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There were many different types of barriers. There was a simple barrier that was used to block outside eyes like a curtain while there were high-level barriers that embodied the mental world of the user. The thing that all had in common was that they consumed an enormous amount of magic power.

Therefore, Piaro shook. Braham completed the highest-level magic, Meteor, which was known as the magic of great demons and dragons, while also making a magic barrier.


Was it a library built in a desert The sight of hundreds of thousands of books in an endless room exceeded the limits of nature. Even the legendary Piaro was degraded to the level of a needle in the desert.

“This is Sir Brahams mind room...

Indeed, it was the world of the Duke of Wisdom. The countless books symbolized the knowledge he had accumulated so far. Piaro was dragged into Brahams magic barrier and marvelled. Then a square was cut out of a corner of the library and it opened like a door.

Braham appeared and picked up a book while asking, “Do you like reading”

To be honest, I don\'t enjoy it much.

“Hmm, I see.

Then lets move to the next place.”


What would happen if he said he liked it Piaro got chills down his spine as he imagined something terrible. Piaro swallowed back his question with a gulp and chased after Braham through the door. Then his field of view was turned upside down as the library disappeared and a white room just over 100 square metres appeared.

It was a room full of unidentified tools he had seen at Reidans alchemy facility. He wondered about the purpose of the large transparent glass bead installed in the centre.


Piaro looked into the glass bead and was stunned. The image inside was stopped at just the moment before the red rock and bright mortar collided.

“Im going to start straight away.”

Braham snapped his fingers. The stopped rock and mortar in the glass bead started to move. At the same time, Piaro determined their identity from their momentum. One was Brahams Meteor while the other was the concentrated mortar of suppression energy. The principle was unknown but the mighty techniques that had taken control of Reinhardts sky had been reduced by thousands of times and spread to the unidentified glass bead.

The meteorite and mortar collided and smoke spread like ash, completely blackening the glass bead. Half of the meteorite that survived Pounding Mortar crashed to the bottom of the glass bead, causing a major explosion. Ferocious flames soared to the ceiling of the bead. It was proof that the ultimate technique of Free Farming couldnt offset, let alone destroy Brahams Meteor.

Piaro didnt take long before speaking. “...I admit my defeat.”

In the first place, he didnt know how to get out of this barrier. He couldnt beat Braham with his current skills...

Piaros attitude was very polite as he bowed his head with conviction. There was no one he had bowed so deeply to except for the emperor and Grid.

Braham watched him and flicked his fingers silently. The glass bead contaminated by the aftermath of the explosion was cleaned until it looked brand new.

Then Brahams Meteor and Piaros suppression energy were once again embodied. However, this Piaros strength was different from the previous one. It was surrounded by a blue aura rather than a bright light. It was like being locked in a waterfall.

Braham said, The greatest strength of Natural State is the variability of energy.

The natural energy of humans doesnt change easily and only strength can be tempered.

Meanwhile, you can freely change the nature of energy due to the aura of nature that you absorb.”

You know better than me...”

Piaro had only recently gained enlightenment. He used Natural State on the land where the rafflesia was planted and happened to absorb the properties of poison.

After thinking about how to use it, he learned how to inject it with suppression energy and develop the hidden technique, Sprinkling Pesticides. Yet Braham instantly penetrated into the essence of Natural State. Piaro was able to realize that Brahams wisdom was far beyond his.

“Being able to change the nature of the energy is a blessing.”

The meteorite and mortar in the glass bead once again collided. Surprisingly, this time the two auras were offset. Piaros suppression energy wasnt inferior to Meteor and they were eliminated together. It was the result of the nature property.


Piaro was feeling admiration when his vision gradually darkened.



“Sir Piaro!”

The capital, Reinhardt.

Piaro and the meteorite had suddenly disappeared, causing worry to fill the faces of the Overgeared Guild members. Then Piaro returned without a scratch on him. Meanwhile, Braham who tore the space behind Piaro was weary. His haggard face was obvious.

People could predict the outcome of the match that took place in the barrier.

‘Piaro won...!

‘The man who woke up after hundreds of years cant beat Piaro who had been constantly training. 

It was at this moment.

“Sir Braham.” Piaro approached Braham and abruptly knelt down. “Thank you for your great teachings.

I will never forget this favor for the rest of my life and will serve Teacher.”


Piaro. The former pillar of the Saharan Empire and the current pillar of the Overgeared Kingdom. The person closest to King Grid and the pinnacle of the military was kneeling on the ground The stir created was huge. In particular, the former Red Knights knew that Piaro had only knelt for the emperor and Grid so they couldnt react.

Braham waved his hand like it was annoying. “Its fine.

I have absolutely no intention to accept a man like you as a disciple so forget it.”

It was enough to experience being jealous once. Braham clicked his tongue and turned his gaze to the other side. It was to Grid. His friend was waiting for him.

“Is the hierarchy sorting over”

“Yes, I am naturally the strongest.”


Grid had expected such a result. There was a huge gap between legends of the same era so the gap with former legends would be even greater. In addition, Braham was one of the greatest legends of his generation. Grid had got this person.

However, Ill give the first position to him.”

The person who was still unconscious...

No, he was sleeping.

Braham sighed and reached out to Grid, who was staring at the snoring Jude. “Give me my staff.”

“Ah, yes.”

Grid handed the staff over. It was Belials Staff. It was amazing that Braham had subdued Piaro without a weapon. Nevertheless, he wasnt too happy. It wasnt easy to accept the defeat of Piaro, the strongest knight of the Overgeared Kingdom.

Braham saw Grids complicated expression and whispered in his ear. “Defeat and failure isnt the end.

In the future, your four knights will improve beyond a snails pace.”

“Yes, I believe in them.”


Braham frowned. He looked at Grid with a disgruntled expression and handed him a book. Millions of books were kept in his Knowledge Room. Different from the mental world, this was a book brought from the real world. It was a book he picked up while picking up Piaro.

“What is this...


Grids eyes widened like they were going to pop out.

[Brahams Hat Production Method]

[Brahams Robe Production Method]

[Brahams Gloves Production Method]

[Brahams Boots Production Method]

[Brahams Ring Production Method]

[Brahams Bracelet Production Method]

[Brahams Earrings Production Method]

[Brahams Necklace Production Method]

These were the contents of Brahams book. It contained the production methods for Brahams gear and was written by Braham himself. In addition, the rating of all of them was confirmed as legendary.

“These are the clothes I will wear in the future.

You should make them yourself.

Only the accessories are the exception.

Even Pagma was weak in accessories so you should be the same.”

“I understand.

Ill make you the best.”

Grid was keenly aware of the resurrection of the legendary great magician.


Buzz buzz.

Outside Reinhardts fields, tens of thousands of players were still waiting. There was only one reason they stayed here to the end. They were curious about the outcome of the match. Who won the battle between the legendary farmer and the orc lord If the orc lord won then Grid would be stronger than Piaro. It was a match they had to wonder about in many ways.

“...I saw it in vain.”

The players gazed at the clear expanse.

A little while ago, they thought they were going to die. Meteor. The legendary magic of Great Demon Belial.

Someone had cried out when it appeared over Reinhardt. The resurrected Great Magician Braham was clearly in the Overgeared Kingdom.

Many people agreed. The publics opinion was that Grid was associated with Brahams resurrection since Grid has assimilated with Braham a long time ago. It was recently revealed that the person who killed Braham was Pagma and although there were many interpretations that Braham approached Grid because of a grudge, there was the prevailing opinion that Braham was in the Overgeared Kingdom.

Once Meteor actually appeared, they were convinced of their opinion. There were people who claimed that Braham was using Meteor to burn Grid, the descendant of Pagma, and the Overgeared Kingdom, and all types of broadcasters were filming it. Then Meteor vanished shortly before it reached the ground. The heat that seemed to burn the entire world disappeared without a trace, like it was a lie. It was common sense that magic that had already been cast couldnt be undone so people had to interpret it as a group hallucination.

“Who can use such an incredible thing”

“Piaro and Teruchan are fighting so it mustve been one of them.”

“Isnt it too much for a farmer or orc to use such a thing”

“Is Piaro a normal farmer He is a legendary farmer.

Is Teruchan a normal orc He is the orc lord.”


They could use an illusion technique that looks like Meteor.”

“This group of people are crazy...”

The turmoil was about to become bigger. Sticks enchantment around the entire agricultural field suddenly vanished and the soldiers opened the way. The showdown between Piaro and Teruchan seemed to be over. Who had won The people gulped as the waited for the winner to appear. People believed it would be easy to guess the winner because in official confrontations, the rule was that usually the winner was in the lead.

The people at the forefront were neither Piaro or Teruchan. It was a knight called Lux. The colour of the name and the appearance was very ordinary. He was an NPC that looked like passerby number one.

The flustered people soon ignored him. They accepted him as a type of security guard who went out to organize the traffic before the protagonist appeared. Then a short time later, despite the appearance of famous figures such as Piaro, Teruchan, Grid and Mercedes, Lux still remained in the forefront.

Rather, he walked forward like he was leading the group.

“...Wow, these bad people.”

“They knew that people were waiting.”

The people clicked their tongues.

They admired the Overgeared Kingdom who avoided leaking information by concealing the winner of the confrontation.

At the same time, the desert of Reidan.

Let\'s go.

Dozens of players entered Fenrirs city after killing the Overgeared Kingdoms soldiers. It was a surprisingly frequent event. All the other vampire cities were tightly controlled by the Overgeared members except for Fenrirs city. The Overgeared Guild were afraid of Fenrir and designated it as a forbidden zone. It was one of the few hunting grounds where non-Overgeared members could target valuables like the vampire rings so they flocked to the area.

It was okay to die so they were determined to give it a try.

However, this time the group that entered Fenrirs city was a group of high-ranking players. There had never been so many high rankers gathered in a group in history.


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