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“967th.” Huang Xiaolong read out the number and sneered, this guy surely slid up the ranks fast, but then again, it was better this way.

According to the tournament rules, killing another competitor allowed them to obtain half of the points in that persons jade token!

Thus, before he found him, the more points Xiang Mingzhi accumulated, the higher Huang Xiaolongs advantage became.

Huang Xiaolong continued to fly forward.

A short while later, a concealed lightning beast suddenly lunged at him from behind, an early First Order Highgod Realm lightning snake.

Its jaws stretched wide, two sharp poisonous fangs piercing down on Huang Xiaolong.

But before it reached a hundred zhang from him, it was killed by a soul force sword.

At Huang Xiaolongs current soul force, killing a lightning beast below Third Order Highgod Realm with a soul force sword didn\'t use much of his soul force.

Around one hour later, Huang Xiaolong was feeling a little depressed.

Although the lightning beasts here possessed the strength of Highgod Realm masters, their bodies do not house any godheads!

Huang Xiaolong had killed three First Order Highgod Realm lightning beasts, but did not find a single godhead inside their bodies.

In the beginning, he had slightly fantasized that he could collect a large number of godheads during the tournament so that he could refine them after breaking through to Highgod Realm, stabilizing his breakthrough and enhancing his strength further.

But now, his great plan went down the drain.

A sliver of Huang Xiaolongs divine sense sunk into the jade token again.

After killing sixteen lightning beasts, his position had shot up from the previous one outside ten million up to the ranks around six million.

Although the ranks around six million didn\'t seem much, one mustn\'t forget that there were 17.62 million disciples from a hundred thousand galaxies taking part.

Huang Xiaolong current ranking was above 11 million disciples in less than two hours after he entered the Overflowing Lightning World

Then again, he did not deliberately seek lightning beasts.

So far, he had only killed the beasts that attacked him, otherwise, his current ranking would have surpassed Xiang Mingzhi by now.

Another hour passed.

The number of lightning beasts that died in Huang Xiaolongs hand went up to thirty, pushing his position up another million.

There was something troubling Huang Xiaolong at this moment, obvious from the creases between his brows; describing the Overflowing Lightning World as vast was an understatement, even if he flew at full speed for a hundred years, he might not make a full circle back to the starting point.

Although he had left a mark on Xiang Mingzhis body, it was easier said than done to find him, after all, that mark was limited to a certain distance.

Even though both he and Xiang Mingzhi were amongst the last group of participants to be transferred here, all of them were scattered in various locations after the transfer instead of arriving as a group in the same location. 

More than two hours had passed, but he had yet to come across other participating disciples.

Then he inhaled deeply, shaking away the unnecessary thoughts in his mind.

He had a feeling that whether it was Xiang Mingzhi or that Yelu Tianfeng, he would run into them sooner or later.

As if it was fated.

Just as Huang Xiaolong was about to leave, the sound of piercing winds came from the far distance.

Turning to look, he saw five disciples clad in scarlet robes flying in his direction.

Clearly, these five disciples were from the same sect or family.

Although these five had yet to breakthrough to the Highgod Realm, their cultivation reached perfection stage late-Tenth Order God Realm.

Each one of their strength rivaled the top ten on the Highgod Advancement List.

When the five scarlet-robed disciples noticed Huang Xiaolong, they were momentarily surprised before splitting into a grin.

“I didnt expect to run into a stray family disciple here.” One of them laughed.

“Sixth Senior Brother, shall we kill him and rob his points” Another disciple inquired with excitement in his voice.

“No need.

Based on this kids cultivation, in just two or three hours he shouldnt have killed that many lightning beasts, killing him wont give us many points.

Control him and have him scout the path for us, hell be better used as cannon fodder.”

These people did not bother to lower their voices, nor did they bother to conceal their plan, every word reached Huang Xiaolongs ears clearly.

The five disciples arrived in front of Huang Xiaolong, spreading out to encircle him, blocking all escape paths.

“Kid, youve heard what we said just now, you have two choices.

One, being killed by us and having half of your point distributed between us, or two, scout the way for us like an obedient errand boy.” One of them stated with a lofty air, sneering at Huang Xiaolong, “You have one minute to think about it.”

The corner of Huang Xiaolongs lips curved into a slight smile, “One minute Thats too long.”

One minute was too long The five disciples were confused.

Before they could react, a sharp light flickered in Huang Xiaolongs eyes.

Four swords made of soul force whistled in the air, piercing through four of the five disciples foreheads.

Four bodies plummeted to the ground.

The remaining disciple looked dazedly at the four bodies, fear slowly creeping up his face.

In the next moment, he fell to his knees in the air, pleading, “Senior, have mercy, were disciples of the Flaming Fires Sect, please give face to our Eldest Senior Brother and spare me.

Our Eldest Senior Brother is Zhang Kai, a late-Third Order Highgod Realm master.

He also entered this Overflowing Lightning World.”

Zhang Kai

On the Wangu Clans booklet that listed the names of some participants, he had indeed seen this name.

However, just as the Flaming Fire Sect disciple finished saying all of this, he was pulled up toward Huang Xiaolong by an invisible force.

A purple character flew out from Huang Xiaolongs eyes and drilled into the Flaming Fire Sect disciples soul.

A moment later, the soul-scouring was completed.

Huang Xiaolong had very limited knowledge about the Overflowing Lightning World, he was hoping to obtain some information from this Flaming Fire Sect disciples memories.

This was the reason why he left one disciple alive, however, he was disappointed in the end.

This Flaming Fire Sect disciples knowledge of the Overflowing Lightning World was just as much as Huang Xiaolongs.

He then lightly tapped a finger on the disciples forehead and a sliver of true immortal essence fire spread over the disciples body, burning everything to ashes, even his soul.

Huang Xiaolong collected the five spatial rings with a wave of his hand, then sped away.

One day passed as darkness slowly raised a blanket over the sky.

The night sky of the Overflowing Lightning World was devoid of the moon and stars.

Moreover, Huang Xiaolong noticed that the lightning in the sky above actually increased in number and frequency at night, birthing a great pressure in ones heart.

The undulating roars of lightning beasts seemed endless through the night.

All kinds of lightning beasts that were hiding during the day came out in droves at this time.

Though the night time in the Overflowing Lightning World was more dangerous than the day, Huang Xiaolong kept flying forward in one direction.

With various lightning beasts coming out at night, it was the best time to gain some points.

After a day of hunting, adding the points from the five Flaming Fire Sect disciples, Huang Xiaolongs ranking had risen up to the two million range.

At an unknown distance from Huang Xiaolong, a figure was hovering above a mountain peak.

Fine streaks of lightning sizzled around his body, making him look like the epitome of an ancient Lightning God.

This person was none other than Xiang Mingzhi!

“2,321,643.” Xiang Mingzhis divine sense checked the jade token in his body.

When he discovered Huang Xiaolongs position, he sneered, mockingly shaking his head, “Huang Xiaolong, is this all your strength”

Whereas he, after a day of hunting, had risen up to the 563rd place.

Furthermore, he had yet to get serious.


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