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Chapter 106

I desperately wanted to make just 80,000 gold, but what was this Forget 80,000 gold, I could earn millions of gold.

“Hah, truly.”

An item made from materials contaminated by a foreign substance was completed with a legendary rating!

‘I thought I would be lucky if it didnt have a garbage rating… Well, its strange.

Is this a dream

There was no sense of reality because it was an unexpected result.

I pinched my cheek to make sure.

Then I spoke with certainty.

“It isnt a dream.”

I could barely believe it, but it was reality.

What type of person was Shin Youngwoo

I was an icon of bad luck during my 27 years of life.

During elementary school, I went on a school trip and was abducted by someone, so I had no pleasant memories.

When I was in middle school, I went on a graduation trip and witnessed a hit and run.

I had a tendency to get an upset stomach during athletic meets or picnics, never picked up 100 won on the street and there were exactly 89 times when I was hit by local gangsters or school bullies.

During my university days, I was dragged into volunteer service and was hit by a hit and run on the way back.

I had to pay three million won for hospital expenses and when I was hospitalized, I almost died from food poisoning.

But the other patients didnt receive food poisoning.

In the end, they concluded that I secretly ate outside food and got food poisoning, so I didnt receive any compensation.

At that time, I really only ate the hospital food.

It was still a mystery why the other patients were fine while only I got food poisoning.

‘The hospitals rice was dirty or the other patients didnt eat hospital food…

But was it really possible for every patient except me to not eat hospital food Maybe it was the work of a terrible ghost.

Anyway, those werent my only experiences.

When I was in military service, the battalion commander would emerge drunk every time I was on guard duty.

The battalion commander was crazy from stress and would shout at me to relieve it.

Then I remained the youngest in the platoon because my successor didnt enter.

Three days before the last vacation, an accident occurred during training and my successor was injured and hospitalized.

Thanks to that, I had to work through the holidays.

There were countless other terrible experiences.

On the other hand, the number of happy experiences was small enough to be counted on five fingers.

One of those happy experiences was eating double portions of rib eye.

‘When I was 13… My grandfather gave me money, stating I was his only grandson… At that time, I had four servings of rib eye that I ate alone…

I was truly pathetic.

One of the best experiences of my life was eating meat! My 27 years of life were terrible with barely any joy.

But what about recently The symbol of bad luck was transforming into a symbol of good luck.

I was glad about this change.

“I believe my mother has been going to church and the temple to pray these days.”

My family had always been non-religious and I was the same.

So I seriously worried that I was unlucky because I didnt have a religion.

Lately, my mother left the house on weekends and seemed to pray to God and Buddha for her son.

“Mother, thank you…”

Tears of joy emerged.

I realized I wasnt alone in this world as I became surrounded by my mothers love.

My body and mind became warm.

Then Ibellin arrived.

“Its the time you mentioned.

Has Thorn been finished


I threw the Thorn of Deep Grievance towards Ibellin.



Ibellins breath was blocked.

Ibellin checked the Thorn of Deep Grievance and was so surprised that he forgot to breathe.

“Cough cough! T-This Grid! Is Grid a bugged user”

I heard all types of things.

“A bugged user What nonsense are you saying”


Ibellin had no idea what to do as he twisted his hands together.

“Ive heard that blacksmiths are limited to making unique items! I know that legendary items can only be dropped in a raid, so how did Grid make a legendary item It is impossible unless you are an operator or a bugged user!”

He wasnt calm.

As I frowned at the confused Ibellin, a woman appeared at the entrance of the smithy.

“Shut up Ibellin.

Dont fall down just because of this.”

It was Jishuka.

Thump, thump.

She approached me while Ibellin tried to calm down.



I gulped nervously.

Jishukas appearance seemed sexier than usual as she said, “Grid.”


Jishukas cheeks were tinged red.

She looked at me gently with moist eyes, making my heart beat faster.

‘Why is she so sexy today

I looked into her eyes for one second and was literally seduced.

I avoided the gaze of the worlds sexiest beauty and stepped back.

Then Jishuka came up to me, her hot breath touching my face.

“Its impossible to do these things in Satisfy unless you have a legendary class… Isnt that right Grid.”


“You, do you have a legendary class”

I never thought I could hide my identity forever.

I didnt feel the need to hide my identity anymore.

I had decided to open up the moment I made a legendary item.

“You saw it right away.”

Jishukas eyes lit up like lanterns.

“Indeed…! Grid! Youre really the best!!!!”



She hugged me tightly again.

My soul seemed to leave my body as I was surrounded by her body and scent.

But now I didnt misunderstand her behavior.

‘It is her way of expressing pure joy.

But due to her innate sexiness, that innocent joy was hidden.

Maybe she struggled because of this part about herself.

I ignored the excited Jishuka and reached out to Ibellin.

“How much”

The calm Ibellin lifted a finger.

“One million gold.”


Were my ears wrong As a legendary item, shouldnt it be at least two million gold

Ibellin explained as I was feeling confused.

“As described in this item, theBlood Owner is me.

This means this is my exclusive item.

In other words, no one can use this item except for me.

So unfortunately, I have to lower the price even if its a legendary item.”


Ibellin, normally acted as a boy with a guileless face, but he became an adult according to the circumstances.

‘His image has changed.

He didnt become a ranker for no reason.

I was impressed by this Ibellin.

“The performance of this item is top-notch, but the monetary value is unfortunately low.

To be honest, one million gold is a high price.

Later on, this item will become useless when I can equip higher levelled items.

Its an item that no one else can use, so I cant sell it… Im sorry but it is a severely limited timed item.

But that doesnt change that fact that it is a great item necessary for me right now.

I also dont want to disappoint Grid, so I am willing to pay up to one million gold.”

There were no objections.

Ibellins words were reasonable.

The current Ibellin wasnt trying to haggle.

He was telling the truth.

But this truth wasnt acceptable.

I raised three fingers.

“Three million.

I wont accept anything less than that.”

“Huh G-Grid I understand, but…”

I shook off Jishuka and approached Ibellin.

Then I took the Thorn of Deep Grievance from him and equipped it.

[Due to your class characteristics, you have equipped Thorn of Deep Grievance.]

[A penalty is applied because the item conditions arent met.]


Ibellin was shocked.

Looking at the conditions of use, it was an item only he could equip.

But unexpectedly, I was using it.

Syuok! Syuok!

I gently swung the Thorn of Deep Grievance a few times.

I nodded like I was very satisfied with the exquisite weight.

Then I looked at Ibellin with slight impatience.

“Three million.

Are you going to buy it If you dont buy it at this price, I wont sell it and will just use it.”


A scam! Ibellins scream echoed through Khans smithy.

[The Thorn of Deep Grievance hates and curses you.]

[You have resisted.]

[The Thorn of Deep Grievance hates and curses you.]

[You have resisted.]

[The Thorn of Deep Grievance hates and curses you.]

[You have resisted.]

In the meantime, the same notification windows repeated without end.

I felt like I was sitting on a thorn cushion, but I was outwardly as relaxed as possible while Ibellin made his decision.

“Two million…”



“I am going.”

“2,500,000! Please sell it for 2.5 million! This is all the money Ive saved from working hard from my L.T.S.

days and the broadcasting fees! Please!”

“… Sigh.

I guess it cant be helped.

I will concede, since were part of the same guild.”

“T-Thank you!”

“But I have one condition.

Give me a deposit of 80,000 gold right now.”

“Huh Ah, yes!”

It was sufficient, considering the Sword of Self-transcendence.

I didnt want to see any more damages.

Above all, I was the only legendary item creator that all of Satisfys users wanted.

The guild members were no exception.

[80,000 gold has been acquired.]

I wanted to quickly buy my car.

I smiled at Jishuka and Ibellin before logging out.

First, I deposited 700 million won in my fathers account.

“H-Heok! Youngwoo! What is this”

“Pay off your debt first.

Use the remaining money to stabilize the store… You dont have any employees these days, so havent you two been working hard alone


“Dont misunderstand.

This is a reasonable amount of money for your hard work, so dont worry about it.

Do you believe me”

“Sob sob! Oh my~~ !! Our spoiled son has become such a wonderful man overnight! This is like a dream!”

“It isnt a dream.

Dont worry, it isnt a dream.”

“Youngwoo! Sob sob sob!”

My mother embraced me and cried.

These days, I was being inundated with my mothers tears.

Meanwhile, my father just dropped his head without saying anything.

‘I shouldve acted better sooner…

My parents paid the expensive tuition fees for me to go to university, but I played a game instead of getting a job.

Then I became a debtor at a young age, disappointing my parents.

My parents had suffered for several years because of me, so I once again vowed to treat them better.

That afternoon.

After buying the 800 million won sedan, I was scolded by my mother, who told me I was still immature.

It hurt like hell, but I felt relieved as I felt the strength in my mothers hand.


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