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The excitement of the crowd boiled over after Huang Xiaolong managed to survive the ninth wave of tribulation lightning.

Rank nine tribulation lightning divine pellet!

It goes without saying that a rank nine tribulation divine pellet was priceless, something that couldnt be bought with money.

Now that Huang Xiaolong had withstood the ninth wave, when his pills successfully formed, there would at least be a dozen within a batch.

If it was on the higher end, the number of pellets could even exceed twenty!

There were also a few people who, after recovering from their shock, wondered if Huang Xiaolong could attract the tenth wave of tribulation lightning.

But Huang Xiaolongs movements had stopped.

In the ninth wave of lightning, each streak was sufficient to heavily injure an early Tenth Order Highgod Realm master.

Even if Huang Xiaolong transformed into his primordial divine dragon body, there was no guaranteeing he would be able to take on the tenth wave.

After all, with his rank nine tribulation grade divine pellets, it was absolutely sufficient for him to win the first place.

His goal was to become this terms champion.

Seeing that Huang Xiaolong had stopped and did not attempt to attract the tenth wave, the crowd sighed, feeling dispirited.

The herb essences inside Huang Xiaolongs cauldron, after having absorbed pure lightning force from nine waves of tribulation lightning, released bright rays of light and a medicinal fragrance much stronger than before.

A humming that contained a heaven and earth force reverberated in the square.

Following that, golden round pellets that emit a radiant luster flew out from the cauldron.

A total of twenty-six golden pellets akin to miniature suns were floating in the air!

Looking at the twenty-six rank nine tribulation grade Myriad Cure Holy Pills, Sun Yis face was blacker than the bottom of a pot.

He had underestimated Huang Xiaolong again.

Not only had he underestimated Huang Xiaolongs alchemy refining skills, but he also underestimated his strength!

Being able to withstand the ninth wave of tribulation lightning clearly proved that Huang Xiaolongs strength was on par with him! And he was a peak early Tenth Order Highgod Realm master!

The problem was, how long had Huang Xiaolong been cultivating compared to him

When Huang Xiaolong tested his bone-age for the Highgod Advancement Tournament, it was merely two hundred-something.

From that time until now, even though some time had passed, Huang Xiaolongs age was still below three hundred years old!

Mo Su had turned completely ashen seeing that Huang Xiaolong actually refined rank nine tribulation grade Myriad Cure Holy Pills.

His previous complacency and high spirits all vanished without a trace, his gaze dull.

In terms of strength, youre inferior to me, and in pill concocting youre even less qualified to compete with me!

His alchemy talent and skills were incomparable amongst the ancient devil clan, even their Patriarch Mo Dingtian lamented about the fact that he wasn\'t as good as Mo Su in this aspect.

Now, however, the alchemy skills he had always been proud of were squashed, worth nothing in front of Huang Xiaolong!

Wangu Ye and Li Lu had been paying attention to the movements on Huang Xiaolongs side, and just like all others, they were amazed that he actually refined rank nine tribulation grade Myriad Cure Holy Pills.

A short while later, a union Elder arrived at Huang Xiaolongs chamber, placed one of the twenty-six rank nine tribulation grade Myriad Cure Holy Pills into a high-grade jade bottle, and brought it to the twelve Eminent Elders on the main terrace for the assessment.

The remaining pills were put away by Huang Xiaolong.

Truthfully, it was obvious that Huang Xiaolongs Myriad Cure Holy Pill need not be assessed by the Eminent Elders.

After all, it had been refined on the spot.

Everyone present witnessed Huang Xiaolong attracting nine waves of tribulation lightning and withstanding the ordeal.

Then again, the Eminent Elders couldn\'t be blamed for wanting to take a closer look at such a rare pellet.

Staring at the rank nine tribulation grade Myriad Cure Holy Pill, these Eminent Elders praised it, whispering in low voices among themselves.

Soon, the group of Eminent Elders finished their assessment and officially announced the result.

“Huang Xiaolong, result: rank nine tribulation grade Myriad Cure Holy Pill.

Time used: Three hours, thirty-six minutes, twenty-nine seconds!” Wangu Birans voice reached every corner of the square.

Even though Sun Yi was extremely averse to this result, he was powerless to change it.

Hearing Wangu Birans announcement, Huang Xiaolong sat down on the floor where he was, waiting for the competition to end.

According to the rules, regardless of the participant, once they finished refining, they would have to remain where they were and wait out until the time ended.

Three days quickly passed.

This terms Alchemist Grandmaster Grand Competition finally came to an end.

In the end, without any suspense, Huang Xiaolong won the first place!

In the second place was Wangu Ye, having refined a rank seven tribulation grade Myriad Cure Holy Pill in two days and a little over three hours!

At the third place was Li Lu, with a rank five tribulation grade Myriad Cure Holy Pill concocted in two days and one hour!

On the other hand, the person who everyone thought was going to win the first place, Devil Son Mo Su, came in fourth, dumbfounding everyone! Despite refining a rank five tribulation grade Myriad Cure Holy Pills as Li Lu did, he took four hours more to complete the concoction.

In fact, based on Mo Sus strength and alchemy refining skills, refining a rank seven tribulation grade pill was nothing difficult.

However, watching Huang Xiaolong successfully refine rank nine tribulation grade pellets had impacted him, causing his mind to be in a turmoil.

He was unable to calm down, further affecting the quality of his refinement, resulting in rank five tribulation grade pills.

In the crowds eyes, the fourth place was a glorious spot.

To Mo Su, however, it was humiliating! 

Grand Elder Mo Zhenru who accompanied Mo Su didnt look that good either.

During the rewards ceremony, Huang Xiaolong received from Wangu Biran a spatial ring that contained one hundred rank nine tribulation grade divine pellets, one hundred two-million-year-old medicinal herbs, one hundred sacred grade immortal spirit stones, and one hundred Flame Crystal Stones.

After the top ten rewards were distributed accordingly, Wangu Biran genially said to Huang Xiaolong, “According to the rules, other than entering the Dan River to cultivate, every terms champion can also challenge one of the Eminent Elders, competing in alchemy.

Which Eminent Elder would you like to challenge”

Huang Xiaolong decisively pointed at Sun Yi, his cold, “Sun Yi, as an Eminent Elder of the Alchemist Grandmaster Union, dare you compete with me”

Dare you compete with me!

As he infused godforce into his voice, Huang Xiaolongs words thundered through the square.

Everyone present turned to look at Sun Yi seated on the main terrace.

From the time Huang Xiaolong took the alchemist assessment and preliminary competition, Sun Yi had been making things difficult for him.

The grudge between Huang Xiaolong and the Fortune Gate was already common knowledge, thus everyone watched Sun Yi with the attitude of waiting for a good show.

Sun Yi snickered, “Huang Xiaolong, who do you think you are What qualifications does a common union alchemist like you have to challenge me in an alchemy competition!”

Everyone waiting for a good show was stunned silly by Sun Yis response.

Although he didn\'t say it directly, the refusal was clear in his words! Sun Yi was refusing Huang Xiaolongs challenge!

It never occurred to those present that Sun Yi could be so shameless!

Not only was he refusing Huang Xiaolongs challenge, but he also said it so righteously!

Huang Xiaolong was the grand competitions champion, challenging an Eminent Elder was within his rights and part of the rules, yet this Sun Yi claimed that Huang Xiaolong wasn\'t qualified!

A deep frown sat between Wangu Birans brows as he said to Sun Yi, “Eminent Elder Sun Yi, as one of the Unions Eminent Elders, you should know very well the rules of the grand competition.

Huang Xiaolong can challenge any Eminent Elder.”

Sun Yi gave a satirical reply, “Wangu Biran, is it stated in the grand competitions rules that an Eminent Elder cannot refuse the challenge”

Wangu Biran, You Wushang, and the others stiffened.

Indeed, although the grand competitions rules stated that the champion could challenge any Eminent Elders in alchemy refining, it did not state that the challenge had to been accepted!

Wangu Biran was caught in a dilemma.

After all, he wasnt the Union Chief, thus couldn\'t order Sun Yi to accept Huang Xiaolongs challenge.

Sun Yi then turned to Huang Xiaolong with undisguised mockery on his face, “Huang Xiaolong, I know what youre planning.

I defeated your Ancestral Master through alchemy refining competition, causing his miserable death at the end, and you,  you want to repeat that on me in order to avenge your Ancestral Master! But what if I dont accept your challenge What can you do Of course, if youre capable, you can go challenge the Sacred Dan Temples five sections instead and become our Union Chief.

At that time, you can just order me to compete with you!”

Then, Sun Yis tone changed to ridicule, “But, no one has had such luck for the past million years, do you think you can do it”


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