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The noisy appearance of the dragon made Grid nervous. The wavy scales, shimmering light, and overwhelming size—it resembled the dragon he saw in the National Competition and Grid mistook it for a real dragon for a while. Then he quickly realized—this was magic.

[The Incomplete Dragons cold breath has frozen all the harmful energy in the area.]

[The Incomplete Dragons cold breath is permeating your sword.]

Sharp ice crystals bloomed like cherry blossoms. 

[Brahams Enhanced Enchant Weapon has been applied to the 4 Lightning Sword Born from Enlightenment and Strong Desires.] 

[Your next attack will freeze the world and lead your target to destruction.]

[However, the next attack will consume all of the mana you currently have.]

It was a dragon made of Brahams magic power. As Grid surged toward Fenrir, the unquenchable flames spread throughout the battlefield froze faster and Grids back became more frozen.

[The 4 Lightning Sword Born from Enlightenment and Strong Desires cant endure this sudden cooling phenomenon and has lost 1,290 durability.]

[The rapidly falling body temperature has caused abnormalities in your body and mind.]

[You have resisted.]

[The effect of 3 Valhalla of Infinite Affection is helping to maintain your body temperature.]

The distance between Grid and Fenrir was narrowed. The melted ice dragon suddenly lost its form and became a tsunami. The light elemental used Flash and created a rainbow tsunami as Fenrir vision disappeared. Fenrirs fists and kicks missed Grid after becoming blind and smashed into the air.

“Transcended Link Kill Pinnacle.”

Grid leapt using the last piece of ice and flew up high, the ceiling at his back as he completed the sword dance.

[Brahams Enhanced Enchant Weapon has been applied to the 4 Lightning Sword Born from Enlightenment and Strong Desires.]

If 100,000 Army Massacre Sword was an instant blow, Transcended Link Kill Pinnacle was a blow that required some preparation time. Considering the hit rate and range of damage, it was correct to say that 100,000 Army Massacre Sword was the strongest skill.

However, Transcended Link Kill Pinnacle was the best in terms of attack power. It fired seven sword energy per second that dealt 3,700% physical damage while ignoring 65% of the targets defense.

Immediately, the shortcomings were revealed. No matter how fast it was fired, it wasnt an instant blow, unlike 100,000 Army Massacre Sword. After the series of preparations, Fenrir had regained his sight and responded quickly. From Fenrirs point of view, it wasnt difficult to avoid the baptism of flying sword energy when he transcended Grid in terms of physical capability.

As expected. The first sword energy failed to hit Fenrir and struck the ground. Fenrir avoided the first sword energy by twisting his body slightly.

Then he moved his head to the right to evade the second one before rushing straight ahead and breaking through three sword energies simultaneously.

All the sword energies had the option ofguidance due to Brahams Detect Force but it was too hard for them to handle Fenrirs speed.

Fenrir knew about Detect Force and deliberately dodged at the last moment in a breathtaking moment in a limited space.

It hit something and was forcefully extinguished.

The biggest problem was Fenrirsstruggle. Fenrirs struggles sped up as he sought to beat the sword energy.

‘Do you think this will trouble me

Fenrir floated up. He broke through the last two sword energies flying at different orbits and was about to hit Grid. However, he was forced to stop. The floor, walls, ceiling. It was due to the cold air caused by the scattered sword energy of Transcended Link Kill Pinnacle. Everything in the area froze and Fenrir was included. If Sword Saint Kraugels Space Sword split the world in half...

[Legendary magic has been revealed.]

[The peak magic is freezing the world.]

Brahams magic brought an ice age to the world. If Garion, god of earth, had dealt with Space Sword...

[Goddess of Light Rebecca has exerted her power.

All frozen things are restored like it is a lie.]

Brahams magic was dealt with by the goddess of light.


It was a skill on a different dimension. All players, NPCs, and monsters hunting or living scattered throughout the corridor stood at the border between fantasy and reality as they felt their body freeze for a moment before they could move again.


The Tower of the Sun. Goldhit felt the magic and was thrilled.

(TL Note: Dont know if the author made a mistake or Goldhit changed towers.)

“This is the peak magic...”

Kirinus cabin.

Sword Saint Kraugels gaze turned north to the Overgeared Kingdom.


“100,000 Army.”

Grid—whose waist was twisting—leaned forward and stood in front of Fenrir. As the person who used the Frozen Tempest, he was one of the few beings able to move in this frozen world. Grid was already standing in front of Fenrir by the time Fenrir was released from the ice.


Fenrir hurriedly swung his arms but it was pointless. His arms couldnt move. In his post-frozen state, it was mutilated by two sword energies.


[The effect of the titleDeath in One Shot! has been activated, adding 30% critical damage!]

[The target has received 4,950,871 damage!]

[The body of the target has been completely frozen by the effect of Frozen Tempest! The targets physical function shall cease and the target will lose resistance and defense.

It is a curse that cant be healed.]


[The effect of the titleDeath in One Shot! has been activated, adding 30% critical damage!]

[The target has received 26,200,900 damage!]


Fenrir screamed bizarrely. His body was frozen from the inside from Frozen Tempest and he couldnt even lift a finger as he was hit multiple times. Grids sword stretched out from his waist and was moving in a half-curve.

“Blockade Sword!”


The overwhelming resistance and phenomenal resilience were worthy of being the primal power of a vampire. However, after being hit by the unquenchable flames and Frozen Tempest, Fenrir quickly lost his resilience and resistance. He succeeded in restoring his frozen organs by concentrating all his magic power but he hadnt recovered his resistance.

Thus, he was hit by 100,000 Army Blockade Sword and his magic and skills were sealed off. He was completely neutralized.

During this time, Grids knights, pets, and Overgeared members attacked. Fenrirs health was rapidly depleted.


Grid retreated and took a potion before looking back. Braham, whose mana was completely depleted after using the unquenchable flames, magic veil, and incomplete dragon summoning, was recovering using Mana Drain. He met Grids eyes and spoke brusquely, “You did a good job.”

“It is high praise.”


Braham didnt deny it. The unquenchable flames and Frozen Tempest were essential spells to defeat Fenrir. However, Braham had to cancel the casting of Frozen Tempest and cast the magic veil to help Grid protect his subordinates at his own expense, missing the chance for victory. He couldnt afford to use Frozen Tempest again.

He blamed himself for ruining things by helping Grid out of love and took his last gamble. He imprinted Frozen Tempests formula on the unfinished dragon as a type of secondary energy concept and left it to Grid. If Grid and his weapon couldnt survive the cold of Frozen Tempest, and if Grid hadnt significantly increased his mana through ingesting the Dragon Pill, it wouldnt have succeeded.

“The finishing...


The price of using high-grade magic continuously was very high. Braham had a large mana core but it wouldnt be strange if he lost consciousness right away. Still, he was concerned about Grid so he managed his expression to the end and barely swallowed the blood in his throat.

Fenrirs momentum was rising again after recovering from the blockade. He exploded his blood magic and shook off Piaro, Mercedes, and Teruchan.

Then he used large-scale vampiric magic, Transfusion Regeneration. It was magic a level above the Extreme Blood Transfusion that Elfin Stone was so proud of. It was magic that took away the health of all targets in sight, absorbed it, and restored 100% of the absorbed health.

Nevertheless, Braham didnt fret. It was because he knew Grids power.

“Open Rune of Darkness.

Belials Power, Queen of Mocking and Violation.”

Grid split into two people. His field of view moved in completely different directions as he observed Fenrir from various angles. Blood-like red magic power stretched out from the roaring Fenrir. The color was very gorgeous compared to the darkness that exploded earlier after assimilating with the unquenchable flames. This meant that Grid could accurately capture it. 

“Flower Revolve.”

“Flower Revolve.”

Controlling the vision of two bodies and crossing consciousness was an easy task for the current Grid. Blue petals filled the area as he unfolded the sword dance with the main body and moved to the clone to use the sword dance in succession. The petals blocked the dozens of paths for Transfusion Regeneration and it returned to Fenrir.

“Kuek...! You!!”

Fenrirs gaze was fixed on Grid as the power that wouldve taken away the life of the intruders was pointlessly returned. Just like in every raid, the boss monsters aggro was eventually directed to Grid.

“I will kill you!”

Until now, Fenrir had been passive. He fought with wide-area attacks to consume the intruders rather than directly attacking Grid. The reason was simple—he mistook Grid for the Blood King after Grid resisting the effect of item control with the Pagmas Descendant class and then neutralizing the attack using the Blue Dragons Boots. It was a wise choice for Fenrir to prioritize Grids subordinates since he couldnt guarantee he could consume Grids health.

However, it changed at his moment. Fenrir abandoned wisdom and gave in to his instincts. Regardless of whether he was the Blood King or not, Fenrir felt the need to kill this human straight away.

“Gruruk! Cant go!”

Fenrir succeeded in continuously deploying wide-area blood magic and killing a few Overgeared members, only for Teruchan to block his way to Grid. Teruchans stats became stronger as he fought and they had risen significantly compared to the beginning of the battle, making his attack power unusual. However, Fenrir didnt shrink back and struggled with Teruchan.


Teruchan was pushed back in a power struggle. The power ofstruggle gave Fenrir enough strength to not lose to Teruchan. Teruchan was blown away after Failure collided with Fenrirs kick and coughed up blood against the wall.



Clack clack! Clack!

Noe, Randy, and the Overgeared Skeletons failed to stop Fenrir. He blew them away with one fist, counteracted Singuleds killing intent with a larger killing intent, and escaped the offensive of Ameldas group by turning his flesh into bats.

“Stop him!

Asmophel used his Flower Sword and Jude inflated his muscles as they stabbed at the bats.

They accurately captured the bodies of the bats and struck. Then Fenrir turned the bats into gases and neutralized even their attacks. The only ones left to stop him was Mercedes and Piaro.

“Nasty bastard....!”

He knew that becoming gas was useless in front of Mercedes glowing eyes and turned it off.

Fenrir returned to his original form and penetrated the gap in Mercedes shield. It seemed pointless. In terms of technique, Fenrir was no match for Mercedes.


However, in a power struggle, he could overwhelm Mercedess technique for a moment. It was as if he deliberately revealed a gap to Mercedes and anticipated the sword swinging in his vision.

He seized Mercedess shield with the power of dominance. Once Fenrirs knee slammed into Mercedes face, Keen Insight was temporarily released.

In the gap, the gas form Fenrir permeated into the ground and caused the mortar falling from the sky to lose its target. Nevertheless, Piaro was formidable. His seeds were scattered across the entire ground and Fenrir was forced to pop back above the ground, a hand plow aiming at his forehead. Fenrir barely blocked the hand plow with the shield he had stolen from Mercedes and frowned, creating his mind world.

“Realm of Domination.”


Piaros consciousness flew away.

His consciousness fell into a completely different space that matched Fenrirs mind room.


Braham\'s absence played a big role. Fenrir had no need to be aware of Braham and was a runaway locomotive.

The Overgeared members defensive line was quickly broken. In the blink of an eye, Fenrir reached Grid and it was a Fenrir quite different from before. The strength to beat Teruchan, the will to beat Jude, the killing intent that beat Singuled, the spirit that beat Noll and Tiramet, and the skill that beat Mercedes.

“It is too bad, human.”

Fenrirs fist struck Grids face as he compressed the space and flew. It was an attack that retained the power of a deadly blow. Grid didnt avoid it.

“I wont allow your comfort.”

He welcomed it with an attack.

[You have suffered 39,500 damage!]

[The target has received 29,300 damage.]

[You have suffered 42,930 damage!]

[The target has received 31,660 damage.]


Fenrir was astonished when the accumulated power of struggle suddenly disappeared. He sensed danger but there was nowhere to retreat. Grid desperately gritted his teeth as he desperately exchanged blows.

[You have suffered catastrophic damage!]

[A legend doesnt die easily...!]

[The target has received 29,670 damage...]

Grid consumed all types of survival titles and skills, including the First King, as he suddenly entered a state of immortality. He only considered one thing—the current state of Fenrirs health. Fenrir, who suffered a series of major damages and failed to receive Transfusion Regeneration, had then struggled to break through the knights defense line.

“Lets die together.”

“Damn crazy guy...!”

Fenrir became contemplative. Even those who had lived for hundreds of years were forced to feel afraid of death. He was pushed back. He stopped attacking for a moment and stepped back. Grid unfolded Linked Kill Flower Pinnacle and Fenrirs eyes widened. Grids God Hands were transforming into Lifaels Spear, a secret weapon deadly to demonkin.


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