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“It is too bad.

Its really disappointing.”

The Koreans watching the videos of the war between the Overgeared Kingdom and Gauss Kingdom were sighing. The bigger Grid became, the more people expressed their regret.

Their age group was also significantly higher. They were in the mid-50s to early 70s. This was the generation that witnessed and experienced the days when South Korea reigned as the pinnacle of e-sports.

“A gamers best days are short...”

There was a time when South Korea won games whenever a competition was held. The time when they were disgraced and condemned for being the runner-up at competitions did exist. However, this golden age was short. The e-sports myth of South Korea ended in 15 years after succumbing to the power of capital of the United States, Europe, and China.

As talented people born and raised in South Korea started pouring their passions and talents in overseas league matches, the level of overseas games quickly overtook South Korea. By the time Satisfy was released years later, South Korea had already fallen into a position where it was considered acountry weak in gaming.

Then five years ago, a comet called Grid appeared. Grid brought up memories for those in their 50s, 60s, and 70s who had to gradually move away from games to become someones parents.

He resurrected the glory of the past and restored the pride that the people lost.

This was a virtual reality game played by two billion people. Satisfy had developed into a market many times larger than soccer, baseball, basketball, and rugby combined and South Koreans were happy in the past few years thanks to Grid. Nevertheless, the generation that had already lost its glory once knew that someones era couldnt last forever.

“He should be active when he is still in his prime...”

“Thats right...”

Compared to other sports, gaming had a very short heyday for players.

Usually, those who were in their mid-20s were considered to be old. Grid had already passed 30. It wouldnt be strange if he lost his title of supreme one.

People were disappointed when Grid declared that he wouldnt participate in the National Competition.

It was unsettling that Grids prime could end in the next year or so.

The moment that Grids prime ended, South Korea would never become first or second at the National Competition again.

He showed an overwhelming strength this year and it was the year when he should participate in the National Competition...

Many people were anxious. In addition to Grid, South Korea was packed with talents such as Yura, Peak Sword, Coke, and Eat Spicy Jokbal.

However, the number of players was very small compared to the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, China, and other powers. Furthermore, Peak Sword and Eat Spicy Jokbal were older than Grid and they were likely to become less active in a few years. South Korea might miss one of the few opportunities to win the National Competition...

As peoples concerns deepened, news started pouring out.

-(Breaking) South Americas top ranker has become a Korean citizen

-(Breaking) The Ministry of Justice, under the Presidential Decree, will issue a special naturalization to Jishuka. 

-It is in accordance with Article 7, Paragraph 1, Measure 3 of the Nationality Act.

-(Breaking) Godly Archer Jishuka is a genius... she already speaks Korean at a native level. Her amazing Korean proficiency seemed to have a significant impact on the review.

-The Patriotic Association is thankful for the governments quick response.


“Noona, Im dead.”

The concerns of those who confirmed the news were swept away like they were lies. Despite being a normal class, Jishuka was considered to be one of the strongest high rankers. The first that a high ranker had become a Korean citizen seemed to lift the gloom that had been hanging over South Korea. The Internet was also in an uproar.

-A new South Korea.

A country that holds the two top beauties in the world.

-The country of beauty.

-Even in this century, South Korea seems to have superior genes.

-Control your mind. It is Grids genes, not South Koreas genes, that are superior.




‘I think my father was wrong.

King Nemesis received the result of the Reidan desert battle and visited the tomb of King Cactus. The Overgeared King caused damage to the 90,000 vanguard alone and the vampire army that demanded blood were already the Overgeared Kings subordinates. King Nemesis heard the incredible news and came to a conclusion. His father had promised that the Overgeared King would never be Gauss opponent.

He was wrong.

‘My father told me that Grid was just a lucky king.

The truth is that we are the lucky ones.

Grid, an ordinary person, was able to become a king through all sorts of miracles.

Since miracles were originally derived from luck, the king had lowered the concept of a miracle. In retrospect, they were destined to be kings from the moment they were born.

Werent they the greatest beneficiary of luck Was he blinded by his natural fate

‘We shouldve seen and learned from the Eternal Kingdoms destruction.

Many things shouldve been corrected when the Overgeared Kingdom was founded.

However, it was too late. It was irreversible. All that remained was the last fight. King Nemesis returned to the palace and wore armor. It wasnt a ceremonial ornament but equipment for war.

“What is the situation of the reinforcements”

“It is said that they are still tied up in the Fold Kingdom.”

“What type of power does the Fold Kingdom have to prevent the march of four kingdoms”

“The combat ability of 1st Prince Shining is more than rumored...”

“The ones favored by the Overgeared King are amazing.”

One of the measures he had prepared had become obsolete again. It once again proved that the miracle called the Overgeared Kingdom came from skill, not luck. In the end, the previous kings assessment was wrong. However, all the fault lay with Nemesis, who couldnt persuade the previous king.

King Nemesis had a hard expression as he glanced at his last hope. It was an eight year old child. A young girl with blonde hair was sitting down and drinking fruit wine with a relaxed expression. She didnt seem at all agitated by the news of the defeat. Even the Overgeared army would be ridiculous to the monster of the tower that even the empire had no control over.

“Sir Goldhit, I apologize.

Our war has become more disadvantageous then when we first made this request of you.”


Dont worry about it.”

Goldhit, the magician king who was rumored to overwhelm 10 great magicians alone. She was satisfied with the new body prepared for this war and laughed.

“It is a tough war but I will help the Gauss Kingdom.”

“Thank you, Sir Goldhit...”

King Nemesis bowed his head deeply, unaware of Goldhits true intentions. King Nemesis believed that Goldhit had come to repay the old favor to Gauss. This was a misunderstanding. A monster who sacrificed tens of thousands of young children wouldnt care about favors.


A dark smile appeared on Goldhits face. She knew the relationship between Grid and Braham and easily deduced that the resurrected Braham would be with Grid. Thats right. Goldhit was dreaming of meeting Braham.

The reason she had no direct contact with the Overgeared Kingdom was because she was worried that her bad relationship with Grid would become a barrier.

Secondly, she wanted to witness Brahams skills.

Thirdly, she wanted to properly punish Grid who had turned her disciples and lightning god into wastes.

“Yoho! Yohohoho...!”

Enhanced magic was something her teacher Lilis had never learned. Now Goldhit would be different.

If Braham directly taught her then she would surely be enlightened. In addition, Braham wouldnt turn away from her, who was Lilis disciple. The relationship between Braham and Lilis was never trivial.



the road is endless.”

“Do we need to move for another fortnight”

“What To that extent”

The players, who barely escaped Pangea after defeating the jiangshi, encountered a new setback. They needed to stop by Karas first for a full-fledged East Continent adventure but the distance was far more than they expected and they felt despair.

“The horses are tired too quickly because the road isnt cleaned properly...

I have to walk almost all day and Im going crazy.”

“At this time, I\'m envious of billionaires.

People like them can fly on a wyvern and arrive in no time.”

“Wyverns cant be taken out carelessly in the East Continent.”


“Dragons who failed to ascend to the sky and became monsters become jealous when they see wyverns.”

“The sky...

If I knew this then I would just go north.”

“That is suicide.”

Heras ears pricked up as the story of the north was heard from the group walking. North was the direction that Kentrick headed alone. She heard rumors that it was a place full of monsters but she thought it wouldnt be a big challenge for Kentrick, who had killed the steel jiangshi. Still, she was a bit worried.

“The monster communities in the north contain community of monsters that are incomparable to the steel jiangshi.

In particular, the bosses of each community are over level 400.”

“A field boss near the beginning town is over level 400... Is that real Isnt it too exaggerated, even if this is the East Continent”

It was a normal reaction. Boss monsters level 400 or high could only be met in the top dungeons of the West Continent. The man who explained it to the disbelieving group looked proud.

“Did I tell you about how I came to the East Continent before Pangea was destroyed”


“Did you know that Grid succeeded in capturing a community at that time”


“Yet he stopped at one.”


“Grid couldnt even touch the other communities afterwards.

It has been a few years and all communities are intact except for the big poisonous rat community cleared by Grid.

It is the north that cant be explored at all.

So dont say anything.

Just look in front of you and walk.”


Heras heart sank. Kentrick might be strong but wasnt he alone She was worried about Kentrick challenging a monster community that even Grid couldnt challenge.

She wanted to go back and help Kentrick but she didnt have the power to help anyone. If she was there, she would just disturb him.

‘...Im not fighting monsters but an illness.

Hera recalled her clients son. The little boy had only known pain from the moment he was born, yet he still had a beautiful heart. Hera wanted to show him a wide world. She wanted to tell him with a smile that he had endured well.



Grid endured it for ages.

[The ruler of the lazy cow community, theSpecial Black Cow, has been defeated.]

[The Special Black Cow realized his foolishness only at the last moment.]

[The second gateway in the north of Pangea has been dealt with!]

[Foolish Gamblers Die has been acquired.]

[The Black Cows Horns have been acquired.]

[7 blessed weapon enhancement scrolls have been acquired.]

[11 blessed armor enhancement scrolls have been acquired.]

[The titlePangea\'s New Star has been enhanced!]

“...The boss was a gambling addict.”

The Special Black Cow was a type of monster difficult for ordinary players to raid. It was only when they won a gamble against the black cow that they could get an opportunity to attack.

The black cows job ofgambler wasnt ordinary and it was difficult to win in a gamble.

The bigger problem was that the challenger couldnt hurt the cow even when winning in the gamble.

However, Grid was able to know the position of the die in the cup using his transcendent hearing and his attack power was enough to deal damage to the black cow.

‘If I wasnt a transcendent, I wouldve been kicked out without getting a chance to attack and all my money would be gone.

It was creepy just imagining it. Grid shook his head and moved to thetoothless tiger community. Grid judged that his level would probably rise there.


In Pangea...


Nobuldams eyes widened as he was inspecting the new people who came from the West. In contrast to his rather tacky appearance, the high-ranking noble of the Cho Kingdom sensed that the energy of the Special Black Cow had disappeared.

‘Dont tell me...

did he come

How the hell did he avoid the inspection


it isnt certain yet.

Nobuldam sent strength to his belly. Then his belly bounced like a ball against the ground and Nobuldam flew high into the sky.

“A-Ambassador No!”

The soldiers were shocked by the sudden situation but Nobuldam ignored them. He was a bit resentful toward the soldiers who failed to properly measure the Westerners ability to break through the plains and those who werent faithful to their duties. 

‘I have to hurry!

He had to grasp the identity of the person who destroyed the community. If he was right, he had to prevent this person from being hit. Nobuldam thought this as he moved north, his belly stretching like a ball. At the same time, in the Hwan Kingdom...


A beautiful man stopped while training his swordsmanship.

One of the plum petals falling toward the tip of his sword scattered into hundreds of pieces of dust.


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