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Chapter 925: Actually Succeeded!

Li Jiang immediately sent people to bring the pill refinement ingredients they had prepared earlier.

These ingredients were the most common grade of herbs, with a pitiful amount of spiritual energy in them.

The crowd turned noisy again, filling the hall with whispers and talks.

Even the Alchemist Grandmaster Union Elders failed ninety-nine times out of a hundred when refining the Star Eclipse Heavenly Pill while using the best grade ingredients, what’s more these common herbs that had a meager amount of spiritual energy.

Initially, there were a few disciples that harbored some hope for Huang Xiaolong, hope that he could create another miracle as he did in the Highgod Advancement Tournament.

But now, all hope was extinguished.

Afterwards, Li Jiang had some disciples bring out a cauldron.

Looking at the state of this cauldron, the crowd shook their heads and sighed.

This cauldron was no different than those bought at the side of the streets with several tens of Dan coins. 

Dreaming to refine the Star Eclipse Heavenly Pill using this cauldron!

When everything was ready, Li Jiang pointed at the herbs and cauldron and said, “Huang Xiaolong, we have prepared both the ingredients and cauldron for you.

As long as you can refine the Star Eclipse Heavenly Pill within three hours, you pass.”

Three hours!

Loud gasps came from the crowd.

Forget refining a Star Eclipse Heavenly Pill, even refining the most common saint grade divine pellet required more than three hours!

The level of trouble Sun Yi was causing for him was really extreme.

He clearly didn't want Huang Xiaolong to have any chance of passing at all!

After Li Jiang finished, he looked at Huang Xiaolong cautiously.

He himself knew very well that telling Huang Xiaolong to refine a Star Eclipse Heavenly Pill with these ingredients and cauldron had gone beyond bullying, but Li Jiang had no choice in the matter.

The order came from Eminent Elder Sun Yi, he dared not disobey.

“That's all” Out of everyone’s expectation, Huang Xiaolong looked at the herbs and cauldron, he calmly asked.

Li Jiang flinched, then nodded, “That's all.”

Huang Xiaolong stopped speaking and slowly walked toward the center of the square.

A force came from his palm, lining all the herbs high in the air.

Subsequently, a shocking scene emerged before the crowd’s’ eyes.

The long line of herbs danced in the air, forming different shapes of divine beasts.

“This is the Pill Refining Divine Beast Diagram! The legendary Pill Refining Divine Beast Diagram!!” Someone in the crowd suddenly shrieked.

In an instant, gasps of awe filled the square.

It was actually the legendary Pill Refining Divine Beast Diagram!

This technique could only be performed by someone who had reached a certain realm in alchemy refining, proof of the alchemist’s deep knowledge.

The Alchemist Grandmaster Union had more than a hundred Elders, but those who actually reached this realm numbered no more than ten people!

“Hehe, so what if that Huang Xiaolong can use the legendary Pill Refining Divine Beast Diagram Don’t tell me you guys think he has a chance of refining the Star Eclipse Heavenly Pill.” At this time, a Union Alchemist spoke satirically.

This person was a Fortune Gate disciple.

The initially excited crowd instantly cooled.

That’s right ah, even if Huang Xiaolong could use the Pill Refining Divine Beast Diagram, it didn't mean he could successfully refine the Star Eclipse Heavenly Pill. 

In fact, it wasn’t as if the Alchemist Grandmaster Union didn't have Elders that were versed in the Pill Refining Divine Beast Diagram.

Still, that didn't mean they could successfully refine a Star Eclipse Heavenly Pill on the spot, moreover, at a time limit of three hours.

The same Fortune Gate Alchemist looked at Huang Xiaolong again, mocking again, “Huang Xiaolong, this is just the beginning, the good show is yet to come.

We will let you know the ugly ending of offending our Fortune Gate.”

At this time, Huang Xiaolong manipulated the herbs, forming one divine beast after another in the air.

There were precisely one hundred divine beasts.

Following this, those divine beasts flew up and formed an ancient diagram.

Then, darkness element godforce surged out from Huang Xiaolong’s body, wave after wave.

“Darkness element godforce!”

“Huang Xiaolong’s godhead actually even has darkness element godforce!”

The quieted disciples stirred up again.

One of the reasons why the Star Eclipse Heavenly Pill was so hard to concoct was the fact that the ingredients required darkness element force to be refined.

That Fortune Gate Alchemist stubbornly sneered, “So what if he has darkness element godforce, I don’t believe he could even manipulate the galaxy’s star force!”

In order to concoct a Star Eclipse Heavenly Pill, other than darkness element godforce, star force from the depth of the galaxy was another essential factor.

Lacking either of them would only result in failure.

However, just as that Fortune Gate Alchemist finished speaking, there seemed to be an invisible hand squeezing his throat, his eyeballs protruding with disbelief.

In the void above Huang Xiaolong’s head, streams of glimmering star force were falling down.

The surrounding disciples watched with mouths agape. ‘Star force!’

That sparkling starlight was so brilliant, definitely the purest kind of star force!

It was no secret that even star force was divided into different grades.

When the star force began pouring endlessly from the void, the divine beasts formed from various herbs opened their mouths, absorbing as much as they could. 

Moments passed and those herb divine beasts started glimmering with starlight.

At this time, Huang Xiaolong’s left hand waved, sending a stream of darkness element fire that transformed into a black dragon, winding itself around the divine beasts as it flew into the air.

Every time the black dragon wound around a divine beast, the herbs within would light up with black fire, their essence blending together.

Even as the herbs turned into essence, not only did the glittering starlight from the falling star force not diminish, it grew brighter instead.

Soon, more than half of the ingredients were turned into essence, then all of them, gradually combining into one.

A dazzling light spread out from the center of the pool, expanding more and more.

It was as if the light had jumped out from the pool of herbal essence to the square, filling the entire hall with a blinding light.

A clear melodious hum sounded in the hall.

The crowd disciples watched on as round pellets appeared from the blinding light one after another.

Every pellet was as big as two thumbs, emitting a faint black glow like miniature suns, while glittering rays of sunlight shone from the depth of dark glow, exuding its own charm.

A mesmerizing fragrance spread out through the square.

Everyone stood woodenly on the spot, looking dazedly at twenty over Star Eclipse Heavenly Pills hovering in the air.


Actually succeeded!

The person responsible for Huang Xiaolong’s assessment, Alchemist Li Jiang and that Fortune Gate Alchemist both had extremely ugly expressions.

Huang Xiaolong not only successfully refined the Star Eclipse Heavenly Pills in public, judging from the medicinal fragrance emitted by those pellets, they were definitely the highest quality!

Not to mention that, from the beginning until now, Huang Xiaolong had merely used a little more than one hour!

He didn’t even use the cauldron they prepared.

Almost at the same time, inside one of the buildings of the Alchemist Grandmaster Union, Sun Yi sat comfortably on a chair, leisurely sipping on his cup of wine while muttering, “I wonder how that Huang Xiaolong’s assessment is going.”

His disciple Liu Hao replied, “How else could he fare Very soon, a disciple will come to bring news of his failure to us.

But Master, after Huang Xiaolong fails the assessment, what is the next step”


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