressed fighting energy and is in harmony.]

[The Enlightenment effect is fully activated.

The experience acquisition formula has been revamped.]



He would never let go of the number one ranking until he died. Grid vowed as he was surrounded by Storm of the Fire God and a deeper purple-red fighting energy than before.


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