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Chapter 1223

‘I didn’t expect for this to happen...’

Grid’s visit to the Tower of Wisdom was because he wanted Biban’s help. He had hoped he would find clues to his bottlenecked progress and to gain permission to spread the Matchless Heart Technique. Yes, meeting the other tower members and completing the Tower’s Mission quest were just secondary purposes. To be honest, he was reluctant to meet the tower members.

Grid knew from experience so far how people who had built up their own beliefs for hundreds of years could devastate others. It was just like his first meeting with Braham and Biban.

Meeting the new tower members seemed likely to cause a tiring event and he was therefore reluctant to do so. Yet what was the reality

“How about it Will you accept my teachings for a while”


The nature and attitude of the tower members were too different from Grid’s expectations. They might take pride in themselves but they weren’t arrogant.

They knew how to respect others.

They showed their wisdom by focusing on what was behind the story rather than the facts in front of them. They were good people. They were respectable people.

Grid was convinced. ‘Nothing good will come from deceiving them.’

The Tower of Wisdom thought that the insane dragon iron was dangerous. They analyzed that the person who currently owned the insane dragon iron would destroy the world if it was misused. The one who owned the insane dragon iron was Grid.

‘They are people I can talk to.

I can trust them to listen to and consider my words if I tell them I can control the insane dragon iron.’

There was no eternal secret. He wouldn’t be able to handle it if he was later caught by the tower members and they felt angry and disappointed. It was better to be honest from the beginning. As Grid was thinking, Hayate felt troubled. “It seems that my suggestion has flustered you.

Excuse me.”

The Dragon Killing Sword—he was a bit perplexed that Grid didn’t respond even though he was trying to pass on the secret technique that had killed a dragon.

Rather, he was concerned that he had made a mistake based on Grid’s reaction. Grid looked at Hayate’s expression that was as colorful as his years and quickly rose from his seat.

Then he bowed politely and deeply.

“Hayate, in fact, I’ve been deceiving the Tower of Wisdom.”


“The owner of the insane dragon iron...

is me.

I already had the insane dragon iron before I knew the tower existed.”

Grid closed his eyes. It was to prepare for Hayate’s anger. Surprisingly, Hayate was quiet. There was no response after a long time and the puzzled Grid slowly opened his eyes and raised his head. Hayate stared straight at Grid and opened his mouth, “You must’ve been anxious all the time after learning that the insane dragon iron could destroy the world.”

“No, I have complete control over the insane dragon iron.”

Grid was sincere.

In the process of creating Greed using the insane dragon iron, he fully understood how to suppress the properties of the insane dragon iron.

That’s why he was confident.

“Why are you confessing this It wouldn’t matter if you had complete control and kept it a secret forever.”

“The tower showed me trust first so I thought it was right to give back this trust.”

“It is a rash confession.

From the standpoint of the tower, I can’t ignore the owner of the insane dragon iron.

I must recover the insane dragon iron.”

“Do you mean you can’t trust me”

“I trust you.

If I don’t believe in you who shares your life with the noble red phoenix, who in the world can I trust The problem is that the world isn’t easy.

How could there be only one or two people aiming for the insane dragon iron in the world”

“There are people aiming for the insane dragon iron”

“You should know that if the insane dragon irons grows beyond a certain amount, the magic power of the insane dragon iron will become stronger and it will be a target of all dragons.”


“It is natural for the world to perish once there is a conflict between dragons.

There are countless existences who want the world to perish.”

“Are you referring to the great demons as an example”

“It can also be a human or a god.

They were born with a grudge against the world.”


“There are so many who are going to deceive you or hurt you by targeting the insane dragon iron.

Or do you think you can forever defend the insane dragon iron from them”


Grid failed to answer. Greed was a class-specific item. Only Grid had the right to own and use it and there was no fear of it dropping upon death.

However, the small amount of insane dragon iron remaining after producing Greed was different. Grid was confident he could protect Greed but he couldn’t claim to be able to protect the insane dragon iron, which was separate from him. If so, what about the tower

“...What about the tower Are you saying the tower can defend the insane dragon iron” Grid hurriedly asked.

The answer was once again unexpected. “No.”


“We will block the danger by destroying it.”


“I will ask you bluntly.

What is the quantity of insane dragon iron left that isn’t fused with pavranium”

“……! Did you know about pavranium”

“Pagma, who pioneered his own path with a firm faith; Braham, who exceeded his limits with his hate-filled obsession; Muller, who was on the verge of turning all things in the world into a sword; and Madra, who had the strongest talent of all time in the east and west—the tower has paid attention to their activities.

It is because their presence was so huge.

It is impossible for us to not know that the Pagma and Braham created the great mineral pavranium.”


Hayate, whose expression had stiffened after Grid’s confession, started smiling again. “I knew it.

I’ve noticed that you’ve been intentionally hiding pavranium since I’ve never seen traces of pavranium anywhere in your armor.

I wondered about the reason why you had to hide it and I thought about the insane dragon iron.”

“You saw it...

I’ve already fused the insane dragon iron and pavranium into one and there’s only a small amount of insane dragon iron left.”

This was bad. Grid never dreamt that Hayate would know about the fusion of pavranium and insane dragon iron. Greed was in danger. He might need to separate pavranium and the insane dragon to give it to the tower.

‘I acted too rashy.’

Hayate bowed to Grid who was biting his nails nervously. “Thank you.”


“Thank you for telling me honestly and trusting in the tower.

Thanks to this, the tower was able to clear up even the smallest doubts about you.

I’m glad to make a new friend.”


“I will leave the insane dragon iron to you.

We don’t have the authority to take it away, especially if you have complete control over it.

Aren’t you the world’s greatest authority when it comes to minerals”

“Is it really okay What if someone takes away the insane dragon iron”

“The insane dragon iron that has already been fused with pavranium isn’t something that can easily be taken away by others.

The problem is the amount of insane dragon iron left unfused...

Didn’t you say it was only a small amount If you control it well, I have confidence that you won’t let the insane dragon iron multiply to that point.”


why do you trust me so much”

At this point, it was almost a burden. Hayate checked and refilled the empty mug of the anxious Grid and spoke hurriedly, “The reason I can trust you with a smile isn’t because I’m impressed by your power.”

The teacup was filled. The tea leaves in the teacup stopped shaking and became centered as the hot water filled up.

“Your epics where you fought for others and the world made me respect and trust you.

That’s all.

The reason I trust you is because you are you.”


Grid’s doubts and confusion cleared. He awakened from his complex thoughts and his wavering pupils became firm.

“I will reward your faith.”

The reason why Grid left a small amount of insane dragon iron behind was simple. It was with the vague idea that it would one day be reused. In fact, he didn’t have to leave it behind. Grid already had Greed. The role of the insane dragon iron could be replaced by Greed. However, the insane dragon iron couldn’t replace the role of Greed.

“Excuse me a moment.” Grid asked Hayate for his understanding and pulled out a portable furnace and white phosphorus wood.

He took out all the insane dragon iron he had and melted it in the fire. “There is no need for an object that is just harmful.

Isn't that right"


The words Grid spoke while working made Hayate realize that Grid was really serious. There were few normal people among legends and transcendents.

“Pant. Pant. Pant.”

On the 10th floor of the Tower of Wisdom... 

In the sacred space where the Dragon Slayer lived, the sound of the bellows echoed constantly. It was a scene that no one could’ve imagined.




“It isn’t the Dragon Killing Sword itself that I’m trying to teach you.”

Infinite sword energy was the basis for the development of the Dragon Killing Sword. Hayate was only going to teach Grid this much.

“It is because your heart still isn’t strong enough to bear the Dragon Killing Sword.

You might be swallowed by the Dragon Killing Sword while trying to control fighting energy.”

“I understand.

It is an honor to be taught anything.”

The sparring field was dyed all white. In this different dimension of space where the beginning and end were unknown, Grid found it hard to suppress the pounding of his heart. Humanity’s first legend—this was an opportunity to be taught by the Dragon Slayer, who was moving toward a myth...

it felt like his heart would burst.

Hayate pulled out the sword and gripped it. The sword energy that was released instantly formed a wave and dominated the space.

“The approach to energy varies from person to person.

Some people accumulated it and some borrowed it.

An easy example is the Matchless Heart Technique and Natural State.

Matchless Heart Technique is a method of accumulation while Natural State borrows it.

On the other hand, the Dragon Killing Sword—”

The sword energy gradually grew stronger. Hayate’s sword was dyed with a pure white brilliance.

“It is real visualization.

That’s why there are no restrictions.”


In Grid’s mind, the tragedy that befell Berith’s body came to mind. It was when he was cut by Sword Saint Kraugel’s Heart Sword.


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