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Chapter 117

This was the best development for Grid.

‘Isnt this the best financial backer!

He would become the husband of a lady, which meant he could abuse his authority and intercept some taxes.

Winston had grown to be one of the cities representing the Eternal Kingdom.

The taxes collected here were enormous.

He would be rich if he could obtain even a portion of it.

In addition, Irene was the successor of a prestigious noble family.

If he married her, he could become a high-ranking noble, not just rich.

‘I can simultaneously get riches and power.

More than anything else…

Irene was pretty.

She had shiny silver hair.

She had big eyes that were slightly curved.

Her mouth was always smiling and she had a small nose.

Grid got a really gently impression from her.

She was famous for her excellent character and was the best female, except that her breasts were average in size.

Grid had no reason to refuse.

But there was still something he had to consider.

“Just now, didnt My Lord consider me as a fraud Now you are suddenly telling me to take your daughter as my bride… Are you serious”

Earl Steim explained to Grid who was watching suspiciously.

“There is only one person in history who is the best blacksmith and strongest swordsman.

He was Pagma.”


“The sword dance you used is very similar to Pagmas swordsmanship described in the legends.

No, you arent a con artist.

You are certainly Pagmas Descendant.”

“Its enough that I am Pagmas Descendant”

“Thats right! It is enough! Rather, its the main reason!”

Grid moved his gaze and looked at Irenes reaction.

Her face was flushed but the smile indicated that she was feeling positive towards this.


Grids mouth watered.

After the bad ending of his first love, he thought he would never have a relationship with a woman again.

But now he had a chance with Irene! Some people would laugh and say they were just NPCs in a game, but Satisfy was like another reality, not a game.

Satisfys NPCs were just like humans in all respects, from their emotions, thoughts, bodies and physiological needs.

Grid was so thrilled that he shed tears of joy.

‘I am finally going to get rid of my virgin status…!

It was a great opportunity to get rid of his unwanted virgin status that he had kept for 27 years.

At the same time, his status would rise and he would become rich.

Grid absolutely couldnt miss this opportunity of a lifetime.

But there was one problem.

‘I want to marry her straight away and start the first night… But I need to proceed with the class quest… I also need to continue working at the smithy.

Grid explained the situation.

“I… It is a great honor that I can marry a beautiful and caring lady like Irene.

However, it is difficult to marry now because I have a personal matter.

In addition, I would like to keep working as a blacksmith after our marriage… Is it okay for the son-in-law of a noble family to be a mere blacksmith”

“Isnt Pagmas Descendant supposed to be a blacksmith It isnt your fault that you have to do a blacksmiths job.

Rather, it is something to be proud of.

The marriage schedule will be set at a comfortable time for you.”

“This cant be!”

Bland, who had been unable to lift his head after his defeat to Grid, couldnt bear it anymore and shouted.

“Lord! He is a corrupt being! He has the curse of the gods.

He will revive again after dying, and he will never grow old! In other words, he cant be described as a human! Are you really going to accept him as your son-in-law”

Corrupt was one of the titles that Satisfys NPCs used to refer to users.

In the NPCs point of view, users who couldnt grow old or die werent humans.

So, NPCs considered users to be cursed by the gods.

However, there were many NPCs who thought the opposite.

It was the case with Earl Steim.

“Why is eternal life a curse Rather, isnt it a blessing I dont think of them as corrupt, but blessed beings.

They have certainly received the love of the gods.

I am glad that the man who will be my daughters groom is loved by the gods.”

Bland gritted his teeth.

“Blessing Youre mistaken! Imagine how Irene will feel growing old alone! How sad and lonely will Irene be My Lord, right now you are caught up in greed and dont care about Irene at all!”

“Its a matter for both of them to deal with.

We shouldnt be quarreling about it.”

Irene nodded, “Thats right.

Sir Bland, I like Mr.



Grids appearance might not change for the rest of my life, but I can cope when I am sad or alone.

I want to be with Mr.



In fact, over the past few years, Bland had confessed to Irene a few times.

But Irene never considered Bland in that way and he was forced to give up on her.

He chose to become a knight of her family and watch her from a distance.

He sincerely wished for Irene to meet with a great man and be happy.

However, the man she selected was a corrupt being!

‘I dont know how this is possible… Is being Pagmas Descendant great enough to transcend his status

Pagma was a legend.

Bland knew that Pagma was a great figure.

However, Grid was the person who inherited Pagmas abilities, not Pagma himself.

He was clearly worse than Pagma.

Bland wanted to prove that fact.

If he could defeat Grid, Pagmas Descendant would seem like a separate entity from Pagma.

Then maybe Earl Steim would change his mind.

Bland once again grasped his sword.

“Grid! I want to reapply for a duel.”

Bland had been careless before.

If they fought again, he could get better results than before.

Bland believed this and strengthened his abilities with all types of buffs.

He combined the techniques passed on by Earl Steim with Storm Sword.


The storm generated by Blands magic made the carpet and decorations shake.

In the midst of this mess, Blands sword emitted a powerful force.

The energy was so intense and harsh that Irene was wounded when retreating.

“Sir Bland! Stop!” Irene shouted at him, but Bland was stubborn.

‘I will defeat this guy!

This was his sacred duty.

He would cut off the bond that would make the woman he loved unhappy.



Blands body used the storm as a booster engine and quickly approached Grid.

Grids face distorted.

‘You want to come again This kid doesnt understand who he is going against.

Grid could use Restraint to block him from attacking, could avoid Bland with Fly or defend using pavranium.

But Grid chose to go head on.

He intended to show Bland the difference in attack power, so that Bland couldnt come again.

“Pagmas Swordsmanship, Kill!”


Intense hate was focused on Dainsleif and collided with Blands storm blade in front of him.

At the same time, the shockwave shattered the pillars and inner walls supporting the room, and the ceiling collapsed instantly.

“Bland, you!”

Blands actions caused Irene to be seriously hurt.

Earl Steim was furious after barely rescuing Irene from the blast.

“You wounded Irene! You have forgotten your duties! My own daughter…!”

Earl Steim stopped in the middle of his words.

Bland had already collapsed.

On the other hand, Grid had no wounds.

He just had a few pieces of his clothes torn off.

Grid identified that Irene was in Earl Steims arms and said with a sad expression.

“My Lady was hurt because of me.”

Earl Steim shook his head, “Why is this because of you Its my fault.

In the first place, I suspected you and caused this to happen.

I was too rude.

Im sorry.”

Earl Steim apologized.

Nobles had high pride.

Nobles had no reason to bow down to a person lower than them.

But Earl Steim could honestly apologize because he valued responsibilities more than his fellow peers.

‘Hes a better father-in-law than I thought.

Grid felt pleased as he asked Earl Steim, “If you are sincerely sorry, can I ask you for one favor”

Earl Steim smiled at Grids words.

‘He isnt an easy person… Truly the descendant of a legend.

He liked that ambition.

Earl Steim nodded.

“In the first place, you deserve a reward for creating the Sword of Self-transcendence and rescuing Irene.

Yes, whatever you want.

I will do my best.”

“I heard that Earl Steim has a good relationship with the Rebecca Church.

I need to see the pope of the Rebecca Church… Can you write an introduction for me I might be able to meet the pope if I have your introduction.”

Earl Steim nodded.

“I understand.

Arent you the one who defeated Malacus The pope will gladly welcome you.”

After that, the banquet was cancelled due to the turmoil.

Grid left the castle after agreeing to marry Irene and receiving the letter of introduction.

There was someone waiting for him when he returned to Khans smithy.

“Are you Grid”

It was a man with a strong body and tattoos on both cheeks that were reminiscent of animal claws.

His grey hair rose into the sky like he had been struck by lightning, attracting the eye.

His ID wasToon. He was one of the six new rankers who joined the Tzedakah Guild not long ago after passing a high strength test.

He commanded Grid.

“I heard you are a great blacksmith Make a weapon for me.

Do you know the one who smashed the Giant Guild on the street before I want to fight him, but I think I need a better weapon first.

So make me a weapon.

I will use my new weapon to fight that person.

Kyaaack~ spit!”

Toon spat while talking, looking like a typical neighbourhood gangster.

Grid was reminded of the Mothers Heart is Happy employees who harassed him.

Grid glared at him like he wanted to kill Toon.

“Do you know where you are spitting right now”

“Hah Hahahat!”

Toon blinked at Grids words.

He checked the guild information window and saw that the blacksmiths level was in the early 100s, so he couldnt help finding it cute.

“Hey, your blacksmith skills are great so you can join any guild… But I am different.

The reason I joined the guild was to approach that butcher.

I will leave the guild immediately after fighting him.

Do you understand Do you know the atmosphere now Unlike the others, Im not going to curry favor with you.

If you dont want to die, make me a weapon quickly.

Eh~ Kyaack! Spit!”


The six new guild members didnt know that Grid was the helmeted person who destroyed the Giant Guild.

It was because the guild wasnt willing to leak information about Grid to those they couldnt trust yet.

“Hey, do you know the ID of that butcher The other guild members wont speak no matter what I ask.

Why do they need to hide it from me It is just a bother trying to find him… Kyaaack~~ spit!”

Grids patience reached its limit.

Ah… He was tired from acting nice in front of nobles, and an annoying bastard now appeared in front of him.

“Hey, you


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