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“I heard that the 12 Te are the heads of the family.

Can you leave your position”

Piaro was different from Grid. They naturally had to be different. Grid was born as a single person while Piaro was a hero who had been loved by beautiful women. He had gotten married after a long relationship and had a family.

“I have been wandering about during the past few years, so my family was well-maintained even after I went into the rafflesias stomach.

My family wont be harmed in my absence.”

“Youve nurtured your successor.”

“Huhut, thats right.”

The 12 Te each had a successor, with the exception of the young Deruyaru. Additionally, the capabilities of their successors were superior to Deruyarus. Apart from Deruyaru, the rest of the Te had been educated by themale elves. Meanwhile, Deruyaru and their successors had been educated by thefemale elves. 

“Then I can take you away with peace of mind.”

“Huh” Beniyaru had been bitterly smiling as she thought of those despicable men who sold their kin because they were weak and lazy.

Then her ears pricked up.

Piaros deep gaze was focused on her. “I like you.

I will surely take away your heart so that you can completely settle in the Overgeared Kingdom.”

Piaro knew that Beniyaru liked him. It was just difficult for her to confess her heart first when considering the nature of the elves. Thats why he pretended not to know Beniyarus heart and said he would take her away.

“Y-You...” Beniyaru blushed.

Her pointed ears flapped like butterfly wings.

It seemed to be a habit for them to come out when flustered.

“Are you serious Even though Im an elf and you are a human”

“What is the relationship between races when it comes to love I like you.

I may have a shorter life than you, but I will cherish you more because of the short amount of time I have.

I will love you and be happy with you.”

Piaro had seen Beniyarus pitiful eyes and peeped into the darkness lying deep in her heart.

He learned that her wounds were as deep as the ones he once had. Piaro wanted to teach her that even the deepest wounds could be erased. They could be happy again. They deserved to be happy. This wasnt an emotion derived from cheap compassion.

“My heart is so dark that you have become deluded.

Im sorry.”

Beniyaru had been eaten by the rafflesia. She didnt blame the rafflesia for eating her.

It was natural. What would it mean if she condemned and resented instinctive behavior Moreover, her face was beautiful, and her habit of trying to look strong was cute.

Piaro really liked Beniyaru.

He wanted to know her more and be happy together.

“You will fall in love with me,” Piaro said with a warm and quiet voice.

However, the strength in his voice shook Beniyarus heart.

Beniyarus ears reddened as she lowered her head without looking at Piaro.


Lets see what will happen.”

‘What Grid shook his head as he watched Piaro and Beniyaru. So did the Overgeared Kingdom and the elves form an alliance or not They were in the middle of an alliance formation, but it progressed to a proposal

Ah, really...

‘Isnt this too cool

Piaros faithfulness to love, regardless of time and place, inspired Grid. Grid thought that Piaro was really cool. In particular, he liked Piaros courage to not be afraid despite knowing he and Beniyaru had different lifespans.

‘It is a short time, so he cherishes it even more...

Grid was filled with regret. His lifespan was different from Irene, so he regretted that he sometimes showed a sad expression in front of her. He felt sorry for Irene because he felt he hurt her more than reassured her.

‘From now on, I will be like Piaro...

He shouldnt resent the different lifespans. Rather, he should cherish every moment and send her away faithfully. He should reassure Irene with a bright expression and love her so that she couldnt even feel grief.

Grid glanced at Mercedes.


Surprisingly, Mercedes had a girlish expression on her face. She wasnt a legendary knight when she watched Piaro and Beniyaru.

Instead, she was also a girl who dreamed of love. Additionally, the person she had in mind was none other than Grid. Grid also liked her. Mercedes was everyones role model and a strong knight. He couldnt hate this beautiful woman who was loyal to her ideals. Putting all that aside, Grid had liked Mercedes at first sight.


“Yes, My Liege,” the startled Mercedes replied with a serious expression.

“That...” Grid blushed.

He wanted to say something, but his mouth didnt open easily.

“...” Mercedes waited for the hesitating Grid.

As always, her eyes were gentle.

“I...” Grid was encouraged by Mercedes eyes and broke through his hesitation. He learned from Piaro and became honest, being faithful to the moment.

“I want to love Irene and have no regrets.”

“You are cool, Your Majesty.”

To cherish and love ones companion was the right thing to do. Mercedes nodded with a pleased smile. Then she doubted her ears as she blushed.

“I also want to do the same with you.”


“However, how can I share love with two people at the same time Im not sure yet.

So give me a bit more time.”


Mercedes had a personality different from Sua. She had gone through a number of events with Grid and loved Grid, but she didnt dare confess her heart to her liege. 

“T-That...” Mercedes stuttered for a moment before stepping back.

Her eyes spun.

‘He knows that I like him

Was she so obvious about it

‘I-Im embarrassed.

Duguen duguen!

Her heart seemed like it was going to burst. Mercedes didnt know what to do for a long time and stared straight at Grid.

It was just that the position of her left eye and right eye were slightly different.

Her face was looking at Grid, but her eyes were turned away from Grid.

She was so nervous and embarrassed that she couldnt look him in the eyes.

“...I-Ill wait.

Ill wait until I die!”


So cute. Mercedes looked very cute as she clenched her fists and closed her eyes. Hot steam rose above the red faces of Grid and Mercedes.

On the other hand...

“I-It is a country with loose morals.”

“Lets call it a free ethos.”


A knight and a king were exchanging confessions while negotiating with another nation... Ameldas group were shocked because they had never seen it before and never imagined it either.

It was to the point where they had nothing to say.

Meanwhile, Skunks group was smiling. It was a warm and pleasant smile, not filled with frivolous ridicule.

“Grid is surprisingly pure.”

“Haha, thats right.”

Power seduced people. People had been clamoring that Grid, as the first king among players, would naturally use his power and enjoy many concubines. There was no reason not to when he could do anything he wanted. Yet this wasnt the case. Grid pursued a true relationship without indulging in pleasure. He was so pure that it was hard to see him as a devil who caused great slaughter every time he was angry.

‘He has many people following him because of such a personality.

People who knew the value of relationships...

Skunks liking toward Grid rose dramatically.


The negotiations with Grid ended, and the elves held a grand feast for Grids group. Bonfires were lit all over the village, and fruit, fruit wine, and vegetables were served.

Grid was treated with so much gratitude that he lost his appetite. 

“Excuse me, Mother.” Grid, who had been sitting beside Mercedes and drinking, quietly approached the world tree. His tone toward the world tree was becoming increasingly casual. He knew there was a close relationship between the world tree and the gods, but he judged that the world tree was reliable. The gods looked down on humanity from Heaven while the world tree had always been with humanity and cared for humanity.

According to Lauel, famine was a divine punishment, and abundance was a blessing from the world tree. In fact, Grid had experienced the favor of the world tree, so he trusted the world tree.

-Yes, say it.

“Can you arrange an elemental contract for my knights”

The world tree already favored Grid. In addition to Grid, all the existing Overgeared members were blessed and were able to contract with the elementals. Yet Mercedes and his other knights hadnt been given a blessing. At the time, Grid hadnt dared to ask for more, but now his position had changed.

Asmophel, Mercedes, and Amelda had fought to protect the elves while Piaro had saved Beniyaru and the rafflesia. Grid thought they deserved to be blessed by the world tree. Yet the world tree unexpectedly declined, -It seems a bit hard.


One of the branches of the world tree moved. The branch pointed to Piaro.

-He is sympathetic to nature itself. The elementals that are a part of nature are meaningless in front of him.

“What about the elemental kings”

-The elemental kings are still a party of nature. They might be able to give support right now, but it will eventually be meaningless.

They know this and will reject the contract.

The world trees branch continued to point, but now it was pointing at Asmophel.

-He has the qualities of theKing of Solitude and cant communicate with the elementals. The basic premise for contracting with the elementals is to feel their presence, yet he cant even recognize them. 

“What is the King of Solitude Is it because he has been single all his life”

Grid wasnt convinced. Asmophel wasnt lonely because he already had a connection with Grid. Asmophel was slowly recovering from the scars in his heart. Sometimes, he would show a bright expression. Grid insisted this, but the world tree was silent.

Grid asked again, “Then Asmophel...

Is he ready to leave at any time” 


Silence followed again and again. It was a positive answer, and Grid was desperate.


If I try it, will Asmophel change”

-That isnt something I can answer.


Grid believed it. Asmophel would surely overcome his wounds. Grid would make sure of it.

“Then what exactly does it mean by not being able to recognize the elementals Does it mean Asmophel cant see them”

Grid pointed to the light elemental revolving around him.

The world tree confirmed it, -Yes.

“I thought he could see it...”

-You told himthere is an elemental here, so he believes it.

Thats it. Asmophel would believe it if Grid said that fermented soybeans were red beans.

It was similar to this.

Mercedes was the next target of the world trees branch.

-It is also impossible for her to contract with the elementals.


-It is because she has a power the gods are wary of. The elementals that are the gods creation will instinctively reject her.

“Power the gods are vigilant of” There was only one thing that came to mind. “Do you mean Keen Insight”

-Yes, it is a power that humans shouldnt have.


It made sense. The power to see through all things was close to almighty, and it was more suitable for a god than a human.

‘I shouldnt take Mercedes if I meet another god.

It would be a big deal if he offended them. Grid was still thinking as the world trees branch pointed to Ameldas group at the end.

-They arent qualified yet.

“I see...”

They needed to build up more contributions.

Well, there was nothing to regret since the contributions could be slowly built up.

‘The problem is Asmophel.

Grid turned away from the world tree. His gaze swept over the village and soon found Asmophel. He was looking up at the night sky without mingling with his old colleagues or the elves.

‘King of Solitude...

Somehow, he thought Lauel would like it. At this moment, a whisper came from Lauel, -Ke ong said it is impossible.

This was the answer to Grids question about whether the portable smithy could be made.

-Why is it impossible

-The weight is the problem. It needs at least hundreds of horses to move in a carriage, but you dont always use main roads. The horses will have to be placed in rows of twos or threes, but it isnt possible for them to run. It is hard to make wheels that can withstand the weight of the building in the first place.

-What if the smithy itself is smaller It is enough if the space is approximately 3 square meters.

-To avoid damaging the carriage when the furnace heats up, the outer wall must be ridiculously thick. The ceiling should be high due to the chimney installation and ventilation issues. Shouldnt Your Majesty know best how many tons of water is needed

-Youre saying the weight will increase no matter how small it is.

-Yes, thats why. This is my opinion, but what if Your Majesty makes it yourself

-What can I do when even Ke ong cant make it How am I capable of architecture in the first place

-Is Ke ong a blacksmith


-Ke ong is easily carrying out the expansion of the castle. If dexterity is high, a blacksmith can learn architecture as well. The dwarfs racial characteristics arent bad, so it might be good to acquire them with the Different Species King title.

The characteristic obtained from the Different Species King title was random and couldnt be directly selected by Grid. It was better to give up if the reason why Ke ong could master architecture was because of his racial characteristics. However, Grid held hope.

‘Ive learned the Tailoring technique.

Who says I cant learn architecture

Of course, new techniques couldnt be learned just because he had high dexterity. He had to learn the foundation skills through quests. What if he could get the quest from Ke ong

‘No, wait a minute.

-Even if I learn construction skills, isnt it impossible to make a portable smithy when Ke ong cant

-What if Your Majesty makes it with Greed


-Lets make a portable flying smithy. Then all the problems raised by Ke ong will be solved instantly.

Hey, this person was a genius. Grid prepared to return immediately.


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