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Chapter 919: Mo Su’s Failure

Looking at the great tower in front of him that resembled the Hellion Tower, Huang Xiaolong stood dumbly for a moment.

Before stepping onto the twelfth floor, he had imagined various possibilities, even a universe in the midst of destruction, but it did not cross his mind that there would actually be a great tower in this place!

Most of all, there was nothing else but this huge tower in this vast space.

Then, was this the Hellion Tower’s weapon spirit!

In the brief moment Huang Xiaolong was in a daze, a dazzling light moved up the tower before it started flying toward him.

The moment the great tower moved, the entire space trembled, raising more than a few turbulent hurricanes that tore through space.

Huang Xiaolong was startled.

The destructive power of those turbulent hurricanes was ten times more terrifying than the shockwaves produced by the giant’s axe strike!

Even if Huang Xiaolong’s cultivation had reached late-Sixth Order Highgod Realm, infinitely close to Seventh Order, the tower’s surging force wasn't something he could withstand.

Huang Xiaolong’s figure blurred, already in the midst of dodging, but to his dismay, he discovered that the tower possessed an overbearing force of attraction that he couldn’t struggle free from.

Instead of flying away as planned, he was pulled towards the tower.

In a split second, the turbulent hurricanes had already wrapped around Huang Xiaolong. 

Before he could react, even less defend himself, his flesh was cut and shredded, turning into a mist of blood.

His True Dragon Divine Physique had been completely destroyed, just like previously on the eleventh floor.

Only his three supreme godheads remained in space.

His three supreme godheads emitted radiant light, rebuilding Huang Xiaolong’s flesh and blood into a complete new body.

However, just as his new True Dragon Divine Physique had reformed, it was again torn apart by another turbulent hurricane.


Torn apart!

After more than a dozen times of being rebuilt and torn apart, the tower halted its advance, causing the ferocious turbulent hurricanes to vanish.

Finally, Huang Xiaolong was able to maintain a complete body for more than a breath’s time.

At this time, Huang Xiaolong discovered that after being torn apart so many times by the turbulent hurricane, his newly rebuilt True Divine Dragon Physique had integrated with the darkness element force!

‘This is darkness element force!’

However, Huang Xiaolong didn't have the luxury of time to explore the usage of this darkness element force, for that great tower was hovering right above his head, releasing frenzied waves of dark energy rushing into Huang Xiaolong’s body.

This influx of dark energy was simply stretching Huang Xiaolong’s physical limits, his True Divine Dragon Physique was like a overstuffed sack that was bursting at the rims, until it finally gave out.

Huang Xiaolong’s body once again exploded, then it was rebuilt.

Similar to the turbulent hurricanes, Huang Xiaolong experienced countless cycles of destruction and rebirth.

Around ten days later, his True Divine Dragon Physique gradually adapted to the newly integrated darkness element force.

Sitting cross-legged below the great tower, Huang Xiaolong’s body expanded like an inflated ball.

It was only three months later when he finally regained some semblance of his normal appearance.

While the tower on the twelfth floor was releasing a great amount of dark energy, the ancient devil race symbols inscribed on its body were shining brightly, exuding an intimidating pressure.

Although Huang Xiaolong’s soul force was quite powerful, against this pressure, he was no different than a weak baby about to collapse in the next second.

In fact, there were many times when he was tempted to give up and leave the Hellion Tower, but every time he would grit his teeth and endure, telling himself ‘Just a bit more, just a little bit more.’

Half a year flowed by.

After being tempered under the tower’s whelming pressure, Huang Xiaolong’s godforce grew increasingly stronger and sharper.

From the hard to endure pressure in the beginning, it became increasingly easier for him to withstand it.

Huang Xiaolong’s strength also rose to peak late-Sixth Order Highgod Realm, the Seventh Order was merely one step away.

Still, the Seventh Order was a boundary that had curbed many Highgod Realm masters who, despite bitterly cultivating for tens of millennia, were stuck at peak late-Sixth Order Highgod Realm, unable to step into the Seventh Order in their lifetime.

If one was lacking in talent, there was little hope of them touching the Seventh Order no matter how hard they worked.

For those with godheads below rank five, advancing to Seventh Order Highgod Realm was nothing but a dream.

Only Highgod Realm cultivators with rank five and above godheads had any hope, but then again, even a rank five godhead merely had one-tenth of a chance. 

Whereas a rank six godhead would rise their chances to one third.

While Huang Xiaolong was absorbing the dark energy on the twelfth floor, attempting to break through to Seventh Order Highgod Realm, Devil Son Mo Su finally cleared the ninth floor and entered the tenth.

When Mo Su stepped onto the tenth floor, resplendent light shined on the outer tower walls, causing a big stir on the square.

More than a few in the crowd were trying to guess which sect’s disciple that was.

At the same time, they were guessing whether this disciple could pass the tenth floor, entering the eleventh.

Outside at the square, the Fortune Gate Chief Wang Yu was frowning looking at this scene.

In the last couple of years, Grand Elder Zhang Lin had flipped the City of Devils several times over searching for Huang Xiaolong, yet there hadn't been a single clue of that runt after all this time.

“Chief, that Huang Xiaolong, maybe he didn’t come to the City of Devils at all.

Perhaps the news we received before was fake.” Zhang Lin said.

Only this explanation was the most logical as to why they had never found Huang Xiaolong in the City of Devils.

Wang Yu reluctantly agreed, “That seems like it.” Then he turned toward Sun Yi, “Any news on the Huang Family”

Sun Yi shook his head, “After the Huang Family escaped the last time, there has been further news of them.

Who would’ve thought the Heavenly Mountain’s defensive barriers are so powerful, not even Ninth order Highgod Realm masters can destroy them.

However, this subordinate estimates that the Huang Family is still in the Black Tortoise Galaxy.” 

The temperature in Wang Yu’s voice became chillingly cold, “Give the order to our disciples.

Regardless of the cost, send everyone out to find Huang Xiaolong and the Huang Family’s whereabouts, anyone who finds them will be heavily rewarded!”

“Yes, Chief!”

Two years passed quickly.

Before the spectating crowd, Mo Su who was on the tenth floor finally cleared it, stepping onto the eleventh floor.

The Hellion Tower’s resplendent lights covered the whole City of Devils once more.

Watching this, the crowd outside broke out in a thunderous cheer, excitement surging in the air.

When everyone was punching the air with their hands, cheering excitedly, a black shadow flew out from the brightly shining eleventh floor.

Even though the Mo Su was a rare talented genius, just as he appeared on the eleventh floor, he couldn’t withstand even the first shockwave of the giant’s axe strike.

Hence, in mere seconds after entering, he ran out.

The noisy cheering crowd plummeted into silence as if an invisible hand suddenly squeezed their throats, robbing them of their voices.

In the abrupt silence, the figure that flew out from the eleventh floor became increasingly clear in the crowd’s eyes.

“It’s Devil Son Mo Su!”

“Devil Son Mo Su, this… how could it be!”

Similar exclamations sounded from all over the square.

All devil clan disciples, Elders, and Grand Elders stiffened on the spot, whereas Mo Dingtian felt as if a large hand clutched his heart, a sharp pain piercing him.

His expression was extremely ugly.

The one who cleared the tenth floor but failed the eleventh floor trial was actually their Devil Son Mo Su! Then… who was the person on the twelfth floor! Mo Dingtian stared dazedly at the Hellion Tower’s twelfth floor, it’s resplendent light seemed particularly glaring in his eyes right now.

In the end, before the flabbergasted crowd, Mo Su’s figure plummeted to the square.

The ground quaked with a thunderous boom.

Only then did the devil clan disciples react, some hurried over to help Mo Su up.

After a flurry of confusion, Mo Su regained consciousness.

Having regained his consciousness, he looked at the devil clan disciples around him, laughing jubilantly; he had just cleared the tenth floor! 


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