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Chapter 752: Vermilion Bird Divine Fire!


Huang Hongtian frowned, how could he not know the rule passed down by their ancestors since ancient times

However, he had given his word that if Huang Xiaolong could withstand one palm from him, he would allow that human to enter the Phoenix Volcano.

“Right, we absolutely cannot let that stripling into the Phoenix Volcano! Patriarch, let us go finish off that brat!” A Phoenix Clan Grand Elder echoed.

When Huang Hongtian heard that, he looked over to that Grand Elder with a cold gaze, “Go finish off that brat Relying on yourself”

That Phoenix Clan Grand Elder deflated, looking embarrassed and unable to retort.

Only at this point did he remember that, although the human was only a mid-Tenth Order God Realm, he had just withstood their Patriarch's Nine Phoenix Scorching Sky Palm.

Going to finish off Huang Xiaolong with his level of strength, he himself probably wouldn't last long enough to even entertain Huang Xiaolong.

The rest of the Phoenix Clan Grand Elders also swallowed their words with dejected faces.

Huang Hongtian issued a cold harrumphed, “Don’t worry.

Currently, the lava below the Phoenix Volcano is acting up and a powerful fire element destructive energy is spreading outwards, shrouding the whole Phoenix Volcano.

Even I dare not approach it.

So, even if that human dares to approach the Phoenix Volcano, he wouldn’t be able to remain inside for too long, otherwise he’d be turned into ash by the destructive power.”

“Therefore, nothing will come of it if he went inside the Phoenix Volcano, he’ll be out shortly.”

Only then did the Phoenix Clan Grand Elders remember that the Phoenix Volcano’s underground magma was acting up today, the destructive fire element energy causing a violent airflow around it.

Thus, the Grand Elders quickly praised their Patriarch for being wise.

“However, we’d better send some people to watch that group of demonic beasts, if there’s any movement from them, immediately report to me!” Huang Hongtian ordered.

“Yes, Patriarch!”

While this conversation took place, Huang Xiaolong was already close to the Phoenix Volcano.

Sensing the destructive fire element power swirling around the Phoenix Volcano, a frown formed between his brows.

“Clearly, that Phoenix Clan Patriarch already knew about this phenomenon.

Thus, he naturally assumes that you won’t be able to get inside the Phoenix Volcano even if he kept his word and let you in.” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi snickered.

Huang Xiaolong grinned, “Unfortunately, he miscalculated one point.” He possessed the Black Tortoise Divine Fire, so fire was the last thing he needed to be afraid of.

An evil chuckle sounded from Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi, “If he knew that the Vermilion Bird Divine Fire is located at the core of the Phoenix Volcano, he definitely wouldn’t have let you in even if you killed him.”

Not even a late-First Order Highgod Realm master could reach the center of the Phoenix Volcano’s magma river.

What’s more an early First Order God Realm like Huang Hongtian.

“Hurry, enter the Phoenix Volcano.” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi urged, “I can’t wait to see how much your soul will evolve after integrating with the Vermilion Bird Divine Fire!”

Huang Xiaolong’s soul would definitely reach another level after he obtained the Vermilion Bird Divine Fire.

However, not even Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi could estimate how much of a change would take place, and at that time, could Huang Xiaolong condense a rank ten godhead Or above rank ten, the king rank.

Perhaps even higher, emperor rank!

The closer Huang Xiaolong was to breaking through to the Highgod Realm, the harder it was for Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi to remain calm, for this represented that the day he could be freed from the Dragon Pearl’s shackles was within his reach.

The day he regained his freedom was at hand!  

As long as Huang Xiaolong broke through to Highgod Realm, based on Huang Xiaolong’s strength, he could shatter the Dragon Pearl’s seal at its core to free him, so he could once again live and rise to the heavens!

Huang Xiaolong understood Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi’s emotions.

He too was looking forward to see to what extent his soul clarity would improve after integrating with the Vermilion Bird Divine Fire.

Without delay, Huang Xiaolong made a protective barrier around himself with his true immortal essence fire and flew toward the Phoenix Volcano.

They had yet to reach the center of the Phoenix Volcano, thus there was no need to bring out the Black Tortoise Divine Fire.

Very soon, Huang Xiaolong stood at the edge of Phoenix Volcano’s crater.

Peering down into the vent from the crater edge, Huang Xiaolong’s expression turned serious.

Bursts of dark red fire element energy rushed out from the crater’s mouth, however, this dark red fire element energy was many times more powerful than Huang Hongtian’s phoenix flames!

Huang Xiaolong even suspected that a lump of Divine World ore would evaporate in an instant after falling into this volcano.

Without the Black Tortoise Divine Fire, purely relying on his True Dragon Physique, he could at most endure for ten minutes.

As a precaution, Huang Xiaolong summoned his Black Tortoise Divine Armor, protecting every inch from head to toe before flying down the vent carefully.

The moment he passed through the crater, Huang Xiaolong was surprised to see that the black emblem of a tortoise and snake on his chest was actually excited, flickering brightly as it devoured the dark red fire element energy.

As Huang Xiaolong speed increased, the black tortoise and snake emblem devoured the fire energy even faster.

Bright lights moved energetically up and down his Black Tortoise Divine Armor as the black tortoise and snake emblem grew increasingly clear and solid.

The armor’s change was a pleasant surprise to Huang Xiaolong.

Initially, he was worried that the Black Tortoise Divine Fire would reject the Vermilion Bird Divine Fire.

If that was the case, his integration progress would undoubtedly be troublesome.

But judging from this reaction, he had worried in vain.

Huang Xiaolong continued to fly carefully down to the vent toward the magma chamber. 

One hundred zhang.

Two hundred zhang.

One thousand zhang.

Protected by the Black Tortoise Divine Armor, Huang Xiaolong wasn't discomforted at all despite being a thousand zhang below the ground.

In fact, he felt a warm and comfortable all over.

Some time later, Huang Xiaolong reached two thousand zhang underground, but he had yet to spy the magma below.

At one point, he was inwardly thankful that he had first found the Black Tortoise Divine Fire.

If he didn’t have it, he had no way of getting over two thousand zhang of this Phoenix Volcano to reach its magma chamber.

Forget himself, most likely even the Ascending Moon Old Man wouldn't be able to do it either.

Well passing the three thousand zhang, Huang Xiaolong finally got a glimpse of the ground.

The magma chamber was, in other words, a sea of churning molten rock.

There was fire in all directions, everything that entered his sight was nothing but fire and magma, a sea of scarlet red that emitted a faint golden light.

Magma erupted on its surface from time to time, spraying horrifyingly hot liquid into the air.

Even with his Black Tortoise Divine Fire, Huang Xiaolong felt his throat go parched watching the roiling magma several meters below his feet.

He couldn’t help thinking about what would happen if the Black Tortoise Divine Fire suddenly vanished… Imagining the ending, a chill ran through his body.

A moment later, Huang Xiaolong composed himself and focused his attention towards the surroundings.

The magma chamber of the Phoenix Volcano was bigger than Huang Xiaolong expected, even with his eyesight and divine sense he still couldn’t see its end.

Huang Xiaolong flew forward carefully above the sea of boiling magma.

Ten minutes later, other than ember magma, Huang Xiaolong failed to see anything else when, all of a sudden, an odd energy fluctuation came from somewhere up ahead.

 Huang Xiaolong felt a sense of familiarity from this odd energy fluctuation, just like that time when he was searching for the Black Tortoise Divine Fire, that familiar odd energy fluctuation!

“Vermilion Bird Divine Fire!” Huang Xiaolong’s eyes sparkled with delight.


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