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Chapter 917: On The Seventh Floor Is Jiang Xiaosu

Many other Patriarchs and sect Chiefs present at the square hurried to convey their congratulations to Mo Dingtian with obvious flattery in their voices.

On any other day, due to their status and identities as patriarchs or sect chiefs of super forces, they wouldn't need to fawn over Mo Dingtian this way.

Now, however, due to the talent shown by Mo Su, everything had begun to subtly change.

It was all because Mo Su had used less than four years’ time to clear the first ten floors of the Hellion Tower!

Because of the fact that it was very likely he could pass the eleventh floor that no one had ever reached in over several hundred million years!

Maybe even the twelfth floor!

Listening to these family patriarchs and sect chiefs’ fawning congratulations, Mo Dingtian laughed happily whilst saying some perfunctory words.

In the last few thousand years of his life, today was probably the most Mo Dingtian had ever laughed.

While the crowd outside was still exclaiming in awe at the lit up eleventh floor, Mo Su had just cleared the sixth, entering the seventh floor.

Whereas Zhou Yao and Jiang Xiaosu had just entered the fifth floor, while Lu Dongwei had just stepped onto the fourth floor.

Upon entering the eleventh floor, Huang Xiaolong found himself in a vast chaotic space.

Far in the distance loomed the figure of a great giant!

Huang Xiaolong couldn't even begin to estimate how tall this giant was, just one of his palms resembled an indomitable immemorial mountain.

Standing there, the giant held a great axe in his hands, chopping at the chaotic universe.

Under this chop, the chaotic universe quaked violently, raising numerous space storms that drew everything into their spiraling vortex.

The nearby planets were pulverized.

Huang Xiaolong was alarmed, quickly employing his godforce without any hesitation, transforming into a primordial divine dragon, speeding away to safety.

Despite his swift reaction, he was still struck by a piece of large rock.

His dragon scales broke from heavy impact, causing blood to spurt like arrows.

Out of nowhere, Huang Xiaolong had received a heavy injury, but just as quickly, his broken dragon scales were replaced by new dragon scales.

At this point, Huang Xiaolong couldn’t be bothered to check his injuries, fully focusing his attention on the giant’s every action.

That single axe strike earlier seemed disorderly and messy, but actually contained profound supreme dao and power.

However, the giant’s action was so fast that Huang Xiaolong didn’t have time to look carefully.

While he focused all of his attention on the giant, it moved again.

The giant once again swung the axe in his hands at the chaotic universe, causing space to violently quake.

More planets were destroyed.

Godforce surged out from Huang Xiaolong’s three supreme godheads, forming a protective barrier around himself.

At the same time, the four divine fire spirits flew out, creating a sea of flames to protect Huang Xiaolong.

Despite the shockwaves and rocks flying past him in space, Huang Xiaolong’s remained fully focused on the way the giant swung his axe.

Still, that giant’s movement was too fast for Huang Xiaolong.

Despite using every last strand of focus to observe it, he merely captured some vague blurred movements.

Several pieces of shattered planets were sent flying in Huang Xiaolong’s direction by the space storms, cutting through the godforce barrier and sea of flames before hitting him.

Huang Xiaolong’s dragon body tumbled and rolled in space, but it was still better than the previous injury.

Although a few of his dragon scales broke here and there, there was much less blood spilling out.

The first thing Huang Xiaolong did after recovering was to watch the giant again, focusing with full effort.

The giant raised his axe again, splitting down for the third time.

Huang Xiaolong was sent flying further away.

The fourth time, the fifth time…

Each of the giant’s axe strikes was one more powerful than the last.

Even though Huang Xiaolong did his best to defend, by the giant’s seventh strike, his dragon body was littered with wounds, blood clotting over his scales.

At the ninth strike of the axe, his primordial divine dragon body finally couldn't bear the impact, exploding into pieces, leaving only his head.

However, from his dragon head, his flesh began to heal, growing a new body.

New dragon scales then covered his new flesh.

While all of this happened, most of Huang Xiaolong’s attention was still on the axe swinging giant.

The giant held his axe up again, chopping down for the tenth time.

In Huang Xiaolong’s sight, it seemed like this entire vast chaotic universe was shaking fiercely, not knowing if he himself or the universe had flipped over.

Everything went silent, akin to being thrown into a vacuum.

In the distance, fissures and cracks appeared where the giant axe fell for the tenth time.

The space cracks extended further, deepening, creating turbulent waves of energy that wreaked havoc.

Affected by the overwhelming shockwaves, Huang Xiaolong’s primordial divine dragon body that had just been mended exploded again.

Bloodied pieces of flesh floated in space, leaving only three supreme godheads that emitted strong resplendent light.

Under the resplendent light, the pierces of scattered dragon flesh slowly gathered, merging, followed by new dragon scales growing out from his skin.

By this time, the axe holding giant had disappeared.

The turbulent current and fissures disappeared as well, causing the chaotic universe to gradually regain its calm and silence.

Huang Xiaolong reverted back to his human form, sat down and closed his eyes to heal.

In his mind, Huang Xiaolong repeatedly saw the scene of the giant swinging his axe.

All ten axe strikes played repeatedly in his mind.

As time passed, Huang Xiaolong’s soul and mind seemed to blend into one with the world he was in.

Streams of star force and shimmering gray energy flowed out from the depths of the universe, entering Huang Xiaolong’s body.

Those two energies were similar to the star force and gray energy brought by the four divine fires, yet different. 

One month, two months, twelve months passed by in a blink.

Huang Xiaolong was completely submerged in a strange ambiance, unknown to himself, continuously absorbing the star force and gray energy from this chaotic universe.

A year later, his strength reached peak mid-Sixth Order Highgod Realm.

At the same time, the three supreme godheads in Huang Xiaolong’s soul sea were undergoing tremendous changes, becoming more brilliant, more solid.

While Huang Xiaolong was absorbing the star force and gray energy, Zhou Yao on the fifth floor could no longer endure the hell wind and purgatory fire, thus crushed his identity token.

In a split second, he was sent out by the Hellion Tower’s array formation.

Outside the tower, the crowd’s attention was glued to the eleventh floor when a figure flew out from the fifth floor.

When the crowd saw the person’s face, most of them were astonished.

“Zhou Yao! How could it be him!”

“Didn’t he reach the seventh floor Or, could it be that the one on the seventh floor isn't Zhou Yao!”

A wave discussion spread through to the crowd.

The devil clan Patriarch Mo Dingtian was just as surprised as everyone else, for he too had thought that Zhou Yao had reached the seventh floor.

Who would have thought he would actually give up halfway at the fifth floor!

Mo Dingtian’s brows furrowed slightly, saying, “Could it be Jiang Xiaosu on the seventh floor”

Grand Elder Mo Zhenru quickly agreed, “It should be.

Looks like we’ve guessed wrongly, Jiang Xiaosu is on the seventh floor.”


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