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Fang Chu suddenly let out a long howl, as if his voice pierced a hole in the void, releasing an explosion of bright lights.

“Gate of Fortune, spinning the fortune of heaven and earth, Divine Fortune Fist!”

Fang Chus fists, filled with murderous aura, punched toward Huang Xiaolong.

The sea of brilliant light assembled by the Gate of Fortune formed into a mass of energy, flooding out like an indomitable galactic river.

It was vast and infinite, violent, powerful, destructive, drowning everything into its belly.

Fist force rumbled, emitting a world destroying might.

Before this horrifying fist force, the sea of godforce surrounding Huang Xiaolong appeared small and vulnerable as if he would be drowned in Fang Chus fist force.

At this point, the surrounding metal godforce around Huang Xiaolong burst out with a sharp metallic light, resembling millions of glorious suns that existed since time immemorial.

That terrifying fist force resembling a violent river finally landed on Huang Xiaolongs barrier of metallic godforce.


Thunderous blasts resounded, causing the spacious hall to violently shake as black space cracks appeared.

The sea of metallic godforce shattered into smithereens, turning into shining dust that scattered everywhere.

At the same time, one thousand arms fanned out from Huang Xiaolongs back.

One could almost see the veins of each arm, all thousand of them were corporeal.

Godly Xumi Art!

Then, darkness element godforce surged out from Huang Xiaolongs Archdevil Supreme Godhead.

“Asura Demon Claw, Hiss of A Thousand Demons!”

Empowered by the darkness element godforce, screaming wraiths and roaring devils flew out like a broken floodgate.

Standing in the midst of those wraiths and devils, Huang Xiaolong looked like a ruler of the underworld.

Countless wraiths and devils collided with the fortune energy from Fang Chus fist.

The hard floor made of unknown materials cracked, unable to bear the impact from colliding forces.

Deep fissures spread out in various directions, elongating by the moment.

Huang Xiaolong and Fang Chus bodies quivered, repelling each other.

Both of them stumbled again and again until they reached different ends of the hall before steadying themselves.

The other four people in the hall were knocked into the air and fainted into oblivion due to the whelming shockwaves.

A long time later, the turbulent air currents in the hall calmed down.

The entire time, neither Huang Xiaolong nor Fang Chu moved, observing each other with vigilance.

Fang Chus Gate of Fortune possessed whelming power that exceeded Huang Xiaolongs estimation.

That earlier punch, when the Gate of Fortune assembled millions of lights, could render a late-Fifth Order Highgod Realm heavily injured.

Huang Xiaolong was shocked, but Fang Chu was even more shocked. 

Fang Chu was extremely confident that his current strength was high enough to suppress even a late-Fifth Order Highgod Realm master.

However, in that exchange just now, Huang Xiaolong was evenly matched with him!

‘How is this possible!

Huang Xiaolong was just a measly late-Second Order Highgod Realm!

At any other time, he could easily squash a late-Second Order Highgod Realm ant to death with one finger.

Both sides inaction and silence lasted a full ten minutes before the two of them moved simultaneously in attack.

This time, Huang Xiaolong chose to use wind element godforce from his Holy Dragon Supreme Godhead.

The air around him swirled into a giant hurricane, and a majestic wind dragon flew out from the eye of the storm.

Dragon Twirling Clouds!

Whereas  Fang Chus Gate of Fortune formed a spiraling whirlpool of fortune energy.

The dragons stormwind and the fortune energy whirlpool clashed and collided intensely.

In a few breaths time, Huang Xiaolong and Fang Chu had exchanged more than a dozen moves, causing the hall to quake in protest.

From the distance, Fang Chu looked like he was enshrouded in a myriad of lights that grew increasingly stronger and brighter, whereas Huang Xiaolong was the sovereign of the underworld, darkness godforce swirled around him in the form of howling devils.

Amongst them were lightning flood dragons formed from lightning godforce, while wind godforce formed the wind dragon that tore through space.

Fang Chu was furious and shocked.

Darkness godforce! Lightning godforce! Wind godforce! Metal godforce!

Never had he imagined Huang Xiaolongs talent to be this astounding, this had greatly deviated from Fang Chus judgment.

A godhead that possessed four elements was unprecedented since ancient times!

Furthermore, Huang Xiaolongs darkness godforce actually had the ability to devour and corrode! It could even devour and corrode his fortune energy!

This discovery was like a denial to everything he ever knew.

His fortune energy was an origin force that was higher ranked than godforce, this was also the reason why his Gate of Fortune could suppress Wangu Yanhui, Mu Qi, and the others godforce.

But now, Huang Xiaolongs darkness godforce actually flipped the situation, devouring and corroding his fortune energy!

As time passed, its corrosive and devouring power became increasingly pronounced.

Fang Chu was incensed, fully pushing his Gate of Fortune to rob all the energy it could from heaven and earth, significantly increasing his attack power.

But no matter how powerful his attacks were, they couldnt break past Huang Xiaolongs protective barriers.

One hour passed.

Huang Xiaolong gained even more momentum.

In the beginning, his Archdevil Supreme Godhead had some difficulty in devouring Fang Chus fortune energy, but as time passed, Huang Xiaolong noticed that his devouring speed became faster, and his own strength was actually improving.

Two hours quickly passed.

In the midst of the intense battle, Fang Chu punched at Huang Xiaolong with full force, then jumped away, “Huang Xiaolong, I admit you have got some strength.

I cant kill you, but you cant harm me either.

Well be the ones who suffer if we continue this way, lets stop here, what do you think We can divide all the treasures inside here equally!”

Huang Xiaolong made an obvious action of looking at the dimming Gate of Fortune behind Fang Chu, sneering coldly, “Divide equally Ive already said it, even if you kneel and beg me to let you become my most loyal dog, I will still kill you!”

Fang Chu laughed in spite of his anger, “Huang Xiaolong, dont think Im scared of you.

Since youre asking for it, even if I end up heavily injured, Im going to reap your life!”

Just as Fang Chu was about to make another big move, Huang Xiaolong suddenly bathed in a radiant light.

His body swayed, turning into a primordial divine dragon!

He was a blue dragon that had never existed before, exuding a majestic dragon might.

Dragon roars reverberated between heaven and earth the instant the blue divine dragon appeared.

Fang Chu took a step back in apprehension, “You, youre from the Dragon Clan!”

Huang Xiaolong did not answer.

With a sway of his body, he arrived right above Fang Chus head, then a giant dragon claw with darkness and lightning godforce slammed down.

Fang Chu quickly dodged in panic.

He had barely dodged, but the entire hall violently shook.

Looking back, Fang Chu saw that the spot he had just stood in already turned into a giant pit! A big pit in the shape of a dragon claw!

Bursts of fear struck his heart, even their fierce battle earlier did not manage to cause this extent of damage to the floor.

After Huang Xiaolong transformed into a primordial divine dragon, the power of a single claw was this terrifying!

While Fang Chu was still in shock, Huang Xiaolong didnt even look at him.

With another sway of his dragon body, a huge dragon tail swept toward Fang Chu.

The wind screamed as the huge dragon tail came at him, Fang Chu dared not resist it with his body, dodging away miserably.

Huang Xiaolongs dragon tail struck a stone pillar, turning it into rubble.

Watching Fang Chu dodge his attack again, Huang Xiaolongs speed increased.

Before Fang Chu could react, Huang Xiaolongs dragon claw had struck him, knocking him into the air.

When he crashed to the floor, his brocade white robe exploded into fragments and blood was flowing out from his wounds.

The Gate of Fortune behind him flickered violently, as if it could shatter at any moment.


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