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Chapter 91: Breakthrough to the Seventh Order


Huang Xiaolong saw Jiang Teng’s reaction, and he couldn’t help but shake his head in a helpless smile; is he that horrible Ignoring Jiang Teng, Huang Xiaolong came to his seat and sat down.

Although Huang Xiaolong rarely attended class in the last term, no one dared to occupy his place and it remained reserved.

“Xiaolong!” Li Lu was very happy seeing Huang Xiaolong, and two lovely dimples appeared on her face as she called out.

Huang Xiaolong nodded in greeting; Li Lu seemed to have lost some weight in these two months, but the cute dimples on her face remained the same.

Even after a long time Huang Xiaolong had sat down, Jiang Teng was still too frightened to return to his own seat until Xiong Meiqi arrived.

Noticing Huang Xiaolong in the classroom, Xiong Meiqi was a little surprised and a little awkward.

During the class’s lecture, she was absent-minded throughout and frequently stopped in mid-sentences, forgetting what she was saying numerous times.

Huang Xiaolong left the classroom after one lesson and came to the library.

Since he found out Asura’s Gate headquarters was in Star Cloud Continent, he wanted to search more information about it.

The day passed quickly while Huang Xiaolong spent the time in the library.

When Huang Xiaolong came out, it was already midday.

 It had been slightly over a month since the New Year, but the sunlight was stronger and it was warm as it fell on the skin.


Returning to Tianxuan Mansion, he assumed the two little guys had gone out to play yet again since there was no shadow of the two around the mansion.

Even the little violet monkey was not around.

The little violet monkey would run to the Silvermoon Forest to kill demonic beasts and eat their beast cores for cultivation, showing up in the mansion from time to time.

The three little guys were not in, but his parents were; going into their courtyard, Huang Xiaolong passed an internal force cultivation technique to them and reminded them to practice diligently.

His parents’ cultivation achievements were limited by the strength of their martial spirits and the chances of them breaking into Xiantian realm were slim.

However, things are different with the support of internal force cultivation as this largely increases their chances of entering the Xiantian realm.

For example, Huang Xiaolong.

When his Body Metamorphoses Scripture reached the Tenth Stage, he could be considered a Xiantian expert in terms of internal force.

Huang Xiaolong estimated an internal force Xiantian expert with this world’s Xiantian expert possessed a similar level of strength.

Huang Peng and Su Yan were ecstatic when they heard Huang Xiaolong say that practicing the internal force cultivation technique that he gave them would allow them to advance into the Xiantian realm.

After passing the cultivation technique to his parents, Huang Xiaolong described in detail the situation that may arise while cultivating and the more difficult parts that were harder to comprehend.

It was more than two hours later when Huang Xiaolong left his parents’ courtyard to return to his own yard where he continued with his own practice of Asura Tactics and Wrath of the Nether King.


Time flowed fast as another month had passed.

Basically, in this one month’s time, Huang Xiaolong did not step out the door of his courtyard as every moment was spent either on Asura Tactics, the Body Metamorphosis Scripture, or Wrath of the Nether King.

On this night, like usual, Huang Xiaolong was sitting on the cold jade bed practicing Asura Tactics.

The hazy moonlight shone into the room onto a black dragon and a blue dragon that were floating behind Huang Xiaolong, greedily devouring the netherworld spiritual energy rushing down from the space above.

The battle qi in Huang Xiaolong’s body had started to roar and surge in his meridians.

And the Linglong Treasure Pagoda was floating right above Huang Xiaolong’s head.

Again and again, as Huang Xiaolong continued to run Asura Tactics, the battle qi coursed through his meridians faster and faster, rolling continuously and crashing against the ever-thinning Seventh Order barrier.

Huang Xiaolong didn’t know how long this went on when his body suddenly shuddered.

A tiny crack sounded that only Huang Xiaolong could hear: the Seventh Order Barrier was finally broken! The netherworld battle qi rushed joyfully forward into the Seventh Order meridians’ route, and in Huang Xiaolong’s heart position, a Qi Sea was formed.

The netherworld battle qi rushed endlessly into the Seventh Order meridians and gathered in the newly formed Qi Sea in Huang Xiaolong’s heart.

By breaking through to the Seventh Order and forming the Qi Sea, there was an abundant amount of battle qi within the body.

If the battle qi in the meridians were like a small river, now, battle qi in the Qi Sea was like a vast ocean.

The moment the barrier was broken, the black dragon and the blue dragon behind Huang Xiaolong evolved in a heartbeat.

The twin dragons’ bodies grew bigger, the black and blue scales became denser, and the most amazing thing was another claw grew out from the initial four, and they both turned into five-clawed dragons.

Two dragon heads roared towards the heavens as the dragons’ terrifying oppressive aura swept out from the room.

Huang Xiaolong’s body was shrouded in the flickering glow for a long time, like a light barrier around him.

Huang Xiaolong was thrilled; finally, he broke through the Seventh Order!

Houtian Seventh Order.

Many were stuck at either one of the two dividing lines: one was the Fourth Order and the other was the Seventh Order.

The majority of the people cultivated for decades to break through to the Seventh Order, and some had remained stuck forever below the Seventh Order.

In the kingdoms' small towns, a Seventh Order like Huang Xiaolong could be considered as the ‘king’.

But at this moment in time, Huang Xiaolong had yet to reach eleven years old.

According to what he knew, the person who built Duanren Empire, the Duanren Emperor, had advanced to the Seventh Order at age thirteen.


Suppressing his happiness, he continued to run Asura’s Tactics, refining the netherworld spiritual energy in his body.

After the black and blue dragons evolved, their speed of absorbing the netherworld spiritual energy had become three times faster compared to when he was at peak late-Sixth Order!

At first when Huang Xiaolong advanced, his Qi Sea was an empty ocean during the drought season.

As he pushed forward refining the netherworld spiritual energy, his battle qi reserve in the Qi Sea gradually increased.

At the same time, the netherworld battle qi was refining his muscles, flesh, tendons, and skin.

Before the Seventh Order, the battle qi wasn't able to strengthen the outer layer of the body.

This was something possible after someone had broken through to the Seventh Order.

When the morning sunlight grace the great earth, Huang Xiaolong ended his practice and got up from the cold jade bed.

He let out a loud shout towards the sky to express the joy in his heart for advancing to the Seventh Order.

After one night of practice and battle qi tempering, Huang Xiaolong could feel the difference on his skin; this was something new, not only that, all his muscles and even his flesh was firmer while his tendons became stronger.

It is said a Tenth Order warrior’s outer layer was stronger than a cow leather, muscles harder than steel stone, tendons having the explosive power of a spring, extremely fierce sounding.

“Hmm, already a Seventh Order, I wonder what I look like after a soul transformation’ Huang Xiaolong thought and walked out from his room to the yard.

Calling out both the black and blue dragons, Huang Xiaolong initiated the soul transformation process.

Instantly, black and blue lights broke out and disappeared in a less than a second, wrapping themselves over Huang Xiaolong’s body, beginning the fusion.

It began with his arms: a fine layer of dragon scales covered over Huang Xiaolong’s skin; on the left hand, there were black-colored dragon scales, and on his right hand were glittering blue dragon scales, spreading to his whole body apart from the face area.

Huang Xiaolong didn’t feel the slightest discomfort, even when his whole body was covered in a layer of dragon scales as if they had always been one entity and he could obviously feel his outer defense had reached a new threshold.

Very strong!

This was the first word that jumped into Huang Xiaolong’s mind during his first soul transformation with his twin martial spirits.

And Huang Xiaolong liked this feeling very much.

After the soul transformation, the two dragons’ heads looked like they were tattooed on his back, exuding a majestic aura.

At the same time, there were changes to Huang Xiaolong’s pupils; his left eye was entirely black and his right pupil was blue. 

Huang Xiaolong’s fist suddenly struck out, and whistling wind sounded as it cut across space swiftly, and the result was a shattered false mountain dozen meters away, leaving a pile of broken pieces of small rocks and gravel.



No Imperial Dynasty history lesson here, but there is a rank/prestige difference in accordig to the number of claws a dragon has embroided on the robe.

The Emperor’s Dragon Robe is a five-clawed dragon (indicating a nobler status) whereby the Palace Attire for a Prince (or Wangye) has the four-clawed dragon.

 Interesting, isn’t it


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