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Chapter 1178

The child of Shizo Beriache who became a legend—Braham Eshwald, the greatest magician of all time, had experienced a wide variety of things in his life. Along with his obsession with knowledge, he was able to become the Duke of Wisdom because he studied through experience.

Yes, countless people praised Braham’s knowledge.

No one could deny that his level of knowledge was the best in the world. However, there was an interesting fact—it was extremely rare for anyone to say that Duke of Wisdom Braham was wise. The arrogant and passionate Braham had a lot of knowledge and experience but he often let his emotions get ahead of his sense of reason.

‘Doing something like this again!’

Grid was filled with worry, not joy, when Braham inserted the spears of light into the yangbans. Grid remembered—this time, Braham had promised to follow Grid’s will. He would protect the house like a dog...

Braham had said exactly that. It was dangerous for Braham to follow Grid to the East Continent when the power of the Hwan Kingdom and the condition of the East Continent couldn’t be fully measured. He knew his death would hurt Grid and promised to remain on the West Continent.

‘Then why did he come now’

Grid viciously scowled at Braham. He resented Braham for not believing in him and breaking the promise. The fallen yangbans stood up and rushed toward Braham.

“N...!” Grid trembled and raised his ragged body. He attempted to use Shunpo to help Braham, regardless of his condition, but he failed.


Poison spread around Braham and the poisoned yangbans lost their momentum and fell, bleeding and with foam coming out of their mouths


Grid’s mind was filled with confusion. Braham was one of the strongest legends but that was a story of when he was in his prime. The present Braham was greatly weakened while both yangbans were in the realm of a half-god. The fact that a half-god was poisoned wasn’t convincing.

‘Are they yangbans who haven’t passed Chiyou’s test yet’

No, that wasn’t it. His high insight stat told him that Garam’s skills might be better but in terms of ‘status,’ they were equal to Garam. Nevertheless, they were poisoned.

‘Don’t tell me’

Grid had a creepy hypothesis and confirmed Braham’s details.


[Name: Braham Eshwald 

Race: A true blood vampire who has lost his eternal life

Class: Legendary Great Magician


Title: Duke of Wisdom


Title: One who Became a Legend


Title: Master of Mana


Title: Resurrected


Title: Myth Usurper

* You have defeated the hydra, who has taken part in many myths, and engraved your name onto every myth it appeared in.

(the mythical hydra has the formula ‘later beaten by Braham’.)

* You are qualified to upgrade your class rating to ‘myth.’

* The special stat ‘Deity’ is opened.

* Attack power and magical attack power will significantly increase during battles with mythical monsters.

* If you encounter a mythical presence, there is a normal probability of overwhelming them.

Title: Embraced the Hydra’s Poison

* You have analyzed the hydra’s deadly poison, which contains death for a mortal and eternal pain for immortals, and melted it into your mana.

Although it isn’t comparable to the deadly poison of the hydra, it is unique to the world. 

* The power of all poison-based magic has greatly increased and there is a very high probability of ignoring the target’s poison resistance.

Level: 500 (▼)

Strength: 178   Stamina: 2,190

Agility: 607    Intelligence: 9,210

Dignity: 3,511    Insight: 5,943

Willpower: 7,800

* It is a body that is recovering after hundreds of years but Braham will adapt quickly.

Up to level 600, the experience gained is increased by 2000%.


* Currently considers everyone as insignificant apart from player ‘Grid’ and his family.

Players outside of ‘Grid’ can’t build up affinity with him.]



Gaining 100 levels in such a short time

‘Did he annihilate the Gauss army by himself Eh’

Grid, who suspected a bug after seeing Braham’s unbelievable growth, checked the list of titles again.

‘Hydra He entered the Abyss’

Myth Usurper was a higher-grade title than the Glimpsed the Myths title held by Grid.

Grid noticed this fact and his heart jumped significantly. A deep emotion that other people couldn’t understand swept over him.


I’m not alone.’

It had been since declaring he would become a god—Grid hadn’t shown it but he had been worried he would become a solitary entity. He had a nightmare of being alone in a world where no one else was present. Then at this moment, all his anxiety was washed away. He had an eternal companion in Braham. This person would remain by his side. Braham gained the title Myth Usurper and seemed to be telling him so.

Grid was feeling emotional when Garam leapt forward. As if Grid wasn’t present, he flew in Braham’s direction, holding the short spear in a reverse hold against his chest. A chill went down Grid’s spine. It was because this was the operation of the sword used by Grid in the auto state created with Keen Insight.

“Braham! It is dang...!”

It was before Grid’s warning could be completed. There was a flash of lightning as Garam appeared in front of Braham and wielded his short spear. It was a confusing blow from Braham’s point of view. From his perspective, Garam looked empty-handed only to suddenly stab him.

Thus, Braham’s reaction was somewhat slow.

Tricking the opponent by hiding the weapon—the move used just a few minutes earlier by Grid in Keen Insight mode was now used by Garam and it caught Braham’s ankle. The basics of spearmanship followed. Stab at a straight line from the shortest distance, followed by a succession of stabbings.

This quickly forced Braham onto the defensive. He desperately tried to protect himself by casting shields but continued to be pushed back before he could chant spells that would cause a reversal.

“It is called compatible natures.

You are just like a scarecrow if your mouth and hands are sealed,” Garam arrogantly spoke like he was teaching. Then a smile appeared on the face of Braham, who had been deploying shields with a flustered expression. It was a smile that contained the height of arrogance that surpassed even Garam’s.

“You are naive, unlike Pagma.

The yangbans aren’t cunning at all.

No, aren’t they stupid”

“...” Was this person associated with Pagma Garam narrowed the gap.


“Earth Break.”

“Ice Wall.”

“Giga Raiden.”

Braham’s voice echoed. Braham was indeed intertwined with Garam but it was actually an illusion.

His voice came from all over the place like he had dozens of bodies. It was the active use of Alarm magic.


Some areas of the ground became slippery while others turned upside down.

Then a huge flash of lightning fell from the sky the moment Garam was trapped in an ice barrier. Originally, it was magic that should’ve been absorbed by the Blue Dragon Breath.

However, the atmosphere caused by the ice barrier raised Garam’s suspicion. Garam used Shunpo to escape from the ice wall and stood in the sky. The entire view of the palace, which had been reduced to a stage of war, was captured in his vision. It was to find Braham’s body. However, he couldn’t sense Braham anywhere. He just detected a heat that seemed to burn his skin.

“...!” The startled Garam used Shunpo again but it was too late. A huge explosion struck Garam. Garam appeared almost simultaneously on the ground due to Shunpo. The majesty of a half-god could barely be found because all the skin torn open by Grid’s preceding onslaught was now blackened or bruised. Garam realized that he had been misled and stared at Braham. “It turns out that you’re like a demonkin who relies on deception.”

“If it was Pagma, he would’ve started to feel suspicion from the moment I showed a gap and would’ve escaped the trap.

Now that I see you, I think I understand why Pagma left the Hwan Kingdom.

He fled to the West Continent because he was frustrated with living with ignorant and inferior people.”

“You...!” Garam’s eyes rolled because of the words.

“In the end, it is all because of you guys!” However, it was Braham who was furious.


“You released that damn bastard Pagma onto the West Continent! Pathetic bastards! My life was ruined because of you!!”


Garam was puzzled by the unexpected words but still moved. He had already fully penetrated Braham’s combat style.

‘He is someone who dominates the battlefield by predicting the enemy’s path and laying traps.

I can’t get caught up in his way.’

He didn’t have to be caught in the trap. It was a problem that would be resolved if he avoided the direction created by this opponent.

‘I have to close in using Shunpo at an unpredictable moment and hit him.’

Duguen. Duguen.

Garam heard the unfamiliar sound of his heart beating loudly. The awkward tension was unpleasant and he struggled to maintain his composure. He didn’t want to admit it but this silver-haired man was great. He didn’t use the excuse that he had been too injured by Grid or that he was being held back by the red phoenix’s curse. He would’ve never been vigilant even if he was in perfect condition.

‘So how long are you going to stay still’

Garam stood away from Braham and stared at his brothers, who were still trembling with blue faces. They were also half-gods. They were immortals who could drive out poison at any time, regardless of the curse of the red phoenix. Garam felt irritated because they continued to act pained instead of expelling the poison.

He thought they were playing tricks to get out of a troublesome fight. His patience reached the limit and he finally directed killing intent toward his brothers. One of them cut off his poisoned right arm while the other cut off his poisoned ankle and shouted at Garam, “Endure! Harang is traversing the Cho Kingdom just like us! She will notice this and come here soon!”


Garam’s expression was stiff. Through the scene of his brothers cutting off their arm or feet because they failed to drive out the poison, Garam realized that the silver-haired man’s skills were higher than expected. However, there was someone who was even more nervous and anxious and it was Grid.

“Sigh... Sigh...”

As Braham was buying time, Grid regained some of his stamina.

He took deep breaths as he approached the center of the battlefield.

‘There is no guarantee that Braham will win.’

Grid knew Braham’s character. He enjoyed trampling one-sidedly against his enemy instead of fighting them and didn’t use high grade magic. Braham was the one who used basic magic to destroy Tallos, who was Amoract’s agent in the Yatan Church. Now it was different.

He used great magic from the beginning and consumed two high grade spells while dealing with Garam. For Braham, who was qualified to be a myth, the yangbans weren’t easy opponents. What if a new yangban joined this situation Braham would die.


[The time remaining to the resurrection of the red phoenix is 39 minutes.]


‘I need to give Braham some time to run away.’

Braham wasn’t the one who promised to resurrect the red phoenix and defend the Cho Kingdom. Braham had no obligation to sacrifice himself. Above all else, Grid regarded Braham’s survival as more important than the resurrection of the red phoenix.


Grid attracted the attention of the yangbans by summoning Noe, who he hadn’t used so far, and commanded the light elemental to use Flash.

“Grid,” Braham faced Grid with the yangbans between them and spoke meaningful words, “your greatest strength is your virtue.”



The moment Grid was feeling confused, a certain roar was heard beyond the outer walls of Kars. It was a familiar cry for both Grid and the yangbans.

“The red phoenix”

Everyone’s eyes shifted over the outer wall. Then they witnessed something with their transcendent vision. They saw a woman pulling a bow and summoning the image of the red phoenix while her colleagues helped her. They had just arrived at Kars and blocked the way of the yangban Harang.

“Your parents! They only have 50 more years to live!”

Some lunatic was yelling bull** at Harang. Hanul, who had existed since the chaos before the beginning, would only live for the next 50 years. How dare a mere human judge the lifespan of an absolute god! It was clear that these words of profanity couldn’t be forgiven, even if they wouldn’t have an impact on Hanul.

The furious Garam and the other yangbans gritted their teeth. Their aggro that was focused on Braham finally turned to the lunatic in the distance, Huroi. It was an ultra long-range wide-area aggro that crossed the scope of common sense.

“Looking away” Braham cast magic toward Garam’s party.

“I won’t forgive... Ugh” Harang, who should’ve joined Garam’s party, was blinded by Huroi’s words and was chasing after him when she was shot by Jishuka’s arrow.

“It hurts... What An attack from a human”

“Don’t be so pretentious.

All my friends here are at least stronger than me.

You will be outstripped here.”

“Hey, hey, Jishuka.

She is still a god so you should be polite.

What do you mean by outstripped”

“You still have a tough mouth.

Rather than getting married, can you even have a relationship Anyone with a tough mouth, regardless of whether they are a man or a woman, won’t be popular with the opposite sex.”

“Do you want to become toilet paper”

The meritorious retainers who had gone through a long period of training gathered around Jishuka. There was only one reason why they crossed the Red Sea when they should be busy preparing for the National Competition—it was to help Grid. They couldn’t turn away from Grid after witnessing the unusual epic.

“God Grid! We have come!!”

The battlefield entered a new phase with Peak Sword’s cry. Grid had a gut feeling...

‘This is the end.’

The red phoenix would be resurrected and the Cho Kingdom would be protected.


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