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“Sect Master!”

“Huang Xiaolong killed our Sect Master! We must kill Huang Xiaolong to avenge him!”


A part of the Ghost Refining Sect disciples encircling Huang Xiaolongs group let fury take over their reason, bombarding Huang Xiaolong with haphazard attacks.

Violent waves godforce erupted from various angles, several disciples even planned to blow up their godheads, pulling Huang Xiaolong to hell with them!

Watching these people, Huang Xiaolong snickered in contempt, his godforce circulated at rapid speed as he punched out with a Great Void Divine Fist.

Consecutive booms resounded in the air.

Some disciples barely got close to Huang Xiaolong when their bodies exploded from the overpowering impact, dead before they even knew it.

However, that did not stop the ones who felt extreme loyalty towards the Ghost Refining Sect, as they continued to rush toward Huang Xiaolong, preparing to die.

Huang Xiaolong replied to their madness with attack after attack.

This went on for ten minutes or so before the situation slightly subsided.

After the tens of thousands of Ghost Refining Sect disciples who tried to blow up their godheads were killed by Huang Xiaolong, the waves of attacks finally stopped.

No person dared to take another step forward.

Looking at Huang Xiaolong, these Ghost Refining Sect disciples eyes were filled with fear and shock, as if they were facing a ruthless archdevil.

The blood and body pieces of those cultivators who died from Huang Xiaolongs punches dyed the Ghost Refining City below red, the streets looking like rivers of blood. 

“Anyone else wants to avenge their Sect Master” Huang Xiaolongs cold piercing gaze swept over the remaining disciples; their heads lowered and souls trembled hearing Huang Xiaolongs voice.

Right at this point, one of the Grand Elders that was embedded into the ground by an attack had swallowed an indistinguishable pellet and sped toward the main hall.

The disdainful curve on Huang Xiaolongs face deepened watching the Grand Elder.

His palm extended, pulling that Grand Elder in front of him in less than a breaths time.

Seeing that his effort was thwarted, the Grand Elders eyes widened in dread as panic seized his heart.

“You want to activate the ancient heavenly formations of your sect” Huang Xiaolong looked at the Grand Elder, exposing his plan with a mocking gaze.

Huang Xiaolong had scoured the souls of the Ghost Refining Sect Master, the young lord, and the Infernal Ghost Messenger, therefore he knew all there was to know about the this sect.

When the Grand Elder attempted to flee into the main hall, Huang Xiaolong saw through his plan in an instant.

“I- no, wasnt...” Just as that Grand Elder tried to wrangle his innocence, Huang Xiaolongs Archdevil Supreme Godheads devouring power turned him into a lifeless, shrunken body.

Other Elders and Grand Elders who secretly harbored the same thoughts at this Grand Elder became ashen, cold sweat trickled down their backs.

“Who else wants to activate the ancient divine formations” Huang Xiaolong looked around, his voice was icy.

In that instant, every one of the Ghost Refining Sect disciples felt like they had plummeted into an ice cave.

Without warning, Huang Xiaolong suddenly pressed his palm down toward the Ghost Refining Sect headquarters through space, causing a giant hand imprint to cast a shadow over the main hall building.

Following this, bright lights spread out from the main hall, rising to the sky.

This was the ancient divine formations power.

Still, it didn\'t last long.

Huang Xiaolong soon suppressed the formations power, causing its bright light to dim, almost going out.

When the remaining Ghost Refining Sect disciples saw Huang Xiaolong suppressing and sealing the ancient divine formation in the main hall, their last line of hope was cruelly cut off.

As the seconds passed, a disciple surrendered, then another.

More and more disciples submitted to Huang Xiaolong, kneeling to show allegiance.

Huang Xiaolong was generous to these people; with a wave of his hands, a large number of healing pellets scattered around like a thunderstorm.

Holding the sacred grade divine pellets in their hands, solemness and pain turned into joy, willingly kowtowing in Huang Xiaolongs direction. 

Watching this, the other disciples followed and submitted as well.

With a wave of his hand, another storm of divine pellets rained down.

What he didn\'t lack the most were divine pellets and spirit stones.

In the end, no disciple remained standing.

Huang Xiaolong inwardly nodded at this sight, feeling relieved.

Had these people activated the ancient divine formation before he arrived, reigning in these disciples would have been much more of a hassle.

After that, Huang Xiaolong turned his attention onto the Elders and Grand Elders.

The attractive force from his hand gathered all of them right in front of him.

Those that submitted would be branded with a soul mark, while those who refused were sucked dry of their blood essence and godforce, killed on the spot without hesitation.

A few hours later, Huang Xiaolong had taken full control of the entire Ghost Refining Sect.

“Go, bring those Ancestors and Patriarchs that are here to attend the ceremony to the main hall.” Huang Xiaolong ordered a Ghost Refining Sect Grand Elder.

A while ago, when the young lord was about to inherit the Sect Master position, the Ancestors and Patriarchs of other sects in the Path to Hell were invited to the grand ceremony.

Until now, these Ancestors and Patriarchs had been inside the headquarters, not allowed to leave.

When they arrived at the main hall and saw Huang Xiaolong sitting on the main seat, all of them were stupefied, which turned to fear after hearing the Grand Elder that led them here that the previous Sect Master, young lord, and the Infernal Ghost Messenger were killed by Huang Xiaolong.

In the minds of this group of Ancestors and Patriarchs, the Ghost Refining Sect Master was the epitome of invincibility.

After reigning over the Path to Hell for countless years, it was almost a belief that the Ghost Refining Sect Master wouldn\'t die, and no one would be able to kill him.

 But now, the Ghost Refining Sect Master was history!

Even after a long time, this group had trouble accepting what they had heard.

Roughly half an hour later, this fact finally sank into their minds and they quickly knelt as a sign of their surrender and loyalty.

These Ancestors and Patriarchs decision did not surprise Huang Xiaolong, especially when their benefits were not affected in any way.

Whether they swore allegiance to Huang Xiaolong or the now-dead Ghost Refining Sect Master, it was all the same to them.

However, Huang Xiaolong aimed for total control, which was why he ordered them to open their soul seas, as he would also be marking them with a soul mark.

Jaws tightened and faces paled hearing this.

Despite their great unwillingness, these Ancestors and Patriarchs had no choice, nor did they dare to refuse.

After all, even the previous Ghost Refining Sect master died in Huang Xiaolongs hands, any effort they made in resisting would be futile.

Deep into the quiet night.

There was no silvery round orb hanging in the Ghost Refining Citys night sky, however, the city was decorated with countless Bright Crystal Stones that emitted crystalline white light in the dark.

Huang Xiaolong stood in the yard of the main hall, looking at the dark sky.

His expression reflected the peace inside his heart.

The ancient devil clan Ancestor Mo Yishi was dead, and the Ghost Refining Sect Master was taken care of as well!

All loose ends had been tied up! Here in the lower realm, there was no existence that could threaten him anymore.

He had spent three years in the Path to Hell, and had decided to return to the Divine Dan City in a few days, bringing Li Lu to see his parents.

So many years had passed, yet his mother had always beenmissing this daughter-in-law of hers, he believed that his mother would be very happy to see her again.

As for the Ghost Refining Sects treasury, Huang Xiaolong had no thoughts of taking it away.

He could always come back later, as he had already taken control of the whole sect.

He was also the only person who knew the method of entering the treasury, he could go in at any time.

As Huang Xiaolong pondered these issues, footsteps sounded behind him.

As he turned around, he saw was Li Lu and smiled, “Luer, youve come.”


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