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[Alchemy Research Institute]

[Facility Level: Advanced level 2.

*List of Products that can be Produced*

Intermediate~ Super Health Recovery Potion.

Intermediate~ Super Mana Recovery Potion.

Low~ Super Buff Potions.

Weapon and Armor Enhancement Stones.

Low-grade Sunglasses.

Low~ Intermediate Orbs.

Adjusted video communication.

Magic power detection tower.

Seven magic traps.

Telecommunication earphones, etc.

*List of Metals that can be Transformed*



Black iron.

Orichalcum *metals performance is enhanced*.

*List of Options that can be attached to Items*

Increased strength (small).

Increased agility (small).

Increased stamina (small).

Increased intelligence (small).

Increased movement speed (small).

Reduced resource consumption (minimal).

Skill enhancement effect (small).

Coolness ★Added skill★ ★Added attribute★]

This was the current state of Reidans alchemy facility. It was a very good facility just looking at the basic functions. The super-grade recovery potions and buff potions were goods that boss monsters didnt drop easily.

They were expensive enough to be calledchaebol exclusive items and boasted excellent performance. It wasnt an exaggeration to say that the best source of Grid and the Overgeared members performance during the Berith raid was the potions made by the alchemy facility. 

Additionally, it was worth noting that orichalcum was a high-value metal, and there was a variety of options that could be attached to items. It was clear that there would be a big social impact if Reidans alchemy facility were released to the media. Indeed, many people were willing to make deals with the Overgeared Kingdom, that could exclusively produce high-end goods and attach options to items.

‘They dont know it is an empty strength.

All facilities had something called themaintenance fee. If the maintenance fee wasnt paid on time, the level of the facility would drop and the operations would stop. It was common sense thatmaintenance of military facilities was the most expensive, but it was actually the alchemy facility which boasted a unique maintenance cost. The cost of maintaining one alchemy facility was higher than the cost of maintaining 30 advanced barracks which could raise and sustain 1,000 soldiers. 

Of course, the maintenance cost was the minimum cost. The investment cost was even higher. Over the past few years, more than half the revenue of the Overgeared Kingdom had been invested in the single alchemy facility, and it was able to achieve this high level thanks to the investment. Still, there was a bigger problem.

[-List of Materials needed to Produce Health Potions-

3 lagui.

3 long tea herbs.

2 red lotus flowers.

0.5 litres of purified water.

One glass bottle.

There is a 40% of the potion production failure.

40% chance of producing an intermediate health potion.

15% chance of producing an advanced health potion.

4% chance of producing a super health potion.

1% chance of producing an ultimate health potion.]

All alchemy products had a probability section. Money was constantly wasted when producing items, transforming metals, or giving an option to items, but the final results were uncertain. Money and luck were needed in order to get the desired result. The option attaching function even had a cooldown time. This was why more kingdoms, apart from the empire, neglected alchemy and why Grid scorned the alchemy facility.

‘It is a money-eating hippopotamus.

The alchemy facility boasted an exceptionally mysterious and beautiful appearance compared to other buildings. Grid arrived at the entrance of the money-eating facility and started cursing. It was almost a reflexive behavior. Grid still couldnt forget thecoolness option attached to Iyarugt.

‘It was really bad for the value.

He wanted to close the alchemy facility many times. The reason he didnt do it was because of the possibility for magic engineering. The field of magic engineering was presumed to exist in an area that couldnt be achieved by individual blacksmiths.

Thus, Grid needed help from alchemy.

“We deeply welcome Your Majesty!”

The alchemists rushed out to greet Grid. Alchemy was disparaged in all other kingdoms. For alchemists, the Overgeared Kingdom was one of the few stages where they could prove their worth. They didnt want to lose this stage and struggled to look good to Grid.

“A while ago, I succeeded in transforming orichalcum! I got one orichalcum with 100 steel!”

“You cant be praised for one orichalcum.

The report showed that you invested a total of 13,000 steel pieces in a month and only one orichalcum was obtained,” Chris, lord of Reidan, replied on Grids behalf.

Chris blunt and negative reaction represented Grids mind, and he intended to save Grids dignity. Wouldnt the king lose his dignity if he questioned his subordinates one by one Chris had operated a large guild and was good at this area.

“I-Im ashamed.

However, things will surely change once the facility reaches advanced level 3,” the facility chief said while bowing his sweating head.

Then Chris raised his voice, “Next time it will be different, next time.

You say the same thing every time.

How much more money should we invest”

“Stop,” Grid restrained Chris.

‘Why is he talking loudly when it is my money being invested

This was what he thought. Grid was smart, but he was still lacking when it came to interpersonal relationships. Grid asked the chief, “How long will it take to achieve advanced level 3”


So far, weve been able to accumulate experience and raise the level every time the alchemy succeeds.

Therefore, I was able to roughly guess the time when the facility level would rise.

However, this time is different.

I cant guess.”

“Why Is there a separate condition for accumulating experience”

“That...” The facility chief wiped away his sweat. He couldnt make eye contact with Grid. His attitude made Grid feel uneasy.

“Speak quickly.” Grid frowned. 

The facility chief explained in a trembling voice, “Since the facility level reached advanced level two, it has changed so that experience is only accumulated when the ultimate performance is achieved...”



Grid looked horrified while Chris eyes became bloodshot. Chris stepped out on behalf of Grid. “So, what... In the past, the experience value of the facility rose even when you only made low-grade potions.

Now in the future, experience will only increase with the ultimate grade potions Am I understanding correctly”

“...Thats right.”

“This is crazy!”

The cost of producing a single health recovery potion was similar to the trading price of a super health recovery potion. This was extremely inefficient. It was much better to buy potions directly than to manufacture them from the alchemy facility. Nevertheless, the reason all Overgeared members used potions from the alchemy facility was to gain ultimate health recovery potions and improve the level of the alchemy facility. Once the alchemy facility was up and running, they were forced to keep using it to accumulate experience and increase the level.

Now the investment itself had become meaningless. Only the ultimate result would accumulate experience... It really would be the beginning ofpouring water into a bottomless pit from now on.

“They are crazy.” Grid finally lost his temper. He forgot that the alchemists were watching and expressed his thoughts. The alchemists looked like the sky had fallen.

“Your Highness, please dont say that! We arent crazy!”

“Thats right! We are sane! We are just explaining it!”

“No, Im not talking about you.”

It was the S.A Group. The majority of alchemists were NPCs, so Grid swallowed the rest of his words. His stomach was burning. Alchemy! Ah, alchemy! It was the culprit that emptied his pockets, and it always hit him in the back of the head, making the stars visible!


Even the CEO of the Sasung Group cant reach advanced level 3 unless he is lucky.

Grid was convinced of this. Alchemy—its efficiency was terrible compared to its potential. It wasnt content that existed for players. Rather, it was merely a fantasy responsible for vague expectations.

Chris seemed to think the same way, “This isnt a problem that can be solved by being impatient.

If we invest money in order to raise the level quickly, our finances will be ruined.

Lets not hurry and just utilize the facility while maintaining the current operating policy.

Then the level will rise slowly.” 

“Do you want to reach advanced master level in 20–30 years”


It might not be possible in 20 or 30 years. The alchemy facility couldnt reach the advanced master level until their childrens generation. Chris became miserable when he thought seriously about it. “Fantasy content...

Well, okay.

I like it.

It is worth it.”

A wide smile appeared on Grids face. Chris found it absurd that Grid was so happy.

Step, step. Grid walked forward. He stood in front of the nucleus at the center of the institute and opened the Rune of Darkness. A black and ominous demonic energy rose around Grids body.

[The activation of the Rune of Darkness has increased demonic power by 200!]

Grid ignored the rising notification window and placed a pale hand on the magic power nucleus. 

Duguen! Duguen! 

The magic power nucleus of Reidans alchemy facility—the giant amethyst breathing like the heart of a living being—started to react to the force inside Grid. The wide smile on Grids face couldnt be erased.


“Chris, have I told you exactly what Beriths Power is”

The 22nd Great Demon Beriths power to produce every material that existed in the world at will was born at Grids fingertips. Beriths Hoof emerged from Grids inventory and floated around the magic power nucleus. It was the activation of the Transformation system.

“Wait! Grid!!” Chris was shocked. Transformation was a system where a specific materials was used to enhance the inherent performance or transform it to steel, silver, black iron, or orichalcum. In other words, if the value of the materials used exceeded orichalcum, the system was likely to cause a loss. Enhancing the performance of Beriths Hoof would fail. Beriths Hoof would be changed to either steel, silver, black iron, or orichalcum.

“Hey! Stop!”

It was too big a gamble. The best metal that Berith dropped would be lost. Chris reached out to stop Grid.


He was one step too late. Grid had already activated the Transformation system using Beriths Hoof as a material. Simultaneously, a brilliant golden light surrounded the entire laboratory and emerged through all the windows of the laboratory. The entire city of Reidan, which had a population of one million, had turned golden. After the light was cleared, Chris and the alchemists made the same sound, “Ah...”

They saw it. Beriths Hoof emitted a mystical brilliance.

“This is Beriths Power.”

Grid placed the hoof in his inventory and shared some of the Rune of Darkness information with Chris.


*22nd Great Demon Beriths Power.

The ultimate falsehood distorts reality.

The ultimate alchemy manipulates all things.

-When activating the ultimate alchemy-

Activate the Automatic Transformation and Ultimate Transformation skills.]

[Automatic Transformation]

[Passive skill.

If you are targeted by a projectile, a metal shield made of defensive metal will be automatically generated in real time.

10,000 damage will be absorbed per shield.

* The duration is one minute.]

[Ultimate Transformation]

[Active skill.

The best result will be obtained when using alchemy.

* 10 days of charging time is needed after use.]

“I was angry at first.”

It was due to the preconditions attached to Ultimate Transformation. What was the prerequisite to use alchemy when Grid was a blacksmith

“At first, I thought of it was a skill to be used in conjunction with the Automatic Transformation passive skill and that it would be possible to defend myself temporarily.” 

Then Grid noticed that he could take advantage of the alchemy system. It was a matter that could be simply resolved by using the alchemy facility.

“However, as you can see, there is a separate method of use.” 

Fantasy It couldnt exist before Beriths Power. He had the power to make fantasy into a reality.

[The success of Ultimate Transformation has increased the alchemy facilitys experience by 1%!]

“...!” Chris saw the lord-only notification window in front of him and raised his fists.

“Waaaaahhhhh!” The alchemists embraced each other and cheered enthusiastically. They thought that Grids presence itself was a blessing.


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