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After they retreated some distance away, Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi and the rest saw that more than half of the front part of the hall collapsed, sunk deep into the ground in the shape of a dragon claw.

In the depth of that pit were twenty-nine incomplete and deformed bodies.

Those were the bodies of the Yelu Grand Elders and Elders who were too slow to dodge.

Still, this resulted after Huang Xiaolong controlled his strength, instead of directly killing those Yelu Family Grand Elders and Elders.

He had previously said that he was going to make all of them die miserably, extremely miserable deaths!

Naturally, he wouldn\'t kill them in one strike.

The remaining Yelu Family Grand Elders and Elders watched with ashen faces, feeling something gripping at their hearts.

“Five Elements Tribulation Palm!” Yelu Chufei roared, his voice like thunder.

Five-colored lights - green, black, scarlet, yellow, and white, exploded from Yelu Chufeis palms.

The energies of the five elements were attracted from the surrounding space and gathered into two five-colored palm imprints, slamming at Huang Xiaolong.

At the center of the two five-colored palm imprints was a whirlpool of flashing tribulation lightning.

“DIE—!” Yelu Chufeis eyes were crimson.

Looking at the incoming attack, Huang Xiaolongs Archdevil Supreme Godheads dark element godforce churned, after which one of his enormous dragon claws turned and slammed down again.

Asura Demon Claw!

Darkness enveloped the land, causing devils and ghosts to howl all around as if the entire Huang Clan Manor fell into the hells layer of evil ghosts.

A frigid temperature began to spread, like a nefarious hand robbing away ones breath.

That darkness element godforce surged and expanded, mad and violent.


Huang Xiaolongs Asura Demon Claw and Yelu Chufeis Five Element Tribulation Palm collided, resulting in a booming blast.

The violently quaking earth felt as if the whole Martial Spirit World had shifted in space.

The Yelu Family Grand Elders and Elders felt their minds go blank from the shockwaves as their bodies flew out in different directions.

Among them, only the Grand Elders who reached Fifth Order and Sixth Order Highgod Realm were still able to maintain a shred of consciousness, while the weaker ones at Second Order and Third Order were coughing up blood.

Yelu Chufei himself was tumbling in the air after the collision, pushed all the way until he was out of the Huang Clan Manors boundary, whereas Huang Xiaolong recoiled several hundred meters back.

Blood came up Yelu Chufeis throat, some leaked out from the corner of his mouth.

Brusquely wiping it off with his sleeve, Yelu Chufeis eyes looked at Huang Xiaolong with bewilderment, then at the blood stain on his sleeve—he was actually injured!

He was injured by Huang Xiaolong!

“You!” Great waves of shock crashed inside Yelu Chufeis heart as he looked at Huang Xiaolong again in disbelief.

Similar expressions could also be seen on the remaining Yelu Family Grand Elders and Elders face, and even more so, there was fear in their eyes.

At this time, Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi, the Ascending Moon Old Man, and a few others were standing in the air above the Huang Clan Manor, shielding Shi Xiaofei, Huang Peng, Su Yan, and the rest behind them.

On top of that, due to the defensive barriers\' protection, no one was injured by the shockwaves.

There was only coldness in Huang Xiaolongs eyes as he looked at Yelu Chufei.

His dragon body swayed, reaching a group of Yelu Family masters, and his enormous dragon claw struck out again.

Another thunderous blast reverberated as yet another pit in the shape of a dragon claw was added to the ground.

Before anyone could react, a dragon tail swept out, sending out a whirlwind of lightning element godforce, sending more Yelu Family masters flying into the air.

Although the Yelu Family Grand Elders and Elders that could stand until now weren\'t weak, they were just too vulnerable in front of Huang Xiaolong.

Even if Huang Xiaolong did not transform into a primordial divine dragon, using merely his physical strength in that palm strike, those Sixth Order Highgod Realm Yelu Family masters still wouldn\'t be able to withstand it without incurring heavy injuries.

Not to mention that Huang Xiaolong was currently in his primordial divine dragon form.

“Huang Xiaolong, how dare you!” Shocked and furious, Yelu Chufei was on the verge of going berserk.

The Grand Elders and Elders who came with him to the Martial Spirit World were the pillars of their Yelu Family, the foundation of their strength.

Every single person was nurtured through heavy investment by their Yelu Family.

A long knife appeared in Yelu Chufeis hand.

This weapon was a muted black through and through, except for the web-like lines of blood on its surface, emitting a frigid coldness and bloodthirst.

In his fury, Yelu Chufei madly imbued his entire bodys godforce into the long knife until it was emitting a clear humming noise.

A black light then exploded from the long knife, followed by a blood-red light which turned Yelu Chufeis surroundings into a sea of blood red.

“Black Devils Demonic Knife!”

Watching from afar, the Ascending Moon Old Man blurted out when he saw the long knife that Yelu Chufei took out.

“Black Devils Demonic Knife” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi repeated in confusion, while the others looked at the old man.

The Ascending Moon Old Man swallowed audibly before finding his voice, “Several millennia ago, there was a devil clan master called Black Devil, and his weapon was a knife thirsting for blood, dedicated to drinking the blood of human masters.

The cultivators who died under this blood knife numbered several hundred thousand if not millions.

Everywhere this blood knife appears, blood will flows into a river, bodies pile high as a mountain!”

Everyones face became ashen hearing the Ascending Moon Old Mans explanation.

This bloodthirsty knife had tasted more than a hundred thousand peoples blood!

“Later, it even alerted the Ancestors from various galaxies generations, ho rarely appeared in public.

They joined hands and killed that Black Devil.” The old man added.

“And after that” Ancestor Bifang urged.

“After that, the Black Devil disappeared.

Some said he died under those Ancestors besiegement, others think the Black Devil was gravely injured and went into hiding. The Ascending Moon Old Man went on, “After the Black Devil disappeared, his blood knife also disappeared.

I didnt expect it to actually reappear in the world in Yelu Chufeis hands.”

Right at this time, Yelu Chufei roared, pushing the Black Devils Demonic Knife down on Huang Xiaolong.

The Ascending Moon Old Man, Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi, and the rest watched fearfully as the frightening waves of energy cut through space, emitting a devilish black qi that roiled like poisonous fog while blood-red light soared to the sky from its depths.

Even several hundred li away from Yelu Chufei, the Ascending Moon Old Man could smell a pungent blood scent, the devil energy brimming inside that devilish black qi even made him feel fearful.

Watching those frightening devilish black qi waves closing in on him, Huang Xiaolong suddenly opened his dragon jaws wide, releasing a roar.

Great Demonic Yin Sound!

This Demonic Yin Sound was a technique that Huang Xiaolong obtained from a Poison Saint Sect Elder in the past.

A technique he rarely used.

The dragon roar reverberated, multiplying akin to tens of thousands of demonic dragons roaring at the same time, colliding again and again with the frightening devilish black qi.

Seemingly never-ending blasts rang high in the sky.

From place to place, space fissures appeared and enlarged.

Then, golden rings of light began to spread from Huang Xiaolongs dragon body, expanding in size.

To Yelu Chufeis shock, the devilish black qi in those golden rings path was completely purified.

“This is, light element godforce!” Yelu Chufei stammered, “Your godhead even has light element godforce!”

Huang Xiaolongs dragon mouth opened again, sucking in all the devilish black qi that had been purified.

His dragon body then swayed again, putting Huang Xiaolong right in front of Yelu Chufei, his dragon claw clutching down.

Yelu Chufei was astounded, the long knife in his hand slashed down.


Yelu Chufei felt a sharp pain in his arms as he was thrown into the air, the long knife flying from his grip.

Meanwhile, in the outer space, the Azure Dragon Institute Principal Qin Yi led a large group of Azure Dragon Institute Grand Elders to enter the barrier surrounding Martial Spirit World.

The moment they entered, they immediately sensed Martial Spirit Worlds amazing spiritual energy.

 “Master, it seems like the Yelu Family masters have arrived at the Huang Clan Manor.” Ceng Chu snickered, “The Huang Clan Manor is probably flowing with blood right now!”

Qin Yi laughed, “If we head there now, well arrive at just the right time to give Huang Xiaolong those one hundred giant redwood coffins we made for him.

Lets hope he doesnt die before seeing our gift.”

With that said, Qin Yi and the Azure Dragon Institute group sped off toward the Huang Clan Manor.


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