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Chapter 1211

‘Are these real clones’

The higher the number of clones, the lower the quality of the clones. Every time a separate body was created and maintained, it would consume a lot of the caster’s magic power and concentration, so it was impossible to launch tactics with the separate body.

At first glance, Hwang Gildong summoned nearly 200 clones. All the clones running toward Grid had the same appearance but their behaviors and expressions were different.

At this point, it wasn’t a clone but a second and third Hwang Gildong.


Grid was about to launch Storm of the Fire God, only to groan and fail. The clones that jumped out from the thick bushes behind him grabbed his cloak and limbs.

This meant he missed the timing to draw a sword, let alone use a skill. Grid was disgusted as Hwang Gildong’s hands came through the gaps in his armor and he shouted, “Where are you touching”

“Uhuh! Stay still!”

“Haha! If you don’t like it then hand over the black tortoise hidden in your arms!”

“My heart is wide and hard!” 

Hwang Gildong’s clones were even more ridiculous.

They shouted different lines with different expressions. It was in real time. It was as if every clone had their own thinking ability. Grid felt more creeped out than admiration at the level of the clones he had never seen before but he tried not to show it.

He snarled and pushed away the face of the clone touching his chest.

“Damn! I’m not going to stay still!”

“Haha, what are you going to do with your whole body tied up”

The 200 Hwang Gildong who were smiling suddenly had stiff expressions. It was because they witnessed Grid’s black eye shining with a strange light.


The clones who grabbed at Grid stuttered or raised their clubs.

However, they didn’t wield them.

"I won’t allow your comfort!” Grid roared at the clones and triggered his evil eye. The only drawback to the ultimate evil eye, which blocked some of the target’s beneficial effects and had a low probability of blocking all the beneficial effects, was that it was uncontrollable.

Still, Grid had overcome this for a long time. 

The clones could be called a collection of beneficial effects because the utilization was endless. They were also beneficial effects of a single user.

This meant that no matter how many clones there were, all of them would disappear unless there were other overlapping buff skills. The concept of a clone itself meant it was a structure that couldn’t cope with the evil eye.

It was a mutual restraint.

All the clones in Grid’s view turned into straw dolls and fell down. The 200 Hwang Gildongs quickly became one.

“Huh...” Hwang Gildong couldn’t hide his surprise and let out an exclamation. “The evil eye who makes me follow providence.

It is also one of the best evil eyes in the world!”

“Hey, let go!”

Hwang Gildong’s main body was the one hanging from Grid’s waist. Hwang Gildong smiled as Grid pushed him away. “I heard that the evil eyes are a strange race that can’t get along with anyone.

Overgeared King Grid, how did you seduce the evil eyes’ king”

“Please try to guess it with your great intelligence.”

“Hrmm…” Hwang Gildong’s smile remained no matter how coldly he was treated.

He dominated the conversation with no displeasure. “You are definitely a great talent.

You proved it by resurrecting the red phoenix and returning from Chiaotzu alive.”

“I wasn’t fighting to show off my skills but thank you for the praise.”

“You aren’t trying to show off Then why did you fight”

“I naturally fought to resurrect the black tortoise.”

“Why would you want to when you’re an outsider”

“What does my country of origin matter when helping others”

“...In any case, you were a great help in the resurrection of the red phoenix and the black tortoise.

Thank you.”

“It is only half the black tortoise.”

“The problem will be solved if you hand me that black tortoise.

By killing the former black tortoise.

the faith that is accumulated will create a complete black tortoise again while focusing on the power of water.”

“The balance of the Four Auspicious Beasts will be broken! The black tortoise that has lost the power of destruction will no longer be the black tortoise!”

“Have you ever wondered how many people have been harmed by that power of destruction”

Hwang Gildong’s gaze shifted to Grid’s chest.

Grid was holding the black tortoise against his chest.

“The instinct of the former black tortoise who preserves nature by destroying human civilization is too extreme.

It isn’t practical at all just looking at the distant future.

Human civilization has been destroyed many times due to the power of destruction and became stagnant.

They were unable to develop and had to rely on the gods.

If there wasn’t the black tortoise then the yangbans wouldn’t have become the object of faith.”

“Did the black tortoise deliberately go out and destroy the city of humans”

“Of course not.

It is just that the small events that occurred due to the black tortoise’s existence weaved together, creating a new destiny and making humanity degenerate.”

Hwang Gildong stopped talking and stared at the black tortoise of death.

It was an attitude that showed it would be faster for the black tortoise to explain rather than Hwang Gildong talking.

『 ...This is what happened.

The somber-looking black tortoise showed Grid one of its numerous pasts.

It was a time when the Hwan Kingdom didn’t exist. It was a time when there was a shrine dedicated to the black tortoise on the peak of Mount Baekmi. The young king of Ancient Xing climbed Mount Baekmi to receive the blessing of the black tortoise.

It was to be blessed with the power of water and be energized.

However, the black tortoise breath not only had the power of water, it also had the power of destruction.

The young king was affected by it and lost his armor.

Then the assassins’ arrows flew and killed the young king. The sudden death of the king sparked a war in the Xing Dynasty.

The royalty of Xing killed each other in order to ascend to the vacant throne and civilization degenerated for 100 years.

『 This isn’t all.

The young hunter who visited with his sick mother on his back lost his bow and became tiger’s food after going down the mountain.

The middle-aged general who protected Xing’s people lost his sword and armor because of me and was killed by bandits while going down the mountain.

The black tortoise cherished and loved all humans equally but it didn’t understand the propensity of humans to split into sides and fight.

It never dreamed that its favor would lead humans to death.

『 I once saw people praying for rain and went down to the ground.

it was to moisten the land that had dried after a long drought.

The breath of the black tortoise restored the earth.

The withered grains were rejuvenated again and the people were no longer hungry. However, all the human civilization on the ground was destroyed and the people had to rebuild the city.

『 I...

The black tortoise, who had been communicating his thoughts directly to Grid’s mind, spoke for the first time. The moment its small mouth opened, a sad voice resonated at the scene.

『 I am useless.

I shouldn’t exist.

It is right.

The black tortoise’s voice sounded bleak. It was an emptiness that had lost its desire for life.


Hwang Gildong’s cheerful expression darkened for the first time but it was only for a moment. Hwang Gildong quickly managed his expression and spoke to Grid, who was looking down at the black tortoise of death, “Do you see Even the black tortoise admits it.”

At this moment...

“...No,” the silently bowing Grid opened his mouth, “there is no reason to give up your right to life just because of others.”

Strength entered Grid’s arms that were holding the black tortoise. The black tortoise saw it. Tears fell from Grid’s eyes and onto the ugly wounds carved on its back. “Your existence itself is a waste”

Grid recalled it. He used to always walk with his head bowed. Grid recalled the past experiences where people were disgusted by him due to his inability to study, work, or do sports. Was that something he had to go through After all, did they have the right to criticize and deny him

“Who decides that”


“It is too much to blame the people’s deaths on the black tortoise.

Why blame the black tortoise when they were the ones not prepared enough What did his guards do while the king was without his armor”

The others were also a problem. Why didn’t they keep their weapons and clothes somewhere else while they were being blessed

“How will you defend the destruction of the city”

“You said it resolved a drought.

At that time, people knew what type of existence the black tortoise was and they called for the black tortoise by praying for rain.

They were determined to make sacrifices to get what they wanted.”

“It isn’t the only time the black tortoise destroyed a city.”

“One time, ten times, or one hundred times! The people at the time were prepared and prayed first!”


“Shit! What shameless idea is it to rely on someone else first and then drive them to death if expectations aren’t met”

Grid stared at Hwang Gildong. Hwang Gildong was silent. His casual attitude made Grid even angrier.

It felt like he was yelling at a wall.

“Once the Five Seniors invaded the land, the black tortoise risked its life and fought! It fought to protect you, even though it meant gaining a wound that would never be erased!”


“Now the black tortoise isn’t needed so you’re going to kill it You are going to hurt its mind and body Are you still a person”

Grid was really, really furious. He empathized with the heart of the black tortoise, who fought to protect its loved ones. He could see the sadness of the black tortoise who kept being denied by the people it protected. Hwang Gildong had been silent as he allowed Grid to yell to his heart’s content.

Now he finally wondered, “Are you an old friend of the black tortoise”

“Today is the first time we met!”

“I think I know how you persuaded the evil eyes’ king.”


Hwang Gildong took off his bamboo hat. The hat was removed and a black mark on his forehead was revealed.

It was such a big wound that Hwang Gildong probably would’ve died if it was one centimeter deeper.

“Overgeared King Grid, I know enough about who you are.

Let’s stop now.”


“in the rich cities, find the biggest pavilion.

In the poor villages, find the smallest inn.

Then ask for the cuckoo meat.

The Chivalrous Robbers will help you.”


It was all acting To test him Grid felt displeased rather than relieved and Hwang Gildong shook his head.

“I was serious when I wanted to kill the black tortoise but that was when it didn’t have a strong helper like you.

No matter how unruly, how can I turn my back on an old god” Hwang Gildong sank to his knees.

He bowed to the black tortoise of death in Grid’s arms. “God Black Tortoise, please punish me for my disloyalty later when the Five Seniors are expelled and peace is restored to the world.”



Hwang Gildong got up and once again put on his bamboo hat.

He approached the altar behind him and took off the amulet he had secretly installed. Then a blue-shelled black tortoise appeared on the altar. It glanced between the black tortoise of death and Grid and seemed to be deeply moved.

Hwang Gildong said he would allow the black tortoise of death and water to reunite.

Then he warned Grid, “Unlike Maru, who hasn’t yet mastered the Black Tortoise Jewel, the yangban in the Pa Kingdom has completely transformed the White Tiger Spear into its own belonging.”

“Additionally, the yangban staying in Kaya and defending the Blue Dragon Dao is a monster who can embody the power of the Four Auspicious Beasts without the artifacts of the Four Gods.

For now, there is absolutely no chance you can win against them.

I recommend that you take a good rest and prepare for it.

There is no need to fret.

Due to you, the red phoenix and black tortoise have resurrected and the attitude of the Hwan Kingdom has become very careful.”

[Affinity with the leader of the Chivalrous Robbers, Hwang Gildong has increased by 20.]

[In the future, the Chivalrous Robbers will be favorable to you.]

A development that flowed the way this person wanted!

Grid was still in a perplexed state and Hwang Gildong whispered as he brushed past Grid, “Old Sword Demon is part of Kaya’s Mapae but he keeps going the wrong way if left unattended.

It is recommended to keep him as close as possible.

He is a human who becomes stronger the more difficulties he encounters, so there is fun when training him.”

Hwang Gildong took a big step and disappeared. It was different from the concept of Shunpo. His presence was completely gone with no trace of him on the horizon.

“It is Shukuchiho,” Old Sword Demon approached the amazed Grid and explained.

He gazed at the black tortoise of death running its cheek against Grid’s chest and urged him, “Don’t you have to reunite the black tortoises”

“Ah, t-that’s right.


Grid approached the altar, placed the black tortoise of death beside the black tortoise of water, and a brilliant light burst out.


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