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Out of the all normal class players, the amount of those who had never lost their number one spot in the rankings was small enough to be counted on one hand. One of them was Zednos. Few magician players could match his unique understanding of magic and how to use it. Zednos was someone the magician rankers took as a role model.

‘He is really...

beyond my imagination.

Zednos, like the other Overgeared members, dreamt of changing to a hidden class. He had constantly collected and studied the history of magic and magicians in order to obtain clues. Brahams magical skills currently being shown were more than what was known. It was unparalleled.

‘There were many interpretations that Brahams enhanced magic was developed from a combination of Haksens highest point magic and Jessicas echo magic, but that isnt it at all.

Haksens highest point magic maximized the consumption of mana to greatly amplify the magic power.

Jessicas echo magic superimposed multiple spells together to enhance the magic. The context of increasing the magic damage was the same but it was different in many ways.

Highest point magic was magic that turned one spell into the power of five whereas echo magic was magic that simultaneously cast five spells and stacked their powers as one.

They had completely different power and function depending on the situation.

Both magics had clear drawbacks. Highest point magic consumed so much mana that it led to exhaustion.

In particular, there were cases when the user self-destructed because they often unwillingly used Origin True Energy. It was a self-destruct magic that killed the enemies and themselves at the same time. Thats why highest point magic died out over the course of history.

On the other hand, echo magic boasted an amazing stability.

Even if five spells were completed and deployed at the same time, the mana cost would only be equivalent to two spells. The downside was that it didnt apply to intermediate and senior magic. Echo magic was an unfinished study that only applied to 67 types of magic, classified as the basic and low-grade magic.

Of course, this alone was so powerful that Jessica made a name for herself as a legendary great magician of war.

‘Brahams enhanced magic on the other hand...

One spell had the power of 10 but the mana cost was at an acceptable level.

It improved the power without stacking multiple spells on top of each other. It was completely different from echo magic and there was too much difference in power and safety to claim it was based on highest point magic. 

‘Its an amazingly perfect spell.

It is an area that is impossible with conventional magic and common sense.

Did Braham apply blood magic

It was said that the strength of blood magic was determined by the innate concentration of magic in ones blood. Perhaps Brahams enhanced magic should be a study where the parameter ofstrong blood was added. It explained why Brahams disciples failed to master the enhanced magic.

‘If this hypothesis is wrong then it just means Braham is an overwhelming genius...

Brahams advance continued while Zednos was thinking. He was at the forefront of the group and didnt head straight to Fenrirs room. He toured every corner of the city and slaughtered all the vampires that emerged from their coffins. It was strange to say but Brahams flames were very neat.

There were no side effects to his allies.

Only the vampires were burned and disappeared into ashes. He didnt create miracles, like the red phoenixs flames that gave his teammates a healing effect.

However, Zednos recognized Brahams flames as similar to a divine ability.

Many people noticed that Brahams flames burned depending on the situation. Braham seemed to be able to coordinate what the flames perceived as an enemy in real time. He was in complete control of his magic. The so-called great magicians were obsessed with the formula while Brahams magic changed shape as needed.

‘He is just a fraudulent character...

Zednos was convinced. Brahams enhanced style magic wasnt based on blood magic. It wasnt an incomplete concept dependent on the innate blood.

Rather, it was a perfect formula created purely through knowledge.

‘Braham is definitely the best magical genius in the world...


Zednos got goosebumps as he grasped the reality of enhanced magic and realized Brahams greatness. Thats why Mumud, who even Braham was jealous of, came to mind. A person who was even more outstanding than Braham.

‘Will Euphemina one day become the strongest

Euphemina would inherit Mumuds magic. The moment she freed Lich Mumud from Agnus, she would have Mumuds complete magic in her hands. Wouldnt Euphemina become the new supreme at that time

Zednos looked at Grid. Grid was watching with a yawn as Braham slaughtered thousands of vampires. He wasnt a magician and couldnt realize Brahams greatness, so he wasnt very inspired.


Zednos eyes widened. Hundreds of bats flew in the darkness and transformed into a beautiful woman who attacked Grid. It happened in an instant and seemed dangerous because she appeared behind Grid. However, Grid dodged without seeing the attack of the true blood vampire. He reached out lightly and pushed the chest of the true blood vampire. Then...


The true blood vampire with red cheeks was pushed back by force and took a few steps back. Braham stood right next to her.

“Toss~” Grid shouted lightly.

Brahams flames spread up the true blood vampires body like a snake, gathered together and then exploded.


Zednos couldnt keep his eyes off Grid. Up until a few years ago, hadnt Grid been nervous facing the true blood vampires Of course, he was comparing the past Grid to the recent Grid who beat Orc Lord Teruchan and 22nd Great Demon Berith, but the true blood vampires were never easy opponents. He had heard that Blood King Candidate had the effect of weakening true blood vampires but the difference was too great.

It was like seeing the difference between a child and an adult.



It wasnt just Zednos.

The other Overgeared members also looked like they had seen a ghost. It was natural. After competing against Teruchan, Grid had grown from meeting Biban, absorbed the Dragon Pill, wrote a third epic, and made Brahams set.

All his stats increased by 75 points and Grid had experienced a historic growth.

Grid was rapidly becoming stronger even if he wasnt yet aware of it. It was much more than when he fought Teruchan. Anyone who wasnt surprised by the sudden development wouldnt have common sense.

“Why are you like this Whats going on”

The atmosphere was strange and Grid was puzzled. Now that he had grown to a level where he didnt know the difference between a true blood vampire and a regular vampire, he didnt understand the astonishment of the guild members.

Zednos shook his head. ‘The supreme person wont change.


Braham reached level 406 in just half a day. It was the result of slaughtering all the vampires and familiars in Fenrirs city. The true blood vampires and regular vampires were just trash derived from the direct descendants and werent kin, so Brahams slaughter was unstoppable. Noll unwittingly shed tears at the terrible sight since he inherited thekindness characteristic from Beriache.

“Be prepared,” Braham spoke solemnly to Grid as they finally arrived before Fenrirs room.

“The moment I open the door, throw the skewer as far away as possible.

The moment the dog comes out to chase it, we will close the door and go in, isolating Fenrir.”

Yes, Grid responded with a determined expression.

Brahams worry about Fenrir when he slaughtered thousands of vampires so easily made Grid nervous. Even Piaro was a bit nervous.

“I\'ll open it on the count of three.”

Braham nodded when he put his hand on the door handle and Grid pulled out the skewer.



He didnt count from one Braham opened the door the moment he shoutedthree and the panicked Grid tried to throw the skewer.

[Your blood has cooled down.

Your body temperature is falling sharply and all stats will drop dramatically.]

The notification window entered the view of Grid and the Overgeared members. Vast waves of blood rushed out of the room. Braham, who shouldve cast attack magic, immediately deployed a wide area shield to protect Grid and the Overgeared members. The entire city was shaken when the waves of blood collided with the shield. Suddenly, screams filled the area and Braham frowned. “Foxy guy...

you were ready.”

This huge city was no different from Fenrirs body. Fenrir couldnt not know the existence of intruders. Braham had expected that Fenrir would appear after being temporarily freed from the Curse of Idleness by Grid. Thats why he hurried to kill Fenrirs subordinates before Fenrir could emerge and properly exert his power ofdomination.

Yet Fenrir didnt show up and Braham noticed Fenrirs intentions. Fenrir would wait in the room and accumulate as much domination as possible over the wolves.

Then the intruders would be ambushed the moment they opened the door, giving him the upper hand. Thats why Braham deliberately said he was going to open on the count of three in a loud voice before opening the door. Braham planned to prevent the ambush rather than get hit by Fenrir.

However, this plan was in vain because Fenrir attacked the moment the door was open, as if he expected it. The waves of blood flowed like a tsunami and collided several times with Brahams shield. Then the inside of the room, dyed with sticky blood, entered Grids field of view.

A person was standing alone in the darkness. It was so dark that they couldnt see his face but people immediately knew his identity.

[You have encountered Vampire Marquis Fenrir.]

[A strong evil influence is making your magic power turbid.

All types of spells and skills arent available.]

[A vampires gaze will subdue lower species.

You will lose your willpower and control over your body.]

[Fenrir is dominating your spirit.

All sorts of beneficial effects are reversed and will harm you.]

“What is this...”

Some of the Overgeared members were baffled since this was their first time experiencing it.

They tried to move their hands but their feet moved forward.

They tried to turn their head but their impaired pelvic bone bothered them.

Fenrirs low voice echoed magnificently, “Braham, you are still immature.

In the past when you attacked me, you said you would open the door on the count of three.

Then you counted to two and ambushed me.

This time, you didnt even count to one properly.”


The group doubted their ears as they turned to look at Braham.

Brahams expression was imposing. “It isnt being immature, it is strategy.”


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