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Chapter 110

Satisfy implemented a system of complete freedom.

It had more than two billion users.

The two billion people could freely select or pioneer more than 10,000 classes, and there were 10,000 common classes.

Each common class had a top 10 rankings.

It seemed like the same IDs every time.

This meant that the top 10 of each class was widening the gap with those ranked below 11th, and it was virtually impossible for new figures to enter the top 10 rankings.

But approximately six months ago.

There was a major upheaval in the rankings of 16 major classes.

The Tzedakah Guild moved from L.T.S to Satisfy and entered the top 10 of each ranking in just four months.

It had a large impact on users and the Tzedakah Guild made a spectacular debut in Satisfy, gaining the medias attention.

Then after that…

The rankings became stuck again for a while.

After the Tzedakah Guild appeared, the top rankers stayed the same for more than half a year.

It was around a month ago.

Just like when the Tzedakah Guild appeared in the past, a major upheaval once again appeared in the rankings.

10 new figures appeared in the rankings of 10 major classes like comets.

Those 10 people were called the10 Rookies and received peoples praise and expectations.

“Cursed Bloodline!”

[The blood imprinted in the Thorn of Deep Grievance has resonated with your blood and makes you run wild.]

[Skill damage has increased by 150%.

Movement speed has increased by 80%.]

[Health is continuously consumed while the skill is activated.]


[You have suffered 34,030 damage.]

[You have suffered 25,111 damage.]

[You have suffered 29,600 damage.]

The flamberge, which seemed like the thorny stem of a rose, slashed at the monsters in its orbit.

The bleeding didnt stop as Ibellin flew among the monsters.

Then he grabbed a monsters neck and used a skill.


[You have dealt 505,900 damage.]


Ibellin had been succeeding since receiving the Thorn of Deep Grievance from Grid.

He cleared difficult dungeons that had frustrated him a few times and earned a great number of rewards from hunting monsters at least 30 levels higher than him.

[Your level has risen.]


After entering the 200th level zone, Ibellin had only been able to raise his level once every five days.

But now he could gain one level in just one day.

It was a feat that could be achieved thanks to moving hunting grounds.

And he was able to move hunting grounds thanks to the Thorn of Deep Grievance, so the power of items was really amazing.

‘It was worth investing 2.5 million gold.

This is a completely new world!

The number one spot in the swordsman rankings was guarded by Zirkan.

Zirkan was an overwhelming presence so it was hard to take first place, but Ibellin would soon be able to take second place if he kept growing like this.

“Just wait, Lauel!”

Ibellin started Satisfy two months later than his other guild members due to finishing his studies.

So he wasnt included when the Tzedakah Guild debuted and instead became one of the 10 Rookies.

Until then, Ibellin had been confident that he was the best among the 10 Rookies.

He never doubted it as one of the Tzedakah Guild.

But what was this

Lauel debuted in the top 10 of the qigong masters rankings when Ibellin was 9th place in the swordsman rankings.

Now Lauel was 1st in the qigong master rankings and 178th on the unified rankings.

On the other hand, Ibellin was 3rd on the swordsman rankings and 199th on the unified rankings.

Ibellin saw Lauel on a TV interview and realized that they were the same age.

This was a very shocking event for Ibellin, who had the strongest self-esteem among his peers.

Since then, Ibellin recognized Lauel as a rival and strived to surpass him.

But this wasnt an easy task.

If he took one step closer, the opponent would take two steps.

Thus, Ibellin could feel his limitations.

He couldnt deny that Lauel was superior to himself.

However, then he got his hands on the Thorn of Deep Grievance.

‘Items are also part of our abilities…! Lauel, this time I will be ahead of you!


{Grid! You came ~^0^~}

{Ive missed you so much!}

{A half day without you is like 10 years… I was desperately waiting for you to come!}

The guild chat window went crazy as soon as Grid connected to the game.

The guild members welcomed Grid like they were reuniting with a separated lover after a long time.

It was all for one reason.

{Make my items quickly!}

{Im dizzy because I want a legendary rated item ㅠㅠ}

{Me first! Grid, if you make a legendary item for me, I will shoot up to the top 20 right away!}

‘Please make my items!

Thats what the guild members really longed for.

Right now, Grid was a very important and irreplaceable figure.

“Huhuhut… They are prisoners of my items.”

As Grid was laughing and feeling pleased, Ibellin appeared in the guild chat window.

{Brothers, Sisters.

Do you think it is so easy for Grid to make a legendary item ^^ Dont bother Grid.


{What Ibellin, you raised your level again Hasnt it only been one day}

{Yup! ^^ I moved my hunting grounds.

^^ My experience is rising quickly ~ ^^ Previously I worked hard and only gained 1 level in 5 days ~ ^^ This is the true power of items ^^ ㅋ It is all thanks to Grid.


{Hey… No matter how excited you are, stop using ^^

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