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It was the sword which was created by Sword Saint Kraugel and Overgeared King Grid and used by the legendary knight Mercedes. There were exclamations all over the place when the World Crushing Sword of the Noble White Tiger revealed its form. The blade was white and transparent like Mercedes skin while the crown-shaped knuckle bow grip seemed like a significant work of art, a symbol of power and prestige. Yes, art. It was likely to decorate an emperors wall.

Then what was the reality The White Tiger Sword wasnt an ornament.

It was a war weapon where all the elements that made up the sword specialized in combat. The sword combined with Mercedes unstoppable movements to become an ideal state.


The White Tiger Sword roared, the ground shook, and the forest swelled. Arrows poured down like rain, and bushes hindered their vision.

There were also sharp thorns and bumpy rocks. The war god followers, who had been leisurely breaking through all the obstacles, lost their balance and started to fall down.

Only one person was different. One man, who had his eyes blindfolded, used his restrained hands to maintain his balance in the air.

Mercedes stared at the cloudy dust that was falling over her head. The White Tiger Sword and the followers restraints collided. The earth once again trembled from the shockwave that followed.

A mighty storm sprang up and shook the surrounding bushes. It was a sight that made it seem like the wrath of a god had struck the world.

‘Is this the strength of a legend

Resh and the Sword Knights murmured to themselves. At this moment, they had new thoughts. Even Kyle, who had previously believed he was the supreme, escaped the well he was in and realized he was actually inferior to Mercedes. They all tried to understand Mercedes movements and the intent contained in them.

They had faith that their status would rise rapidly as soon as they understood.

Mercedes wasnt as fast as Kyle, but it was clear that she transcended a human being. She moved at a normal speed that Reshs eyes should be able to follow, but it was strange. Resh clearly saw Mercedes movements. They were so sophisticated that they were obvious. Of course, this was one in 100 moves. Furthermore...


After Mercedes attacks, a follower with a steel plate tied to his hands let out a faint moan. It was easy to see Mercedes attacks that flowed along an honest trajectory, but the follower was baffled. Mercedes swordsmanship was like the world tree. The huge pillars stretched out straight, but there were hundreds or thousands of branches at the end, making it transformative. The simplicity of the moves was something they should never be dazzled by.

The followers body flew far away and struck a tree with a circumference of more than five meters, Then the follower pierced another giant tree behind it. It only stopped after four additional trees. The knights clearly witnessed him coughing up red blood. Yet the follower came back in an instant and kicked at Mercedes.

Mercedes, who was on the verge of breaking through Kyles guardians and cutting his throat, failed to do so and had to step back. The follower who came back with an incredible speed opened his mouth to speak for the first time, “I see.

You are the strongest on this continent.”

It was a statement, not a question.


There is a person stronger than me,” Mercedes denied it.

She was implying that the West Continent was wide.

The followers mouth curved upward.


There is no meaningless divine message.”


The battle briefly entered a lull.

The followers wondered how to keep in check thesword and the ever-changing swordsmanship, which specialized in both offense and defense and created an earthquake.

Meanwhile, Mercedes was wary after noting that the beings in front of her werefollowers of the war god.

‘They are similar in many ways to the followers of the war god found in the Galgunos Temple.

Looking at the techniques they use, they must also be followers of the war god.

Based on Kyles comments about the providence of power and the statements that people came to help him due to a divine message, the possibility of it was 99.9%. Still, one thing was clear.

‘The temple followers had no sense of reason.

There were distinct limitations to the followers of the war god roaming the Galgunos Temple, but it wasnt because the number of secret techniques acquired was small. The absence of reason meant they followed instincts. The temple followers were obsessed only with secret techniques and were weak in all areas where they had to use their heads, including the ability to apply the techniques and identify and control the emotions of the opponents to create variables.

However, these followers had a sense of reason. It was clear that they had mastered even more secret techniques than the temple followers.

‘They dont seem easy.

In particular, the follower wearing restraints was stronger than Kyle, despite not being able to use his hands fully because of his blindfold. The other followers who had endured the White Tigers Cry couldnt be taken lightly either. They were only careless at first, but the attitude and physical ability they showed since then were of a high level.

It wasnt an exaggeration to say they were in the same class as Amelda.

‘Maybe this could be dangerous.

Mercedes was alarmed. It wasnt just because the opponents were strong. She was mindful of the peculiarity of the place. This place—Mercedes had experienced how dangerous the World Trees Forest was. A place filled with ancient species... Lurking here somewhere was an enemy that caused her to consume her Origin True Energy.

‘Being careless here will soon lead to death… Mercedes thought this and took up a certain posture. ‘I have to finish the fight as soon as possible.

Kyle, who was supporting Dulandal, and the attitude of the followers with him would surely be detrimental to His Majesty. Mercedes was convinced of her role at this moment. She would handle Kyle and all the followers. It was for her liege. Her life didnt matter.

“Amelda, please leave with the other two and Asmophel.”

Mercedes stretched out her left arm and spun around. At this point, she was holding a black sword in her right hand. The White Tiger Sword attacked the blindfolded follower.

The follower blocked it, but he became aware of Mercedes left hand coming for his neck and hurriedly bent down.

Meanwhile, he raised his legs backward like a crane to strike Mercedes neck. The weight of the White Tiger Sword pressing against the restraints suddenly increased rapidly, causing his posture to collapse. Two pillars struck the followers shoulders.

‘This... The follower was slightly shaken by the ensuing hit. ‘Is it the spirit of the white tiger that dwells in it

A weapon created with the breath of a sacred creature was rare in the East Continent. How was it in the West Continent 

The fierce battle continued. Mercedes didnt give the follower time to think. This follower wouldnt be beaten easily. The reason he was blindfolded was to awaken his senses. He quickly adapted to Mercedes swordsmanship and heeded the variable of the White Tiger Sword.

Their techniques struck each other, causing a shockwave to break out. The clash swept up the both of them.

The follower took one step back and shouted, “My name is Lee Jeong! I once worshipped the expelled gods, but now I am one of the Triad who serves War God Zeratul!”

Like the follower, Mercedes took a step back and wiped the blood flowing from her mouth.

“I am Mercedes.

I serve King Grid.”

Lee Jeongs restraints and Mercedes White Tiger Sword collided several times. Then they were soon interlocked. The two people were close enough to feel each others breathing, and the conversation continued.

“The war god cares for people with abilities like yours.

You mustve seen the foundation of the war god.

You wouldve seen the ultimate technique presented by the war god.

Why do you serve a human, not a god Is it because of the pride of a so-called knight”

“The ultimate item is greater than the ultimate technique.”


“I already have the power of my liege, who has a god-like status.”

“A god-like status Hahat! What a funny joke!”

“It isnt a joke.

King Grid will transcend the god you serve.”

“Your arrogance has reached a level of madness!”

“Isnt the god you serve at the height of arrogance The ultimate technique Would a farmer dare call himself the ultimate when looking at fields”

“You are definitely crazy.”

Lee Jeong refused to talk any further. He couldnt see because he was blindfolded as part of his training, but he seemed to know. Mercedes, the knight who competed with him, must have very good eyes. She was a true warrior who possessed the idea that she should train herself without relying on a god to reach the peak.

‘You are still young and narrow-minded.

A human couldnt surpass a god. He had experienced it and gotten frustrated.

Consequently, he decided he would rather follow the war god.

“Black Death Light.”


A rare talent...

If he showed Mercedes the greatness of the war god, could they become companions Lee Jeong was filled with some expectations as he used a skill, and Mercedes vision darkened. In a world that was only dark, Lee Jeongs fist penetrated her solar plexus.

...At least, it shouldve.

“...!” A frightened Lee Jeong recovered his fist and leaped back. However, it was one step too late. A sharp sword light cut one of his ankles.

Lee Jeongs voice trembled, “Keen Insight...! You have Keen Insight”

He covered his eyes because his ultimate goal was to develop a minds eye. Yet someone who possessed something higher than the minds eye appeared in front of him. The agitated Lee Jeong yelled, “Melsede! You deserve to pioneer the ultimate technique! You shouldnt be under a human! Join us...!”

“My name is Mercedes.”

“I know! My pronunciation isnt good! No, dont change the point!”



From the beginning to the end, Mercedess expression, which hadnt changed at the height of Kyles grandeur, when Asmophel showed Piaros power, when the war gods followers intervened, or even when she was prepared to die, changed for the first time. Anger appeared on her face.

“Dont demean my liege.”

[Legendary Knight Mercedes has created a new chivalric code.]

“My liege is much better than the gods you serve.

In the end, it is about being overgeared.” 


“The ultimate is martial arts, martial arts.”

In the end...

“Everything is equal under items.”

[Your knight Mercedes can wear all types of items without any restrictions and will improve the performance of all items worn by 15%.]

“Dont try to persuade me.”


What What type of sophistry was this Lee Jeong was dumbfounded.

By this time, he realized the meaning ofovergeared.

Meanwhile, in the midst of the followers, Kyle was recovering. Believing this was the only way to shake off todays humiliation, he consumed an Origin True Energy.

‘Dont look down on the providence of strength.

The elves who were weak but pretentious...

The knights who shouted about a pride they didnt have...

Asmophel who humiliated him...

The haughty Mercedes...

Kyle didnt like everyone here.

“All of you will die!!”

Kyle recovered and released an electric current with all his power, sweeping everyone in the area away. The elves and knights bodies were torn apart, and the single digit knights supporting Asmophel sensed a crisis.

Even Mercedes didnt find it easy to endure despite wrapping her shield with sword energy.

Resh was already dying. ‘Sh...it...

Players had different tendencies. Most players wanted an easy, comfortable, and enjoyable gaming environment. Would any of them read Reshs intentions He was in a dying state and would be forced to log out after a certain period of time. Resh, who had been recording the situation, turned the video into a live format rather than a recording.

The YouXube private broadcasting station linked to his account was activated, and the gray landscape he was watching spread to the world in real time. Viewers would flock to it. Someone would come here to this forest and broadcast the next situation.

‘Let them warn the world of the dangers of Dulandal and Kyle.

The moment that Resh started praying that, Mercedes rushed forward. Kyles followers pressed her at the same time, and even Mercedes couldnt handle it. Her white hair and skin gradually turned red with blood.


It cant...

Mercedes was the one who helped him. She was also a legendary knight and Grids knight. He couldnt let her die. He had to come back and help. He should do this, even if he couldnt help.

‘Log out..

Then it happened the moment that Resh shouted voluntarily, trying to hold out against the forced logout time. A lightning bolt slammed into the scene. It made Kyles electric current pointless.

The true power of the lightning god penetrated Kyle, who had just recovered, and made him vomit.

The supreme...

The black-haired man, who broke through a players limits and rose to the point of transcendence, was finally witnessed by Resh.


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