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“The opponent is a hydra! A hydra!”

The hydra wasnt just a monster, it was believed to be created by Evil God Yatan and had a level of regeneration that made it impossible to kill and poison that even a god feared. There were all types of legends and myths about it and it was beyond transcendent.

“Will you fight against a monster that has become a mythical being through the accumulation of lore You...! You!! Stop it and go back now!”

The hydras venom deals death to mortals but it brings eternal suffering to immortals. A long-forgotten god was poisoned by the hydra and it was so painful that he begged for death.

He barely managed to die after thousands of years of hard work to be forgotten by humanity.

This was why Goldhit was having seizures. The hydra was even more sinister for immortals.

Braham whispered, “Do you know why the hydra doesnt die”


“It was because it hasnt met me.”


Did he think he could get rid of a mythical being It was an absurd delusion. Goldhit was looking at Braham with disbelief when she became shocked. A whirlwind of magic was rising around Braham. All the mana in here that had accumulated for eternity was responding to Brahams Mana Drain.

“Im the only one who can blow up all nine heads at the same time.”

He didnt like it but Braham had to admit it—it was a fact that he had a high probability of losing if he confronted Sword Saint Muller. Brahams honest analysis was that it was hard to resist the Sword Saints spirit with his image world, his infinite number of mana shields would be shredded by the Sword Saints sword energy, and it would be difficult to fight back properly when there was a gap between spells.

It was called compatible natures. Their nature was very important. This was why Braham was convinced that he had a thorough advantage when confronting the hydra.

“Look at this large-scale magic that shows not a single gap.” 

The darkness behind Braham started to crack. The transcendent magic was breaking even something that couldnt be destroyed.

‘I-Is this real Goldhits eyes widened. Putting aside her wickedness, she was excited by the fact that she could actually see great magic. If she was honest, she had been more thrilled than angry when Brahams Meteor destroyed the Tower of Eternity.

‘Legendary great magic that can destroy even a hydra!

Ahh, she wanted to explore the pinnacle. Yes, this was a good thing. Since she became a lich and enjoyed eternal life, she should take this as an opportunity to pursue the pinnacle... 

It was the moment when Goldhit abandoned despair and felt aspiration. The scales shining like a noctilucence stone filled their vision and a tearing sound resonated in their ears.


The legendary great magic was activated. The darkness was destroyed. Through the dark shards of glass, a monster with nine heads could be seen glowing red. A monster that led even a god to death... The nine heads were ripped off simultaneously and collapsed with a roar.


The destructive power was more than the legend described. Goldhit was thrilled by the power of the great magic that was beyond her imagination while Braham laughed.

“Kukuk! Kuhahahahat!”



His laughter echoed in the turbulent Abyss. At this moment, Braham was filled with excitement beyond what Goldhit felt. It was natural. He had eliminated the mythical presence with his own hands. It wasnt something that the damn Pagma, Sword Saint Muller, the Undefeated King, and even Braham himself in his prime, was capable of.

There was only one reason it was possible. It was because he borrowed the vast mana in the Abyss, which had accumulated over eternity. Braham was able to exert powers that were beyond his prime. It was even superior to when he drained the mana from the Red Sea. It was the greatest strike in his life and something he was never capable of again.

“A-Amazing...! It is amazing! Truly amazing!” Goldhit let out sincere exclamations of admiration. She even reused the honorifics that she had omitted ever since she was unexpectedly killed by Braham.

Braham stopped laughing and closed his eyes as his laughter echoed in his ears. He could clearly feel it. It was his own growth. No, it was evolution.


How much time had passed By the time Braham had fully checked his physical condition and opened his eyes again, the echoes had come to an end.

“It is a bit disappointing,” he muttered as he searched around him with mana. The mana that had filled this place for eternity had vanished. It was the aftermath of Braham absorbing the darkness and using it as a magic resource. If he visited the Abyss again in the distant future, he wouldnt be able to use such powerful magic again.

In honor of the ultimate strike that could never be accomplished again, Braham flew close to the hydras corpse. Poison was being emitted from the nine headless necks, causing more damage to the shattered ground.


Braham experimentally deployed mana shields over the scattered rocks and confirmed that the virulent poison had penetrated the shield to melt the rocks. Goldhit was interested in the poison that didnt lose potency even after the hydra died but Braham had no interest. “It is the same piece of meat when dead.”

Sure enough, it was best not to die. Braham reached an unusual conclusion and threw Goldhits head high into the air.


Goldhit had been full of aspiration only to once again be filled with despair. She shuddered as she started to fall into a pool of deadly poison and Braham asked her, “Do you know why I left your mana core in my image world”


“It doesnt matter how full of aspirations you are, it doesnt matter how much you die.”


“Even if the world perishes, you wont be destroyed.”


Goldhits head fell into a puddle of poison. It was the worlds most atrocious pain and indescribable in words.

It spilled into Goldhits skin, her nerves, blood, bones, and brain in no time. Even so, she didnt die.

She couldnt even scream. 

Braham spoke bluntly as she stared at him with eyes full of resentment and begging, “This is revenge for my disciple.”


“Didnt you eat Lilis”


“I noticed with one glance that Lilis mana core, which had been captured alive, was attached to your mana core.”


“You are worse than a parasite.

You havent accomplished anything with your magic power or body.

You have only relied on taking things away from others.”

Braham reached into the air and pulled something out. It was Goldhits mana core. Goldhits entire life, which had been locked in Brahams inner world, was revealed in front of Goldhit. This was Goldhits last hope and Braham shattered that hope. Lilis mana core attached to Goldhits was separated and destroyed. Lilis soul wouldve found freedom.

‘Stupid person.

Braham threw Goldhits mana core back into his image world and recalled the centuries old past. There was a child who became his fourth disciple due to his useless compassion. He clearly knew this child wasnt talented enough to use enhanced magic but he still taught the child. Braham felt the hatred and sorrow in the childs eyes resembled himself.

‘You pretended to be strong but you didnt change after all.

You suffered in your later years.

It was a truly pathetic person.

‘It isnt enough to treat a person like me as a teacher.

You even took this son of a bitch as a disciple.

Once you are reborn, be my disciple again. Your life will be different. I will surely find you and give you a better life.

Braham murmured as he escaped the venom and collected the hydras by-products. Finally, he didnt even glance at Goldhit as he approached the two doors. They were doors that had been covered by the hydras giant body. He felt a terrible demonic power from the left door and hundreds of millions of thoughts from the right door. They were the thoughts of all those living on the East Continent.


As he approached the right door, the mass of thoughts finally exceeded the capacity of Brahams brain and emotions. It was greater than the pain of the hydras venom but Braham endured it and opened the door. Grid was beyond this.


Grid didnt make the habit of leaning on luck. Due to his good luck stat, his luck had improved but he would fall down at every important moment and break his nose. Thus, he was wondering if it would happen again this time. At the time when the crisis called Garam was approaching, Grid was worried that he would fail to enhance the Red Phoenix Breath. The result was...

[The Red Phoenix Breath has been strengthened!]

Fortunately, it was a success.

“Hah...” The tension that had been maintained throughout his work was released at once and he lost the strength in his legs. Grid stumbled and was about to fall down when he recovered his spirit. He had no time to rest. He had to quickly resurrect the red phoenix and recreate the Ideal Longsword that he lost after being killed by Garam. The Quick Movements buff attached to it was a necessity. Furthermore, he had guests to meet.

“May I come in” The Cho kings voice was heard outside the smithy. Signs of human existence had been felt for a while. The Cho king and his ministers had already been gathered in front of the smithy for an hour, waiting for Grid. It was just that they couldnt approach due to the sound of hammering and the heat.

“Come in.”

The moment Grids answer was heard, the Cho king and his ministers poured in. Their appearance was miserable. Their faces were filled with anxiety and fear and they were covered with blood. Even the Cho king was in a disorderly state.

It seemed the resistance of the Hwan Kingdom followers was very strong. “Is the revival of the red phoenix ready now”

“Yes, it is all over.”


Finally, everything was ready but the kings expression wasnt bright. It might be for their future and time was running out, but his heart ached because he hurt his people with his own hands. Still, he couldnt afford to feel guilty now. 

The Cho king made a steadfast expression and followed Grid out of the smithy. A red carpet led to an altar in the garden with nothing around it. It was an altar that the Cho king had set up while Grid was working. Grid didnt delay. He took out the Red Phoenix Bow where the Spirit of a Sacred Creature Resides and infused the Red Phoenixs breath into it.


The heart of the forgotten god stirred. The Red Phoenix Bow started to pulsate as divine flames rose around it.



The ministers and officials, who had been dubious despite standing by the Cho kings side, were tearful. They were born and raised in the Cho Kingdom and instinctively knew—this warm aura was exactly like the aura that could be felt anywhere in the Cho Kingdom.

The guardian god who protected them and their ancestors was the red phoenix. The Red Phoenix Bow beating on the altar roared and released a column of fire. It was a huge column of fire that could be seen throughout the Cho Kingdom. The sky glowed and vitality started to circulate through the ground. All of the people of the Cho Kingdom were engulfed in unknown emotions as they were on the verge of a reunion with the forgotten god.

On the other hand, Grids expression was rotten.

[Most of the sealed power of the Red Phoenix Bow where the Spirit of a Sacred Creature Resides has been restored.

However, the red phoenix is so deeply asleep that it cant easily open its eyes.]

[There is 1 hour and 29 minutes remaining before the red phoenix opens its eyes.]

[Protect the Red Phoenix Bow so that the red phoenix can safely wake up.]


No one liked defense-style quests. This was because most defense quests pushed participants to the limit.


Suddenly, there was an explosion and the surprised Grid flew into the sky. He was concerned as he watched the explosion but he couldnt figure out what was going on because the distance was too far away. However, Grid wasnt alone.



Noe appeared with spread out legs and became Grids eyes.

“I-It is Garam! Garam is killing the soldiers!”

The Cho kings desperate voice was heard from the ground.

“It is said that Garam is breaking in through the outer door! I will personally lead an army to face him so hurry with the resurrection of God Red Phoenix!”

The divine flames were becoming so grandiose that the Cho king and his ministers could feel it. They knew that time was needed for the red phoenix to be fully resurrected and was prepared to fight to the death for their kingdom. However, they werent Garams opponents. Garam would thoroughly annihilate them. 


Now it was 1 hour and 28 minutes remaining. Was it possible to hold on It was naturally impossible. Even when he used Request to Stand With Me at the rabbit community, he had lasted less than 20 minutes. Nevertheless, he was the only one who could tie up Garams feet.

Grid worried for a moment before taking off the skin mask. He was prepared to die. If he hid or fled, there would be no way to escape the quest failure and destruction of the Cho Kingdom.

Thus, he would sacrifice his life for even a small hope.

“I will lure Garam to another place.

Protect the Red Phoenix Bow in case of another attack.”

“W-Wait! Why are you going so far”

Grid didnt turn his head when he heard the perplexed Cho king and lamenting officials. He just turned in Garams direction and answered, “I promised to help you.”


Grid disappeared with a flash of lightning.

The Cho king, his ministers, and all the warriors and soldiers, had red eyes as they bit their lips. The Cho king was the first one to restrain the warriors who wanted to chase after Grid. He was deeply angry at his incompetence and ordered with tears in his eyes, “Bring all the daoists and scholars of Kars here while the king from the west buys some time.

We will do our best to help God Red Phoenix wake up faster.”



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