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The millennium ice that had been frozen for years melted and became a river. The glacier dungeon was flooded in an instant, and Grid escaped hurriedly. When he appeared all soaked, the expressions of the Overgeared members darkened.

“What is it Did something go wrong”

“No.” Grid smiled and turned his head.

The sound of water dripping could be heard from the depths of the stairwell connecting the Sword Grave to the Glacier Dungeon. Someone was climbing the stairs with wet feet.

“There were no problems.”

The moment that Grid replied...

[Legendary Great Magician Braham has been resurrected!!]

The world message emerged.

“Ah…!!” Exclamations rang out from all over the place. Finally, the man climbing the stairs showed up. He had long silvery eyelashes that shone like fog, a nose and jawline that millions of artists couldnt obtain through plastic surgery even if they collaborated, and eyes in which flames seemed to have been trapped. Brahams true appearance was so beautiful that it was beyond the Overgeared members imaginations. His appearance was enough to make people wonder if he was thesource of beauty.

“Sigh...” Brahams breaths echoed in the silent Sword Grave. Every time he breathed, water dripped into his deep clavicle.

The transparent water flowed over his broad chest and smooth waist.

“Gulp,” Sexy Schoolgirl swallowed her saliva continuously and finally had a nosebleed. Ruby was blushing and fidgety, but she couldnt keep her eyes off Braham right till the end. The same was true for the other Overgeared members. Both men and women were fascinated by Braham.

“Wear this.” The first thing Grid did was to take off his cloak and hand it to Braham. 

Braham put it on his shoulder and reached out quietly.

His long white fingers touched Grids cheeks.

“...This is how you feel.”

It was only after losing it that he realized the value of something he had once taken for granted. Having been resurrected after hundreds of years, Braham felt a deep gratitude...

Just being here...

In this moment...


[Name: Braham Eshwald 

Race: A true blood vampire who has lost his eternal life

Class: Legendary Great Magician

* Can learn all the magic that exists in the world and can wear all types of magic tools without restriction.

* The ability to use magic is greatly increased.

* Can create new magic spells.

The number of times it can be created will increase every time the level of Brahams Enhanced Magic is raised.

Title: Duke of Wisdom


Title: Title: One who Became a Legend


Title: Master of Mana

* Fully understands and controls the concept of mana.

* The mana increase rate, which is based on intelligence, is 20 times higher than normal.

* When attacking a target, there is a chance of taking away mana.

* Can accumulate mana that exceeds the maximum mana limit, up to three times the maximum mana value.

Cooldown time of 24 hours.

* Once the maximum mana is accumulated, casting time is removed when using attack magic.

The power of the magic will double.

Applies three times in total.

* Once the maximum mana is accumulated, becomeinvincible when using defensive spells on yourself.

Applies two times in total. 

Title: Resurrected

* The magic of resurrection has completely transcended the concept of death.

* The vitality increase based on the strength and stamina stats is 10 times higher than normal. 

* There is a 100% chance of resurrecting upon death.

However, this effect only applies the first time.

The probability of resurrection will decrease significantly the more times you resurrect.

Failure to resurrect will lead to eternal death.

Level: 400 (▼)

Strength: 108    Stamina: 1,690

Agility: 507    Intelligence: 7,880

Dignity: 2,511    Insight: 4,943

Willpower: 5,800

* It is a body that is recovering after hundreds of years, but Braham will adapt quickly.

Up to level 600, the experience gained is increased by 2000%.

Skills: Blood Magic (S ), Blood-sucking (SS), Magic Enchantment (SS), Knowledge Investigation (SS), Magic Contemplation (SSS), Berserk (SSS), First Boundary: Knowledge Room (SSS), Second Boundary: Exploration Room (), Third Boundary: Experimentation Room (), Brahams Enhanced Magic ()  

A true blood vampire and legendary great magician who lost his eternal life for the crime of harming his kin—he holds a deep grudge toward Pagma and Marie Rose while feeling regretful toward his undead disciple, Mumud.

* Currently considers everyone as insignificant apart from playerGrid and his family.

Players except forGrid cant build up affinity with him.]

‘This is how the balance is adjusted

An enemy would weaken as soon as they became an ally. This was Satisfys rule that had been applied for a while, so it was natural that Brahams soul would be weakened. His soul had wandered for hundreds of years, undergoing all types of hardships.

Therefore, it wasnt as strong as before.

He needed time to adapt to the flesh he had recovered after hundreds of years. The recoil caused Braham to drop to level 400, which was lower than Grids level.

Nevertheless, he didnt seem weak at all. First, his intelligence figure was high enough to be considered a level 600 figure, and the effects of his title were comparable to those of Grids titles. Grid had witnessed the greatness of the synergy of Master of Mana and the ordinary () Mana Drain a long time ago in the Red Sea. 

‘Additionally, there are six SSS-grade or higher skills...

If Brahams level were slightly higher...

No, maybe he was already much stronger than Piaro and Mercedes Grid remembered that classes were eternal. Unlike the still-growing legends of the present age, the power of the previous generations of legends was an absolute frontier that couldnt be restrained even with the balance-adjustment system.

As Braham experimented with a few spells, he muttered, “It is possible.”

“What is”

“Hunting Fenrir.”


“Im going to cut off one of Marie Roses arms ahead of time.”

“W-Wait a minute.”

Fenrir was a marquis. After Marie Rose, he was the person who inherited a lot of Beriaches power and was second-in-charge.

It was Nolls assessment that he was several times stronger than the earl-grade vampires.

Therefore, Grid hadnt intended to challenge him rashly.

Grid believed that even if he led all his knights to challenge Fenrir, there would surely be sacrifices.

“Why dont we challenge him after you first recover your strength”

Braham stared at Grid. “Because of you.”


“It is better to accelerate the schedule for your sake.

Have you forgotten that you were blessed by Sariel”


[In the event of a monster being hunted while the blessing is maintained, the drop rate of items is increased by 500% only once.]

Grid should avoid ordinary hunting as long as this blessing was present. It was right to hunt down a strong named boss before the blessing was over. Fenrir was the perfect prey for the current situation.

“To my knowledge, angels have almost no emotions.

They are puppets who only think and work for Goddess Rebecca.

They are like golems.”


“It is hard to hope for the blessing of an angel.

This is a chance you wont gain twice, so you should maximize the benefits as much as possible.”

“I think so too,” Zednos interjected.

“Leave it to us to kill the mobs until you reach Fenrir.”

Zednos had met Fenrir in person.

He had been so overwhelmed by the others presence that his entire body trembled despite only making eye contact.

To be honest, he was afraid and didnt want to see Fenrir again. However, he wanted to be helpful to Grid, rather than just being fearful.

The other Overgeared members felt the same way.


Thank you.” Grid didnt refuse. He planned to raid Fenrir, consume Sariels blessing, and then create a hunting environment for Braham.

‘Before that, I have to make the items.

For a weapon, there was Belials Staff. Its power and magic casting speed were increased by 30 percent.

Three types of magic could be cast simultaneously, and when flame magic and dark magic were cast simultaneously, it increased the power by 200 percent.

Every time a spell was cast, a shield blocking abnormal states would be created.

Additionally, the probability of the magic critical hit rate and critical hit damage had increased, and mana regeneration increased by 200%.

Braham was the only one who could take full advantage of the options attached to Belials staff.

Braham himself knew this, so he had wanted it since a long time ago.

“Lets return to Reinhardt first.” Grid made a plan and sent a whisper to Lauel.

It was to ask him to send Sticks over.

Braham scoffed. “Mass Teleport.”

Before Lauels reply arrived, Grid and the Overgeared members had already been transferred to Reinhardt. Brahams Mass Teleport was much faster than Sticks Mass Teleport, and its stability was high, which decreased the motion sickness side effects.

“Wow...” Grid and the Overgeared members were stunned by the landscape that changed in the blink of an eye.

‘Where am I

There was a question mark above Franzs head. Brahams resurrection meant Franzs mission was fulfilled, so he had been about to ascend. It was impossible for someone to deliberately harm him while he was entering Nirvana, and Pagma had arranged it so he could enter Nirvana at the Sword Grave. Now, this wasnt the Sword Grave.

Braham said to the bewildered Franz hanging from his waist, “We need a high divine power to kill Marie Rose.”

Thats right.

“Ill use you to kill Marie Rose in a few years.”

-As expected of the Duke of Wisdom! Too thorough!


Wasnt Franz supposed to feel anger instead of admiration The Overgeared members gave up thinking at the sight of Franz, who had been kidnapped unannounced.


“This is the first time we are meeting.”


10 years after Damian was sworn in as the pope, this was the first time the Templar—the Rebecca Churchs independent organization—visited the Vatican.

“You mightve been chosen as the Goddess Agent, but I doubted your qualifications as pope because you only relied on others.

Now I have slightly changed my mind.

I will believe in your discerning eye.”

Flap. Archangel Sariel took off his robe and spread out his wings. It was the first time since the first papal era that he formally announced his identity.

“I will acknowledge you as the pope.

The divine powers that were lost as the times changed will come to you, and Ill release the restrictions on the Holy Sword.”


“Become stronger.

On the day when the last vampires clash, you should wipe out the weakened ones and illuminate the world with light.”

“What if I don\'t want to”


It was a huge temptation for the average person that could never be rejected. Yet Damian rejected it instantly. After all, Damian wasnt most people.

“You never showed your nose when we were having hard times.

You are too shameless.

Is it because you are an angel and not a person Right, Isabel-chan”


The Rebecca Church had faced countless crises. The church was almost broken by the corrupt Pope Drevigo.

Pascal had joined with the empire, and the church had been on the verge of being occupied by foreign forces.

There was also the massive attack from the Yatan Church...

Every time, Damian and Rebeccas Daughters fought fiercely. It was Grid, not the Templar, who helped them when they were feeling frustrated and desperate. Damian wasnt pleased with the Templars attitude of showing up and trying to take over.

“You have to think about it calmly.

This is a great opportunity to gain strength,” Sariel tried to persuade Damien, but it was useless.

“Strength” Damians eyes, which had been smiling at Isabel, cooled down like his previous emotions were a lie.

“We arent weak enough to beg for strength from you.”

It wasnt a bluff. After Marie Roses seal failed, Damian and the Rebeccas Daughters received the approval of the elders and opened one of the Vaticans secret temples.

He had been training there constantly, building up his strength. Damian was becoming stronger. 

“I dont need your help.

If you want to help us, shouldnt you work hard to earn our trust”

“...I understand.”

It mightve been completely different from Sariels expectations and intentions, but the Templar joined the church. The appearance of the angel turned the entire church upside down. Yet surprisingly, the elders had dull reactions. The angel didnt seem too great after seeing Lords potential.

“He is the apostle of the great Goddess, nothing more...”

“I agree.”



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