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‘Lets ignore that person.

Perhaps it was because he had been imprisoned for a long time, but Dwarf Kes condition wasnt good.

His inconsistent attitude made others suspect he was suffering from dementia.

If Grid were focused on conversing with Ke right now, his fantasies about the dwarf species would probably collapse. Even so, he was very interested in Kes remark which expressed the sword—the Sword Aiming at the Gods—as not the best masterpiece but one of the best, with those better than it being countable on 10 fingers. 

Then he handed a pair of shoes to Coke who was standing precariously on an iron plate. It was Brahams Boots that had the Fly spell attached.

“Wear this.”


Brahams Boots were a symbol of Grid. They were always present when Grid did a sword dance. Yet he was lending them to Coke

‘Do you trust me that much Cokes eyes trembled.

Grid stared straight at him and spoke decisively, “You absolutely cant die.

If you die and drop these shoes, I will nag at you for the rest of my life.”

“...Yes! I will definitely survive!” Coke responded vigorously and acted in a tactful manner. He immediately put on the shoes and activated Fly, grabbing Resh and finding a safe place to land. “I will assist Grid.

Resh, get the list of prisoners and find the dukes.”

“Okay.” Due to the nature of the space, the requisite of fighting Biplonz was being able to fly. Resh was unable to fight, so he embarked on a prison search while Coke prepared for battle.

In the thick darkness of the air, Biplonz asked Grid, “Hrmm Are you perhaps my kind”

Grid was somewhat surprised.

‘Is it possible to have a meaningful conversation

Biplonz called the Abyss therift and said he had been born in it. He didnt know anything beyond this dark world, and his childish way of speaking gave off a sense of innocence. Grid didnt hesitate to question Biplonz.

He peeked at the possibility of conversation and asked a question in return, “Why do you think Im your kind”

“We smell similar.”

‘Is it because of the demonic power

Demonic power created demonic energy. This was why Grid could use Blackening. Grid carefully thought about it before asking again, “If we are the same kind, are you willing to cooperate with me”

At present, Biplonz was judged to be a NPC, not a monster. In retrospect, it was the same as the demonkin villagers Grid had met in hell. The system classified some demonkin as NPCs, just like other species such as the water clan, the elves, and dwarves. It was a different treatment from how the great demons or demonic creatures were unconditionally classified as monsters.

“Huh No I cooperate with humans.”

“I am a human.”

Biplonz had a surprisingly quick switch in attitude, just like Ke! The moment Grid revealed his identity, Biplonz shook his head.

“You are a human, but you are an intruder.

You are an enemy despite being a human because you didnt bring any offerings.”

“Im actually your kind.”

“Then youre the enemy.

I wanted to fight against my own people.”


Once again, the target being a monster or an NPC wasnt a significant factor. In Satisfy, the story went according to the settings which had already been prepared. Grid sighed as he noticed he had to fight. Still, he tried to talk a bit more. He had too many questions for Biplonz.

-The seven of us sealed between the ground and hell... 

These were the words of the seventh evil, Corruption.

“There is a story that the bottom of the Abyss is another world. It is a place that is in contact with hell and infested with demonic energy.”

Those were Reshs words. Up until this moment, Grid hadnt noticed. He was too stupid that it couldnt be helped. Grid only belatedly noticed it when Biplonz called the Abyss arift. It was likely to be the seal of the seven malignant saints. “You called this place the rift.

Is that the rift between earth and hell Why were you born here Are there many other demonkin born there apart from you When did you start interacting with the empire You...

Do you know about the seven malignant saints”

“I don\'t know.

I dont know any of that.

I was just born here and cooperated with the human who gave me food.”

Biplonz was relatively friendly. He even showed a willingness to answer questions. The problem was that he didnt know anything. 

‘Tsk, Grid clicked his tongue.

[The information of the seven malignant saints and the information of the Abyss that you gathered have joined together!]

It was then that the system responded to Grids questions. The notification window was updated randomly when Grid mentioned the Abyss and the seven malignant saints together.

[The Seventh Evil,Corruption, said he was sealed between hell and the ground.]

[The enigmatic demonkinBiplonz indirectly revealed that the Abyss is the rift between hell and earth.]

[There seems to be a clear link between the Abyss and the seal of the seven malignant saints.]

[The hidden linked quest ★Place to Reach the Answer (1) ★ will proceed!]

[Place to Reach the Answer (1)]

[★ Hidden Linked Quest ★

Defeat the enigmatic demonkin Biplonz and get the key to move to the heart of the Abyss!

Quest Clear Conditions: Biplonz capture.

Quest Failure Conditions: Be defeated in the battle against Biplonz or Biplonzs death.

Quest Clear Reward: Place to Reach the Answer (1) linked quest.] 


The sensation of electricity flowed over the skin of the startled Grid. It was a sense of pleasure. After the Belial raid, Grid was deprived of the raw pleasure of playing the game.

He hadnt been able to feel the fun of leveling up because of the surge in the required experience.

There had been no gains in general hunting, and there had been no raids.

It had been a daily routine for the unlucky Grid, and there had been no storyline going on after the improvement of his relationship with the empire.

He had started feeling bored.

The only time he feltI am playing a game right now was when he occasionally did the kings quest. Now, he was close to the main story which hadnt been accessible for a while. Grid started to rejoice and become motivated.

‘The reason why I couldnt access the seven malignant saints storyline in the meantime is because the story was hidden deep in the empire.

Since he was hostile to the empire, it was forced to be inaccessible to him. There was a reason why he hadnt found a clue in the past few months. Grid trembled with joy.

“Lets fight quickly.

I have to kill the intruder or else I wont be able to eat,” Biplonz suddenly spoke to Grid as he approached quickly and swung his sharp claws.

The duration of Beriths Power was over. Grid was no longer supported by Automatic Transformation and was fully exposed to Biplonz attack. Nevertheless, Grid responded calmly without panicking. He believed in his high agility and status combined with Alex\'s Quick Gloves as he confronted Biplonz with a sword.



It was a one-second offense and defense. In the wave of 11 attacks committed by Biplonz, Grid barely defended against nine of them.

Still, he couldnt respond to the remaining two and retreated while coughing up blood.

[You have suffered 5,900 damage.]

[You have suffered 6,130 damage.]

‘Why is he so strong

To think that there were 11 attacks per second and they penetrated through Valhalla of Infinite Affection... The confused Grid used Flash instead of trying to activate Blackening. He calculated that the light elemental would be even deadlier for Biplonz, a demonkin accustomed to darkness. Unexpectedly, Biplonz wasnt significantly affected by the light.

He had lost his vision and was blinded for a while, but that was all.

Biplonz didnt suffer like the vampires who saw the sun. During the time when he was blinded, Grid dealt five strikes and his expression stiffened.

‘What is this bastard

He attacked five times with the Sword Aiming at the Gods, but only 30,000 damage was done. Since the Sword Aiming at the Gods added 20% divine damage and 50% additional damage to boss monsters and named NPCs, Biplonz defense must be really high. Biplonz was a demonkin who was vulnerable to divine attacks, and his name was shining, indicating he was a named NPC.

“Indeed, humans are strong...”

Biplonz was staring down at the blood flowing from the wound on his chest. He felt more interest than anger.

“Ive never seen a weak person while I was born and raised here.

I dont think that person is false about his assertion that humans will rule the world.”

Due to the nature of the Abyss, the visitors and prisoners were likely to have a unique strength. Biplonz idea was understandable. By the way, who wasthat person 

“That person Are you talking about the imperial princes or the emperor”

“Huh No, no.

It is somebody who doesnt die.” 


Somebody who doesnt die Grid cocked his head for a while before his eyes widened.

“The grandmaster

“I dont know what he is called.

He always came alone.”

“Are you talking about a person who always looks impatient”

“Yes, thats right.

Was he called grandmaster”


Grid realized that there wasnt only one or two secrets hidden here. This was a place that had to be explored, and in order to do that, Biplonz must be captured.

“Blackening, Blacksmith\'s Rage, and Quick Movements.” Grid used his buffs. He measured Biplonz strength to be equivalent to one of the Seven Dukes.

No, he was at least equivalent to the best among the Five Dukes.


Item Combination.”

It was right to use all his power. The Sword Aiming at the Gods was laid over the Enlightenment Sword. The battle began. Biplonz fought instinctively without any weapons, and his attack motions were extremely small.

The quick and irregular attack patterns were linked to maximize Biplonz powerful damage. There was no need to describe Grids attack power, which was just strong through the combination of myth-rated transcendent items.


“Devouring Curtain!”

The explosions that occurred in succession caused the space to shake, and it seemed that it was going to collapse. Biplonz started using skills to avoid critical injuries, and the pressure on Grid gradually grew. Biplonz attack power was very burdensome for Grid who had consumed half his health in exchange for using Blackening.

‘If I knew this, I wouldve joined armor together!

In the end, Grid believed his immortality would be consumed and summoned Noe.

He didnt summon Randy, Tiramet, and the Overgeared Skeletons because they didnt have the capability of air combat.

“Nyahahat! It is the best demonic beast of hell... huh” Noe appeared with his usual attitude. He was just rushing toward Biplonz when he jumped back with shock.



Noe was scared So far, Noe only feared dragons and great demons. Yet he was scared of Biplonz Grid was perplexed, but he still started his sword dance. He didnt miss the chance when Biplonz was looking at Noe.

“Transcended Link Flower!”

No matter how high Biplonzs strength was, he was classified as an NPC, not a monster. Biplonzs health was limited, so Grid was afraid Biplonz would die if he were hit by a four fusion sword dance. Thats why Grid used a three fusion sword dance, but it was a very arrogant judgment.

Biplonz claws, which were harder than steel, broke one of the energy blades of Transcended Link Flower. Biplonz hand broke through the gap from the broken energy blade and grabbed at Grids neck. In the process, the arms and chest exposed to Transcended Link Flower were turned to rags, but the strength to break the human neck remained. If Grid were an ordinary human, he wouldve died of a broken neck. However—


Grids neck wasnt broken. Biplonz strength might be equal or greater than one of the dukes, but it couldnt penetrate Grids defense simply by trying to break his neck.

“This... Kek! Try to stop it!”

It was an instant attack skill that was triggered without any preparatory action. Unbreakable Justice was used, and it destroyed Biplonz posture. Unbreakable Justice Lv.

8 inflicted damage equal to 900% physical damage.

Combined with Grids items and buffs, Unbreakable Justice wasnt at a level that Biplonz could ignore. In the first place, he suffered too much damage while breaking through Transcended Link Flower.

[The target has received 159,000 damage.]

“Kuek...!” Biplonz released Grid and fought back with clenched fists.

“Leap of Trust!” Coke used the skill attached to the legendary rated shieldLuminary Guardian and jumped between Grid and Biplonz. The wide-area damage of the skill struck Biplonz while Grids defense rose sharply. Grid didnt miss this opportunity. He chose the sword dance that was sublimated under his name, and Kill struck Biplonz chest.

“Cough!” As Biplonz experienced a critical injury, an unidentified character appeared on Biplonz forehead before disappearing. Grid and Coke didnt see it because it happened in an instant. Then Grid suddenly pulled out a silver thread and captured the body of the falling Biplonz.


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